Draco checked his watch for what seemed like the twentieth time that morning, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited.

"Why on God's good earth would He give me four boys?" he muttered to himself.

Suddenly, the muffled sounds from the upper half of the manor erupted into the room, three blonde boys running down the stairs and a fourth sliding down the banister.

The cacophony of the four children was soon interrupted by the sound of their mother's voice.

All five Malfoy men stopped what they were doing to look at the blonde woman standing at the top of the stairs, a serious expression gracing her beautiful face as her hands were settled on her hips.

No one crossed Luna Malfoy, especially whenever she was angry about something no matter how infrequently it happened.

"I thought I told you boys that you need to bring your trunks with you when you leave your rooms," she said firmly.

"Yes Mama," the four boys said in perfect unison. They immediately began the journey back up the stairs, passing their mother in a single file line as they went.

Seven minutes and twenty-two seconds later, Draco was sure to count, the quadruple set of blondes were gathered at the bottom of the stairs, ready for the inspection that their parents were about to give them.

Draco looked upon his children with pride surging through his veins at the sight of them.

They had all grown up into fine young men, the epitome of Malfoy in every sense. And yet, they each processed a uniqueness about them that was distinctly Luna through and through.

Dione at the age of sixteen was almost as tall as his father and looked almost identical to the Malfoy heir when he had been that age. A Slytherin, Dione wore the emerald and silver with pride, leading his brothers in example in both grades and attitude. Possessing a mind more cunning than any other Slytherin of his time, Dione was still the only student undefeated in Wizard's chess, a fact that he was more than a little thrilled about. And although he might not admit it, he searched for Wrackspurts on a regular basis.

At fifteen, Aries had grown at a rapid pace over the last Summer holiday, catching more than one young lady's eye at Hogwarts. Although he looked very much like his father, the second Malfoy boy was twice the troublemaker that Draco had been in his Hogwarts days. Despite his nearly constant pranking and conniving, Aries was at the top of his classes and assisted his brother on the Quidditch pitch as the best Slytherin Chaser the school had seen in generations. The one thing that distinctly set him apart from his brothers was that he had developed a habit of keeping his wand behind his ear. "It's far more accessible back there," he would tell anyone who asked him about his unusual practice.

While he was only thirteen years old, there was no doubt that Favon was his mother through and through, excelling at charms and herbology and spending his spare time studying that oddities that lived around the school and the Black Lake. His hair had a slight curl to it, his bangs always seeming to get in the way of his steely colored eyes. It was no surprise to anyone in the Malfoy family when the third child in their family had been placed into Ravenclaw, his artistic abilities surpassing even Dione who had shown an affinity for colors from a very young age. Like both his older brothers, Favon had grown to be a talented Quidditch player, the fastest Chaser on the Ravenclaw team.

Then there was Scorpius. Every Malfoy older than the boy looked out for him, determined to care for him as best as they could. Each of his brothers felt it to be their duty to look out for him and protect him should the need arise. Draco was very touched when he had heard from Luna that their youngest boy felt very loved, thankful to be a part of such a warm family, a complete contradiction to Draco's own childhood.

Scorpius looked at his older brothers as they milled about the house, chatting up a storm about what they would do for their new year at Hogwarts, the records they wanted to break, and the teachers that they wanted to prank.

Draco made a head count twice and checked his list of things that needed to be taken with them three times before he ushered his rambunctious boys towards the front door, making sure to keep his youngest son close to him. The family stood in front of their house, Luna waving goodbye to the bailing like she did every time they left it to return to Hogwarts.

"Ready boys?" Draco asked his three older sons who nodded in reply.

Scorpius nearly jumped out of his skin when Aries disappeared a moment later, followed shortly by Dione and then Favon.

He would never get used to seeing people Apparat.

Luna tightened her grip around Scorpius's hand which the boy gladly accepted. He reached for his father's hand with his free hand, startling the man at the sudden touch. Draco opened his eyes in shock and smiled down at his son, squeezing his hand in order to reassure him.

"Ready?" Luna asked him with a smile.

Scorpius nodded, Draco nodding to his wife, indicating that it was now or never.

A minute later, they were at the train station, the platform labeled 9 and ¾. Luna reached down to steady her son who had begun to sway on the spot, holding his head with the hand that had previously been clutching to his father's for dear life.

"I will go see the boys," Draco told his wife, kissing her on the cheek before he left, hopping onto the train with a newfound energy.

