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A/N: My first short PoV type thing. It actually includes Tiara thinking about Graham! OMG, aren't you shocked? Well...nevermind that. This is reeelly short, but you wanted to read it in the first place. Plz R&R, arigatou in advance.


By: Spellcaster the Diamond

So it's true.
Graham. You...you are no longer here.

Was it really Kagetsu's fault?
Is he the one that I'm to blame?

I can feel a few tears, hot, trickling down my face.

Graham. Why can't you be here now?
I want to apologize again, for things that I know I did wrong.
I want a second chance with you.

Graham. I'm so sorry.
I bend down and silently pick up your jewel.
It's something so small,
but the memories it holds...
As I close my hands around it,
and those memories come back to me.

What were you thinking of on your last moment?
I will never know.
But, whenever I die, I'm hoping that I get to see you, somehow, in your world.

There's nothing left for me to say.

...So I slowly turn around, and silently walk away.