The Fall of Professor Arc



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"Well lad, it looks like it's about time for you to meet a special someone!"

Jaune jolted awake. The booming voice was his only warnings before he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder.

"Professor Port! I'm awake, I swear!" Jaune lied, jumping up. The classroom was empty, and had been from the start- no way he could lie his way out during a private tutoring position.

Professor Port gave him a stink eye. "I doubt that you'd remember how many times I've told you to call me Peter!"

Jaune nervously laughed. "Right… Peter," he managed, uncomfortable at the informality with the faculty. "Sorry," he apologized. "I just-" he was unable to hide a yawn at how boring the man's teaching was. "I just was up late last night. Studying." It wasn't a total lie.

Instead of scold him, Peter laughed. "No doubt," the bigger man believed. "I'm sure my own tales of adventure pale to your own forgotten ones as well, so I could hardly blame you given how tired you are," he reasoned. Peter's eyes took a shifty glance, though, and Jaune felt a hint of trepidation. "But say, lad… what if I knew someone who could help with that?"

Jaune blinked. "Help?" Help was always good. "What do you have in mind?" Hopefully not some concussive shock treatment. Too many people seemed interested in the latest medical fad these days…

Peter laughed. "Not what, who," he clarified. "Like I said, a special someone you've yet to meet since your accident. Someone I'm sure you miss even without realizing."

That made Jaune curious. He thought he'd already met everyone he'd known Before. He didn't feel he missing in his life right now, at least. Sure, he'd like a girlfriend right now, but give him a few years…

Still, it was the perfect excuse to escape this private and incredibly boring lecture of Peter's boastful exploits. Jaune stood up.

"Lead the way, Peter," he encouraged.

Professor Port did, and Jaune followed him down halls that were once again starting to be familiar. Here was the great hall, there were the locker rooms, this was the dining hall… what were they doing in the dining hall?

Peter led Jaune to the lunch counter. He didn't say anything- just gestured Jaune to step up, and watched expectantly.

Jaune blinked. The server in a smock blinked back. Jaune turned back to Peter.

"You brought me here to see the lunch lady?" he asked, at a loss.

"I'm a guy," the server growled.

"Sorry, I forgot," Jaune claimed.

"That's not an excuse, you-"

Peter guffawed, and ignored the offense. "Lad just woke up," he explained, apologizing for Jaune. "Give him a cup of the special stuff, to wake him up," he said, giving a big wink.

The server looked back skeptically, and so Peter winked again, and again, and again.

"Peter, why are you winking?" Jaune asked.

"Oh, no reason," Peter claimed. "Just something in my eye," he continued, digging in with a finger as he gave another great wink, and using the finger to point at Jaune and back and wink once more.

The server finally seemed to get it, and started moving. A well-worn coffee pot was lifted off a burner, poured, and a mug handed to him.

"Don't see how you could forget this, mate, but try not to spread it around, will you?"

Jaune took the offered mug with a confused expression, but Peter's eager encouragement made clear he was supposed to try. Jaune began to lift the mug to his lips.

"You might want to be sitting down for this, lad," Peter realized, stopping Jaune at the last second. Jaune looked at him, skeptical. Sure, the coffee was probably hot, but he doubted it'd be that hot.

Jaune shrugged, ignored Peter's advice, and took a sip.

Bliss exploded in his mouth, as all his senses went haywire. A lover's caress, a mistress's touch, utter exaltation and discipline that demanded release. From a gem deep in Remnant he rose, rocketing to the surface and the Kingdoms. He rose at the same moment he saw himself falling to the ground, but kept rising through the sky and past Amity itself as he made his way to heaven. This was sublime. This was divine. This was truth, the one and inescapable fact that only death could end. Higher and faster, at a tempo matched only by his beating heart.

This was love. Gasping, orgasmic love.

"Ohhh," Jaune moaned, even as the mug nearly slipped from his fingers.

The mug would have shattered, its precious contents spilled, but Jaune couldn't care. Nothing could make him care right now. He was so enlightened that if his Sunflower punched him, he'd go soaring over the moon. He was so satisfied that he could retire to be a hermit and swear a vow of chastity, even if half the world cried out in despair.

"Peter," Jaune began, "I remember now."

"Remember what?" Peter asked, enthralled.

"Everything," the young man claimed. "Everything that ever mattered."

"Does that mean-" Peter began, excited.

Was this it? Was this the miracle they'd been looking for? The secret for the return of Professor Arc?

Maybe. Maybe not. But that wasn't important. Only one person mattered here in the here and now.

"As if I could forget you, Coffee-chan," Jaune cooed, cradling the mug tenderly against his cheek.





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