Luna sighed happily as she watched him leave, knowing that he was getting excited for the new year at Hogwarts, his entire family with him for the first time. Luna had noticed that Draco seemed to always get a new spring in his step whenever he was heading back to Hogwarts, the thrill of new spells, transfiguration practice, chances to assist the healers, and an all new Quidditch season seemed to bring a new prick of life to the Malfoy. One that Luna couldn't help but notice and admire.

"Are you alright?" Luna asked her son, turning away from where her husband had disappeared and trying her best to push down the ferocious blush that had begun to rise up her neck. There was a reason they had four boys.

Scorpius nodded.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to Apparition," he muttered.

Luna laughed her melodious laugh, softly brushing her son's wavy, blonde bangs out of his eyes.

"Dione said the same thing when he was your age. So did Aries. And Favon," she told him.

"Really?" Scorpius asked, his eyes filled with hope.

Luna nodded.

Dione wasn't able to successfully apparat without regurgitating for almost a year. Aries was the only one who never threw up when he apparated, but that was because he had your father's apparition constitution," she explained, causing Scorpius to smile slightly at hearing that his brothers had difficulties with Apparition as well.

"Now, let's join everybody else on the train," she said, levitating her personal trunk with her wand, dragging it along behind her.

Scorpius followed suit, taking his wand out to levitate his own trunk.

It was difficult for most people to navigate the narrow passageways of the train, but Luna was an expert at this, so she was able to get through to the compartments that had been saved for the teachers with ease, her son experiencing much more difficulty than her.

Eventually, they made it to the teachers' compartments, Luna giving her trunk to Draco before she turned around to her son.

"Do you want to sit with us, or do you want to see if you can meet some other first years?" she asked him.

"Luna!" Draco muttered, poking his head out from inside the teachers' cabin.

"It's his first year Draco. I want him to be comfortable," she told her husband, giving him a pointed look.

Scorpius looked down at his shiny, black loafers, unsure of what he should do.

"I'll go find some other first years," he mumbled under his breath.

"Are you sure?" Luna asked him.

Scorpius nodded.

"Draco," Luna called to her husband.

"What is it?" he asked, poking his head out yet again. His gaze fell to that of his son as he nervously shifted his feet.

Draco's shoulders slumped. He knew that feeling.

"Come on," Draco said softly to his son, retrieving his wand from his pocket and levitating his son's trunk effortlessly. "Let's go find you a compartment,"

Scorpius continued to find his shoes the most interesting thing in the world as they walked down the narrow halls, Draco periodically looking in compartments only to have to clear his throat upon seeing the occupants snogging the daylights of each other. Draco loved the look of absolute terror that he was still able to elicit out of the faces of students, something he greeted the only way he knew how; the Malfoy smirk.

Finally, Draco located a compartment that was empty.

He put his son's trunk on one of the upper racks before he knelt down to be at a level closer to the eleven-year-old.

"Scorp, look at me," he said.

The boy looked so helpless, tears beginning to pool in his light grey eyes.

'Scorp, you'll be fine. I know it's scary for a while, but I promise it will get better. Besides, if you need anything at all, Mum and I are just down there," Draco said, pointing to where the teachers' compartments resided.

"I love you,"

Scorpius threw himself into his father's arms, not wanting to let go, knowing that it would practically kill him to spend an entire day without either of his parents close to him.

"It's ok. You'll do just fine," Draco soothed his son, running his long fingers through the platinum locks that resembled his own so much.

"B-but, wh-what if I-I don't?" Scorpius asked, fear evident in all of his facial features.

"You will. You know how I know?"

The boy shook his head.

"Because you are Scorpius. And you are my son. The son who I know doesn't give up on something without trying with everything in him first,"

The boy knew that what Draco was saying was true. He didn't like to give up on anything without trying it first.

"Just do your best. Can you do that for me and Mum?" Draco asked.

Scorpius nodded. "Yes Dad. I can,"

"Good boy," Draco smiled as he stood, ruffling his son's blonde hair. "Remember, if you need anything, just come and get us,"

Scorpius nodded, waving to his father as he left.

He entered the compartment his father had chosen and quickly chose a seat, settling into a comfortable position.

A minute later, he realized that he was bored. He carefully retrieved his trunk and took out the book that he had been reading; "The fellowship of the Ring".

His father had given a copy of the complete trilogy to all of his sons, wanting them to enjoy reading the adventures as much as he had when he was younger. He had even taught all of them how to read, speak and write in Sindarin, a code of sorts for the family whenever they wanted to have private conversations in public.

