She only kisses him when she's halfway in the light. The boy was trapped until it turns to night, their lips were divided by where the shade ends. Normally, he finds it easy to maneuver through dark spots uncontaminated by light. Treetops were a favorite of his, the town he lived in were ruled by trees that cast giant shadows. The schoolyard never had these for him to roam free in except for the dugout, for the bench was shielded by a housing with a sloping roof and three walls holding it. That was where their chase came to an end.

Ray reeled the girl into the dugout with a binding hug around the ribs. He was capable of lifting her off her feet, the toes of the red converse sneakers floated above the ground an inch. The boy was as strong as he was scrawny and frail looking. Forever eleven, having a feminine face, and skinny limbs. He nuzzled his quirky shaped nose into her neck mid-embrace for him to sniff. Ray intakes the smell through his little nostrils greedily but he can't smell anything. Not even the potent aroma of her brown curls or perfume too old for her age.

Amanda on the other hand, could smell everything. The stale sent of his clothes reminded her of why they couldn't be together. As well as the puncture of his teeth into her neck during the embrace. He has tricked her, she thinks. Amanda broke her own rule of staying in the sunlight for his touch.

The wounded girl knees him in the dead guts, causing him to withdraw his mouth and draw a grunt from it. She dashes back out of the inn towards the bright field for safety. Ray takes out his arm to grab for her but it felt like it had been on fire. The only time he can feel true pain like any living human could. He cradles it in his other arm in the security of the wood roof. The pretty dim eyes of his were ruined by angry squints.

Ray benches himself with crossed arms and darted baby blues. As he sat he glared at the standing Amanda. She practically teased him; she tenderly pressed on her bite mark a couple of feet ahead of the dugout. But her dark brown eyes, contrasting with the boy's, touched his.

"Why aren't you running home?" Ray quizzed, now back to his cool and composed self. His boyish charisma always juxtaposed against a layer of innocent wonder.

Amanda wasn't too interested in boys yet, save for a few crushes she kept quiet about. Ones you would expect preadolescent girls to find attractive and share with their friends, and unwillingly with a younger sibling that would abuse them over. If Josh knew about her affection for Ray— she would never hear the end of it.

She ducked back into the dugout to approach him fearlessly; Ray moans her name breathlessly at the sight of her. It was Amanda's turn to insinuate the next hug, it choked him around the neck. It's safe to say she was still working her way to trusting the dangerous boy. If he were to attack she would just trap his head with the hold.

Ray knew that was her intention, but he could easily overpower her and strike another bite anyway. He chose not to, even feeling a tinge of guilt for the first time. All he wanted was to be a normal child who lives, and dies, like a normal child would. His un-life was a nightmare for him and his fellow monsters.

Amanda knew this; that's why she takes him by the hand, kisses him one last time, and walks him into the light with her.

(My Note) Between this and Pluto, I may have a thing for surprise dark endings haha. This pairing isn't really my thing but I was due for another request. Hope you liked this one better.