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Hope to Despair. Chapter Four.

            Tk pulled himself to his feet, only to fall over again. The ground was shaking with the pound of thousands of feet. He looked up and saw at least a hundred black digimon making their way towards them.

"They're the digimon that lived here." Kumamon whispered, pain filled eyes staring at them.

"We can't hurt them. They're under control." Mimi whispered, she stared at the mass of darkness making their way towards them.

"Run!" Tai screamed and he turned and bolted. The others following suit turning and running as fast as their legs would carry them.

"Make us digivolve." Biyomon said, Sora nodded pulling her digivice out. There was a chorus of "Digivolve" and bright light and their digimon stood before them. Climbing onto to their digimon they started to take off when . . . . "Tk!"

The blonde hadn't got on Pegasusmon's back, in fact he had stopped running. He scooped Kumamon up in his arms and put him on Pegasusmon's back. The dark digimon were a foot away, Kari and Nefertimon turned back flying towards the three. Tk reached out for Pegasusmon and they reached for him, but he was pulled into the arms of a dark digimon.


Kari screamed franticly, Pegasusmon was to far behind but they weren't. She saw the blonde hair amidst the sea of black, the cat digimon dove and Kari reached out for the blonde. Her hand grabbed hold of his sleeve and she tugged, only to have her arm grabbed and to be pulled into the grasps as well. Their partners digimon dove trying desperately to get them back. It was no use, some of them including the ones holding Kari and Tk turned and ran away while the rest turned and stood their ground. Anger shot through Matt as he turned to see his little brother and the girl he liked to called his second sibling be taken away from him.

"Try only to knock them out, we may be able to turn them back again."

The others nodded and the battle began. The digidestined fought for as long as they could, but it was no use. There digimon started to de-digivolve and Tk and Kari might be miles away in any direction by then. So a rather defeated group of ten digidestined turned tail and ran back to Gennai's.


            Kari rattled the bars of the cage, glaring slightly. Her and Tk had been carried for hours and were taken into a dark building. They had been taken through winding passages and dumped in a cage in a dungeon. She glanced over at the blonde, his eyes were closed and his face was incredibly pale. Shuffling over Kari knelt beside the boy, gently wiping some stray blonde locks from his forehead. Kari paused his forehead was incredibly hot, she bent down and whispered in his ear trying to wake him. The blonde moaned and slowly opened his eyes, they were slightly glazed and he had time focussing on her.

"Tk are you alright?"

"The darkness is surrounding me."


"The despair that's surrounding the digimon it's taking my strength from me. I can't fight it."

He then turned and pulled himself into a ball, tears pricking his eyes. Kari shook him gently, getting no response.

"Tk come on, wake up. Please you can't give up it just isn't you."

Tears began to fall down her cheeks as she felt his pulse, which was slow and erratic.

"I couldn't stand it if you didn't make it. I care about you too much, you mean the world to me and . . . and"

She trailed off, her heart stopping as she felt the pulse beneath her fingers fade. She chocked, laying her head on Tk's body, her tears soaking his shirt. A pink light shone on her chest, "Please don't give up, I need you."

The light brightened, and it reached Tk in the darkness that surrounded him. He was floating in a world of darkness, it wrapped around him like a fog. Pulling him down, down down into the depths of despair. A pink light flickered a long way off and Tk stared at it, warmth was seeping from it, trying to reach him. He stretched out his hand towards the light and he found himself being enveloped by it. Warmth flew through his being and the darkness began to fade. Tk's eyes flickered open and he shifted slightly. Kari's head snapped up and she turned to stare as the blonde rolled over and flashed her a small smile. She smiled through her tears and bent down and buried her face in his chest. He gently stroked Kari's hair before she sat up and pulled Tk up by the hands. He bent down and whispered, "I need you too." Before sitting up and looking round.

"We need to get out of here."

Tk nodded glancing round, trying to see if there was a way out. Nothing, nothing at all. Tk sighed resting his chin on top of Kari's head. She was right, he couldn't give up, he wouldn't. A dark, once good digimon walked in. Throwing open the cell door and grabbing hold of Tk and Kari. He carried them, one under each arm. The pair were to tired to fight and just lay there in the digimon's arms. They found themselves setting off yet again. To where they didn't know, but Tk knew who was going to be at the other end.


