How are you all doing? I know, I know, 'Fanwritter, another story?', but just calm down and listen to me. This idea has been stuck in my head ok and I just couldn't write the new chapter for In a galaxy far far away. I am just throwing this out and I also wanted to write another star wars story along with my new one. This one will be far different then that one though. So with this, I hope you all enjoyed this. Also I don't know whether this should be a harem or not, I have already picked up a paring for him, but if you guys want a Harem, just leave it in the review, and the name of the girl, also Padme cannot be the one you choice, because I have a few plans for her. With this, I bid you farewell. Bye!

The Clone wars have waged on for many years and many have died Republic and Seperatists alike, along with many innocent lives. Betrayals are bound to happen in a war of this size and scale, but some wrongly accused of and one such man was a Jedi.

"Jedi Padawan Naruto, you have been accused of treason against the Jedi and the Republic. How do you plead?" A small green alien asked the Padawan before him. His face was emotionless, his eyes were darker then the darkest oceans of Kamino and his hair radiant then any sun.

"Not guilty." The Jedi Padawan said.

"We have evidence that you let you Clone Troopers die, knowing that they would die and thus costing us the entire battle. We lost the entire system and a whole fleet. Even the communication's records point to that." Mace Windu, a Jedi master with dark skin stated. Naruto kept his face emotionless, worrying the Jedi masters present there of his state.

"False accusations, my orders, that were issued, were different. The orders recorded in the logs are not mine." Naruto argued in a stoic tone. Again, the Jedi began to worry. His behavior had changed ever since the war began a few years ago.

"You strange behavior has also been noted by the order. You seem to be very detached from your emotions." A Jedi Master, Obi Wan Kenobi said as he ran his hand over his beard.

"With all due respect Master Jedi, I am doing what the Jedi code stands for, there is no emotion or passion. Isn't that the code by which we Jedi's live by?" Naruto questioned, still with the Stoic voice. The Jedi Masters looked to one another and then to the Grand Master of the Order, Yoda, who then nodded. They had reached their decision.

"Jedi Padawan Naruto, you are herby expelled from the Jedi order. Your rank, position and all benefits under the Republic and the Jedi order. You're Light Sabers, if you will." Windu asked as he extended out his hand.

"As you wish masters..." Naruto said bowing down and giving his Light Sabers. Windu then activated his Light Saber and cut of the Braid of blond hair that Naruto had, stripping of his rank as a Padawan. Looking back up, the Jedi Masters could see that boy's eyes were dead, like they had been for quite a while. Seeing that everything was concluded, Naruto turned around and left the chamber.

"You think that was the right thing to do?" Kenobi asked as he stroked his beard.

"Clouded his future is, cannot be certain, we can." Yoda said as he went back to his deep thinking.

With Naruto:

Naruto gathered his belongings he prepared to leave the temple. Stopping, he thought about it. Home, this temple was his home, his only home. He never had anything to begin with, no family, no friends, nothing. He had only, but the order and the temple, now both of them were taken away from him. He knew why the expelled him rather than keep him in prison, he was weak compared to his colleagues, who had all became Jedi Knights by now and he was still a Padawan. By their standards he was weak and letting him go wouldn't make any difference. Continuing with is packing, he gathered his belongings. They weren't much, just a few shirts and pair of pants and shoes. Getting up he started to make his way out the temple.

"Naruto, wait!" He turned around to find a young Togruta, a Padawan like himself. Stopping, she caught her breath.

"I heard what happened, did they really expellee you from the order?" She asked. He could tell that she hoped that it wasn't true.

"Yes..." He said it was true; he was expelled from the order.

"No..." The female Togruta said, as peaceful silence fell between them. Then she spoke.

"Maybe there was something wrong! A miss carriage of justice or maybe somebody was behind this, it could have been the..." She would have gone on if it wasn't for Naruto raising his hand, stopping her.

"Asoka...there is no point, once a Jedi has been expelled, they cannot return unless allowed to. Nothing happens by chance, remember, the Force works in mysterious ways. You should focus on your studies as a Padawan should. Good bye Asoka..." he said, turning around and walking away. Asoka could not believe that he would rather throw away his chance for proving himself innocent.

"But how can you just stand by and be thrown out for crime you didn't even commit! You are my friend! Let me help you!" Asoka yelled, stopping him in his tracks.

"Friend...we are Jedi's...we do not make friends, you are not my friend, no one has ever been my friend, before and after joining the order. You were but a comrade, like all those before you..." He said as he started to walk away once more. Asoka once again was shocked at what he said, but when she thought about what he had said. Was she really his friend? She only knew him for a brief amount of time. He was very detached, even back when they had work with each other on the front line, but he always put the lives of his men and others before his. He had even taken many injuries when he had saved many of men's lives; it was like he wanted to kill himself. Did anyone even know the true Naruto, the one behind the Jedi? She knew she didn't.

