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That night in a dingy bar on the outskirts of town sat a young werewolf in deep thought nursing a glass of scotch in his hand. He had lost everything at the hand of one man, his family , his friends even his girlfriend no matter what he did no matter how many times he challenged him or fought against him or for her he always won every single time and now he was with what should of still been his.. her.

He felt so ashamed of what he had done to her back in mystic falls he was just so consumed with anger and jealousy but that being said he still couldnt get past how much she had betrayed and hurt him when she went running straight into the arms of a monster who did nothing but torture his friends and kill his mother.

So now all he wanted was that hybrid and those abominations dead and he knew of only one person to make that happen all he needed was a powerful witch and a little ressurection spell then he could get his revenge. He thought cunningly to himself as he downed the rest of his scotch.


Caroline walked quietly into the house after her night out , her friends following closely behind her

"Anyone up for a night cap" Damon asked as he gestured towards the fire place mantle where the liquor was kept

"Didn't you have enough at the restraunt" Bonnie commented as she moved past him into the living room before taking a seat on the couch

"Have you met me judgy , there is never enough" He replied with a smirk

"Dont call me that" She replied back annoyed

"Where do you think everyone is" Matt asked looking around as he made his way into the room and taking a seat beside Bonnie

"Well with what i can sense Elijah is in his room with Katherine , Rebekah is in hers and Klaus is decending the stairs as we speak" Stefan clarified as he took a drink off Damon

Everyone turned there attention to the foyer than where Caroline and Elena were currently still standing

"Good evening love , can i speak to you in private for a moment" He asked as he approached her not even bothering to address Elena

"I'll give you some privacy" Elena told her best friend as she removed her coat before heading to join her friends in the living room

"Sure" Caroline replied as she followed him down the hall to his study , after closing the door behind him he lead her over to the black leather sofa that rested against the wall

"So what did you wanna talk about" She asked him before inwardly cringing at the words she choose the memory of that night on the bench outside of the grill suddenly popping into her mind 'I want to talk about you. Your hopes, your dreams, everything you want in life' Those words were forever etched in her mind

Klaus smirked knowingly at her as the same memory came to his mind as well before he continued to speak "I need to tell you a few things about what's going on concerning you and our children, its not going to be easy to take in but believe me when i say i will protect and defend you and our children with my life i will not let anything happen to either of you, do trust me?" Klaus asked her

"Of course i do Klaus , just tell me what is going please" She asked fear and worry evident in her voice

Klaus sat down next to her as he begun to explain to her what he had came to find out in the recent days.


One very emotional outburst from Caroline later that had her crying into Klaus' shoulder she was starting to calm down a little and now she was full blown angry. Pulling away from Klaus she abruptly stood up and begun to pace the room as she tried to peace together what she had just discovered.

She couldn't understand why someone would want to hurt her innocent children she knew Klaus had many enemys but this was just something esle etirely. Threatening her she could handle, hell she was the queen of being kidnapped and tortured back in mystic falls so why was this any different but when they threatened her children well that was a different situation altogether, they had a death wish right there and were playing with fire.

If they thought Klaus was bad well they obviously hadn't crossed paths with a mother's wrath before or Caroline Forbes for that matter nobody threatened her children's life and got away with it that's for sure if they thought she was just a weak baby vampire they were dead wrong.

"Are you alright love" Klaus asked he worriedly as he made his way over to her

"No" She answered honestly "but if they think they will succeed in hurting my babies they dont know what their in for i will not let anything happen to them" She said as she placed a protective hand on stomach "Mummy loves you sweetie's" She whispeared to herself

"Neither will i, you have my word i will protect you and our children with my life and as much as i would love to go and slaughter every single one of them we have to be smart about this we need to know their every move, we need an advantge so we can keep one step ahead of them and then we can kill them" Klaus said with an evil smirk

A dark look crossed Caroline's face then her eyes flashing red "You promise" She asked hopefully as she looked up at him

Klaus hadn't seen anything so beautiful in all of his existence his Dark queen although he loved her light that shined through so radiantly he also loved when she allowed her dark vampiric side to come out. She was fierce and dangerous, she was truly his mate

"I promise" He whispeared seductively in her ear.

