Authors notes: Yet again another Takari! This story has action and adventure as well as being a Takari. Please keep in mind that I didn't see the last four episodes of season two. And I've heard it has an awful ending when they're grown-up so just ignore that for this story and my others.

Cody: 11

Tk, Kari, Davis: 13

Yolei, Ken: 14

Mimi, Izzy: 15

Tai, Matt, Sora: 16

Joe: 17

Disclaimer: No matter how many wishing stars I wish on, digimon will never be mine.

Hope to Despair.

            Tk sighed as he put the basketball through the hoop for the twentieth time. He had grown since his last trip in the digital world, in looks but not so much in personality. He had the same messy blonde hair and sky blue eyes, he was a lot taller now and no longer wore green all the time, and today he was wearing a white shirt and jeans. He was still the same sweet boy that could make everyone smile even in the most depressing times. His blue eyes still held their innocence but also held a new quality, wisdom. For indeed Takeru Takeishi was a very wise person, he had good judgement and a knowledge of a lot of things and was able to understand most of Izzy's computer talk. He was one of the most loved people of the group and nobody ever fought with him. He seemed perfect, but then again no one's perfect. There were a few people in the world who knew Tk wasn't perfect and one person was Matt, the other was Kari. She had been the first to make him open up and tell her his feelings because ever since his first trip to the digital world Tk had kept all his fears and pain to himself and slowly he had been building a face of happiness for himself which he would use in times were he felt he could no longer carry on. Tk bounced the ball twice and took aim for another shot and missed completely.

"Tk Takaishi missing a shot, are you ill?" Tk didn't reply to Kari's question as she walked over. He stood there still for a moment before he moved to pick up the ball that was rolling away. It rolled to Kari and she put her foot on it just as Tk bent over to pick it up, she placed a finger under his chin and forced him to look up t her.

"Or are you worried about the digital world?" Tk nodded slowly and Kari kicked the ball away and pulled him into a hug.

"I knew you had felt it." He nodded slightly as he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her back. Tk and Kari had a sixth sense you might call it, about the digital world. They could tell if evil was invading it or not, they could tell if a digimon was good or bad. These feelings had developed as they had grown, they had made guesses at why they were the only ones that had got them and had come up with a few ideas. None made sense apart from one, the digital world was based on light and hope mostly and Tk and Kari represented those two aspects. So they were connected to the digital world by the feelings in their hearts or traits as someone had once explained to them. The pair separated and walked over to the bench and sat down, Kari rested her head against Tk's shoulder and he draped and arm over her shoulders.

"Why do you thinks up this time Keru?" Tk smiled slightly at the nickname that Kari had given him before a frown replaced it.

"I don't know, it seems there one minute . . ."

"Then gone the next. I get you completely." They stayed in silence for the next five minutes just simply enjoying the others company. Then it started to rain, lightly at first but it came down harder fast. Kari jumped up pulling her coat around her and stuck her hand out to Tk, a smiled appeared on his face. And grabbing her hand he pulled her into his arms.

"Takeru Takaishi, what are you doing?"

"You know if you were anyone else you would be dead for calling me that." Tk whispered as she lay in his lap, she giggled.

"I know. But come on Keru, we're gonna get soaked."

"Problem being?" She glared up at him, then her face broke into a smile. She wriggled out of his arms and darted down the street calling over her shoulder to him.

"Bet you can't catch me."

            Ten minutes later Kari squealed with happiness as Tk finally caught up with her, he pulled her onto the ground and the two lay there laughing as the rain poured down on them.

"You're such and idiot, I don't know why I put up with you!"

"You put up with me because I'm one hundred percent cute and absolutely adorable." Kari broke out into another if of hysterics. Tk had overheard some of the cheerleaders talking to Kari about how lucky she was that she got to hang out with the one hundred percent cute and absolutely adorable Tk. It had now become a joke between them that Kari hanged out with Tk because he was cute and that Tk hanged out with her because she was hot according to the boys in the rest of the school. The two stayed on the ground for a while before Kari picked herself up and extended a hand to Tk yet again. After pulling him up Kari hugged him goodbye and the pair separated.

            Kari pulled her keys out a few minutes later and opened the door to her apartment. Walking in she kicked her shoes off and walked to the bathroom, hoping that her parents wouldn't spot her.

