Dumbledore was pissed, so pissed. Dumbledore expressed that anger by punching a first year hufflepuff girl in the mouth, as she came to check on him because he was curled up crying in a corner .

The Hufflepuff girl was now crying as Dumbledore had punched a couple of her teeth out.

An annoyed Dumbledore went to grab his wand to finish the bitch, when he remembered that Snape had taken it.

Dumbledore then moped to his office.

Dumbledore got in his office and accessed his wiz computer .

Dumbledore took to wiz book to describe his feelings about Snape .

"Snape is a crooked bastard, the other day he threatened to get up and moon everybody, if he didn't get his way!" Dumbledore wrote as he cackled darkly to himself .

A couple of hours later Dumbledore accessed wiz book expecting to see support for his post about Snape . Instead he saw bad comments about himself.

Several comments said Dumbledore was the crook and a molesting crook, Dumbledore was called a rapist, and many other insults.

A raged Dumbledore picked up his wiz computer and threw it at the door.

Just as he threw it Minerva McGonagall came through Dumbledores door, and the wiz computer hit her square in the head, knocking her out, and down Dumbledores staircase.

Dumbledore couldn't give 2 shits about McGonagall right now. All he cared about at this moment was getting his wand and phone back.

A pissed Dumbledore marched to the dungeons to see Snape.

Dumbledore didn't knock and instead tore down the door and threw at it at a shocked potions class.

"Dumbledore you're now grounded from your wand, and your phone for a whole month!" Snape hollered as he bound Dumbledore in ropes.

"To pay for the door, you'll have to clean my potion viles for a month!" Snape added as the whole class laughed at Dumbledore."

A red embarrassed , humiliated Dumbledore was left crying like a baby again.