Caroline shivered at the sound of his voice she hadn't even realised he was that close to her. She closed her eyes as she leant into him slightly taking in the smell of his colugne and the warm feeling's he created inside her, she always felt safe and complete when he was nearby. After a few more minutes she slowly opened her eyes and moved away, she smiled up at him as he looked down at her with nothing but desire and love in his eyes

"Goodnight Klaus" She whispeared back

"Goodnight Sweetheart" Klaus said as he placed a soft kiss on her cheek before they both parted way's for the evening


The following morning was a bright and sunny one after getting home late the night before and her talk with Klaus Caroline had over slept as it was now ten thiry. She was startled awake when someone started impatiently banging on her bedroom door , she got out of bed and cautiously made her way towards the door only hisatating a second before slowly opening it. The door suddenly burst open then catching her off guard if it wasn't for her being a vampire she would definitely be on her arse right about now. She sighed to herself when she caught a glimpse of blonde hair whirl past her into the room

"Hello Rebekah, nice to see you again" Caroline said in a semi polite tone as she turned to face her

Rebekah just stood there with a hand on her hip looking her up and down intill she finally settled on her stomach, which looked extra protruded today as she was wearing a form fitting white tank top that stretched out over her stomach making her look bigger than she actually was.

After a moment Rebekah finally begun to speak "Took you long enough do you know how long i have been knocking i thought i was going to have to break the door down. I have been awake and waiting for you since seven this morning but Nik wouldn't let me wake you until later said you needed your sleep" She told her annoyed before continuing again

"Okay first things first Nik told me everything regarding your situation and how it came to be and the threats you and your children have against your life's so with you being pregnant with Niks children and my nephews and you being his mate and all i promise i will help you and protect you both and make sure no one gets near those babies but that being said if you do anything to betray or hurt my brother in any way i wont hesitate to kill you well after my nephews are born ofcourse" She added seriously

Caroline rolled her eyes at her threat but could tell she was deadly serious "Rebekah thankyou for understanding and for willing to help me and my children it really means a lot. So i need you to know that i would never betray or hurt your brother in any way. Klaus means so much to me , i lo.. i mean i care about him deeply and you have nothing to worry about but im glad he has a sister like you looking out for him, that loves him and will protect him at all cost's. I know he probably dosent show it but he appreciates everything you do for him" She said with a warm smile.

She hoped Rebekah didnt catch her slip up with words. Did she love Klaus? It was a question she has been asking herself for a while now , i mean she definitely cared about him a lot but did she love him? All of a sudden she felt kick's in her stomach . She smiled at that this was the first time she had felt the twins kick she was so happy she was just about to tell Rebekah when she thought better of it the only person she wanted to tell right now was Klaus, she would go find him straight after she got ready

The answer to her question came almost immediatly after that of course she did how could she not they were meant to be after all and she loved him with all her heart obviously her heart knew before her head did but now came the hardest part telling him.

A smile started to form on Rebekahs face as she noticed her almost slip up and the fact that she seemed lost in some pleasent thoughts probably of her brother. She cleared her throat then to gain back Carolines attention "Well anyway you better hurry up and get ready we have a big day ahead off us it's time to finally get to know eachother, after all we are going to be family. I will be waiting down stairs, your friends are already down there so were leaving in excactly forty five minutes "

"Yes Rebekah, i've just got do something before we leave though okay" Caroline replied as she moved past her to the ensuit

"Okay make it fast , Oh and Caroline, Congratulations, im glad it's you" Rebekah said with a smile before heading down stairs

Caroline stood there speechless for a moment before walking towards the bathroom. Maybe Rebekah wasn't as bad as she seemed


After getting ready in a white flowy top , Pink coat and a pair of light ripped jeans She went out looking for Klaus. She found him in his art studio working on one of his many landscapes he was obviously so focused on his work because he didnt notice her presence when she entered well not intil she spoke "It looks beautiful" She said softly as she approached him