"Young lady where have you been?" No such luck. Kari spun round and faced her mother with a smiled plastered on her face.

"I just went out to see Tk."

"Without umbrella or a coat. And it's obvious you didn't take shelter when it started t rain. Your clothed are covered in grass as well, what have you been doing?" Kari realised she must have got covered in grim when Tk had pulled her over.

"I slipped." She whispered feebly. Her mother shook her head and pointed to her bedroom.

"Put a clean pair of clothes on and give me those dirty ones and have a hot drink." She nodded and ran into her room. Even though she had gotten over her illnesses her parents still worried about her. If it was raining they would make her dress up in two jumpers a waterproof coat and an umbrella. She didn't need as much babying as they gave her but she didn't have the heart to tell them. Just in case she hurt their feelings. Kari tossed her wet clothes into a pile as she pulled on a pair of flared jeans and a pink long sleeved top. She walked over to her dresser and brushed her shoulder length brown hair out of the tangled mess it was in. She sighed as she thought, but they weren't on the digital world. There was one image that kept floating to the surface no matter how many time she made it go away. And that was the way Tk looked with his sunshine gold hair all wet and sticking up everywhere and  how his blue eyes seemed to twinkle as he gazed down at her. She slammed down her hairbrush and started to look through her hair things. Everybody told her and Tk that they acted like a couple, and whenever they did this they would roll their eyes at each other and yawn at the person that had said it. But recently Kari was sure she was feeling more for Tk then she should, whenever he hugged her or whispered in her ear she would have this warm fuzzy feeling through out her entire body and she would feel light headed. She had had this feeling of warmth for a while now but she had always managed to suppress the thoughts that came after it. But nowadays she was finding more and more difficult and she kept reminding herself over and over again how blue his eyes were or how his hair looked when the wind blew hard. She knew she shouldn't be thinking like this because Tk would never like her in this way and it was weird. She had always been best friends nothing more and her and Tk being a couple had always sounded odd. Until now. She was getting the sneaky suspicion that she loved him. Kari pulled out a light blue clip and slipped it into her hair and picked up clothes and walked out the room and handed them to her mum. Turning round she ran forward and leapt over the back of the sofa landing beside her brother Tai. He grunted as she landed, and she knew that was the best she was going to get out of him as he was watching his favourite program. She shook her head and laid back. Ten minutes later his all important program finished he turned to his little sister.

"How was your day?"

"Okay. Can we watch a film?"

"Sure." He replied as he got up and popped a DVD into the player and pressed play. The pair sat down and watched it together. It also gave them an excuse to skip supper as their mother had not improved in cooking in the last years. While they pretended they were heavily engrossed in the film they eat ice cream after they were sure their parents weren't looking. Two and a half hours later the ending credits were rolling.

"So what did you and Tk get up too?"

"Huh?" Kari turned to face her brother, she had forgotten about her evening with Tk. Why was Tai interested? I mean she spent all her time with Tk, why did he want to know all of the sudden?

"I said what did you and Tk get up too?"

"What do you mean get up too?" Kari asked, glaring at her brother. Fear rising in her chest, had he figured it out.

"Well it's kinda obvious that you like him and-

"What do you mean like him?" She asked panic in her voice. She had only just figured out these feelings herself, how did Tai know? "We're friends that's all!"

Tai chuckled, "Kari I was only asking what you did! But I'm glad you finally realised your feelings for him!" He stood up ruffled her hair and walked into his bedroom. Kari sat there in shock for a moment, before she rubbed her crimson eyes and stood up. Still slightly dazed she walked over to her room, her parents had moved to  bigger apartment so her and Tai could have separate rooms. Which was a good thing as she didn't have to clean up after him all the time. Once she had pulled on her pyjamas and had climbed into bed she lay there for a moment thinking of a certain boy.

            Tk tossed and turned in his bed, pain written all over his face. He sat bolt up right panting, he wiped a layer of sweat from his forehead and lay back down. Digimon's screams were still ringing in his ears and he tried to recall his nightmare. Mind you there wasn't much to remember, just swirling darkness. He tried to shut his eyes but the screams just got louder, he sighed and pulled himself out of bed. Walking over to the kitchen he poured himself a glass of water and stood there drinking. He was wondering why he had heard the digimon not Kari. Of course he didn't want her to hear, it would hurt her and he would give his life to make sure nothing bad ever happened to Kari. But she was the one that would usually know about it first, because when the darkness comes it affects the light and that meant Kari. This time it was something entirely different, and they were going to have to do something about it. Tk slammed down his cup and darted to the bathroom and managed to make it in time. Slowly standing up after seeing his diner again he went over to the medicine cabinet and pulled out some tablets. Though he doubted that they would help.

