Deals with 4x3 "Home", so slight spoilers for that. There's also talk of periods, so have fun with that. Also, I think I may have gotten too much Gillian and not enough Scully in this chapter. In my defense, I watched "The X-Files: Reopened" before writing this. Um, so if you see too much GA and not enough Scully, that may be it.


A month after Mulder's mother is in the hospital, Mulder and Scully go on a case to Michigan, and the next to Pennsylvania. Eager to see his daughter after what seems like three weeks instead of two, Mulder pulls up to his apartment complex before entering the building with his partner not far behind him. Not sure when the will be back, the adults have Rachel pick Chloe up from school. Entering the apartment, the man calls Rachel to tell her to bring Chloe to the apartment. Deciding to stay with the Mulders for dinner that night, Scully kicks off her shoes and sits on the couch. She and Mulder are both stricken by the abnormality of the case they come home from and the beer Mulder offers her is taken without hesitation. After she takes a drink, she asks, "Mulder, would I make a good mom?"

Sitting beside his friend, Mulder answers, "Yeah, I don't see why you wouldn't. This case really hit you hard there, didn't it?"

The red head exhales answering, "I guess. It's just, when you were in Canada, after your mom was put in the hospital, and I had sole decision over Chloe -"

"You didn't know how to deal with it," Mulder finishes taking a sip of his own drink. He nods saying, "It's scary, Scully. You still thinking of those Uber Scullys?"

The question falls on deaf ears as the pair sits in silence a little longer before Scully asks, "Why don't you ever move out of the city? You said when we were on our case that you'd want to live in the country if you ever had a family."

Sighing, Mulder answers, "I can't with my job, Scully. I told you that."

"Plenty of agents do it," The red head replies.

"Their spouses also tend to have a reliable job that lets them pick their child up for Little League and Soccor practice, Scully," The man rebutts. Scully nods in fairness of the remark before leaning her head back and closing her eyes. She shudders a little before opening her eyes and saying, "I can't seem to get that baby out of my head."

"Well, if it's any consolation, your uber Scullys won't look like that," Mulder insists. When Scully raises an eyebrow, her partner merely smiles back at her. When there is a knock on the door, Mulder gets up to open it. Letting his daughter inside, he finds Scully not too far behind him starting a conversation with Rachel. Letting the woman and her children inside, the man turns to the eleven year olds and asks, "Hey, how was your field trip?"

Chloe smiles answering, "Great, but I really have to show Anna something that The Boys gave me."

Chuckling, Mulder answers, "Go ahead."

He turns to see Scully taking Ben while Rachel digs through her purse. With the red head holding the one year old, Mulder can finally envision the woman as a mother. If he is honest, he likes the look on her. Realizing he is staring, the man goes to pick up his beer bottle. Holding his up, he asks Rachel, "Do you want one?"

"Not now. I'm trying to get Anna home so she can start the project she's been procrastinating on," The woman declines. Mulder nods in understanding as he watches Rachel find a business card at the bottom of her purse and hand it to Scully. The red head smiles taking the card and putting it in her pocket. Just as she does so, the one year old in her arms begins to whine prompting the woman to let him down.

"Yeah, he hasn't been much for being held recently," Rachel remarks watching her son wander into the kitchen. The mother is about to go after her son, but Scully replies that she will go after him. With the woman out of the room, Rachel asks Mulder, "Is she okay?"

"Yeah, we just had a difficult case involving infanticide."

The woman gives a look of shock before saying, "I'm sorry. She can take as much time as she needs. Do you think she'd want to babysit?"

Mulder chuckles saying, "I wouldn't take it that far."

"Wouldn't take what far?" Scully asks navigating the one year old from the kitchen.

"Your babysitting my son. Although, you could solve this problem by simply having a baby of your own," Rachel hints with a smirk. Before the red head can react, Ben holds his arms out for his mother just as the eleven year olds leave Chloe's room.

"You're having a baby?" The girls ask in unison while each stares at their respective adult.

"No," Scully replies as Rachel adds, "No one is having a baby."

Still confused, Chloe asks, "So why are you talking about them?"

"That's for us to talk about, not you," Rachel teases as she looks at her daughter and tells her they need to leave. Once the others leave and Mulder shuts the door, Chloe asks again, "Why were you talking about babies?"

"It doesn't matter, just go get ready for dinner okay?" Mulder asks.

"Are we going out?" The girl asks. Shaking his head, the father replies, "We're ordering Chinese."

"So then why do I have to get ready for dinner?" The girl questions. Not in the mood to listen to the father and daughter argue, Scully says, "Do as he says, Chloe."