Klaud startled a little a bit not expecting her to be there as he hadn't even sensed her. He put his paint brush down and turned to face her "Thankyou Sweetheart, how our my children going this morning, did you sleep well? He asked her as he got up and led her to the chaise that rest by the window before taking a seat and prompting her to do the same

Caroline sat down aswel "I slept well and their going good that's actually why i came to see you this morning there is something i need to tell" She told him as she answered both of his questions

Klaus automatically jumped to conclusions "What is it , whats wrong?" He asked her concerned

Smiling to herself Caroline grabbed his hand in her's "No nothings wrong it isn't like that, here let me show you" Luckily they hadnt stopped kicking only calming a little bit when they heard their fathers voice. She moved his hand down to her stomach and over to where she felt the movement

Klaus just stared down at their joined hands wondering what was going on until he felt a jolt against the palm of his hand as on instict he quickly moved his hand away "What was that'" He asked her confused

"Your son's they started kicking up a storm in there about half an hour ago and havent stopped since" She laughed before grabbing his hand again and placing it back on her stomach "I wanted you to be the first to know" She added quietly

Klaus looked down in awe as he continued to feel multiple jolts against his hand and the feeling was absolutly amazing he had never felt or experianced anything like this before he never thought he would get a chance to become a father for obvious reason's but here he was getting ta chance to do just that chance and he knew he wouldnt want anyone but Caroline to share this incredible journey with.

He smiled up at her then "Thankyou Caroline" He said as he pulled her into sweet kiss that conveyed so many unsaid feelings between them.

Klaus reluctenly pulled away first as he went and retrieved an evelope from the nearby table that had arrived in the mail this morning before handing it to caroline

"I got this in the mail this morning , Marcel's way of keeping an eye on things trying to control us and this city but nevertheless we will go cant give him any suspision" Klaus told Caroline as he leant against the table

"What is it" She asked curiously as she examined the evelope closely before taking out what was inside

"Read it" Klaus encouraged her

Caroline pulled out what seemed to be a fancy white and silver invitation written in cursive writing , she looked at a moment before she began to read it out loud







Caroline handed him back the invitiation a smile appearing on her face "A masquerade ball , seriously i've never been invited to a Masquerade ball before" She said excitedly

Klaus placed it back on the table before facing her again, smirking at her when he saw the big smile on her face. He loved it when she got so excited about things , he loved seeing her face light up , he would give anything to make her smile like that everyday.

"Okay Sweetheart, calm down" He laughed "I know how much you love parties and how they make you happy but we will be in Marcel's territory so we need to play it safe and be clear on a few things. You will not be allowed out of my sight, you will not leave mine, Elijah's or Rebekahs side at any time , no speaking to strangers especially not Marcel"s maybe we should find a way for Bonnie to hide your pregnancy we dont need him finding out just yet actually maybe you shouldn't go at all and just stay here with Rebekah probably safer i dont want you any danger" Klaus said second guessing the idea

Caroline interruppted him then a hand on hip her smile now replaced with a scowl "Seriously Klaus i dont think so , im not a child i dont need a babysitter and i certanitly dont need people telling me what to do"

"Caroline" Klaus growled in protest as he moved closer to her

Caroline just stared at him refusing to stand down "No Klaus i understand your concerns and all but i will not be treated as child as the weak useless baby vampire that everyone see's me as i can take care of myself besides you will all be there so i doubt he will try anything in such an open place"

Klaus shook his head he couldn't believe how infuriating this woman was , usaully others wouldn't dare to challenge him in such a way but here she was standing her ground against the most powerful hybrid on the planet. Oh who was he kidding when it came to Caroline Forbes he was utterly screwed , she was his weakness and she knew it she was the only woman that could bring him to his knees

"Caroline your testing my patience here" He said in warning

"I know" Caroline laughed as she smiled sweetly up at him

And with that he relented "You know i dont think any of that right, i think you are the most amazing , beautiful , strongest vampire/woman i know"