            Kari glanced at the door again, Tk was late. This wasn't like him, she was beginning to get worried. Had he got her message? Did he know that they were meeting up at Izzy's after school because of the digital world? Or had it already pulled him there? Had something come out and taken him? He walked through the door as Kari begin her next had he. She smiled, but it faded, Tk looked a state. He had bags under his eyes, he was ghostly pale and his hair looked as if he had been dragged through a hedge backwards.

"Sorry I'm late Miss Masuno."

"Do you have a reason for being late?"


"If you do this again Tk, then I will have to give you detention." Tk nodded and collapsed in his seat on Kari's right. Kari glance over at Davis who was on her left, before she got a closer look at Tk. His blue eyes had lost their sparkle, they looked dull and lifeless as if he were a zombie.

"You okay Keru." He nodded slowly not bothering to reply.

"Did you get my message?"

"Nope, what's up?" He sounded hoarse and only by years of being his best friend could she see him wince slightly. He obviously had a sore throat.

"Izzy got an e-mail from Gennai. We have to go over to his place after school." Tk nodded and turned back to Miss Masuno who was reading a notice out to the class.

"TS are you sure you're okay?" Davis asked, Tk nodded yet again. And Davis glanced at Kari, the boys had long ago stopped fighting and were the best of friends. The three were the most popular in their year and had been for a while. Kari chewed her lip and gave Davis a I'll take to him in privet later look. Davis wasn't offended, everyone knew that Tk and Kari knew each other inside out and if they couldn't tell then there was something seriously wrong. The bell ran, the kids stood up and went for the door. Tk stood up slowly and walked towards the door and only just made it without collapsing. The teacher had left with the other children leaving the three best friends in the room.

            Tk rubbed the side of his head with one hand while he clung onto the doorframe with the other. He felt a hand on his shoulder and a mouth whisper to him gently, "Your lying, what's the matter?" Tk nearly smiled, even if he did feel like he was about to faint from pain Kari could still make him feel wonderful. He knew he loved her, but they were best friends and that was how it was always going to be. He never wanted to ruin their friendship by some stupid feelings that he had been having for a week . . . . a month . . . . a year. He clutched his head suddenly as he began to hear the faint sound of screaming. It was coming back to haunt him, he let go of the doorframe and grabbed his head with both arms. He collapsed on the floor rocking backwards and forwards, the pain was unbearable. He needed to get away from it.

            Kari nearly shrieked when Tk dropped onto the floor. She immediately knelt in front of him, while Davis went to the nurses office.

"Tk, what's the matter? Please tell me!"

"The digital world" Tk chocked out, "It needs help" He trailed off collapsing on the floor. Kari pulled him into her lap and gently stroked his hair.

"It will be okay. I'll stop this" She paused for a few seconds before continuing, "It's my turn to protect you."

            Tk opened his eyes slowly and sat up, he was back lying on someone's bed. Looking around he saw a computer and lots of techno stuff, Izzy's. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed Tk stood up. He didn't feel as bad as he had done, he listened out and heard the sound of voices coming from a near by room. Staggering into the room Tk looked at his friends. They were all sitting down discussing the digital world. Kari looked up as soon as he came into the room.

"You're awake!" She cried out standing up and running over to him. She pulled him into a hug and he hugged her back gently. Matt made it to Tk in a few seconds, "You okay squirt? Kari said something about the digital world." Tk nodded and they pulled him onto the sofa while Izzy fetched him a drink.

"Thanks" He whispered as he took a sip.

"So what's been going on?" Tk explained to them about his sickness and the screams of pain in his ears.

"So Izzy" Tai said taking control of the situation, "What did the e-mails say?"

Izzy picked his laptop off the table and opened it. After typing a few things he looked up, "The e-mail said there has been a great disturbance in the digital world. No one knows what is going on. Some of the strongest digimon are turning evil and attacking the others, most digimon are started to give up and are letting themselves be destroyed. Primary village has been taken over by a dark mist and no one can get in." There was a heavy silence, a blanket of fear had settled on the digidestined.