Scorpius had only been reading for three pages worth when the door to his compartment opened, two other children walking in. He glanced at them from above the pages of his book in a way so inconspicuous, his grandfather would have been proud of him. They were both first years, the indication being that they weren't wearing any house colors.

The first to enter was a boy, his dark hair a stark contrast to his bright blue eyes. He looked like a respectable person, but there was something about him that gave him a touch of mischief and intrigue.

The other was a girl, her shoulder-length blonde hair pulled back from her face with a purple headband and out of her blue eyes. Although Scorpius got a sense of mystery from her, she also seemed to have a friendliness about her.

"This compartment available?" the boy asked Scorpius who looked up completely from his book to make eye contact.

"Yes. Just me," he replied amiably, picking his book up where he had left off.

"Thanks," said the boy as they dragged their trunks into the room. Scorpius would have offered his assistance, but he saw from how the boy refused the girl's help, that his efforts would not be warmly received.

It was quite apparent however that although the boy had great strength in being able to get his own trunk up without any assistance, he lacked stamina which caused the girl's truck to begin its decent towards the floor of the compartment.

With a speed he had never had before, Scorpius rose from his feet, tossed his book on the seat beside him, pulled out his wand and uttered the words, "Wingardium Leviosa!" with determination.

Instantly, the trunk ceased its fall, instead floating in midair as Scorpius pointed his wand at the piece of luggage.

He slowly brought the object to the ground before he spoke the words "Alarte Ascendare," causing the luggage to go up to the shelf, resting nicely beside the boy's own trunk.

Scorpius pocketed his wand and went to retrieve his book when he heard clapping.

He looked up to find both children applauding.

Confused, Scorpius raised an eyebrow at their odd reaction.

"Why are you clapping?" he asked, taking his seat again.

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen!" the girl said, her eyes alight with wonder and a smile stretched across her face.

"That? That was just a simple levitation spell," Scorpius said, still not understanding why his new traveling companions were so gob smacked.

"How do you know any spells? You are a first year are you not?" the boy asked, sitting across from Scorpius, the girl soon following.

Scorpius nodded.

"Yes. I'm a first year. Just like you two. My name is Scorpius," he put forth his hand towards the boy who gladly accepted it.

The girl gasped, grabbing the boy's arm before he had a chance to shake Scorpius's hand, causing him to shake uncontrollably.

"Stocaí olann (Wool socks), Venus! You know you can't do that!" the boy exclaimed, his Irish accent prominent in all his words.

"Sorry! But did you hear?! Did you hear?!" she began again, clapping her hands together as she bounced in her seat.

"Yes, Vee. I heard," the boy said, shaking his head as he smoothed out his dark brown hair.

"I'm Aengus Finnegan and the dÚsachtach (crazy) over there is Venus," the boy said, nodding towards the girl beside him.

"It's nice to meet you both, but I know I'm missing something here. I'm just not sure what," Scorpius admitted to the other two.

"Venus over here is trying to convince me that 'fate' is such a thing, but I don't happen to believe in such a thing. She read something this morning in this wacky magazine that somehow lead her to believe that we would meet a 'Scorpio' on the train today. Now she's hounding me because she thinks she was right. Which she's not," Aengus said, pointedly emphasizing his words as he glared at the blonde girl.

"You didn't happen to read the Quibbler this morning did you?" Scorpius asked, having that feeling that "Scorpio" sounded too familiar.

"Yes! How did you know?" Venus replied.

"My Mum publishes that magazine. She is always trying to get me to participate in creating her articles,"

Venus's eyes grew wide, her mouth slowly opening in shock.

Aengus rolled his eyes at how dramatic his friend was being, reaching over to close her mouth.

"Y-your m-mum? She publishes th-the Quibbler?"

He nodded.

"Yeah. She also teaches charms at Hogwarts. That's why I knew how to do those levitation spells earlier,"

"So you have to believe me then!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Actually, I don't believe everything that my Mum writes, but I do think that some of the information she publishes can't be anything other than true,"

"Like what?"

"Like Nargles, Wrackspurts and the like. I have found clear evidence myself that some of those creatures exist,"


"Yeah. It's pretty amazing,"

"So, what house are you hoping to be sorted into? I want to be in Gryffindor like my dad was," Aengus stated proudly, a grin plastered to his face at the thought of wearing crimson and gold.


"Hufflepuff! Or Ravenclaw. I like both of them so much!" Venus said, interrupting Scorpius.

"Vee! You can't just be all dÚsachtach when I asked Scorpius the question!" Aengus exclaimed exasperatedly at the blonde girl.

