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Stoick sat at the end of a long table, the more prominent head's from the numerous clan's of Berk spread out before him, he watched the men in front of him calmly as the meeting began.

Spitelout stood silently eyeing the men around him calmly before speaking "I've been hearing some strange rumors about the other side of the island."

The council paused, almost all of the men present were aware of the rumor mentioned, merchants who landed on the opposite side of the island spoke of a boy, clad in the black of a nightfury, he would ask them a simple question, should they state their intentions for Berk truthfully they were allowed to pass, should they lie, well let's just say not a lot of liars had visited Berk lately.

"This 'Dragonboy of Berk' is getting out of hand, he is not the authority on who is allowed into Berk, Johann had been one of the only merchants allowed in the village, probably because the boy couldn't put up with his overly lengthy stories about nothing important." Spitelout finished with a growl, recalling a few of the trader's tales, that were almost forcefully jammed into his mind.

"I agree," Egil Hofferson nodded, getting too his feet, the man was not usually known for his outstanding confidence, preferring to sit quietly and listen, he preferred analyzing facts over jumping to reckless action, a trait most Vikings could stand to learn from "At the rate we are going we will not have enough food to last a winter, or materials for repairs in case of more dragon attacks!"

Stoick glanced between the two men calmly, he heaved a sigh as he stood up, frankly tired from a long day of cheifing "So, What do you propose we do?"

"I suggest a search party, find the boy, see if we can reason with him and bring him back, he has dispatched a number of merchants guards with relative ease, he might be a useful addition to the dragon academy assuming his is young enough not to be considered a man." Egil suggested, logically wanting to make use of someone who could be a powerful ally to Berk.

"Oh, Trollsface!" Spitelout exclaimed angrily "He has endangered the lives of everyone here on Berk by attempting to play judge, I say we go out and end the upstart."

The men turned to Stoick silently, the large man rubbed his hands together, an awkward feeling spreading from his stomach at the idea of killing a boy he didn't know, but he also had no argument for Spitelout's plan either.

"We will combine the plans," Stoick announced flatly, getting to his feet, the massive expanse of Viking silenced protests quickly "Capture him if you are able, kill him if you must, who do you plan to take?"

"A few of our more seasoned men, a handful should be enough." Spitelout replied flatly

"I'll be going as well, as the leader of Berk I should have investigated these rumors sooner, before they could cause a problem such as this." Stoick announced, grabbing his axe and he left the meeting.

"We will set out in an hour, collect your weapons and men quickly." He finished as he exited the great hall.

The teen's of the village walked by the chief as he strode down the stairs, the all glanced at him before quickly scurrying up the stairs, none really wanting to draw the attention of the assumed angry chief.

Gobber hobbled his way over to the chief and gave the large man a light pat on the shoulder with his hooked appendage "Your scaring the youngsters Stoick, what happened?"

"We are off to hunt a rumor," Stoick replied with a sigh, beard shifting around as he turned his head "Care to join me?"

"Can't say that I do," Gobber shrugged "Forge work to get to, weapons to repair, dragon attacks to prepare for."

Stoick rolled his eyes "Aye, I understand, hold down the village while I'm gone, I'm trusting that to you."

Gobber saluted with his hook and grinned "Course, I'll keep everything in tip top shape for your return, not one building will go down in flames tonight!"

Stoick chuckled silently at the man's enthusiasm, he nodded his gratefully and left for the forest behind his home, the thicket being the fastest way to the opposite side of the island.

The men that would be accompanying him arrived shortly in a quick stream, Spitelout, Egil and a number of their clan's members were present all in all around twelve Vikings stood in front of the chief, weapons drawn and ready.

"Remember, capture him if you are able, only kill him if you must." Stoick announced loudly in order "Whatever he has done, it was holding Berk's best interests at heart, do not forget that."

With that the group set off into the tree's, it didn't take long for the group to arrive on the correct side of the island, instantly recognizable by the thick fog that spread out before them, animals sounded in the distance and bushes shook as small critters dashed away from the group.

