Wartime Reporter/A Complete Transcript for Potterwatch

River = Lee

Royal = Kingsley

Romulus = Remus

Rapier = Fred

Rowdier = George

Rawer = Bill

Ridgeback = Hagrid

Rather = McGonagall

Riser = Neville

Ranger = Charlie

Runner = Ginny

Raven = Angelina Johnson

May 1st, listening to Potterwatch

"To our most loyal audiences, welcome to Potterwatch. It is again been a while since our last coverage on the teeny tiny disorder at the Death Eaters' Headquaters. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. To make it up, we are taking more programs today as more of us are here yearning for a bit of a nice chit chat. We also have rather big news regarding our most adorable Undesirable No 1, but first lets get on with the deaths and disappearances.

"Tonight's list is rather long, but don't worry folks, as we include some snatchers and Death Eaters. You'll know why soon enough. First, two more muggle families were murdered, as if it is still not enough. Muggle officials has ascribed both cases to gas leakage, but we should all know that some one from our world did it, and that it is not acceptable. Neville and Augusta Longbottom, son and mother of long-loved and lost Aurors Frank Longbottom and his wife Alice have not been found for about two weeks now too. They are not believed dead though, so that's the good side of it.

"Neville? The one who committed the entire year giving the Carrows troubles and leading the so-called Dumbledore's Army?"

"The very same one, Rowdier. So Neville, if you are listening, please take note that we still care about you and stand behind you. And please be safe, we don't think we can afford your name, or your grandma's, to appear in this section again. Moving on, a muggle born witch, Madam Lean Murphy, died in Azkaban last week due to a lack of will to live. Only if those people could hear from the outside world. Mmmmmm, Royal, I wonder what Dumbledore would think of this?"

"He'd probably be furious. You know he never liked dementors. But we do encourage people not to give up hope. You'll never know. The war may take a dramatic change just tomorrow."

"Truer than true, Royal. And again at the Death Eaters' Headquaters, it seemed like their Chief finally had lost it. He has, using his own hands, or wand I would say, slain several Goblins, Snatchers, and Death Eaters, including Nott and one of the Averys. However, like all the good news recently, the downside was, Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy, Fenir Greyback and those who cause the most trouble all escaped this lovely little incidence."

"And Rapier, I hope you wouldn't mind telling us why our dearly Chief would suddenly decide to teach his wonderful followers a lesson on running?"

"Well, that brings in the big news today. From what we know, and we know quite a lot, someone has broken into Gringott's Bank today!"

"Impressive, eh? But would you mind telling us who that someone is?"

"Easy. The intruder, as we found, was none other than our most cherished Star, Harry Potter!"

"Blimey Rapier. That WAS impressive. Bold and dangerous, I would say, and I've seen plenty of bold and dangerous moves. Harry would be lucky to make it out alive!"

"And he did. On a dragon, quite naturally. This is the only part we have witnesses on, quite literally, the entire Diagon Alley."

"On a dragon?! I bet Ridgeback and Ranger would love it!"

"Yes they would. Now back to our big news. We would assume that Harry got what he wanted from the way the Chief Death Eater reacted."

"Mmmmmmm that is even more impressive. Any idea what they took and where they are now?"

"No and no. The Gringott's is a mess right now, and You-Know-Who is fast and furious on a road trip, and that's all we got for now."

"That's still better than nothing, now we know that Harry and his friends are alive and safe, or at least once again safer. Now, ladies and gentlemen, let's pay some respect to the dead by a minute of silence."


"Shall we continue now? Tonight, as you already heard, we have Royal here to talk a bit about safety while on the run, as many of you probably are right now. So, Royal, what do you think is the safest way to protect you and your family?"

"A Fidelus Charm, indeed, will be my first option. However, that only works when you have a permanent place to stay in, an preferably a house or an apartment. If you are camping in a tent, or a cave, or something similar, you will need a series of charms and spells to avoid detection. Protego Totalum is a must, things like Disillusion Charms work well too, but unless you do it on the tent while all of you are in it, you won't be able to see each other, or the tent. And last but not least, Muggle Repelling Spells would always add a bonus, for obvious reasons. And I personally would use a Sneakoscope."

"These are all very sound advice, Royal. I think we should move on to our next speaker now? Hold on, Runner, why are you here?"

"For urgent reasons obviously. Lightning has struck Hogwarts. According to Dumbledore's Army it is the time to fight. All DA and Order of Phoenix members are to apparate right INTO the Lonely Goatherd's to help."

"Blimey! What did we say about the tides turning again? You'll never know! We'll repeat the message. Lightening has struck Hogwarts, all DA and Order of Pheonix members apparate INTO the Lonely Goatherd's in preparation to fight. Again. Lightening has struck Hogwarts, all DA and Order of Phoenix members apparate INTO the Lonely Goatherd's in preparation to fight. Blimey, I still can't believe this!"

"Oi, River! We're leaving! Are you coming or not?"

"Coming, Rowdier! Dear audience, we will have a break for about 30 minutes and then resume. We will be bringing live news right from Hogwarts later tonight. Password will be Scar. See you later."