Sitting with his back against the wall, Mugen got up and went to the door, looking at the group of brats. The boy picked up his younger brother, who had begun to whimper. The girl had lost a hoof in the puddles left by the storm of the night before.

Mugen didn't know where to start.

A thousand offensive sentences, vulgar jokes and sarcastic comments crowded his mind. Still, none of those sentences managed to make their way between his lips.

He had been the one who had impregnated Fuu three times. His life had gone on without his presence, but not without him. Those children existed thanks to Mugen, although his contribution was only having fun between their mother's legs.

Why hadn't Fuu got rid of those three bastards? A single woman and three mouths to feed. The house she lived in was a single room, clean and dignified, but no more than a hut. Yet Fuu had preferred three brats, one after the other.

And even though he had impregnated her the first time, she still wanted it, and she repeated that first mistake twice more.

"You were sixteen; you thought we would never see each other again; you did the bullshit. It fits. But why didn't you tell me anything? "

"And what was I supposed to tell you? Did you have a son? What would you have done if I told you? "

Mugen muttered. "I would have been scared and left."

"That's why I didn't tell you. You would have run away. You wouldn't have wanted me anymore. "

It made sense. Fuu had chosen not to dump on him everything he had always fled. She had taken on herself all the effort of raising her child without tying Mugen to a bastard she had never wanted.

And all this why? For whom? Just a brute who every three years, randomly, came into her life to fuck her at his pleasure? Fuu could not be foolish enough to repeat the same mistake for the second time.

"Why did you keep the girl too? The first was a mistake; he was born, you didn't tell me, ok. But why didn't you get rid of it? "

"I could never have done it. Not even with Ren. I know it was the best solution, but I have always loved our children from the first moment I knew they existed inside me. "

Our children. How strange to think so. It was even funnier to hear it. Fuu and Mugen's children. Kids of both. His kids.

Three times Fuu had carried a bastard that he had implanted in her womb. And three times he had welcomed Mugen between his legs, agreeing once again to take the risk of a new pregnancy.

"But why?" He asked, turning to his bed, looking into her eyes for the first time.

"Why what?"

"Why all this. Again and again. Three times you should have thrown me out of your bed, yet you kept getting fucked. And as far as I know how much you like being banged by me ... but is it worth it, Fuu? "

"What is it worth?"

"Is it worth raising three bastards, working hard to make them eat, lose everything for them?"

"I'd do it a thousand times."

"But why?"

"Because your children are the only thing left of you when you are not with me."

Mugen stared at her, eyes wide, speechless (and it wasn't even the first time that happened that day). Mugen mattered to Fuu. Ever since that first night ten years ago. He had always been important, day after day, year after year. Not only when he banged her without restraint, but in the months she raised his children inside herself, when she had fed them, grew them, scolded and loved them.

Mugen never wanted ties. No commitments, no obstacles between himself and his goal: to live, to survive, to fight, to feed, to fuck. Fuu had never tied him to himself, hadn't asked him for any commitment, hadn't put any obstacles.

The commitments and sacrifices had all been Fuu's. The family he had just envied in Jin a few days earlier, with unusual intensity and desire, was his.

In a flash, Mugen slammed the sliding door and was at Fuu's bedside. Without warning, he leaned over her, and his right hand tried a clumsy caress on his cheek. Fuu's huge doe eyes were red and wet with tears.

Mugen's lips lowered onto Fuu's, seeking forcefully for her warmth as her arms tightened around him. In a short time, he effortlessly found his place on Fuu's body. Mugen's tongue traced the line of the white neck while his hands had already opened the yukata and were making their way over her breasts, belly, and hips.

She let out a sigh of resignation and a moan of pleasure. Mugen sank his pelvis between her legs and took a few moments to observe the white skin of her breasts. Those three brats - his fucking brats! - had fed from there. When he put his lips on Fuu's nipple, at first, it was a light kiss, a quick contact, almost as if her body had become suddenly fragile and precious.

He continued to travel with a light caress of his lips the skin of her belly and the scar that testified Fuu's greatest sacrifice. Mugen endangered his life with every bloody struggle, sword in hand and hatred in the heart. She had risked her life with every delivery, giving birth to the children that himself had sown inside her.

When Mugen's tongue found its way into Fuu's sex, his hands opened the deep folds of her moist heat with reverent adoration. She moaned again. He wondered how that tight, wet hole tightening to the rhythm of their panting breath, could have brought those three pairs of eyes, so equal to theirs, into the light of the world.

When Mugen entered Fuu, the truth blinded him and shocked him. Among the moans that accompanied his every push, when she said his name.

Inside the arms surrounding his chest, holding him tight, as if to bury him inside her flesh. Among the scratches that she inflicted on his back. Between the lips that touched his face and kissed his scars one by one. Although he noticed, Fuu's favourites seemed to be the three parallel and almost invisible signs that marked his right cheekbone. Over the warm tongue playing with his. In the hands first plunging into his hair and then clinging to his biceps, or finally to his lower back.

Mugen found the truth where it had always been in those past ten years. In the defenceless body abandoned beneath him. In the misty eyes and red face of Fuu, who looked at him bewildered after he had brought her pleasure. In the desire to fuck her even more wildly that roared inside him at that sight.

The truth squeezed him tightly to his woman's sweaty body as he came inside her. Truth unfolded around him when, exhausted, he laid on her, still stuck in the warm pussy that welcomed him. With his eyes closed, he breathed his smell while Fuu's hands gently stroked the back of his neck.

To live, to survive, to fight, to feed, to fuck. Fuu had never been an obstacle to all of this.

He could live with his three bastards, survive thanks to them, fight for them. He could feed himself and even those three little mouths.

And he could always fuck his Fuu.

Arayashikiku no dei - (in search of a new land)

arasaku baku no dei - (let's build a new house)

Hare fushigyurasa nejyuku - (by neatly gathering hay)

Surajifushiro yondo - (to thatch the roof)

Hare fushigyurasa nejyuku - (by neatly gathering hay)

Fushigyurasa nejyuku - (neatly gathering hay)

Surajifusero yondo - (to thatch the roof)

Kirishigaki ku no dei - (at the stone walls)

Kuganeya be tatei tei - (let's celebrate the golden house)

Hare momo tobyuru wakya - (that was built)

Ya uriba yuwa o yondo - (by a hundred carpenters)

Hare momo to byuru wakya - (that was built)

Momo to byuru wakya - (was built)

Ya uriba yuwa o yondo - (by a hundred carpenters)

Hateigachi ya naryuri - (august draws near)

Tobibani ya neranu - (but i have nothing to wear)

Hare utou katabani - (i want to dress up)

Ya karachitabore - (brothers, lend me a sleeve)

Hitotsu aru bani ya - (i want to dress the children and those i love)

Kanasha se ni kusuitei - (with the single kimono i own)

Hare wanu ya okuyama - (i will wear vines)

Nu kazuradasuki - (that i picked deep within the mountains)

Ojyuugoya no teiki ya - (the full moon shines)

Kami gyurasa teryuri - (far and wide like the gods)

Hare kana ga jyo ni tataba kumo tei taborei - (when my lover comes to visit, i wish the clouds would hide it a little)