            Matt ran, ignoring the wind wiping his hair and the dirt flying into his eyes. He had to get there, he had to help Tk. Gennai had been brief, digimon were despairing all over  the digital world. The main sense of despair and darkness though was coming from file island, from a certain mountain. The digidestined were making their way there, hoping that Kari and Tk would be there. The longer Tk spent in Devimon's company the more of his soul would be taken. Matt glanced over at Tai, who was running beside him. The two had never run so fast in their lives, for they knew that being a second too late could cost them the lives of their siblings. They reached the mountain, not stopping for a moment they run up. Four digimon following them. Towards the top towards the darkness. The other digidestined were behind them, but it didn't matter they had to find them! Racing up to the top Matt and Tai stopped dead. Devimon was hovering above the ground a few feet away from them, a twisted smile dancing across his face.

"So good to see you again."

Matt let out a low growl, his eyes narrowing.

"Where are they?"

"Who?" Devimon, well MetalDevimon Agumon told Tai.

"Our little brother and sister!"

"Oh, well now you mention it." He said and waved his hand. Two digimon stepped forward with Tk and Kari held tightly in his hands. The remaining digidestined arrived at this point, staring at the forms of the two comrades.

"I would have finished of the boy earlier, but I wanted you all to witness this."

If there had been any hesitation in destroying MetalDevimon it vanished now. Matt ground his teeth, fighting the urge to run over and punch MetalDevimon. But the fact that he wouldn't even scratch him stopped him. Along with the knowledge that one wrong move could end the lives of both.

"We're going to play the game by my rules. Digimon stand to the left, digidestined the right. And if you'd be kind enough to give me your digivices."

Low growls and curses were emitted but they did what he said, tossing their digivices at him as they walked to the side.

"Thank you. Now let's start shall we."

He turned his malicious red eyes towards Tk and stretched out a hand. He pulled the struggling boy from the digimon.

"Prepare to die . . ."

He lifted Tk up towards him.

"Prepare for your friends to join you . . ."

He held Tk in front of him, breathing in some of Tk's golden glow.

"And prepare to loose your hope."

Tk's eyes snapped open. His hope, his meaning for life. His hope that his parents would get together, his hope that his brother would be able to spend more time with him, his hope that Tai would win his next soccer match, his hope that whatever happened to him every innocent person or digimon was alive and happy. He wasn't going to loose that, he wasn't going to die knowing that he let MetalDevimon hurt everyone he cared about. The faint glow which had been dark black suddenly burst into a brilliant gold. MetalDevimon cried out throwing Tk away from him. And turned back to his hurt hand, which had been burnt by Tk's sudden glow. Tk plummeted towards the ground, but as he lit up so did Patamon. The small digimon transformed in a matter of seconds, not to Angemon, not to MagnaAngemon but to . . . .


And angel coated in golden armour stood before them, for a second. Before he dived catching Tk and pulling into his arms. The angel digimon set Tk down away beside the digidestined, while this happened the other digimon had leaped into action attacking the dark digimon holding Kari. The girl dropped to the ground and sprinted towards her brother who hugged her tightly. Seraphimon faced MetalDevimon, who gave the angel a nasty smile.

"I suppose you think that because you digivolved yet again, that you are going to beat me? Well think again because I have taken even of your pathetic human's soul to digivolve."

And with that a black light enveloped MetalDevimon and he changed into "MegaDevimon."

His armour had gone a dark grey almost black and had spikes on the shoulder pads, and long knives produced out of his hands. He opened his red eyes and stared at Seraphimon for a few second before raising a hand and flying at him. Seraphimon reached forward and grabbed hold of the devil's wrist, then ducked as MegaDevimon brought his other hand round at the angel's head. Flying above slightly, Seraphimon shot out a stream of golden light which MegaDevimon dodged. Before firing his own attack back at his foe. They carried on fighting, gold clashing with black, twirling higher and higher into the sky. But MegaDevimon had absorbed to much of Tk's hope, and Seraphimon was greatly weakened by this and the angel soon began to tire. MegaDevimon backhanded Seraphimon and the angel crashed into the mountain. Dust filled the air but the angel didn't move.

"I believe you have lost. And everything you value is about to be destroyed."


Everyone turned to face Tk, the boy's fist were clenched and he was shaking with anger.

"I won't let you! You've hurt me, digimon and my friends and family. I won't let you hurt them any more, even if it costs me my life I will happily sacrifice it knowing that I have gotten rid of you and the evil you represent."

While he said this a wind had whipped up around Tk. He was pulled into the air the wind still surrounding him much like a tornado now and it gold. First very light then getting stronger and stronger, whipping around Tk so fast you couldn't see him. And then abruptly it shot off surrounding MegaDevimon who desperately tried to fight it off. Seraphimon rose slightly and whispered a quite but firm "Seven Heavens."

