As the notorious Vampire Hunter D was on the trail of tracking a rumor about a Noble stealing the souls of numerous humans and leaving ruins of towns and civilizations across the Frontier, he comes across a pair of curious travelers - a bright eyed young woman with an unusual gift, and her over protective brother who finds himself on uneven ground with the Hunter. As the three of them continued to walk the same path, D learns a few things about both of the wanderers, but the girl holds a secret that very few ever know about. And with this secret, it would lead her to a fate that she never thought she would see herself in, one that converts with the actions of the infamous Noble on the run.

If anyone checks my DA account, I admit that I'm trying to get at least one chapter done, but like I've said in the past, I procrastinate, and I have other things going on. So patience is a virtue that even I haven't conquered yet. ^^'