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Harry Potter was not having a good day. In the morning, he woke up, the sun was shining, the birds were doing their bird stuff, and he very calmly sipped some Earl Grey tea on his couch.

Then they struck. It hadn't even been three years since the Battle of Hogwarts and there was already another idiot trying to take over the world. And these ones' weren't even original, they were just following Tom Riddle's legacy, spouting nonsense about how the Dark Lord was a martyr for their righteous cause and how they would honor his sacrifice.

And that wasn't even the worst part of the day.

Oh yes, it got worse. Much worse. Turned out these troublesome idiots decided they were going to off the savior of the wizarding world by dumping him in the Veil of Death as a sacrifice to get some stupid mythical stones that they believed could revive Moldyshorts to life. All this he had found out from a bulky henchman, the moron. Never reveal your secrets to your target.

They ambushed Harry Potter at his house; unfortunately for them, the idiots forgot that the Boy-Who-Lived only survived as long as he has because of paranoia. Extreme paranoia. Hiding as a fugitive for almost a year with death hanging over your head appeared to do that to people.

So of course his house and yard were littered with traps, and of course his wand along with a gun -muggle weapons were useful, purebloods never saw them coming- next to his morning tea. Harry smiled as he set off numerous traps with a flick of his wrist.

Ahh, how he loved the screams of Death Eaters in the morning.

Sadly for Harry, one of the masked men was actually competent. Or at least smart enough to duck and cover once he saw his target smile. Probably the leader of this merry band of turd-pies. He also didn't seem like one to waste time monologuing about how Harry was hopelessly trapped and how he'll take over the whole tri-state area. Or something. Anyways, back to the story.

Potter nearly became headless from a severing charm, but as he ducked he realized his mistake. The masked leader had two wands -most unusual for wizards, because you'd have to be ambidextrous to use both at the same time- and had shot two spells at Harry.

One was the severing charm, the other was a noxious yellow color and also was about to hit Harry in his chest. He managed to dodge in time so the spell only grazed his upper arm, but it still hurt like hell. The strange yellow spell had damaged the nervous system in Harry's shoulder, quickly making his whole arm numb.

Crap on a spatula, Harry thought, if this makes me late for Teddy's birthday party Ginny'll rip off my limbs and beat me to death with them. Now properly motivated Harry took cover behind his couch. The lone Death Eater shot an exploding hex in the direction his target took cover in. Potter used wandless magic to make a shield around himself, the poor couch was not so lucky. Man, I liked that couch.

Fast forward to one hour later at St. Mungo's Hospital

SLAP. Harry stared in surprise as his girlfriend removed her hand. Not surprise at being slapped, that happened a lot with their many fights, just surprise that Ginny would do that after he'd just been injured so much. Then she spontaneously burst into tears and ran out of the room. Women were strange, complicated creatures.

"What…?" He just stared blankly into space for a few minutes, and tried to comprehend why she would be so upset. He didn't die -even if he felt like crap- and he managed to take out over a dozen Death Eater's single-handed!

"She's just upset because you keep getting into such dangerous situations. She's worried about you, and she is starting to think you're doing this on purpose. She wants you to be normal and settle down, be who you were." A soft voice called out from across the white hospital room. Harry turned his head to see Luna sitting on top of the rudimentary dresser by the wall, she was wearing her patented butterbeer cap necklace and radish earrings.

"Maybe all the danger is just part of who I am…?" Harry whispered, more to himself than to his friend. "If I take that away… who am I? I can't be normal, hell, I've never been normal! My whole life I've had goals to live for, impossible tasks to complete, and now that it's over I just… I don't…"

"-have a purpose." Luna finished for him, her normally glassy-eyed gaze was serious and focused on him. "You feel as if you don't belong, as if you shouldn't be here, and you're right." Harry's eyes widened at the blonde's words. Could she know…? But how would she make the connection when I was sure that no one would ever know -would ever find out about those marks. The mark of Death…

Harry was disturbed from his slightly panicked train of thought when Luna handed him something and turned to leave; in his hand was a crimson feather. A phoenix feather. He looked up, startled, why would she-

"Because you'll need it where you're going. I'm sure the two of you will find it very useful." She gave a last, dreamy smile before she skipped out of the room, giving no heed to Harry's questioning splutters. Before Harry could have even begun to ponder if Luna was secretly a drug addict; he quickly pocketed the magic item as his room was interrupted yet again. This time by Mrs. Weasley, who was carrying a blue-haired toddler. A very distressed toddler.