"Fan out, the boy will most likely come to you." Spitelout announced, giving a quick hand signal to Egil, who nodded and relayed it to his own men, the group quickly widened into pairs and began moving through the fog, Stoick noticed the moment he stepped into the cloud, the forest fell deathly silent.

The large Viking glanced around curiously, unbeknownst to him a small pair of emerald eyes watched the group with minor curiosity.

"Now that I have your attention." He whispered under his breath, he darted between the tree's, keeping his footfalls light and silent as he moved to the edge of the group.

The boy perched on a tree above a pair of men, both seemed quite bored at the ordeal of chasing him through the forest, one leaned against a tree while the other idly tried to see through the fog.

The boy's perch allowed him a solid vantage point to listen to what the men were saying.

"Why are we even here, the chief and the heads should be able to handle this on their own." The man against the tree complained.

"I know, I'd much rather be in the great hall, warmth of the fire, nice mug of mead and a slightly burly bar maid at my side than out here half freezing to death." The other responded gruffly.

When he received no reply he turned around in confusion, as a black armored fist flew into his head, the surprise and the effectively knocking him out, the man toppled the ground with a heavy thud.

The boy wiped his hands together, his face was obscured by a dark leather face plate, the armor he was also black leather, small cuts of brown leather could be seen connecting the chest piece to the shoulders, the gauntlet's cut off at his knuckles, his fingers half covered a by a thick set of gloves, dark green pants led to furred boots, the shoulder piece had a blood red symbol of a snarling dragon on it.

A low growl brought his attention behind him, a large grey wolf snarled at him angrily, he was no stranger to the animals of this forest, lifting his face plate he inclined his head, the Wolf quieted, ears perking at the sound of others like the ones in front of him on his territory.

The boy made no motion to back down, locking his eyes with the animal it let out a low warning growl taking it as a sign of challenge, the boy raised his hands calmly and again inclined his head, a silent request for him to use the edge of the Wolf's territory for a short amount of time, hoping the animal would see the respect he was offering, a fight with a wolf could get loud, especially if the pack was nearby.

The animal again, ceased it's growled, eyeing the boy with a curious eye it moved towards him, the boy held out his hand, balled into a fist cautiously, the Wolf took a quick sniff as his knuckles as shook his body, fur shaking under the movement, the animal inclined it's head ever so slightly before darting back into the bushes.

The boy sighed in slight relief, he did not like using the land of other animals, he was glad he was able to get permission from the Wolf before moving on, he moved back into the tree's, eying the fog carefully, he was no stranger to it, his side of the island was almost permanently coated in it, it obstructed the vision of people that were not accustomed to its patterns, the ominous presence it provided succeeded in keeping most humans away, the fog parted ever so slightly for a moment as he could make out another pair, this one considerably more guarded than the first.

He quickly scaled a large tree and moved across the branches quietly, glancing to his immediate left he noticed shadows against the stars 'The large scaled beasts are coming, what did that human call them? Dragon's? Yes, the Dragons are coming again.'

The boy frowned, even carnivorous animals avoided human settlements, not out of fear, out of simple understanding, most were aware that killing a human only incurred the wrath of the others, it was a surefire way to bring doom unto one's self.

He pulled his eyes back to his current task, he was now perched directly above the two men, each had their backs to each other and moved in perfect sync, as they watched all possible directions in front of them.

The boy could only smirk as he dropped down, legs whipping around mid fall to catch the pair with a loud thud, he was not bulky like the men in front of him, he was lean, but relying on nothing but instinct had trained him quite well, every animal on the island, even humans had a weakness, strike that point and even the most resilient of foes would topple easily.

He smirked under his mask, he hadn't been aware that driving away the other men would bring more people to his side of the island, but he took their blatant disregard for all permission as an open challenge. A number of them had now entered the territory he had carved out for himself, he wouldn't allow them to do as they please, no matter how much respect they showed him.

His head lifted at the sound of a twig snapping, a black haired man watched him in surprise, the metal blade on his hip was in his hand in an instant, he shouted a loud warning to the other men, the boy could hear them closing in on him already.