Caroline smiled at him again "I know you dont but sometimes actions speak louder than words i love how protective you are of me, of us" She said gesturing towards her stomach " And i dont want that to change because it's who you are but sometimes i need just enough room to make my own decisions for once so if you promise me this i will promise you not to walk away with any mysterious strangers or get myself into any dangerious situations" She said looking at him hopefully

Kluas sighed but agreed nevertheless "Okay i promise, but any sign of danger i will not hisatate for a second are we clear?" He told her seriously

"Okay deal" She said grinning in triumph "Now will you excuse me i have a shopping date with your sister and i need to find myself a new dress" Caroline said as she headed out the door

"Oh and Sweetheat" Klaus called out to her "Save me a dance" He said with a wink

Caroline smiled knowingly at him "Of course" She replied as she walked out the door


Fifty five minutes later much to Rebekah's dismay they were finally on there way to the mall

About twenty minutes later the four of them Caroline , Elena , Rebekah and Bonnie all exited the black SUV

"A Masquerade ball, are you serious" Elena squealed

"That's what i said" Caroline said smiling at her best friend

"And Nik is just letting you go , thought he would want you far a way from Marcel" Rebakah added in disbelief

"Well after some very stern words on my end he finally relented plus i dont think he will pull anything just yet anyway as Klaus said this is just his way of keeping an eye on things so we should be safe" Caroline replied

Rebekah laughed "Only you can get Nik to back down and do something he dosent want to do , tell me has he ever said no to you before?" She asked jokingly

Caroline looked at the ground "Well yes once actually after i killed those twelve witches he asked if i was ineed of comfort and he told me to go find someone less terrible i could relate to" She said quietly. That memory brought a painful reminder of how badly she had treated Klaus back in the mystic falls when all he ever did was save her and be kind to her. She shut down him down every single time yet he stilled pursued her that was one very persistent man , she felt so ashamed of it all now though

Rebekah gave her a small smile "Im sure there was a good reason for that though i mean how many times did you reject him in the past he may be 'the almighty hybrid' but he is just a man Caroline and there is only so much they can take"

A look of guilt crossed Carolines face " I know i feel so guilty of the way i treated him but that's all the past, now i just wanna focus on the future with him and our babies"

"You love him dont you?" Bonnie suddenly said interruppting her

Caroline was taken back a bit at the question none of her friends had asked her that question out right before but she thought now it was time to start being honest with everyone "Yes i do , i love him"

She expected to see looks of disgust or anger on their faces even though they had expressed there support for her and Klaus she was still a liitle worried of their opinion's but she was pleasently surprised when she saw nothing but understanding and happiness on all three of their faces

"I'm happy for you , you desrve to be happy Care" Elena said as she came and hugged her best friend

"Me too" Bonnie added hugging her aswel

"Well i suppose he could of done worse" Rebekah replied laughing "No seriously im glad its you i havent seen Nik this happy in a long time so thankyou. Now i guess here comes the hard part telling my brother" Rebekah said over her shoulder as she walked ahead to the entrance of the mall

"Dont i know it" Caroline sighed to herself , half of her was excited about the pending conversation and the other half was scared to death


So have you got everything you need Caroline?" Rebekah asked an hour later as they walked around the huge baby store.

"I think so i know im only three months and i will have plenty of time but i want to be prepared just incase they come early, you dont think im being a little premature do you" Caroline asked Rebekah

Rebekah turned to face her then "No not at all i said the same thing to Nik this morning you can never be too prepared besides when is it a bad time to go shopping" She replied back with a smile

Caroline laughed "I guess your right"

"Oh my god, these are so cute she totally needs to get some " They both jumped suddenly when they heard a high pitch squeal come from Elena on the other side of the shop as she held up a cute blue fluffy blanket with bunny ears for Bonnie to see

Caroline shook her head trying to hide a her laugh as the rest of the customers all stared at Elena in shock

"Sorry" Elena said in embarresment "Just never shopped for babies before" She added quietly as went back to looking at the blankets

Caroline walked over to a table that held a variety of rattles some plastic , some wooden and some metal (Gold , Silver and Bronze) She picked up a beautiful rattle that was white and gold but soon put it back when she saw the price tag $200 for a rattle thats's $400 for two who would buy that she thought to herself