Startled by the woman's entrance into the argument, Chloe obeys. Mulder grins at his partner before grabbing the take out menu and asking, "What do you want?"

"The chicken and broccoli," Scully answers adding, "Just get whatever you two normally get."

Nodding, Mulder places the order before finding out what is taking his daughter so long in the bathroom. Knocking on the door, he asks, "Chloe, are you okay?"

"I want Scully!" The girl calls through the door. Confused, Mulder gets his partner and is soon banished from the bathroom door. Deciding to unpack his suitcase instead, the man sees the red head walk by his bedroom door and calls her name. When she stops, he asks, "Is she okay?"

"She will be. Do you mind if Chloe and I pick up the food?" Scully questions. Confused, Mulder answers, "Sure."

Ten minutes later, Scully and Chloe are in Mulder's car.

"What's wrong?" The red head asks the child as they sit in the car. Chloe shrugs before asking, "Was it awkward when you had your period for the first time?"

Trying not to laugh, Scully says, "Only when my brother found my tampons and tried to make bullets out of them. That was about a year after I started, though."

"He didn't know what they were?" Chloe asks confused. Shaking her head, Scully explains, "He had just turned eleven. All he knew was that they were as close to a projectile as he could get that he could play with inside."

Still a little confused, Chloe nods anyway. After a moment, Scully asks, "Would you rather use tampons or start out with pads?"

Seeing the look of indecision on the eleven year old's face, the red head answers, "How about we decide when we get to the store, okay?"

"Okay," Chloe answers before asking, "Should I put them in the bathroom or keep them in my room?"

"That's up to you, Sweetie," Scully states as she parks the car in the parking lot and gets out. With Chloe behind her, the pair soon come out of the store supplied with a couple boxes of pads and one box of tampons.

"If you don't like them, you don't have to wear them," Scully tells her as they head for Chinese. Chloe nods and asks a few more questions along with if she and Scully can go shopping at some point.

"Yeah, we'll just pick a Saturday, okay?" The woman answers. Chloe smiles happy to have the woman around.

When they get back to the apartment, Mulder smiles at the pair, but frowns a little when Chloe darts directly to her room.

"What was that all about?" He asks. Scully shrugs knowing Chloe would rather her father not know about her period. The woman merely smirks wondering what things she could tell her father, but kept a secret from.

At dinner the trio eats happily while Scully stays as long as possible before accidentally falling asleep on the sofa. The next morning, the woman makes breakfast feeling she needs to do something in exchange for dinner the night before. Just as she begins breakfast, she finds Chloe come into the room and whisper, "Scully, how do I wash blood out of my sheets."

Realizing she forgets to remind the girl to change her sheets, the red head answers, "I'll help you clean them. For right now though, I need you to give me a pair of sheets you really don't like or is your darkest set, okay? That way if there's blood, you won't feel as bad."

The girl nods, but not without wanting to cry a little.

"Hey, it's fine. I've done it more than once. I'll take care of your sheets for you, just go take a shower okay? It'll calm you down," Scully says trying to soothe the girl. Chloe nods before showing the woman to her room and picking out a pair of sheets from her closet. When the girl stands in the room uncomfortably, the red head says, "It'll be fine. Go and shower."

With Chloe out of the room, Scully strips the bed and is putting the new sheets on when Mulder startles her.

"You do turn down service?" He asks. Rolling her eyes, Scully places the other end of the fitted sheet on the bed and states, "No. I'm just helping Chloe."

Looking over at the sheets in the corner, Mulder asks, "You want me to get those?"

Before Scully can reply, the man is already at the sheets before asking, "Is there blood on these?"

The woman closes her eyes knowing Chloe will have to tell her father now.

"Yes, she bled through them last night and was worried by it."

"She started her period? When?" Mulder asks trying to fathom his daughter growing up and failing miserably.

"Yesterday. She didn't want to tell you. Granted I didn't want to tell my own father things like that in the beginning either," Scully answers.

"So, she kept it a secret?" Mulder questions. Rolling her eyes, the red head replies, "For a day, Mulder. Half a day really. No girl wants to go to their father first, Mulder. They want someone to tell them what happens, not skirt around the issue."

"I could've-" Mulder begins before his partner cuts him off by saying, "But you're not a girl."

"She's not going to need me much now, is she?" He asks sadly. Shaking her head, Scully moves from the bed and places her hand on her partner's arm. Looking up at him, she replies, "A girl always needs her dad, Mulder."

Later in the day, as Chloe sits with her father watching a movie, she cuddles up next to him, and Mulder smiles a little realizing that his partner may actually be right.