"Well there's only one thing we can do." Everyone looked at their leader, Tai stood up, "Tell Gennai to get us over as fast as possible." Izzy bent over his computer and typed the message to Gennai, he got a reply in a few seconds.

"Done." A white light shot out of Izzy's computer and the group were sucked in.

            Tk opened his eyes and sat up. Looking round he saw the others strewn everywhere, they were all out of it. Standing up slowly he noticed that he felt one hundred percent better. A slight smile appeared on his lips, then he turned and took in his surroundings. He scanned the area for something he recognised, there was nothing. They were in a clearing in a forest and it was baking hot. Tk stepped into the trees, hoping to see their digimon or either one of their digimon friends. Seeing nothing he walked deeper into the forest, he heard voices far off. Turning he walked towards the voices quietly. He could hear some digimon talking about which way to go, they stopped talking when Tk trod on a stick. A white cat slinked out of the trees, she growled and then realised who it was.

"Guys, it's Tk!" A second after she said it a brown blur bolted out of the trees strait for Tk. The blonde fell over as Patamon hugged him tightly.

"Hi how are you lot?"

"We're sorta of okay. Where are the others?"

"In a clearing back there." Tk stated, pointing his head in the right direction. Picking himself up with Patamon in his arms Tk started back to the clearing, the digimon followed.

"So Tk, how's the real world?"

"It's alright, we're all okay I think."

"Think meaning . . . ." Gabumon enquired, turning to look at Tk.

"Everyone else was knocked out and I'm not sure if they're hurt or something."

"Don't make us worry." Gatomon said from her perch on his shoulder. This was a privilege because for ages she had only really trusted Kari. Sure she liked the others but her being Myotismon's servant for ages had made her wary. And the only person she had really showed affection to was her partner, until her and Tk had become closer. The cat digimon trusted Tk with Kari's life and found he was a wonderful friend.

"Tk!" A faint yelling made it's ways through the trees, Tk broke into a run heading for the sound where the voice came from.


            Matt shoved the branches of a bush apart as he searched for his little brother. He had been shaken awake to be told by Tai that Tk was missing. Once they managed to wake everyone up they had split up and were searching the outer areas of the clearing.

"Tk, where are you?" Matt was beginning to panic. After five minutes of searching, they had to go back. And the five minutes ended about now. He slowly slunk back to the clearing, where the digidestined were gathering.

"What do you think happened to him?" Davis had just finished asking as Tk pushed himself through the trees to reach them. Matt's face broke into a smile as he ran forward to embrace his brother, Patamon and Gatomon got out of the way just in time. After Matt had scolded his brother for running off he broke away to see a group of digimon behind his brother. Matt couldn't say anything because the wind was knocked out of him as Gabumon launched himself into Matt's arms. Laughter filled the air as the digidestined met up with their partners again.

            Tk sighed and stared into the velvet sky. Night had fallen hours ago but he couldn't sleep. Once they had become reacquainted the group had set out for Gennai's house. They had travelled for hours through the forest while their digimon told them what had been happening in detail. Tk was now lying in the open staring at the stars, the illness had gone away but he was worried that the dreams wouldn't. He started to trace the patterns, playing a kind of connect the dots with his fingers. A face loomed in front of his own and a pair of twinkling crimson eyes peered into his own.

"Did you even try to get to sleep?"

"No." Tk said rolling away from her. She smiled and said down beside him as he pulled himself up.

"You said the illness had gone, so shouldn't the dreams?"

"I dunno, they probably will have but every time I shut my eyes and I hear the screaming start in my ears."

Kari was silent for a while as if thinking through what she was about to say, "Patamon's been ill recently." Tk turned and started at Kari, she wouldn't meet his eyes.

"Patamon hasn't told anyone. But Gatomon noticed and told me when she asked about you being ill. She thinks that if you're both ill it might have something to do with your crest." Tk lay down and stared at the sky, "You might be right."

A roar split the air, Tk sat bolt up right and looked around. Something dark was coming towards him and Kari. He pulled his friend up and dragged her back towards the camp. But the creature had already seen them and had started to run.

Hope you all like it. This story is gonna have a lot of romance, as well as action!