The Fall of Professor Arc



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Somehow this is Yang's fault.

He's not sure how, but she's definitely there and he's falling because of her and he always knew she was trouble. This just proves it.

Those are the first of Professor Arc's last thoughts as he falls. Plummets. Descends with haste. Whatever the poetic term for 'knocked off Amity Colosseum' is.

Why is he falling? He's not sure- the tournament hasn't even started yet. Now it may never get off the ground- literally. Images of his dishonest life, and even more dishonest tenure, flash before his eyes. Rumours of the White Fang intended sabotage. Blake reading the report off his desk. Blake swearing not to pursue the matter, and then obviously doing just that with the rest of her friends. Team RWBY somehow finding the nefarious activity that the adults should have caught.

Ah, that's where Yang came in. It's Team RWBY's fault, but he'll blame Yang. Weiss may be a closet pervert, but she's a good enough girl, and Ruby and Blake are too innocent to blame. So it's Yang's fault, even before he pushed her out of the way of the shockwave. At least he'll die having gotten one good feel.

Cause he's probably going to die now regardless, even if she looks too terrified to be angry. They all do. All the girls, and all the women, and everyone else who got caught up in these shenanigans. Just slightly too far above he sees Glynda falling towards him- not from the shockwave, but from leaping into a landing strategy in pursuit of him. She's getting closer, but only close enough that he can see her fearful expression- he's too far to firmly reach, even for her semblance.

That's a shame. It's been a good ride, this whole teacher deal. Terrifying, painful, and hopelessly out of his depth, but a good ride none the less. Despite his mistakes- and his lies- and his being a generally unqualified fraud- he can take pride in having helped some people in some small ways. In knowing that he was as (in)competent as some of the most respected teachers in Remnant. That people far more capable than he trusted, respected, even looked up to him. Gave him more credence than he deserved.

Team RWBY. Glynda and the faculty. Even Winter and Cinder- and how he fooled them, he still doesn't know.

Not Neo and Roman though. They knew the truth, and more than that they were pricks. Good riddance to them.

But everyone else? He'd miss them.

At least they never found out that he was a fraud. And now they never would. As the cloud of the dust explosion continued to rise, he almost felt warm and fuzzy inside.

It was a good last thought for Professor Arc before the flash, the impact, and the darkness swallowed everything else.



Author Note:

The start of a gift-fic from me to Coeur over the Holidays. Coeur liked it enough that he pushed me to post.

More to follow, in the usual post-a-day style.