"Will you come with us quietly?" The man asked flatly

The boy watched the man in minor surprise, they meant to capture him? Reduce the territory he had built to nothing, there was no greater insult to him at that moment, his blood burned as rage entered the emeralds of his eyes, the man stiffened at the look from those eyes, it was like staring into the eyes of a dragon, the pupils narrowed to near slits as the boy moved.

Spitelout barely had enough time to life his sword as he was rushed, he was not aware the boy even carried a weapon until the small knife chinked off the edge of his sword, Spitelout noticed the weapon was un-bloodied, meaning that none of his or Egil's man had fallen victim to it, but the sheer amount of force the smaller boy could produce took the large Viking off guard.

Spitelout pushed back, throwing the boys weapon arm back of his head, the dagger flew into the air, Spitelout grinned triumphantly as he brought the blade around at the boys head, the boy dropped onto his back, the blade flying over him uselessly, before popping back up and jumping into the air he planted both feet against the large mans chest and used a kick to push himself backwards, catching the hilt of the knife in a reverse grip and holding it in front of him, the metal glinted slightly as the fog around him cleared and allowed moonlight to seep to the forest floor.

Spitelout shook his head roughly as he regained his balance, his eyes narrowed on the boy in front of him and he charged with a loud cry, the boy darted forward, looking as if he planned to take the Viking on in a contest of strength, Spitelout grinned victoriously as he brought his sword down, before the metal could strike the boy took a quick back step, the man's eyes widened as the blade embedded itself into the dirt, the boy darted up the blade and delivered two swift kicks to the mans chest forcing him away from his weapon, before sticking the inside of the man's leg, Spitelout dropped to his knee as his balance was broken, the boys boot caught the side of his head with a loud thud, the large man fell to the ground, stars dotting his vision as he attempted to crawl towards his weapon, the boy stepped over his and delivered a quick two knuckle strike to the back of the man's neck, he fell unconscious instantly.

The boy's head darted around as someone let out a shout, he clicked his tongue in annoyance as he realized he had forgotten to pay attention to the others, without the fog to hide him they could find him considerably easier as well, the axe swing from the massive man in front of him missed by a hairs breath, the boy didn't have time to dodge the follow up punch, he was sent sprawling along the ground, helmet, bouncing off a tree, the boy shook his head, the stars in his vision dancing around as black encroached on the corner of his eyes, the punch was simply jarring, he got to his feet quickly and held his jaw and winced.

The emerald eyes flared as adrenaline coursed through his veins, he bared his teeth slightly in anger, the small white scare on his chin stretching slightly, before his eyes fell on the man's expression and all anger quickly turned to confusion, the man's eyes did not hold anger, malice or any intent of violence, he simply stared at him an almost pained expression on his face.

"H-Hiccup?" The large Viking stuttered only once "Is that you?"

The boy paused, the memories of the time before the forest were hazy at best, but he remember that tone, a rush of nostalgia hit him as a few slightly blurred images of the face in front of him flashed before his eyes he remembered, his eyes widened in surprise as he looked at the man in front of him.

"Dad?" The boy responded slowly, the name felt foreign in his mouth, he had always assumed he ended up far away from his human home, he had given up on finding family, his head throbbed painfully as he tried to recall details, he remembered seeing a dragon, a human woman being taken and grabbing a hold of them before landing in water, he remembered the cold. He remembered another man, he had a hook for a hand and a stick for a leg, he used to make things, the boy remembered curiously watching.

"You're really alive?" Stoick asked carefully "Oh, Odin above! My son lives!"

Hiccup let a half smile fall on his face, he couldn't do anything else at the sheer happiness spreading from the man in front of him, even if his memories were hazy, he had them, he knew the man in front of him was not lying.

The other Vikings arrived quickly, spreading behind Stoick and glaring at the boy angrily, eying there unconscious companions suspiciously.

"Boy, drop the knife and surrender yourself properly, we don't want to hurt you." Egil warned carefully, the blonde Viking watched the boys movements carefully before glancing at Stoick and freezing, the chief was actually smiling.

"Calm down," Stoick gestured with his hand "This boy is no threat to us."