"Whoops. I am so sorry Scorpius! Please. What house would you like to be sorted into the most? There? Happy now?" Venus asked, turning abruptly to the brunette sitting beside her.

"Perfectly," Aengus replied, nodding in approval.

"To be honest, I would be happy with any of the houses,"

"Why's that?" Aengus asked, shocked at the answer the boy had given.

"My father was a Slytherin and my mother a Ravenclaw. They are both highly respected in the Wizarding World despite the fact that my Mum was considered a nut for most of her life and still is, and my Dad was able to put the fact that he was Slytherin behind him and do a great deal of good in the world, despite how others viewed him. I want people to look up to me when I'm a student, no matter what house I'm from or who my parents are. But if I had to pick just one house, it would be Slytherin because I really want to play on the same Quidditch team as my two older brothers!"

"I think that that's a very noble reason Scorpius. All the houses should be equally revered and respected. After all, even Merlin was a Slytherin and do we shun him or his work? No. In fact, we honor him and use the magic that he discovered to this day!" Venus said, shocking both of her fellow passengers with her words.

"Very well said Ms. Worrow. Every Hogwarts House deserves the same amount of esteem and acknowledgement,"

All three children jumped at the sound of the male voice, three sets of eyes turning towards the doorway of their compartment. There, leaning against the doorframe, was the one and only Draco Malfoy, his teachers robe absent from his ensemble. He almost looked like a student, his grey, wool jumper bringing out his eyes splendidly.

"Dad? How long have you been standing there?" Scorpius asked his father.

"Long enough,"

It wasn't exactly the answer that the young Malfoy wanted to hear.

"Dad? You mean…" Aengus trailed off, his hand going to his forehead and pushing his bangs up past his eyes.

"Malfoy? You're a Malfoy?" the brunette asked, looking between father and son.

"Is that a problem?" Scorpius asked. He was well-aware of how most of the Wizarding World viewed his father and grandparents, but he had always been sheltered by his mother who would keep him as far away from the conflict as possible. Luna Malfoy wanted her sons to know the joys of childhood without having to deal with the mistakes that their predecessors had made.

"Well, my dad always told me that the Malfoys were dangerous. People that needed to be avoided. I wasn't really sure if I ever believed him or not. I just did what he told me to,"

"If your father is anything like he was when he attended Hogwarts, then you are safer with me,"

Aengus's azure eyes grew wide.

"You mean, he exploded things at Hogwarts?" the boy asked in surprise.

Draco scoffed.

"Exploded things? I was baffled that he made it to his third year with all his body parts still attached!"

All three children burst into peals of laughter at that, Venus doubling over as she giggled uncontrollably. Draco allowed himself to chuckle at the image of Seamus Finnegan blowing up his cauldron in potions class his fourth year.

He gave the three a moment to settle down from their laughter before he spoke again.

"Scorp, I simply came to remind you that your mother and I are unable to go with you to Hogwarts. Headmistress McGonagall called a meeting of all the teachers last minute,"

"But you promised that you would be there to see me get sorted!" Scorpius pleaded.

"We will still be able to see what house you get placed in, we just won't be going into the school with you like we had originally planned,"


Almost before he had even uttered the word, he saw the look of his father's that could freeze whoever was unfortunate enough to cross his path. The boy felt a shiver make its way down his spine, his father's steel eyes chilling him to the bone.

"Scorpius Hyperion. Don't give me that. You will be fine as long as you are with Mr. Finnegan and Ms. Worrow. And when you get sorted, no matter what house the Sorting Hat chooses, you find your brothers and sit with them, you hear me?"

Scorpius nodded.

"I hear you,"

"Good," Draco said, taking a deep breath and approaching his son.

He knelt down so that their eyes were leveled.

"I love you. You know that right?"

Again, the boy's response was a nod.

"Yes. I know you love me Dad,"

A slight upward curve began to form on Draco's lips as he pulled his son in for a quick hug.

"Who knew a Malfoy could be such a softie!" Aengus whispered once Draco had left the compartment.

"Oh and Mr. Finnegan,"

Aengus paled at the sound of the older man's voice as he came back to the doorway.

"If you so much as utter a word of this to anyone outside of this compartment, I swear you will get a failing grade on your first examination. We will be at Hogwarts in ten minutes,"

And with that, he left the compartment and a very panic-stricken brunette boy in his wake.

"Tell me your dad doesn't teach a major subject?" Aengus asked pleadingly at his newfound blonde companion sitting across from him.