"If you want that rattle we will just put it on the list" Rebekah told her as she came up and checked the price tag "Seems resonable" She said to herself

"We dont need that rattle" Caroline protested

"Why not if you want it get it , i think there beautifuly crafted we should get a few different ones" Rebekah said as she inspected the others

"No seriously it's fine" Caroline said again

"Okay suit yourself, So what else do we need" Rebekah asked glancing at the list Caroline was creating

"Okay so we need diapers, bottles, baby wipes, toys, clothing, wraps, monitors, bedding and of course cots and change tables" Caroline replied as she read off the items on her list

"Oh what about one of these things the lady at the counter said they are very good" She said holding up the item for Caroline to see

"No i dont think so" Caroline said quickly shutting her down

"What why not the lady said its a must have for new mothers" Rebekah asked confused

"Because Rebekah that is a breast pump which is used when you are breastfeeding your baby and need to express milk into bottles so since i wont be breastfeeding my children because i physically cant as i am undead i wont be needing that" She stated with tears in her eyes as she turned away and walked towards the other side of the shop.

She didn't mean to get so upset and take it out on Rebekah , she had came to terms with this a while ago but then again she never thought becoming a mother would ever be a possibility for her so with everything going on it was just bringing all the stuff she couldn't do back up to the surface.

She had read somewhere that breastfeeding your child was meant to create a special bond between you and your baby and its was better for them development wise as well so the idea of never being able to do this was a little hard to handle at times. She would just have to accept that she will never be a typical mother but she will be the best mother she could be to her two little boy's even as a vampire.

Caroline took a deep breath as she turned and made her way back over to where Rebekah was standing "Im sorry , i shouldnt of taken it out you it just hard sometimes to think of the stuff i cant do but thats just something i have deal with" She said as she approached her

Rebekah sighed as she put down the item she was still currently holding "Caroline it's fine i understand i never meant to make you upset sometimes i dont think about the things you cant do as a vampire. How about we head to the register and go find us some Masquerade dresses i dont know about you but im thinking purple and silver for mine" Rebekah replied changing the subject to a more happy one

Caroline smiled "I think that would be great and that sounds beautiful Rebekah, im thinking about maybe a blue for mine"

Rebekah couldn't help but luagh "I wonder why"

"Oh shutup" She replied blushing at the truth of her words as they headed towrads the cashier. Of course the reason why she was choosing Blue was because of Klaus he seemed to love her in blue if the Mikealson ball was anything to go by.


Meanwhile back at the plantation Elijah was currently sitting in the library reading a first edition copy of wuthering heights by Emily Bronte , he was enjoying the peace and quiet since the mystic falls residents had moved in it been nothing but chaotic. Just as he was getting more engrossed in the book the library door creaked open.

Elijah put down his book a little annoyed at the disturbance but was pleasently surprised when he saw who it was "Good afternnon Katerina" He said as he approached her

Katherine remained unmoving by the doorway with her head down as a tear slid down her cheek

Elijah noticed this straight away a look of worry crossing his features taking her face in his hands he made her look at him as he brushed the tears away with his thumb

"Katerina , what is it , whats wrong?" He asked her concerned

Katherine threw her arms around him then as she cried into his shoulder "Im so sorry Elijah everything is so messed up" She sobbed staining his white button up shirt with her tears and mascara

Elijah was taken back by her emotional outburst he had never seen Katherine like this , she had never openly cried or shown any weakness infront of him before but all he could do was offer her comfort in this moment but what really confused him was what she was sorry for.