Seven balls of golden light shimmered around the angel, they grew stronger ad stronger until the holy digimon held up one hand. They shot out towards the devil, crashing into him and ripping him apart. But it didn't stop there, the golden light exploded covering the sky and as it did it wiped out the bits of black data that were the last remains of Devimon.

            Matt took his hand away from his eyes and looked around, elven of the digidestined were sprawled on the floor their digimon beside them. But one was missing.


"Tk where are you?"

No reply, panic began to fill Matt. He struggled to his feet and ran forward, calling out and searching for his brother. He had to find him.

            They had searched for hours, to no avail. They had found no trace of Tk or Patamon.

"Matt" Izzy whispered, placing a comforting hand on the blonde's shoulder, "Do you remember what Tk said?"

"Which part?"

"The bit where he said: 'even if it costs me my life I would happily sacrifice it'?"

Matt spun round and faced Izzy, and for once Matt brought his barrier down. All his emotions were plain to view, and they weren't nice.

"Please Izzy, don't tell me what I think you're going to say."

"For a digimon to digivolve we have to represent our special trait. That special trait can be turned into a great power and can destroy the evil. But it is a part of us, a vital part. And When we help our digimon to digivolve we get that power back, but I don't think Tk got his."

"Why not?"

Izzy gestured down the mountain side and Matt looked. The dark rolling clouds had been pushed away and the great holes that had represented many a hard and painful battle had vanished. The digital world had been set to right, with Tk's hope. Matt looked back at Izzy tears welling in his eyes, before he burst into hysterical sobs. Dropping to his knees the blonde wrapped his arms round himself and rocked backwards and forwards.

Tk was gone. Tk was gone. Tk was gone. Tk was gone. Tk was gone. Tk was gone. Tk was gown.

Matt felt people envelop him in a hug but id didn't help him. The only thing he felt was the overwhelming pain of loosing his little brother.

            After Matt had managed to get up and move away they had walked down. Tears still streamed down the blonde's face as e made his way back. They were walking past a clump of trees at the foot of the mountain when Gatomon stopped, her ears pricked.

"What is it Gato?"

The cat didn't reply at first, just cocked her head to the side as if listening to some invisible force. Before uttering one word, "Patamon."

Matt spun round to stare at the cat, hope dancing across his face. Izzy and Tai instantly told the cat to shut up and that it was scientifically impossible for Patamon to be alive if Tk wasn't and how could she tell anyway.

"Be quiet! Me and Pata have a bond just like Tk and Kari and I'm telling you that he is in there."

And with that she darted into the forest, Kari followed her partner leaving a rather stunned group of digidestined behind them.

"It's impossible. Isn't it?" Tai whispered, turning o face Izzy. The brunette shot Matt a worried look, who didn't notice as he was pushing past the others to get to the forest.

            Matt and Gabumon caught up with Kari and Gatomon and the four were making their way through the forest towards where Gatomon said Patamon was. They stepped into a huge clearing where the trees had been knocked down from sine fallen form. There was a slight dent in the earth, Matt started to push the waist high grass aside. And stopped at what he saw. Tk was lying on the floor deathly pale, Patamon clamped tightly in his arms. Matt let out a strangled cry and dropped to his knees beside his brother.

"Tk wake up." He whimpered shaking his brother slightly, "please Tk wake up! Wake up!"

Kari ran over to Matt joining him on the floor. Placing her fingers on his wrist she checked his pulse.

"I can hardly feel it."

Matt let out a chocked sob, they had found him but he was going to die anyway.

"Pick him up Matt, Joe will be able to help!"

Nodding Matt scooped his little brother into his arms and ran back the way he came. Kari trailing him with Patamon snugly wrapped in her own arms.

            Joe sighed and pushed his glasses back up his nose.

"His pulse his weak and erratic. Even with proper hospital facilities I don't think he could be saved. It's like Izzy said, he's lost more than a bit of blood, he's lost part of his soul. I don't even now how he's still alive now."

"So you're saying it's no good? He's going to die?"

Joe nodded and glanced at Matt, the blonde reached on and brushed a strand of hair away from his brother's face.

"Goodbye Tk."

"How dare you!"

Everyone turned to stare at Kari, and Matt swore he could feel the anger imitating off her.

"Matt after all those times Tk's never given up on you, you're going to give up on him? All those times when everything seems wrong Tk's helped us. Given us the strength to carry on fighting our battles. After he's sacrificed so much of his life to help us you're going to let him leave us without fighting for him? He did this for a reason, hope. He may be going but I haven't lost my hope yet, I will save him. Even if the rest of you don't try to help me. Because nothing can stop me."