"sorry. Transfiguration," Scorpius apologized to the boy.

"He won't live up to his threat, will he?"

"You can bet a cat's nine lives that he will. My father never forgets a threat he's made,"

"So, not only is he the Transfiguration teacher, but he also has an impeccable memory!?"

"That about sums it up,"

Aengus groaned, dropping his head into his hands at the irony of his situation.

"What ever happened to luck of the Irish, huh Dad?" he asked the ceiling of the compartment.

"I – Woah!" Venus's words were interrupted by the feeling of the train slowing down, students making their way up and down the corridors in the most unorganized manner. "What was that?" she asked, lurching forward as the express did the same.

Scorpius did his best to steady himself, bracing his arms against the wall and his seat, while Venus and Aengus helped to keep each other from falling to the floor embarrassingly.

"I think we're getting close to Hogwarts," Scorpius told the two, yelling over the pandemonium of the passengers just outside their door.

The door to their compartment suddenly slid open, causing all three children to jump in their seats from the surprise.

"Hey Scorp! We're getting close to Hogwarts!" Aries said excitedly, his cheeks pink from exertion and his hair slightly disheveled as he smiled at his younger brother. "He will have to fix that before we arrive," Scorpius thought to himself. "Or at least, before Dad sees him,"

Aries was just about to leave and rejoin his friends, when he heard Scorpius call his name.

"Yeah?" he replied, poking his head into the compartment yet again.

"I want you to meet my companions. This is Aengus and Venus," the blonde boy introduced, gesturing to each person as he said their name. Venus and Aengus both nodded towards the taller blonde boy standing halfway in and halfway out of their area of the express.

"Venus, Aengus, this is my older brother Aries,"

"It's about time you made some friends little brother!" Aries exclaimed excitedly, stepping forward in order to ruffle his brother's hair.

"Hey! That took me half an hour this morning!" Scorpius protested, smoothing down his platinum locks. "Speaking of hair, you might want to fix your's before Dad sees it," the younger pointed out.

Aries looked up at his bangs, seeing that his brother was in fact correct in his observations.

"Oi! That would've been a rendezvous I wouldn't soon forget with Dad! Thanks Scorp!" the older boy said, brushing down his hair with his fingers, getting it to the level

None of the children could really remember the moments that took them from the Hogwarts Express to the front of the giant castle, the large doors looming over them.

"Alright children, follow me please. In an orderly fashion,"

Scorpius's attention was suddenly drawn to the man in front of the large group of first years, and away from examining the walls, floors and ceilings of the castle he had heard so much about but never seen.

He recognized him immediately, instantly smiling and waving at him, forgetting for a moment where he was.

However, Professor Longbottom noticed him and waved back, the corners of his mouth upturning just for a moment before he directed his attention back to the first years standing before him.

"Stick close together and make sure to keep your hands to yourselves. We don't want a repeat of 2013," he ordered the children, muttering his last sentence under his breath.

"What happened in 2013?" Venus whispered to Scorpius, leaning closer so that only he could hear her.

"I have a pretty good idea that it had something to do with my brother Aries," he muttered in reply.

"The one we met on the train?"

"Yeah, that's him," Scorpius replied.

"What did he do that caused him to be in the infamous hall of fame?"

"It's a rather long story that I will have to relay to you later, because Professor Longbottom is about to turn around and see which children are being naughty and talking while he is explaining rules about Hogwarts,"

Immediately, the three children stood up straight, paying rapt attention right as the Professor turned around, just as Scorpius had said.

"Alright children," Professor Longbottom said, turning to face the group.

"We have arrived at the Great Hall. This is where you will all be sorted in one of the four houses of Hogwarts which are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Each of these houses are special, important and carry with them a great responsibility. Once you step through these doors, you become a student here. Step forward wisely,"

And with a swirl of his robes, Neville turned around and opened the double doors.

The students were in awe at the room, its tall ceilings filled with floating candles and the two tables on either side of their group, filled with students of all different years and houses.

The group made their way down the aisle, following the Professor as he strode confidently up to the front where a group of chairs stood, a man or woman in each one.

Scorpius smiled as he located his parents, sitting side by side.

He barely waved when he saw his mother wave enthusiastically at him.

"Put your hand down Luna! Your embarrassing the boy!" Draco hissed at his wife.

Scorpius had to bite his lip to keep from laughing at his mother's reaction to Draco's rather rude behavior; "Oh shush!"

"Before you are sorted into your respective houses, you will be introduced to the teachers who you will have for your first year here at Hogwarts," Neville explained to the students, interrupting Scorpius's attention on his parents.