"And How do you figure that? He was clearly a threat to them!" One of the men shouted, Hiccups hold on his knife tightened as he widened his stance, watching his opponents closely, although his stance did remain defensive.

"Cause that's my son your pointing your weapons at!" Stoick barked angrily, annoyed at the lack of trust from his men "Put them away, now!"

The men complied, Hiccup waited for the last weapon to be sheathed before returning his knife to the holster above on his lower back.

"The Chief's boy?" One of the men whispered "Hiccup?" Followed after quickly.

Egil glanced at Stoick then to the boy, it didn't take long to recognize, that what Stoick said was true, as similar to Valka as the day he disappeared.

The boy straightened awkwardly, suddenly under so much attention "Uh, Hello?" He let out slowly, he hadn't dealt with many humans who weren't openly afraid of him.

The men broke in laughter suddenly, someone they know had just taken out four Vikings single handed, beaten Spitelout in a duel was suddenly nervous, just because of some attention.

Stoick chuckled and walked over to the boy, placing a hand lightly on the boys shoulder "I'm sorry I didn't go after you, we all just assumed you were well…dead."

Hiccup nodded, surprisingly understanding "It's, uh, okay?" He didn't talk much, everything he said came out as a sort of question, as though he wasn't sure if he was saying the right words.

Stoick smirked and nodded "I hope you a fast learner lad, you've got a lot to catch-up with."

Hiccup could only nod, slightly confused as to what his 'dad' had planned for him, the word still felt weird in his mouth, his eyes widened in slight realization when the man attempted to lead him towards the village and he backed away slowly, his face representing his internal struggle.

Hiccup closed his eyes and took a breath "I want to retrieve a few things first."

Stoick watched the boy curiously before a loud bell sounded in the distance, Stoick snapped around and could barely make out the silhouette's of dragons in the distance.

"And you need to defend your own pack," Hiccup reaffirmed with a nod "I know the way, I will meet you there."

Stoick looked at his son in confusion, the boy called the clan a pack? Although he didn't have time to dwell on it as the other men took off towards the village, he followed after as Hiccup darted into the thicket, if the boy could survive this long on his own, Stoick figured he could trust him to retrieve some things and return to Berk.

Hiccup arrived in the cave he had been calling home for a long time and glanced around slowly, it wasn't that he was afraid to leave his familiar abode, a sort of giddy feeling flowed in his stomach, it gave him a nervous energy that surged through his fingertips, he wasn't entirely sure what it was called, but it wasn't unpleasant so he had no complaints.

Looking around the walls of the save he retrieved his smaller more important possessions, leaving the leathers and animal skins he used for repairs on the makeshift tables he had built over the years, it occurred to him that every mechanism he had ever built was because of his curiosity with the man who could bend metal with flames, he chuckled to himself as he opened a small chest, inside were three items, a small empty gold locket he had found one day at the beach, The second was a massive pouch, it jingled lightly as he lifted it, he grimaced it was quite heavy, the men he had chased off often dropped pouches similar to these, only they were much smaller, he had been informed by a merchant he allowed to pass that is was called 'money' and that it held a special value in the villages. Although he wondered how small chunks of different colored metal could possibly be valuable the man had not been lying to him, he would have known.

The third item was something he only ever held onto because he thought it was strange, it was a blade of a make he didn't recognize, it was short about the length of his forearm, it bent in a slight curve and the guard on the hilt was a wide oval unlike the T-styled cross guard of his dagger, a small dark red rope was tied around the bottom of the hilt, which was ornately stitched in a black thread, he'd never used it before, the man who had dropped it said it was a blade he had received on a trade in the east, but wouldn't say any more.

Hiccup lifted the blade slightly and it clattered as he moved it, taking his dagger and setting it down in the box, he tied the new blade around his back, the hilt sitting just under his elbow, he figured it was time to use it. He tied the pouch of money to his hip, pocketed the locket and made sure the blade was secure on his back before moving towards Berk.

