This will be my first One Punch Man fanfic. Please be nice with the reviews.

A retelling of OPM where the one who became Saitama's disciple was not a cyborg, but a certain esper. This will follow the anime storyline, not the manga or webcomics. However, some scenes that are shown only in the manga and webcomics will be added. Even so, it will primarily follow the anime's main storyline until the end of season 1.

As this is a rehash/retelling, there will be many similarities, some subtle and some almost the same. This will tailor much to the theme of the anime and so there'll be some changes; such as characters' canon backstories or some scenes adjusted to fit with the theme. Also, this is not a pairing story in general since I'm not very good at those. Hopefully, the story will still be fulfilling regardless.

The narration of the story will veer into introspection in some parts. It may perhaps be long (or boring I might say) but it's needed for the story and plot. Simply bear with it. There will be more of Tatsumaki's POV than other characters' because I find her view to be more interesting. As a result, more of her story will also be shown.

This will only follow season 1. I've read both the manga and the webcomics but even so, I won't promise anything except I will definitely finish this. I'm just doing this for fun, but don't fret if the updates aren't consistent. ;b

Let's begin. Saitama is getting irritated by the rather long introduction.

Read. Enjoy. Review.


By silenthero

Chapter 1: Fated Meeting

"Tsk. I hate bugs. Why does it have to be bugs?" A girl said, irritated. She had green hair which curled up at the ends and wore a tight-fitting black dress with long sleeves and four high-cut slits.

"I came to this city and what greeted me at the roadside? Dead cows. Some welcome this city has."

A black mist appeared from the horizon and amassed into a ball.

She smirked.

"Pest sighted."


No resident is to go outside under any circumstances.

I repeat: no resident is to go outside under any circumstances.

The citywide alarm continued on and on as if no one had heard the announcement. Recently, there was a swarm of mosquitoes so thick that they flowed through the sky like a living mist. Anyone caught in the ravenous swarm was reduced to mere skin and bones. Due to this, the city streets were empty. Local shops, traffic, and even sound stopped from its daily course. Everyone was afraid to go outside.

Except for one lone thief.

"Hah! Thanks to that warning, they're all empty!" a man said in triumph as he walked out of a store. His safety wasn't worth as much as his loot which only took a crowbar and a little manual labor to collect.

He turned to his huge bag of plundered goods, resting his trusty crowbar on his shoulder. "What's the big deal about losing a little blood if I get all this?" A quick breeze suddenly passed by. It took off his headscarf and it flew away into the sky.

"The wind…?" he said, bewildered. Feeling something slithering under his clothes, he looked underneath his shirt. "What the –"

Upon noticing what was happening, he quickly thrashed around. He fought desperately, swinging his crowbar left and right to somehow ward off the invasive mist.

The black mist finally covered him despite his thrashing around. On close inspection, thousands upon thousands of mosquitoes covered every centimeter of his skin to suck his blood dry. If it was painful or not, no one has survived to tell the experience.

After several seconds, the swarm flew away leaving a desiccated, thin man in its wake. Then the swarm formed a sphere with a scarlet core. It scattered once again and it revealed the figure of a half-woman, half mosquito hybrid. She was monstrous in appearance but strangely she also had beautiful features that could seduce and charm.

"Come on, guys. That wasn't nearly enough." The mosquito woman complained rather sassily. True, she enjoyed what little blood she got but it made her thirstier. Cow blood wasn't the same as human blood. For some reason, human blood was more delectable than livestock or poultry, though she was pretty sure they were in the same category.

"Pest sighted."

"Huh?" A truck came flying towards the monster at a surprising speed. She turned around and slashed it with her sharps claws, raining the street with metal parts. Mosquito Girl looked down and saw a girl.

"I see now." The green-haired girl said. "You order these mosquitoes to go around and get blood and then you take away all their hard work. It seems like a very lazy thing to do."

"Hmm? And what's a little kid doing here all alone?"

Apparently, the girl wasn't pleased about that. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! I'm 22 years old and I'm not a kid!" the girl snapped. "I'm the great esper Tatsumaki! All I have to do is squish you and everything's back to normal!"

"Oh? Such audacity for such a little girl. Children, our next meal is here. Go drain her dry." she ordered.

The swarm descended upon the esper and started enveloping her.

"Disgusting." A dome of green light expanded and it expelled every insect away. The monster looked on curiously.

"All I have to do is cover myself with my powers and I won't get sucked by your disgusting kind." The esper said, bright emerald eyes staring back at the monster. "Prepare to be squished."

"You, squish me?" scoffed the monster. "Go on and try!"

Tatsumaki raised a hand and a green outline formed on the monster. "Then here goes." She quickly closed her hand to a fist and the green outline suddenly shrank into a ball in sync with her hand, effectively crushing what's inside. "There, problem solved."

"Oh, I think not!" The esper looked over her shoulder and to her surprise saw the monster about to strike. She quickly formed a green barrier and razor-sharp claws slashed deep into it.

"You're not a weakling brat after all," taunted the mosquito girl.

With a grunt, the esper blasted the monster away with a telekinetic blast.

What happened earlier? Tatsumaki looked back at the green ball hung suspended in the air. She dissipated it and saw nothing inside.

"I have telepathy too." The flying Mosquito Girl said, tapping her temple. "I use it to control my minions. You can't control me if I sever the link between us. You can't even track me with your eyes, actual or otherwise."

The esper lifted two cars using telekinesis. "Thanks for explaining. I'll try the manual way."

"Espers. I haven't tasted a human with superpowers before. I guess I'll find out if they're tasty or not." The monster dove for an attack. The cars hovering in the air smashed her from the sides. They shortly turned into metal scraps from her claws and she continued her descent. She met some resistance along the way in the form of many debris hurled at her but she dodged every single one of them without compromise in speed.