The little boy wiggled free from the woman's arms and stumbled to Harry's bed. The twenty-year-old groaned as he sat upright and gently picked up Teddy and maneuvered the lad in his lap. He was still sore from the fight an hour ago, too bad the one that managed to injure him got away. I'd have liked to stick a knife up his-

As Harry's godson buried his little head into his neck and started crying, the young Potter wondered why his thought process kept getting broken. He mentally shrugged, maybe it's just a side-effect of having Luna Lovegood as a friend.

He awkwardly patted Teddy on the back, not sure exactly what to do with crying children. Or crying anything, really. The toddler grabbed the fabric of Harry's shirt and sobbed into it. The green-eyed young man scooped up his little companion and hugged him close to his chest. I need to cheer him up, he shouldn't be so sad on his birthday. I know! Molly can handle this, she understands children. Before Harry could say anything, the room's third occupant gently patted Teddy on the head, and turned to leave.

"I'll give you two some space, if you need me I'll be in the waiting room down the hall." Molly Weasley smiled warmly and left, Harry could hear his mother-figure comment to herself about how cute Harry was as a father. I'd make a terrible parent, I can't even calm down one kid…

"Teddy? What's wrong? Please tell me… I can't help you if you don't tell me." Potter practically begged his godson, he really had no idea what he was doing, what were Remus and Tonks thinking? Making me their son's godfather… The blue-haired bundle in his arms sniffled and mumbled something incoherent.

"What was that little man? I didn't catch it." Harry could hear Teddy attempt to take a deep breath while hiccuping.

"I j-just don' wanna lose you, you're l-like my daddy. You can't jus' leave me. Gramma wen' away and now I jus' hav' you.." Harry was shocked, he didn't realize how close Teddy was to him, but it made him feel strangely warm inside. He looked down at his godson as the little one shifted and met his eyes, Teddy's metamorphmagus abilities made his watery eyes change to emerald-green, the same shade as Harry's own.

"Teddy I-" Potter's throat felt rough as he stared into his mother's eyes. "I'll never leave you. I promise." He said, barely more than a whisper.

"Pinky swear?" Harry nodded and smiled as his adorable godson linked their fingers with a serious face that just was too cute. I'm sorry, because of what I am, I won't always be able to be with you, he thought sadly. But I will enjoy as much time as I can get. Harry grinned and started tickling the toddler in front of him, Teddy started squealing in laughter in the way only small children could.

"Be happy Teddy, it's your birthday! How old are you now?" Harry said as he stopped ticking the little boy so the kid could breathe. After calming his breathing, Teddy grinned at his father-figure.

"Three! I'm three years ol' and soon I'll be five!" Teddy then pouted as Harry laughed at his declaration.

"Sorry little buddy, next year you'll be four, then the year after you'll be five. So… two more years." Potter grinned as Teddy pouted even more, please take your time, Teddy. There's no rush, I won't be going anywhere, I'll always be there for you, as long as you live… my son.


Teddy was helping his daddy with paperwork, he stamped the dates in the corners of the parchment -even if sometimes it was upside down- and when his daddy gave him papers to shred he would put them in the basket on top of the shredder -daddy said he was too little to use it- but the best part was when daddy was finished with his report thing and took him to the elevator.

The elevator was very fun, there was paper planes flying by themselves up on the ceiling, and a voice that told you the floor. Right then the voice -daddy had said it was recorded- told them that they were at the Department of Mysteries. Teddy did not like that place, it felt weird. Wrong. But daddy didn't understand, he just said that he was called to check something. He said it was not dangerous, but the wrong feeling just kept getting worse.

Daddy stopped walking and started to speak to some people with the same uniform as him. They were in front of a big room and Teddy could hear whispers from the other side. Very bad whispers, but there was one whisper that was calling for Teddy's daddy, he couldn't hear the words, but he knew what it meant anyway.

"Teddy, wait outside with the nice men and I'll be right back." Daddy smiled at him, and Teddy liked these smile; daddy only gave them to him. Teddy nodded and daddy went through the door, shutting it behind him. Even though Teddy didn't like the room with the whispers, he knew that daddy wouldn't leave him. When daddy promised to always be with Teddy, he felt something happen; something very tingly, but it also felt very warm. Like daddy's hugs, but it never left Teddy.