After what seemed like hours she had finally settled down and now they where currently sitting on the black leather sofa facing eachother

"Katerina tell me what is going on , what are you so upset and what do you have to be sorry for" Elijah asked her breaking the silence in the room

Katherine remained quiet for a moment swirling around her scotch that Elijah had given her earlier "I havent excactly been telling you the truth about my involvement with the witches" She admitted nervously. She was so scared of telling Elijah the truth and him knowing that she had lied to him for centuarys everyone thought Klaus was the most dangerous one out of the originals but she knew differently Elijah was far worse. Klaus had this look before he got mad or killed someone but with Elijah his face was emotionless he was always so calm , cool and collected you never knew what he was thinking so that made him a lot more dangerous he could switch on a dime

Elijah got up silently and started pacing around the room "So everything you told me and Niklaus was a lie" He asked her calmly

Katherine gulped as she stood up to face him "Yes , but i had a good reason too"

"Sit down Katherine, im sure you have good reason just like all the other good reasons you had in the past whenever you lied to me , now tell me Katherine why should i belive you this time" He asked her without even looking in her direction as he made his way over to the window

Katherine continued to stand. A look of sadness crossed her face then when he said her name like that, it just sounded wrong coming from him "Please let me explain , you dont understand what is at stake here " She said as she approached him

Elijah turned around then coming face to face with her "Then please tell me Katherine cause im dying to know" He asked his voice raising

"Please dont call me that" She whispeared

"What" He asked her confused

"Katherine , it just sounds so wrong when you say it" She explained not looking at him

"Well im starting to think i lost my Katerina all those years ago" He replied quietly a look of sadness in his eyes as he begun to move past her

Katherine grabbed him by the arm "Im still here i promise just please let me explain Elijah" She asked him pleadedly more tears sliding down her face

Elijah looked down at her, it broke his heart to see her so distraught he could feel himself relenting "Okay you have five minutes before i go and tell my brother that he was right"

"Okay" Katherine said thankfully "I will tell you everything but no interruptions until the end though" She told him as she took her seat back on the sofa and waited for him to do the same

"Fine , Go on" Elijah responded as he sat down beside her

"Well Genevieve wanted to use me as a distraction of sorts for Klaus she wanted me to pretend to be on your side so i could gather information on all of you for her . She needed human doppleganger blood you see for a spell she was doing , she got me at my worst i was just turned back into a human and i wasn't doing so well and she offered me the one thing i wanted back my immortality so i instantly agreed but just to make sure i wouldn't go back on my word she binded her life line with my daughter Nadia's so if anything were to happen to her it would happen to Nadia as well" Katherine explained to Elijah well half it of it anyway

Elijah sat there a moment taking it all in before he began to speak "Why are you telling me this now , why not tell me all of this before"

"Well before i wasn't sure if there was anything you could do to help me , but i think i found a way to break the binding spell i know Katherine Peirce is meant to be selfless and uncaring of everything other than herself but Nadia is my daughter and she is the only thing i have left of my old life and of the love i once had and hope still have with her father" She added nervously as she looked up at him shyly

Elijah looked at her more confused then ever, was the father of her child when she was human somehow back , was he a vampire if so then who was he? ,and why was she still in love with him did their love mean nothing to her, did she want this man the whole time that thought upset him more than anything "What" He managed to get out

Katherine moved closer to him and softly took his hand in hers "Well when i was seventeen i had a child that my father took from me and gave up for adoption"

"I know this Katerina" Elijah interrupted

Katherine smiled at him using the name 'Katerina' again before continuing "Well what people dont know is that it wasn't my only pregnancy i never saw the child my father took from me that night ever again i was so distraught but when i meet you and your family as a noble woman i instanly felt alive again we shared some very special moments together and i started to fall in love with you but then the whole thing with Klaus happened and you helped me.. well us escape. You see i found out i was pregnant while i was hiding out at Rose's, months went by and i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with eyes just like her fathers dont ask me how it happened it just somehow happened. When i heard Klaus was closing in on me and my life was in danger again i couldn't put her life at risk so i did the one thing i swore i would never do again i gave her up to keep to her safe" She sat there for a while after she finally explained everything still holding Elijahs hand in hers as she waited on him to speak

Elijah was in shock with what he had just heard, how is that even possible, is she saying what he thinks she's saying, she cant be right its not even possible but then again neither should Niklaus' situation he thought to himself a million things going through his mind at once.

"What are you saying" He finally asked

Katherine took a deep breath before saying the words out loud "What im saying Elijah, is that Nadia is your daughter"

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