With Naruto:

Exiting the temple he looked back at the massive temple behind him. He had nowhere to go, no; there was one place he could go back to. Turning around, he made his way down the steps were his ship was waiting for him. A Republic frigate that he had bought with whatever money he had saved and parts he could find. The door opened and behind it was a Battle Droid, thought this one was different. Its coloring was light blue and yellow markings.

"Ah, Master! I see that you have returned I assume that everything went well?" The Battle Droid asked.

"If by well you mean I am alive, then yes, everything went well." Naruto said as he boarded his ship, which slowly took off and shot into the sky. Walking through the halls of his ship, which were filled with Battle Droids walking about and keeping the ship secured and all of them with the same coloring as the one before? These Battle Droids were different. He had captured a transport filled with deactivated Droids of all kinds, 30 Battle droids, 20 Super's, 18 Droideka's and by luck 10 command Droids. So he reprogrammed them with better programming than their default programming and made them serve him. Making his way up he could hear the two Droid pilots fighting each other.

"No you idiot! I said warm up the hyper drive! Not shut it down!" The main pilot said.

"Warm it up? Check your sensors! You told me to shut it down!" The co-pilot said. Naruto sighed. It was always like this. Why did these two have to fight each other? Entering the bridge the Droid pilots stopped fighting each other and saluted each other.

"Well come aboard sir!" The Droids welcomed their Commander.

"Good to be on board." Naruto said in a tone like a droid would. He sat down on the Captains seat.

"So where are we going no, sir?" The Droid pilot asked. Naruto hummed as he looked on to the many stars in the galaxy.

"Set course to Mandalore." Naruto said.

"Roger Roger." The Droids replied as they started to punch in the coordinates to Mandalore. Naruto looked towards the view port to his left to find Coruscant down below him.

"Entering hyper space." The Droid pilot said as the ship zoomed past the other ships with great speed and vanished. Naruto closed his eyes and let the Force flow through him. The Dark and the Light side...both silent to him. Long ago, he was tempted to the Dark Side of the Force, but he resisted and prevented his fall, he could resist the temptation of the Dark Side, but that did not mean he could not call on the powers of it. In truth, he could use both the Dark and the Light side, without any side effects. He was different, far different than anyone else, He was Mandalorian by birth, but no Mandalorian ever had been Force Sensitive. He was an orphan and never knew his parents. The Mandalorian's hated him because that, never had Mandalorian been Force Sensitive. He didn't belong anywhere, not Mandalore, not the Republic, not the Jedi...not even the Force...He knew that he was always alone in this galaxy and when he thought that he did, when he had thought that he might have belonged, it was all crushed. His already weak heart broke, his emotions destroyed. He sat there for hours, thinking about how his life. He had no goal, no ambitions nothing. Maybe it was time he tried to find a place where he belonged.

"Exiting hyper space." The Droid pilot said as the ship came a halt, reveling Mandalore in all of its glory.

"Land at the Capitol." Naruto ordered as the ship entered the planet's atmosphere and made its way towards the Capitol as it slowed down and landed at one of the pads. Guards surrounded the ship. Naruto then exited the ship as the guards readied their weapons.

"You are not authorized not land. Mandalore is a natural system, a Republic War ship is not allowed to land. Leave now!" The Captain of the guards said. Naruto stopped.

"You are mistaken. I am not part of the Republic; the ship belongs to me and is under my ownership. Here are the papers of ownership." Naruto said with a blank look that creeped out the guards. The Captain walked up and took the paper and ran through the information on it. After a while the Captain handed back the paper.

"Your information checks out, sorry for the intrusion." The Captain said as he and the guards went back to their posts. Seeing this, Naruto headed into the city. Going through the city, he remembered his past clearly. He was a poor boy, living under the poverty line. No one helped him because of his connection to the Force. A Jedi had founded him and brought him to the order and it was there he was raised. Making his way down the lower levels of the city, he made his way to his destination, a small house. It was abandoned and in ruins. Walking in, he could see that even on the inside the small house was falling apart. It was a very...empty house. With only furniture being a table, a few chairs and a small bed for a child. This was his old home and it had been for the first 13 years of his life, which was before he was taken way by the Jedi. Walking inside his small room, he spotted a small old toy by the table. Picking it, he remembered that it was given to him by a girl, a gift. It was the only time in his life that he felt grateful, the first time he had felt happy, but he never saw that girl again. The toy was perhaps the only thing kicking him for going insane back then. Maybe he should seek her out? Seeing that there was nothing here for him, he headed back out and started to make his way back to his ship, but stopped as the Royal Guards stopped him.

"Stop, the Duchess would like to see you." One of the Guard's said. Naruto sighed. He had nothing to hide.

"Lead the way." Naruto said as he followed the Guards that lead him to the palace where the Duchess waited for him.

"So...what would you, Duchess Satine, want from me?" He asked the Duchess, who sat on her throne.

