Hiii everybody. I have been riding this Fallout train hard, and Hancock is my favorite ghoulfriend. I bought the book The Art of Fallout 4 (which I highly recommend), and seeing the FAR more interesting options for hair styles they were toying with in their design sketches gave me my first idea about how I really wanted my character to be. I tried to make it somewhat realistic. But some of it is also going to be shameless flirting and fluff with Hancock bc he is the dopest ghoul in the Commonwealth.

Please enjoy!

It had been 6 months since Lilith had left Vault 111. 6 months since she had crawled, terrified, off of the huge vault service elevator and out into the wasteland of the former state of Massachusetts. Her long, formerly gorgeous dark cherry-brown hair had become matted from repeatedly bathing in the ocean and sleeping in the dirt. It had begun to form knotted dreadlocks some months before, and she had just sort of…let them be. Once she had established Sanctuary as a proper settlement with the help of the Minutemen, she had finally been able to rest for a few minutes at a time and look in a mirror. She had started rolling the knots over and over in her hands when she wasn't busy helping somebody; pulling scavenged steel nuts up onto some of the smaller dreads to add some weight to them. She liked them. They were dirty, and smelled a little funny, and got stuck in her armpits sometimes, but they were a part of her now; as much a part of her as the long thin scar that streaked over her left eye, down over the top of her left cheek, and came to an abrupt halt at her lips; as much as the black charcoal she would smudge in circles around her eyes as a form of camouflage – and intimidation.

She stood now looking at these things in a dirty mirror in her little shack in Sanctuary. She had not been able to bear the thought of moving back into her old, dilapidated house down the street. Their old dilapidated house. The thought of Nate still pained her almost constantly, but especially at night. Lilith had always been tough, and, she marveled at how much tougher now, after all the things she had seen…and all the things she had killed. But the nightmares and sleep paralysis had haunted her and sometimes terrified her since she had finally been released from cryostasis.

She had crawled up from the vault like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, wandered to Concord with the help of Codsworth and Dogmeat, and discovered her first group of lost settlers being led by Preston Garvey. They had thrown a gun at her, and she had had to mow down a bunch of thugs in black leather and horrifying cage suits that wanted her dead for no reason she could fathom. They had shoved her into a suit of power armor to gain an advantage over the raiders, and she had ended up fighting a Deathclaw that had been nesting in the city sewers; the aforementioned scars being the result of that pants-peeing encounter. But through it all, she had lived. The fight with the Deathclaw had left her unconscious and bleeding badly. If not for Preston and his band of other lost souls carrying her back to Sanctuary and tending to her wounds, she most likely would have died there in the old streets of Concord.

She had hated them for a brief period. There she was, practically a newborn in this painful world, being forced into committing atrocities she had never even dreamed of, because they just needed a little "help". But Preston, Sturges and the rest had taken such good care of her after, had explained things to her and answered all of her questions as best they could. In turn she had told them about what she remembered in the vault, those terrible people prying her young son Shaun out of Nate's arms, and shooting him down like a dog. Preston had suggested she head to Diamond City to look for help in finding her son, and she had gone. Lilith had met Piper Wright and Nick Valentine, among a host of others, who had offered to aid her in her search. In fact, Valentine was waiting for her outside now. They were supposed to make their way to a town called Goodneighbor, just northeast of Diamond City in the old financial district.

Lilith was closer than ever to finding her son. With Valentine's help she had discovered the identity of the man who had shot her husband in cold blood, and had finally taken her revenge in a brutal firefight. Valentine had been by her side the entire time, and, she thought, there was no way she could ever repay him for his diligence and kindness as a friend. With the occurrence of this thought, she grabbed an old knapsack full of supplies, slung it over her shoulder and headed towards the door of her shack. Just before exiting she grabbed the power fist – her favorite weapon – off the small table by the door.

Nick looked up as Lilith left her little house and locked the door behind her. "You finally ready to hit the road?"

"Yeah," she replied. "Sorry it took a little bit. Just needed to gear up for another long trip." She gave him a weary smile.

The synth detective nodded, flicking a smoldering cigarette off to his side and falling into step beside her as they made their way out of the little settlement. "If we bring Kellogg's brain implant to Dr. Amari at the Memory Den, we'll hopefully be able to learn the location of your son, Lil."

"I hope you're right, Nick. Listen…" She glanced at him as she pulled on the power fist and adjusted the grip in her right hand, flexing the trigger once or twice. "I wanted to say thanks for sticking with me for a while. I haven't met anyone else out here that could have helped me get as far as you have. It means a lot."

He tipped his hat at her in classic noir fashion. "Don't thank me until we've found your boy."