Aiming her sharp antennae at the girl's head, she grinned in anticipation.

The attack landed. The antennae ripped through and a horrendous green thing hung on its end.

The mosquito queen smiled from her attack but then frowned. Squinting, she saw a head alright but only in shape. It was neon green and it was emitting a glow that pulsed brighter with each passing second. "Wait. What – "

"Boom." A finger snapped and a catastrophic explosion occurred in the air.

"Astral Duplication." The esper said, standing completely unfazed. "I can leave a remnant that acts as a bomb in my place. Guess you didn't expect that." She lifted debris from the street and hurled it at her flying enemy. "You're still alive. Don't bother trying to escape from me."

The monster flew higher to avoid the speeding projectiles. The explosion nearly took out half of her face and most of her limbs were blown to smithereens. Her wings were still intact for flight and any vital organs that needed attention were still in one piece. "Tsk. What the hell is wrong with that brat? I need reinforcements. Come, my children! Give all your blood to me!"

A swarm much bigger from before appeared out of the forest and the neighboring cities and engulfed their queen.

Tatsumaki looked on. She's been collecting blood all over the place and not just this city alone. It may strengthen her if she gets so much. I need to finish this quickly before she gets too strong.

From out of nowhere a bald man wearing a plain yellow shirt and drab olive shorts ran towards the esper.

"Get back here, dammit!" the man cursed. "You and I aren't done yet!" He was carrying what appeared to be a can of bug spray and was chasing something. "Ack! It's in my mouth!"

Tatsumaki blinked. What's with this baldy? Wait. I think I've seen this guy before.

"Huh? What's that squirming over there? It's… mosquitoes?" The bald man said quite surprised.

"Hey, you there. Get out while you still can," warned the esper. "That swarm will drain you dry if it sees you."

"…Seriously?" He was more dumbstruck than terrified.

What's with this reaction?!

"Well, I better go –"

The sky darkened and an enormous dark cloud descended upon the two, turning into a torrent of flowing destruction towards the city.

"This again." A green light pierced out from the thick swarm and a dome quickly expanded, effectively repelling the insects away.

"You never learn, do you?" The esper said, annoyed. "You are still a bug. I just said your insect attack doesn't work on me. There are no other people here for you to -"

Wait. What happened to that guy?

"Man, you saved me. You're amazing." The man simply said, scratching his bald head.

The esper turned around. The man looked completely fine which was very strange.

"What did you just do earlier?" the man asked. "You totally repelled the bugs out!"

The esper looked in bewilderment. How did he prevent himself from being knocked back?

"Oh, I was just trying to make a joke about you being a bug repellant, but…"

"HAHAHAHA! Idiots!" The mosquito queen laughed, emerging from the mosquito swarm. Her injuries were gone and there was a definite change in her form, deadlier and more imposing. Her color scheme had turned blood red and her claws were sharper and longer. "And now they've done their jobs, I don't need them anymore!" She slashed a building from afar and it managed to slice through, demolishing it completely.

The esper looked on unperturbed at the monster's display of skill. I was right earlier. Not that it changes anything.

"Hey, brat. You said I never learn but you never learn too."

"What do you mean by –" Tatsumaki's vision crossed and she blinked heavily. She was feeling very nauseous and the world was spiraling in her eyes.

What… what's happening…

"When I said they did their jobs, I meant you. There is poison in some of my mosquitoes so I snuck a few to inject you while you were busy talking earlier. You'll never notice them since they're quite sneaky to begin with. Guess you didn't expect that, did you?"

Tatsumaki wobbled. I let my guard down!

"Time to finish this!" The mosquito queen blurred out and appeared behind Tatsumaki. The monster quickly swiped her razor-sharp claw at the esper but the esper managed to dodge it in time.

The esper was about to counter with a psychic blast, but before she could do so the mosquito queen grabbed her and tossed her upwards towards the sky.

Tatsumaki could only envelop herself with a green barrier while the monster swiped and dived at her.

"Eh? Can't fight while in mid-air, brat?" mocked the monster.

True, it was very hard to defend and attack at the same time, not to mention Tatsumaki was having a hell of a headache. She couldn't perform a duplication again given the situation. The poison was weakening her to the point she couldn't think straight.

The monster continued her attacks, swiping and diving on and on. "Weakling spoiled brat!"

To the esper's horror, the barrier showed cracks. She was losing concentration in her only line of defense.

After the monster's next attack, the barrier finally shattered and it vanished.

"I think I'll be having your real head now!" exclaimed the monster, sadistic glee in her eyes.

It's no use. I can't win. It was a very pathetic way to die in this fashion and she would probably scold herself severely in the afterlife. Right now, she shouldn't occupy her mind with her blunder and negative thoughts. At least she could think one last time about what was more important to her.

Mom. Dad.


I - I'm sorry.


I'll be seeing you shortly.


A loud splat echoed around the city as a violent gust of wind blasted through the monster, hitting her squarely on the cheeks. Dust flew in the air and blood painted the buildings. The attack was so strong that it managed to divide the clouds above and the ground beneath.

Tatsumaki's eyes widened. The monster simply disintegrated out of existence. She noticed the man from before had slapped the hell out of the monster with such force that the only evidence was a blood splatter across a building.

She was still hurtling towards the ground but then felt someone catch her.

Slowly opening her eyes, she saw the bald man from before carrying her in his arms.

"Mosquitoes… suck. Get it?" the man said, trying to make a point.

"Who… who are you?"

"Oh, it's Saitama. Nice to meet you."

"H-how did you…" the esper's voice trailed off and she lost consciousness.

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