"What is a Jedi doing here on Mandalore?" She asked.

"I am not a Jedi, not anymore..." He said, no emotion behind his voice, creeping out many.

"Not a Jedi? But from your information, you are a Jedi Padawan." Satine stated. Was this man lying to her?

"I was a Jedi...I was expelled from the order not to soon ago." Naruto answered.

"And what are you doing here on Mandalore?" She asked him.

"Because I am Mandalorian, this makes this planet my home planet; can I not return to my home world?" He questioned, keeping his black face. The guards were getting very nervous of this man, who the hell could stay that calm?

"You lie; no Mandalorian has ever been Force sensitive." Satine said with her head held up to show power, the Guards though the same, but Naruto lifted up the guards by the Force.

"Is this proof enough?" He asked. Satine could only dumbly nod in response. Naruto then let the Guards down.

"So you were expelled from the Jedi Order? Why would they do that?" Satine questioned him, but Naruto said nothing. People didn't think that he cared about his fallen Clone comrades, but that was only on the outside. On the inside, the death of his Clone comrades had hit him hard. He had led those men through many battles and had saved many, but now they were all dead. Seeing this, Satine just sighed. He wouldn't tell her way and she would not press him to answer.

"I can see that you do not want to talk about it. Anyways, you can indeed return to your home world, however, you are a Jedi, that means you have fought in the Clone Wars. I cannot let you live on Mandalore, because you are a warrior and Mandalore has shed its warrior past and has adopted a peaceful era. You cannot live on Mandalore itself, but you can live on its Moon, Concordia." Satine stated, for just a brief moment, she saw look of defeat fall on the young man's face, but it was quickly covered up by.

"Thank you." He said, turning around, he began to walk away.

"Hey! You haven't been dismissed by the Duchess!" One of the guards yelled, but Naruto kept walking in a trance state.

"No, it's fine." Duchess said to the guard and watched as the young expelled Jedi walked away. She wondered what happened to him, was his state the result of war or was it well before the war?

With Naruto:

Entering the ship, he ordered the Droids to head to Concordia. With that he headed back to his personal room. Sitting down, he closed his eyes to get some answers from the Force itself, but all he saw was darkness, the Force didn't give him answers, it wasn't even clouded. All it showed him was nothingness... He got no answers, the Force didn't show him anything, and not even the Dark Side showed him anything.

"Am I truly alone in this world, in this vast galaxy?" He though himself as he felt a pang of pain in his heart. The thought of being alone was...painful for him. It was just like when he was a child, alone, forgotten and shunned.

"Sir, we have landed on the Moon." The Droid said over the communicator. Naruto opened his eyes. He got up and headed to the unloading bay. He was followed by two of his Battle Droids. Walking out, he surveyed the area. It was an open field, with trees to the North and large and rock hills to the South and East. The West had a small lake. It was a very good place for a base or even an isolated place to live.

"I want a large base constructed hear those hills to the South and have it also built underground. Have a small factory established as well. Also have camouflaged defense systems around this hill, use that lake as a source for water and have a small garden near the base. Have the ship camouflaged as well." Naruto ordered as the Droids said 'Roger Roger' and went back inside the ship to get the other Droids and the material. The Republic frigate was actually far larger than the standard variant. It could hold a lot more weight than the standard ones. As such, he had a lot of resources on board the ship. He needed a place to live and a ship was not a permanent base. He wanted a small factory because he could create assassin droids and would send them out as bounty hunters to get income and he would slowly expand.

"But what do with all of that?" He thought. There was no point in doing that, so what's the point of it? He didn't know yet, but he might find his answer along the way, but then again...what was his question? What did he want? What did his heart want? Long ago, it was to find a place where he belonged, a person he could spend his life with, but that was long ago. His heart was dead, his emotions were more or less lost to him and he lived just for the sake of it. He was given a goal when he was taken by the Jedi order, but that was it, it was given to him, it was never his own. Me didn't even know his own origins, who was he? Who where his parents? Did he have any family left? He was not just an unknown to the world, but he was an unknown to himself. He was just a lost, broken man who was looking for answers to his unknown questions. As he stared into the sky, that was turning orange as the sun started to set, he kept thinking, lost in his thoughts. He didn't even notice two people in armor with jetpacks observing him from far away.

"Should we report this to the Vizsla?" The one wearing the male armor asked as he looked at his female comrade. She had kept looking at the unknown man.

"I don't know." She answered. There was something familiar about that man, like she knew him in her youth.

"I'll just put it in the report, let Vizsla deal with him." The male said as he started to head back to base. The female however just kept looking at the man and after a few minutes got up and started to head back as well. Who was he? She knew who he was, but she couldn't remember. If only she knew his name...

So? How was it? This idea was just stuck in my head and I just wanted to get it out and I want to see if it's any good. If it gets a good impression I will see what I can do, but I hope you all liked this and if anyone wants to use this idea, than be my guest. Bye!