By the time he had arrived, the dragons had been repelled, he walked through the town slowly, after a number of looks he pulled the face plate of his mask down to hide his face, a few sharp looks after that were all it took to quell the glances, Stoick, his father, caught sight of him and gestured for him to come over.

Hiccup did so quickly, even in the animal kingdom, animals respected their parent's wishes, at least until a certain age, although he doubted the same thing applied to humans, he was in no hurry to do anything that would make the pack of people angry at him.

"Take the helmet off for a moment boy," Stoick ordered, Hiccup complied after only a moment's hesitation, holding the thing under his arm "It's not often outsiders walk into Berk fully armed and armored, I am going to introduce you to everyone and explain the situation."

Hiccup nodded his head in understanding, he would be lying if he said the feeling from earlier hadn't changed, it was no longer happy, it was just simple nervousness, something he was familiar with and most certainly didn't like, he rubbed his hands together quickly and shifted his weight from foot to foot.

By this time, most people in the village had gathered in the centre of town, curiously eyeing the newcomer and whispered quietly amongst themselves.

"People of Berk," Stoick announced loudly, every pair of eyes shifted to him and Hiccup felt a minor amount of relief "I'm sure your all wondering who this is, why I let a newcomer into the village so easily, well there is a simple answer, he is not a newcomer, he is family."

The village collectively gasped, most gathering who Hiccup was from that alone "That's right, my son has returned and I am proud of the warrior he has become."

Stoick smiled happily, an action almost unnoticeable behind the large beard on his face, Hiccup could tell the man was pleased, pride welled in the boys chest at the realization, a small smile on his face.

"Aye, warriors the right term for it," Spitelout chuckled rubbing his jaw with a wince "My head still hurts."

The village took the news surprisingly well, only a small number of people remained in the square after Stoick dismissed everyone for a nights rest, the remaining set of people stared at Hiccup curiously, the boy felt a little unnerved by the people that seemed around his age, the boys eyed him almost angrily like they were testing him, the girls both seemed uninterested.

The only other person who remained he actually recognized, it was difficult to forget a person with a hook for a hand and a stick for a leg, Gobber smirked at the boy knowingly "Aye lad, I've not seen you since you were a wee boy, used to always go on about you'd be my apprentice at the forge."

"The 'forge'," Another word Hiccup was unfamiliar with "The place where you bend metal with fire?"

Gobber laughed "Aye, that'd be the one."

"Is the 'apprentice' position still open?" Hiccup asked, his voice raising a few octaves in excitement.

"Aye, it's still open for ya," Gobber replied, ruffling the boys auburn hair with his hook "It'll be master Gobber to you from now on."

The bearded man gestured to himself with his thumb and grinned widely.

Hiccup inclined his head "Master Gobber?"

The man faltered slightly "On second thought, just Gobber's fine."

Hiccup nodded his head, noticing the other people his age were now all eyeing him curiously, he walked towards them slowly, slightly nervous.

"Uh, Hello?" He said slowly, Stoick walked up behind Gobber as the adults moved away to attend to a few things.

The largest of the set of children stepped forward slowly, "Hi, I'm Fishlegs," The boy glanced at his companions and rolled his eyes, realizing none of them planned to introduce themselves, pointing to each of them in turn he spoke "That's Snotlout," Fishlegs introduced "You beat up his dad, he's still kinda mad."

"You did not beat up my dad, you caught him by surprise with a cheap shot!" Snotlout argued moving towards Hiccup angrily, attempting to loom over the skinnier teen.

Hiccup met the boys gaze flatly, if there was one thing he wouldn't ever be, it was intimidated "Your father and I fought honorably, I outsmarted because he underestimated me, there was no 'cheap shot'."

Snotlout took a surprised step back, he didn't remember his cousin being anything close to assertive, he might have even used the word 'scary' not that he'd ever admit that.

Fishlegs broke the two apart and Snotlout went to stand with the group "That's the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut." Fishlegs continued simply, pointing at the pair.

"That's not my name at all, I don't know what you're talking about," Tuffnut responded flatly "My name is Vincent Bonesnapper," He stepped forward and flexed, although it did very little "Feared by men, loved by women and nightmare to dragons everywhere!"

