Clary walked slowly down the long, huge hallways with soldiers standing guard on each side. The hallways she walked were so quiet you could hear a pin drop and her flats slapped on the hard, cold granite floor. The hallway was huge with tapestries hanging overhead, the halls as well the floors were also made of beautiful granite that shines when the sun hits it the right way.

With every step she felt anxious. Anxious of meeting her father and big brother. King Valentine and Prince Sebastian. The ruthless king and prince of the land of Idris. Clary purposely walked slowly so she didn't have to see her father or brother so early. But however how slow she walked she new she would have to see them sooner or later. In about twenty minutes she was at her father's giant double door study. The double doors were made of dark, almost black, smooth oak wood with the family crest in the middle. The crest was a star. The Morgenstern fallen star.

Two guards were flaked on each sides of the door. There clothing of red and white with the fallen star on there breast plate. They had swords and shields and probably many more weapons but those were the only weapons clary could see. When they saw me coming they bowed deep and low. She also curtsied equally deep and low. Then they opened the door and allowed her in. Clary looked around, her father's study always seems to amaze her, even as a child. The walls were a dark cherry wood with shelves with tons of books. Tapestries also hanged on the walls with a sense of belonging, there were leather couches and comfy chairs. Clary's father was sitting at his huge desk that filled almost half the room. The desk was a mahogany with the Morgenstern crest on it and her brother Sebastian standing to her father's right. Clary's father and brother look just the same with silver hair, dark almost black eyes that were near emotionless, they were so strong that you could see the muscles beneath there shirts, there faces were also emotionless as well.

Clary curtsied and said "Your Majesty."

King Valentine and Prince Sebastian acknowledge her with a nod. Her father cleared his throat and stared at her, ever since she came into his study.

"Now Clarissa," My father said in a deep, gruff voice, "We all know that you are of age to be looking for suitors now."

The king never calls me by my nickname like everybody else in the kingdom.

Clary complied, "I know Your Majesty, but I was thinking that maybe we could change it up this year."

The King did not look happy, " Excuse me?"

Clary elaborated, "I was thinking maybe we could change tradition_"

"NO!" Sebastian yelled, "We are not changing tradition you little_"

When the king raised his hand Sebastian instantly stopped his yelling. Clary should have been used to his yelling but that still hadn't stop her from being scared. Sebastian got back to his position by the king's right side and clary remained quiet while Sebastian calmed down.

" Now, Clarissa you know well that we can't and won't change it, it's tradition and you should be ashamed to even suggest that."

Clary hung her head in shame, her face nearly the same color as my hair, while her father looked at her in disdain.

" I'm sorry, Father but I just thought that we could change it up a bit." Clary whispered softly.

My Father got up and looked out the window. Me and my brother looked after him and waited for him to speak again. Our Father could be unpredictable at times. At times he could lash out for no apparent reason and other times he could be sweet but in a cynical way. Clary doesn't like disappointing her Father, it felt wrong on all sides but clary's not the kind of girl to just take it. No she up for a challenge.

"But Father you didn't hear me out," She began, " I was wondering instead of just princes maybe we could invite the whole kingdom or any available suitor of age could come to my party, the pandemonium."

Sebastian scoffed and glared at me, but her eyes stayed on the king's back while he thought. It seems like a long time before her father turned around and addressed us. He had a smile and not a very pleasant one at that.

"That's a splendid idea, Clarissa!" Clary and Sebastian were astonished, they had identical faces of disbelief.

"But Father it is tradition for only royals_" Sebastian choked but the king interrupted him.

"It is what the princess want and what the princess want she gets." The King said in a menacing voice.

For a second she was about to take the whole thing back and leave without another word but she had to stand her ground and pretend to be please instead of totally frightening and scared out of her mind

Clary curtsied with her head bowed and added "Thank you, so much for your consideration and I'm sure the kingdom will be very happy to hear about this."

Sebastian was fuming with rage. His face was red and hard, his hand clenched and shaking at his side and he argued with spit coming out of his mouth. " Father, tradition you can't let this stupid little girl boss you around!"

King Valentine face turned to hard stone as he stared down at Sebastian.

" I'm not, this is your sister's 16 birthday, she is of age and it is her choice."

His voice was calm and measured so unlike Sebastian, but by the second Sebastian got angrier and for a second clary thought that he was going to lash out again but no, he didn't but he did leave and as he left he bumped into her so that she stumbled back and almost fell but caught herself in time. Sebastian busted through the door even scaring the guards a little and as the door closed clary watch Sebastian stormed through the hallways leaving dust in his trail.

"I think that went well, don't you daughter?"

How can Father be so calm about this, Clary looked at her father in disbelief.

"Well? That did not go well father, Sebastian just stormed out, aren't you even a little bit mad, disgusted, infuriated?"

King Valentine never likes to have someone just walk out on him like that, Clary has seen it too many times before and has experienced it too.

" Sebastian just needs time to calm down, but don't worry daughter I will take care of it personally." The King advised

Suddenly Clary felt scared for Sebastian, the king can be very brutal in his own ways. But clary tried her hardest to keep a straight face, even if you could plainly see that she was shaking.

She curtsied " Yes, Father." Her voice portraying no emotion.

My Father walked to where she was standing and slapped her. Hard.

She fell on the floor, her hand clutching her slapped face and she curved in to a ball on the floor waiting for more to come but none came. She looked up at the king and she flinched. His face was menacing and dangerous, his eyes wild and erratic.

"Your just like your mother," He spat, "Always testing me anyway possible, you need to start being obedient to your father, the one who raised you, feed you, gave you everything you wanted and this is how you treat me, with disrespect and disobedience."

Clary shakendly mumbled an apology.

"SPEAK UP, you know I hated when you mumbled," He yelled, with veins in his neck showing more precisely.

She took a deep breath from where she was still huddled in the ground and said it again but a little louder, pronouncing every syllable precisely.

He calmed down a bit. "Now that better, now leave I have work to do and you have a ball to get ready for."

Clary quickly got up and curtsied to him and left without another word, closing the door and walking quickly to my room ignoring my still burning face from when father slapped me, ignoring the guards flanked everywhere, ignoring everything until she got to her bedroom where her guards opened and close door for her, leaving her alone with her tears.