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It's been six weeks since she last seen him , Six weeks since that day in the woods , Six weeks since she finally admitted to herself & him that she did have feelings for him & Six weeks since he promised her that he would leave and never come back and now here she was six weeks later in the worst possible situation. She had been feeling unwell for the last three weeks now, she was sick and tired all the time she was feeling drained with no energy to do anything she had put it down to something she ate or the flu but vampire's couldn't get sick right well so she thought , she was getting a lot worse as the weeks went by she couldent keep anything down and it was usually worse in the mornings which is what had led her to this moment


The sound of her alarm buzzing indicating that her timer had gone off brought her out of her thoughts oh god had it been ten minutes already she thought to herself, standing up from her position on the bathroom floor. She took a hesitant step towards the bathroom sink breathing heavily as she reached out and grabbed the white stick that rested upon the porcelain sink closing her eyes and taking deep breaths as she tried to control her breathing so she didn't have a full blown panic attack 'in and out, you can do this just count to 10' she thought to herself as she gave herself a little pep talk. As soon as she felt herself begin to calm down she opened her eyes and looked down at the stick in her hand two pink lines had appeared on the screen 'Positive' Oh my god this can't be happening was it even possible how the hell could she be pregnant especially with Klaus's child

"Caroline sweetie are you home" Liz called from downstairs

Quickly drying her eyes and fixing her makeup Caroline shoved the test in the pocket of her jeans as she made her way downstairs "I'm right here Mom"

"Oh hi honey I'm just checking in on you I've got to head back to the station in a little bit were short a few officers so I'm working the night shift aswel" Liz said while pouring coffee into her travel mug "So are you feeling any better"

" Yeah I am actually must of just been the flu or something" Caroline said with a small smile while fixing herself a glass of water hopefully her mom Did'net pick up that anything else was wrong

Liz smiled "Ok good so you will be fine if I'm not here tonight then?"

Caroline laughed as she rolled her eyes "Mom no offense but I'm kinda of use to not having you around so yeah I'll be fine"

Liz sighed "Caroline I do care about you, I just can't take time off at the moment there's so much happening at the moment expecially with all the supernatural activity that's been going on around here" she said grabbing a container of soup out of the fridge and sticking it in her backpack. She turned around to face her daughter "Are you sure your alright you still look kind of pail" Liz asked concerned

Caroline sighed "Mom I'm fine , i will be okay you better get going you dont wanna be late you know how this town cant function without it's sherrif besides Elena and Bonnie are coming over later were having a girls night" Caroline said as she headed out of the kitchen

"Oh good , that should be fun well I'm off I'll seeyou tomorrow call me if you need anything and remember to get plenty of rest if your still feeling sick " Liz said as went to head out the door

"Ok thanks Mom but I will be fine so stop worrying and have a good night"

LIz smiled softly at her daughter placing a small kiss to her temple"I will I love you sweetie"

"you too Mom" she said as she locked the door behind her.

To say her relationship with her Mom wasn't good was a understatement it was complicated they had been distant ever since her dad had left and even more so ever since she turned into a vampire but they were slowly getting there they've made a lot of head way but some days were just worse the others.

Her relationship was worse with her Father since she turned he didn't accept her he hated vampires with every fibre of his being he tried to fix her by torturing it out of her which made there relationship much more strained then it already was. Then he became a vampire and couldn't bring himself to live with being something he depised so much so he didn't finish the transition which she was glad for at least , he was at peace even though he did some awful stuff to her she Didn't hate him she would always love him he was her dad after all. It wasn't always so bad he was a great dad Intill she turned but that was his own messed up way of trying to save her , to protect her he Didn't want to see his little girl become a monster.


When the doorbell rang later on that night Caroline decided to push the unexpected news she found out earlier this evening to the back off her mind , for the time being she's was just going to pretend to be bubbly and happy, just regular Caroline even though she felt like curling up in her bed and crying she wasn't going to let anything get in the way of girls night.

Running down the stairs she flung the door open to reveal her two best friends "Bonnie", "Elena" Caroline screamed excitedly pulling them both into a group hug as both girls hugged her back just as eagerly

"we brought pizza and popcorn" Bonnie exclaimed pulling back from her

"Let's head inside I brought two movie's to choose from Titanic or The notebook" Elena said while grabbing the bag she dropped on the step and moved past her to head inside the house.

Caroline closed the door while her two friends headed into the other room

"So which sexy man will it be tonight Leo or Ryan" Elena called out from her spot on the living room floor

"Hmm well it's a tough choice there both gorgeous men but I think I'll have to go with Ryan in The Notebook" Caroline said as she took a seat on the couch

"Ok The notebook it is then" She said as she put the DVD into the player before adding "Have we got the tissues ready, because you know how you get when it comes to this movie " Elena laughed looking at Caroline

"Oh shut up like your any better" Caroline said laughing aswell

The microwave sounded a few minutes later "Ok popcorn corn is ready" Bonnie said coming from the kitchen with a large bowl of popcorn sitting it down on the coffee table as she took a seat in one of the armchairs waiting for the movie to begin.


After the movie ended the three of them sat on the couch laughing uncontrollably about some random thing that happened in high school

"Oh my god it seems so long ago I can't believe where in college now" Bonnie said while wiping tears away from her eyes

Caroline laughed aswell thinking about there highschool days which seemed so long ago now when in reality it was only last year "We had some fun didn't we" Caroline said trying her best to stop laughing

"We sure did" Elena replied while reaching in the bag and pulling out a bottle of vodka "And I've saved the best for last so who's up for a little sneaky pete to get the party started" Elena added excitedly holding up the bottle

"Hell yes hit me up" Bonnie said grabbing the bottle and taking a swig "Caroline" she asked holding out the bottle for her to take "Want some"

Caroline shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she stared nervously at the bottle, what the hell was she going to do obviously she couldn't drink it how was she gonna decline without getting them suspicious

"Caroline" Bonnie called again "Are you okay did you want some" She said as she held out the bottle again

Caroline just sat there for a moment longer "Huh oh yeah no I'm ok" Caroline said coming out of her thoughts "I'm still not feeling too well this flu has knocked me around a bit i think I might just stick with water" she said holding up her glass

"Are you still not feeling well" Bonnie asked with a concerned look on her face

"I'm getting there i feel a lot better now just think i should take it easy you know to make sure im completely over it anyway i'll be back in a sec just need to go pee too much water" She laughed nervously as she walked away

"Do you think she's ok i mean really? vampire's are not supposed to get sick" Elena said when she was out of earshot

"I'm not sure she seems fine just a little out of it , maybe she's just stressing about college or Tyler you know how she is she's always worrying about something" Bonnie replied

"Yeah i guess so" Elena sighed as she took another drink of vodka.

"Ok how about another movie" Caroline announced a couple minutes later as she re entered the room.


Later on that evening after her friends had all gone home she laid in her bed on her side staring out of her window with tears streaming down her face. she started to cry harder when she thought about what she was going to do , how she was going to tell her friends , her mom and expecially Klaus, will he even believe her i mean everything she's ever done to him was some sort of ploy to kill him or gather information on him so why would he believe her now. She felt lost , scared & completely alone, she continued to lay there for what it seems like hours before sleep finally overtook her.

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