"Thank you Mr. Longbottom. I will take it from here,"

Neville turned around and smiled at the Headmistress as she stood on the platform.

"Of course Headmistress," he said, moving away from the group and standing to the side.

"Welcome students to your first year of education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am Headmistress McGonagall, and I will be overseeing how you do this year. Each year we award and take away points from the different houses for how well they perform in their daily duties. These points will be totaled up at the end of the year, and whoever receives the most points will receive the House Cup at the end of the year, a very prestigious award for any house. Now, without further adu, I would like to introduce you to your teachers,"

"I believe that you have all already met your teacher for Herbology, Mr. Neville Longbottom," the Headmistress said, gesturing to the man who had led the students into the Great Hall.

Professor Longbottom took a step forward, nodding to the students with a warm smile etched upon his face.

"Your teacher for Transfiguration is Mr. Draco Malfoy, who is also the Head of Slytherin House," the Headmistress said, Draco standing and nodding to the students when he heard his name. He sent a slight wink towards his son, and Scorpius could have sworn he saw a slight smile before it disappeared and his father sat down.

"Your teacher for Charms is Mrs. Luna Malfoy,"

Luna stood when she heard her name, smiling and waving kindly to the group of first years before she took her seat again.

"Your teacher for Potions is Mr. Theodore Nott,"

Theodore stood, nodding at the students with an excited expression on his face. It was obvious this was his first year teaching.

"This also happens to be Mr. Nott's first year teaching at Hogwarts. We trust that you will do well with them?" the Headmistress asked the potions teacher.

"You can be sure I will," he replied before he too sat back down.

"Your teacher for History of Magic is Mrs. Penelope Worrow,"

"That's my Mum!" Venus whispered excitedly, pointing to the stage as her mother waved to the students before sitting down with her fellow teachers.

Scorpius and Aengus turned to look at Venus, mouths agape.

"You never told me your Mum is a teacher at Hogwarts!?" Aengus hissed at the blonde girl.

"You never asked," she replied, putting a finger to her mouth to indicate that they needed to be quiet now.

Aengus looked at Scorpius with a confused expression on his face.

The blonde boy simply shrugged, not having a clue what was going on; especially considering that only that morning, he had never known either Venus or Aengus.

"Your teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts, or better known as DADA, is Mr. Roger Davies,"

The man stood, gestured to the group with a slight bend at the waist, and sat down again.

"Your teacher for Astronomy is Ms. Padma Patil,"

The woman stood and smiled warmly at the students adding the slightest amount of a curtsy to her nod before she sat back down again.

"And finally, your teacher for Flying Lessons is Ms. Cho Chang, who is also the Head of Ravenclaw House"

The woman on the end stood from her seat, a mixed expression of happiness and disappointment which seemed like an odd combination to the three children.

"You are all very fortunate students, for this is the last year that Ms. Chang will be teaching here at our fine school. You will be the final students to receive her words of wisdom, so take it in and use it well,"

The entire group of students clapped as the Ms. Chang sat down again, all of the teachers looking out over the young minds that they would be giving the first taste of magic to.

"Now that you have met your teachers, you will be sorted into your houses. Mr. Longbottom,"

Neville came forward at the sound of his name, bringing with him what could only be the Sorting Hat.

The Headmistress produced a stool from what seemed to be out of thin air, placing it on the platform.

"Now, we will go in alphabetical order. Once your name is called, you will come up here, Mr. Longbottom will place the Sorting Hat upon your head, and you will be sorted into your house. Once you have been sorted, you may join the fellow members of your house at your appropriate table. Now, you may begin Mr. Longbottom,"

Neville, nodded again, coming up onto the platform and taking the scroll of the students names from the Headmistress.

He unrolled the parchment and held it in one hand while he held the sorting hat by its point in the other hand.

"Abernathy, Harris," Neville announced.

A brunette boy timidly stepped forward from the back of the group, worried about what house he would be placed into.

"Don't be frightened," Neville encouraged the boy, smiling at him.

The boy carefully sat down on the stool, closing his eyes as he felt the hat touch his head.

"Hmmmm. A creative mind with a curiosity to match. There is only one place for you," the hat said, pausing for a moment before announcing loudly, "RAVENCLAW!"

The boy let out a sigh of relief, rising from the seat and heading over to the table of clapping Ravenclaws, welcoming him happily to their ranks.

Each student was placed into a house, some happy with what they received, others rather indifferent to the decision, and others completely devastated by who they now were.