They stared at her in disbelief, quiet, kind Kari had just yelled at them. Then it struck them what she was saying. All those small little things, like being there for a soccer game or making you not gave up on a test and sacrificing your own time to help you study. Every small thing he did came together and they realised suddenly how much Tk did for them.

"What do we do?" Mimi whispered, though her jaw was set with determination.

"Gennai." Izzy said before turning and holding his digivice out to Tentamon who digivolved. Everyone copied and soon they were flying through the air towards Gennai's.

            Matt watched Gennai rub his chin thoughtfully, his anger bubbling at the time he was taking.

"Can't you think any quicker?"

Gennai looked up at them, a smile on his face. Which served to infuriate Matt even further.

"Tk will be fine."

"How can you say that?! He's dieing in there!"

"No with a lot of rest and some care he'll be fine."

"How?" Tai whispered, at a loss for words at the miracle.

"Tk gave up all the remaining hope he had left. Which in turn was giving up his soul. His hope spread across the world fixing and taking care of it. But when his hope destroyed Devimon the despair that he had stolen from Tk turned back into hope. This hope went back to Tk and managed to keep him alive. And the rest of his soul won't come back until the digital world is repaired and safe."

"But the digital world will never truly be safe so it's gone forever."

"No you don't understand. Safe from this threat. Once it is sure that Devimon is gone it will slowly start to come back to Tk."

"How long will that take?"

"Weeks, months I don't know. Just make sure he isn't allowed out of bed for at least a month if not more."

Nodding the digidestined smiled at each other. He was going to be alright, Tk was going to come back to them.


            Kari smiled as she ran up the steps three at a time. It had been two months since Tk had nearly died, his mother had been told what happened. And she had made up an excuse to keep Tk off school. And the blonde had was starting back tomorrow. But what had really made her day was when Tk had been talking to her over the phone. He had first thanked her for knocking some sense into the others before telling her that there was something he wanted to show her. She smiled to herself, she loved spending time with Tk. He was the only person that understood her completely. She pulled a key to Tk's out of her pocket. Miss Takaishi had given her one when she had visited Tk twice sometime three times a day. Walking into the apparent she looked round, she spotted the baloney door was open and went over. Tk was staring out at the city, his eyes closed with the wind playing across his face.

"Hey Keru."

He smiled and turned to face her, "Hi Kari."


He nodded and pulled her into his arms, she smiled into his chest as he began to play with her hair.

"What id you want to show me?"

"Oh that. Look out at the city." Kari obeyed staring out at the houses in the dying light.

"So many people out there base their lives on two things. What are they?"

Kari looked up at Tk, but the blonde wouldn't look at her.

"I don't know. What do they base their lives on?"

"I only base my life on one of the things they do because the second is already a part of me. They base their lives on Hope, hope that they'll make it through to the light at the end of the tunnel. Light the second thing they base their lives on. The thing that will make everything seem brighter and better."

He paused to take a breath, running a hand through his messy hair.

"I only base my life on Light. My light being you Kari. You make my day so much brighter just be being there. You understand me like no other. I don't know what I would do without you." He turned to face her, he opened his mouth when a hand covered it.

"I know what you're trying to say." She whispered her eyes never leaving his, "I feel it to. If I had lost you. Well . . .  we would be meeting in heaven again very soon."

Tk slowly pulled her hand away from his mouth and bent down and kissed her. Their lips lightly brushing against each others. Tk slowly wrapped his arms around her waist, as she slipped her own around his neck. The two stayed locked together for what seemed like forever, but it wasn't long enough. When they finally came up for air they leant against each other, their foreheads touching. They smiled, fires might spread, dams might burst, wars may brew but forever would Light and Hope remain by each others sides.

The End.

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"Hold it!"

Tk runs in, waving his arms.

"You don't want to miss the previews do you?"

The digidestined run in with sweets and drinks and sit down in some chairs.

The two greatest spies In Japan . . .

"Tk, Matt we need you right away."

"You always do."

Have a new mission . . .

"Prepare yourselves because you're not going to like this."

"What makes you think  going and getting ourselves nearly killed all the time likeable?"

But this time it's personal . . .

"They have the Kamiyas."

The world is against them going . . .

"It's too dangerous. They're just children. They can't do this alone."

But nothing will stop them . . .

"We'll do whatever it takes to save them, even if it means kicking your arse to Australia."

"I thought you were going to surrender then."

"Think again."

Yamato Ishida and Takeru Takaishi stare in the new fic . . . .

Teenage agent . . . . TWO!

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