Ruffnut suppressed her urge to chuckle "Yes and my name is," She paused for a moment to think "Velvet Bonesnapper."

"Hey, your cool fake name sounds too much like my cool fake name change it." Tuffnut demanded quickly

"No, you change yours." Ruffnut responded stubbornly

"No, I came up with mine first, you just copied it." Tuffnut shot back.

Ruffnut ignored him "I am the fairest maiden in all of Berk." She placed a hand over her chest and batted her eyelashes at Hiccup, who merely rolled his eyes and Fishlegs slapped his hands over his mouth and retched.

"You're not half as fair as the girl beside you." Hiccup cut her off bluntly

Tuffnut began laughing, Ruffnut shifted a glare onto her brother and kicked him in the back, the unexpected force pushed him to the ground, he scrambled back to his feet as slammed his helmet against his sister "What?" He demanded

"Nothing." Ruffnut responded

"Then why'd you kick me huh? Mad cause it's true." Tuffnut shot at her.

The pair growled at each other and Fishlegs walked over and pushed them apart, placing himself in between them so they'd stop bickering.

"Last but not least," Fishlegs gestured to Astrid, who shot a fierce glare at Hiccup, apparently not at all flattered by his last comment "Astrid."

Hiccup glanced at the five in turn "Pleasure." He wasn't sure if that was the correct word, but he'd heard it before after introductions so he thought it would be best.

Stoick had apparently finished whatever he had been discussing with Gobber because the large man came over to the group and placed his hand on Hiccups shoulder, the boy turned his head to look up at his dad curiously.

"Time we ha home son." Stoick explained simply.

Hiccup nodded his head quietly, the large man moved and Hiccup fell into step behind him, neither spoke on the trip home, although Hiccup could feel the vehement glare on his back as he walked away, he turned back enough to look over his shoulder at the blonde axe wielder, he gave her a frown of confusion, one that was met with surprise as the non-verbal conversation ended.

'Maybe being fair isn't a compliment in human terms?' He thought in confusion, he didn't think it made any sense that the girl would insult herself, he shrugged, apparently he really did have a lot to catch up on.

Hiccup followed to a house atop a hill, the forest was only a small distance from the backdoor, Stoick pushed the door open slowly and walked inside, he sat down at an empty seat and slowly poked a fire back to life.

Hiccup sat down in the stagnant silence awkwardly, unsure of what to do.

"Your bed is upstairs, I don't know if I have any extra furs lying around, but you are welcome to take mine if you are cold." Stoick explained

Hiccup stared at the floor for a long second before he yawned tiredly, the day event's finally catching up to him "I think I'll be okay without the fur for a night. But I am tired."

Stoick nodded his head in understanding as the boy walked upstairs, the bed, at least he assumed it was a bed, was a small wooden frame with a straw mat atop it, he pushed down on the thing carefully, not entirely trusting it with his own weight, when the frame didn't even so much as groan in protest he fell onto it back first, it was quite comfortable, compared to the mound of dirt on a cave floor he was used too.

He found himself quickly falling asleep, flashes of memories replaying in his dreams over and over again.

A/N: What did you think? So, a few explanations if you're confused, time ways this takes place when Hiccup is 15, but he more closely resembles the Hiccup of HTTYD2 at least in armor, I'm going to put him at about the same height as Astrid too, the basic plot is Hiccup was old enough when his mother was taken to grab a hold of her, he ended up falling into a lake (Similar to where he meets' Toothless.) and unaware he is actually still close to his home, begins living on his own in the wild, his strength comes from watching wild animals and also having to survive, as the story goes on I'll bring him to a more standardized version of the Hiccup we all know and love, Stoick never finds him because he doesn't think to look around on Berk for his son that was carried off by a dragon, Hiccup himself never goes to Berk because he isn't sure how to deal with people (Which I hope I adequately displayed in this chapter.) But he doesn't like it when people just start trudging through his territory without asking him, as I tried to display with the Wolf. That should explain the more pressing questions, but if you've got any additional ones feel free to hit me with them.

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