Sara yawned as she walked into the breakroom.

Gil sat at one of the tables with a crossword puzzle in his hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

"Yo Sare, finished?" Asked Warrick.

"I am! All done... did you get a page from Greg?" She asked.

"Whats going on?" Catherine asked walking in. She kissed Gil's cheek and sat beside him. She played with her new wedding ring as she watched him out of the corner of her eye.

Nick walked into the breakroom and wrapped an arm around Sara's waist. "Hey.. I was just about to ask the same thing...." Nick smiled, kissing Sara.

Sara smiled and kissed back. "Greggo paged me..."

"Right Right! I'm here, hi!" Greg smiled.

"Hi greg... so what's up? What's the big deal?" Nick asked.

"I have a present for A: married couple over here and B: engaged couple over there and C: sexual frustrated single male over in the corner!"

"So.... what is it Greg??" Gil asked.

Greg tapped the table like a drum roll, as he ducked from a paper ball thrown by Warrick. Sara laughed.

There was a small tap on the door and it opened once more.



"OMG! JAN!" Sara screamed.

Jan smiled and giggled. "I'm Back!!.... again...."

Sara hugged Jan. Catherine ran over and hugged also. Jan hugged Sara and Cath, giggling.

"Again.. AIN'T I GOOD!" Greg laughed.

Nick and Gil walked over to where the girls were. "Hey jan, it's nice to have you back..." Gil said. "We missed you..." Nick added.

Warrick stood just looking at her. She was so happy.

"You missed lots!" Sara squealed as she showed Jan her diamond ring.

"It happened when Gil and I where on our honeymoon." Catherine added. She saw Warrick and laughed.

Jan looked at the ring. "Omigod!" She squealed and hugged Sara again and Cath. "Congratulations... both of you...but if you'll excuse me for one second... we'll talk about this in just a sec... I just have to do something I've been waiting to do for a year....

Jan smiled and ran over to Warrick, jumping into his arms, she hugged him and gave him a kiss. Warrick grinned and kissed her back. Sara smiled. Greg groaned, "Get a room!"

Warrick frowned at him, "Get a girl!"

Jan laughed and grinned. "Thank god for therapy.... " She chuckled to herself.

"Amen to that!"

Sara cell intrupted the moment, "Opps, excuse me..."

Jan turned back to Warrick. "I missed you so much... I guess taking that year of to go to the therapist and psychiatrist was a good thing, huh?"

"So how long you here for?" Warrick asked.

"for good...." Jan smiled again.

Warrick kissed Jan. "I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too..." Jan kissed him again. "Maybe we can make up for lost time tonight..." Jan whispered in Warrick's ear with a sly smile.

"Mmmm... I think so..."

Sara walked back to the breakroom.

Nick looked over at her. "What;'s up??"

She was chalk white.

"Sara? are you ok honey?" Nick walked up to her, placing a hand on either shoulder, looking her in the eye. "What is it?"

"I.. That... I... We... I..." Sara stuttered pointing to the cell and then to her and Nick.

"What? What is it?" Nick asked eagerly.

Warrick and Greg looked at her, "Say that again slowly and in English..."

"I... we..." Sara took a breath and whispered to Nick, "A BBQ, pool and what playing it..."

Nick looked at Sara. "Are you sure?"

"That was the Doctor..."

"That - that means...." Nick stuttered.

Sara nodded.

Gil looked over at Sara. "Sara??? what??"

"I'm pregnant."

Nick felt himself loosing balance and fumbled back into one of the chairs. "I'm gonna be a dad...." he said quietly to himself.

"B..b..b..but but but." Catherine searched for the words.

"You're Pregnant?!" Jan smiled. "OMG.... " Jan ran over to Sara and hugged her tightly. "oh... oops..." she patted Sara's stomache. "hey there baby..."

"Exactly..." Warrick agreed with Catherine.

"I can't... I mean..."

Gil looked from Nick to Sara and wiped his forehead. he couldn't believe his little sister was... pregnant?

Sara sat on Nick's knee, "We're gonna be parents..."

Nick looked up at Sara, mouth open but no sound coming out. he smiled at her and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him, "I can't believe... I mean the chances... and." Sara started to cry.

Nick let out a deep breath. "I'm gonna be a dad.... I'm gonna be a DAD...." He grinned and lifted Sara up, spinning her around once. "I love you" He said, setting her down. "And I love you..." He whispered to Sara's stomach, kissing it.

Catherine smiled at the two, "So anyone know some girl that needs a DNA Greggo..."

"We have to celebrate!" Warrick grinned.

"I agree... this is a big event!" Jan grinned.

"No alcohol for Sara!"

Sara smiled, "Can you believe this?" She asked Nick. She wrapped her arms around his waist.

"not at alll.... it just feels like a dream..." Nick smiled.

"We need a house... a pool... a BBQ... a name book!" SAra started to cry again, she kissed Nick.

Nick grinned. "Lets go to the store! We have Baby things to buy!"

Sara grinned, "So... baby book, baby name book..." Sara started stating everything they had to get as the seven walked to their cars.

Brass Watched them walked out and smiled, they had gone through all of that and still are together... he smiled and thought, 'I guess that the greatest love of all is their Young Love.'

~~~**THE END**~~~

A/N: well thats it, 54 chapters and 71661 words later! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed writing it... HOWEVER... is this really the end... is it EVER the end..... only u know as you decide!