"Finnegan, Aengus,"

Scorpius elbowed the brunette who was currently conversing with another boy to get his attention.

"What?" Aengus asked.

"Finnegan, Aengus," Neville called again.

Aengus's face turned about three shades worth of red as he made his way up the steps, the sounds of students giggling filling his ears.

"Just so long as it's not Slytherin," he thought to himself as he sat on the stool.

"I sense a great deal of mischief in this one, but also a great deal of bravery. However, there is also a great deal of resourcefulness in you, resourcefulness that could be your saving grace one day,"

"Please just get this over with," Aengus thought, gritting his teeth as he prepared himself for his fate.

"Ahh! I also sense some impatience in you. You are a difficult one, but I know I am right with what I have decided. SLYTHERIN!

His eyes snapped open upon hearing his house, fear laced into the deep blue irises. How he made it to the Slytherin table without breaking down, he wasn't sure. To think that he had been placed in what was considered the worst house in all of Hogwarts! His father was not going to be happy.

More and more students were called forward and sorted into the four different houses. Scorpius noticed that aside from Aengus there had only been one other Slytherin out of the entire first half of the students.

"Malfoy, Scorpius," the Professor called, locating that signature head of platinum hair in just a moment.

Scorpius was snapped out of his thoughts upon hearing his name called by Mr. Longbottom. He looked up at the man nervously, taking as little time as he could in getting up to the stage without running. He sat down on the stool, praying that wherever he was placed, he would be an example to any student who saw him.

"Hmmm. Another Malfoy. Where to put you? You are cunning but also inventive; intelligent but also ambitious; loyal but also very family oriented; friendly but also shy. You are a puzzle Mr. Malfoy, but I do believe I have figured you out,"

"I'm glad you have. I sure haven't," the boy thought as he waited.

"There are many houses where you could belong Mr. Malfoy, but you can only be sorted in one,"

Five Malfoy's were nervously anticipating the house that would seal the youngest's future, while one simply sat and waited patiently.

"SLYTHERIN!" the Hat exclaimed after what seemed like forever.

Scorpius was able to let out the breath he had been holding and smiled widely as he approached the Slytherin table, his brothers and Aengus clapping for him.

"Welcome to Slytherin little brother!" Dione said happily, clapping his brother on the back.

Scorpius thanked his brothers and Aengus for their warm welcome.

Both boys turned to continue watching where the other students were placed, only two other students joining them at their Slytherin table.

"To think that the great Harry Potter's son is a Slytherin! Oh the irony!" Aengus said as the boy known as Albus Potter joined them as a newly dubbed Slytherin.

"Now I see why you were put in Slytherin Aengus! It actually makes sense!" Scorpius teased his brunette companion.

"Oi! Take that back Scorp!" he said, elbowing him in the side playfully, his ear-splitting smile keeping the blonde from taking the Irishman seriously.

The boys continued to try and hold in their laughter, doing their best to keep it under wraps.

"Worrow, Venus," Mr. Longbottom announced, disrupting the congratulations that the Gryffindor table was giving to their latest addition.

Venus skipped up the steps, smiling excitedly as she sat down on the stool.

"Oh! What do we have here? A creative mind with a deep sense of loyalty to others. I also feel a great determination in you, someone who refuses to give up on someone no matter who they are. You are honest, but you also fear the honesty of others. You my dear, must be…"

"HUFFLEPUFF!" the hat said loudly.

Venus couldn't help but jump out of her seat, smiling uncontrollably and clapping ecstatically at her new house placement. She eagerly ran to the Slytherin table – wait – the Slytherin table? Yes, she ran directly for the two boys, one blonde and the other brunette, sitting together at the table of the Snake, embracing the two a bone-crushing hug.

"I'm so excited!" she said, jumping up and down in her spot. "Can you believe it! I'm a Hufflepuff!" she said.

"Clearly, you got the correct house," Aengus told her, smirking.

"I know! I have to go to my table! Oh! I'm so excited!" she said as she ran off to her table, sitting down amongst a group of elated Hufflepuffs.

Only a few more students remained, two of them becoming Hufflepuffs and the rest Gryffindors before the students were dismissed to their rooms to freshen up, change into their uniforms, and then return to the Great Hall for dinner in an hour.

Scorpius had returned to the Great Hall and was enjoying a conversation with his new Slytherin comrades, when he felt someone embrace him from behind.

"Mum!" he exclaimed, knowing exactly who it was without having to turn around.

