The crowd clapped and cheered as the first years came into the Great Hall, their eyes filled with wonder at the enormous room.

Draco peered around the bulky shoulders of his "bodyguard" Vincent Crabbe, trying to get a glimpse at the students he could either find a possible following from or torment in the future.

There was definitely over forty of them this year, a decent number of fresh victims for him to make miserable.

The names were called out one by one, and immediately Draco was bored. The only times he really paid attention was when another student was placed into Slytherin and either bounded or trudged over to his table.

"Lovegood, Luna," Professor McGonagall said as she scanned the students.

Draco looked up when he heard the girl's name called for a second time. No one had ever done that before.

A girl with wavy, blonde hair, just a shade darker than his own, bounded up the stairs and placed herself on the stool.

He was intrigued by her. She was very different, that much was certain.

Just before the hat could be placed on her head, she spoke to it.

"I know that you know exactly where we are all supposed to end up, but if you don't mind, I do not believe myself to be a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor. The color red is just terrible for my complexion, and the color combination of yellow and black attract the Nargles my Daddy said. So if you please, I don't belong in either of those houses,"

She was bold.

Draco found himself smirking at her request.

"I will do my best," replied the hat and the professor laid it atop the girl's pale hair.

For some odd reason, Draco was begging in his mind that she would be placed in Slytherin.

And for some other odd reason, his heart sank when the hat finally cried out, "RAVENCLAW!"

This year was not going to be as much fun as he thought.