"You did such a great job Scorpius!" she said as she smoothed down his hair and looked into his eyes. Her eyes were smiling almost as much as her mouth was.

"I didn't really do anything Mum," he said in reply, shrugging.

"Nonetheless, I am so happy for you. You wanted to play Quidditch with your brothers so badly, I almost had a mind to tell that Sorting Hat a thing or two if you hadn't been put in Slytherin," she said.

Draco shook his head slightly, but he was smiling. Typical Luna.

"What if I hadn't been in Slytherin though? What would you do?"

"Son, if you hadn't been placed in Slytherin, I would still be proud of you. You are already a very skilled Wizard, flyer, and know more about spells then I did when I was your age. If you were in Hufflepuff, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw it wouldn't matter, because you are still my son and you always will be," Draco explained to his son, speaking before his wife could reply to their son's questions.

"Thanks Dad," the boy said, hugging his father, an embrace that Draco gladly returned.

Almost as soon as the father and son had broken apart from their embrace, the blonde boy was tackled by another person.

"Oh Scorp! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to knock you down!" the girl gasped, holding her hand out to help him up.

"Thanks Venus," he replied, taking the offered appendage.

"Oh. Mum, Dad. This is Venus Worrow,"

"The new Hufflepuff. Yes, I remember you," Draco said, smiling at the girl and offering forth his hand.

"It's a pleasure to officially meet you Mr. Malfoy! I've read some of your additions to the medical field. In fact, when I was eight, you were the reason why I wanted to become a Healer," she told him as she shook his hand.

"Well thank you very much Ms. Worrow," Draco replied.

"Venus. What a lovely name," Luna said to the blonde girl.

"You're Luna Malfoy! I read the Quibbler all the time! It's my favorite magazine!" she said, shaking Luna's hand eagerly.

"I'm glad you still enjoy it. In fact, if you ever want to go look for Nargles I would be happy to take you. You just let me know,"

"Wow! Thank you Mrs. Malfoy! I will certainly do that!"

A Hufflepuff called Venus over to their table, waving her over.

"Oh! I have to go. I just wanted to let you know Scorp that green suits you. You should wear it more often,"

And with that, the girl ran off to go join her new found friends.

"Funny," Draco mused as he watched the blonde girl laugh with the other Hufflepuffs.

"What is?" Scorpius asked.

"I thought that exact same thing about your mother over twenty years ago,"

"You thought what?"

"I believe my exact thought was how nice she looked in the color and then, 'She should wear green more often',"

"You thought that about me? When was this?" Luna asked her husband in surprise.

Draco rolled his eyes.

"Luna, I told you this after we were married and before we had even had Dione. It was right after I broke my arm in that Quidditch match against Gryffindor? I caught the Snitch? It was before we had even started dating,"

"I do remember you telling me about that. The Wrackspurts must have been trying to crowd their way inside my brain,"

"Ew! You guys think that Venus likes me? That's horrible! We're just friends!" the elven-year-old declared.

"Hey, I'm just saying. I found love and I was the cold-hearted Prince of Slytherin," Draco said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Whatever," Scorpius muttered, walking towards his three brothers at the Slytherin table. Despite the fact that Favon was a Ravenclaw, he had been considered an honorary Slytherin, spending most of his meals with his brothers.

"You think he'll do alright here?" Draco asked his wife, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"He'll do amazing. He's our son,"

"Yeah," Draco sighed, smiling at the scene of his four sons enjoying their first day together at Hogwarts.

"You're right,"

There it is! The final chapter of this long-running drabbles story! I wanted the final chapter to be longer. Hope you all enjoyed it!

I used a lot of the former students of Hogwarts as the next generation of teachers.

Seamus Finnegan is married to Susan Bones and they have four children together. You were introduced to number three in their family. The oldest is Keith Finnegan, a fourth year boy who is in Ravenclaw and is good friends with Favon Malfoy and David Nott, the son of Theodore Nott and Tracey Davis; the second oldest is Shea Finnegan who is a third year Gryffindor and is good friends with Venus's older sister Sylvia; the third is Aengus; the youngest is another girl who is yet to be sorted and is eight-years-old. Her name is Ida Finnegan. All four of them speak Irish because Seamus wanted them to all have a second tongue within their vocabulary. They all break out into random phrases in Irish, but Aengus does it more than anyone else. Keith speaks Irish the most fluently, and Shea knows the most grammatical rules in Irish (These are all my own characters. PLEASE DON'T TAKE WITHOUT ASKING AND GIVING CREDIT! Thank you! ;). )

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