There was a bright light coming from under the door, the men by Teddy didn't notice anything, but he did. He bent down to get closer to the light, it was very pretty, and also had whispers. But these whispers were soft, and they asked him very nicely to enter the room. Teddy looked up and saw that the nice men that daddy left him with had fallen asleep. They must have been very tired, the toddler mused.

As Teddy tried to reach for the handle, the door opened up by itself. Teddy thought it was a very nice door. He walked into the cold room, his small footsteps echoing fairly loud in the silence. It was quiet, but the whispers were loud, so loud that Teddy could almost make out what some were trying to say.

"D-daddy? Where did you go?" The whispers kept getting louder, they wanted something, and that made Teddy scared. What if they want daddy? I-if they do.. I'll just have to stop them. Teddy balled his little fists and confidently walked forward, his daddy was not going anywhere without him.

But where was his daddy? Teddy kept on looking, it was a very big room; with a huge ceiling and rows and rows of benches. The only thing out of place was this weird black tarp in the middle of the big room that looked very old and was ripped in several places. The whispers were the loudest near it, some of the nice whispers were there too. Teddy was curious, so he walked closer.

"No! Put me down!" Teddy screamed as he was suddenly picked up, a hand covered his mouth and stopped the noise. The blue-haired toddler felt tears in his eyes, he was terrified. A strong pair of arms gently turned him around and Teddy relaxed as he saw the messy black hair and emerald green eyes of his daddy. Just as he was about to ask a question, his daddy put a finger on his lips and shook his head, Teddy stayed quiet. When the dim lighting caught a glimmer of red dripping down Harry's face the little boy sniffled and burrowed his head into his daddy's front.

Harry sighed soundlessly as he watched his godson attempt to stifle his sobbing. His head ached, Teddy was crying, and there was still at least two Death Eaters in the room. Turns out the ones who attacked him yesterday were just weak cannon fodder sent to test him.

Now Harry didn't have the high ground, he no longer had the advantage of home turf and enough traps to make an Indiana Jones movie writer proud. And if that wasn't bad enough, he had to keep a young child out of the range of fire. He knew something must have happened to the guards outside, they wouldn't have let Teddy out of their sights otherwise.

The Veil of Death seemed to beckon him, to call him closer, whispering that if only he took a few more steps, everything would be okay... Harry shook his head roughly, almost stumbling from the dizziness that caused. Seems like I have a concussion, oh joy. Teddy looked up at him in worry, Harry ruffled his hair to reassure the little guy. We need to get out of here.

Merlin, now he understood what they meant by 'Potter Luck', only a Potter could find himself in such a ridiculous situation with absolutely no warning. How a routine check on the Veil of Death -which had been unusually quiet since The Battle of Hogwarts- could turn into an attempt on his life, even though he wasn't sure what the Veil could do to him after his... discovery. And I don't want to find out.

Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath, remembering the faces of his friends for strength. His friendship with Ron and Hermione wasn't the same after the war, they thrived in the peace, but Harry Potter couldn't do that; no matter what he did, he just couldn't stop looking over his shoulder. Harry was happy for them when he heard of their engagement. But they were no longer as close as they once were, the Golden Trio would never be the same.

Luna stayed the same, always cheerful throughout everything; she was his rock, his shoulder to cry on when Andromeda Tonks -Teddy's grandmother- passed away. Unfortunately, that closeness was the instigator of many fights between him and Ginny. Ginny... she never really warmed up to his godson, and that had always made Harry doubt the future of their relationship.

Harry's head throbbed painfully, the whispers from the Veil grew even louder, he could make out some words every now and then. He grunted and fell to his knees as he suddenly started to feel drained, like his energy was being siphoned away. He held Teddy close to his chest as he heard the remaining Death Eaters start to surround him. The Veil was deafening, his ears were starting to throb along with his head.

The Death Eaters circled them, their wands pointed towards Harry Potter's form warily. Teddy sobbed quietly into his chest, Harry felt his heart ache, I can't let anything happen to my son. The emerald-green eyes of the man who killed the Dark Lord hardened into stone. I WON'T let anything happen to my son! Despite feeling beyond tired, Harry wearily stood up and glared with silent fury at the Death Eaters surrounding him. A few of the masked men took a step back at the terrifying look.

"Look at this! The great Harry Potter refuses to admit he's lost, even though he should just lie down and die like a dog. It was only luck that let him defeat our Lord." The Death Eater said, Harry recognized his voice from the day before when the man was yelling orders. It's the one with the two wands, that son of a nutcracker. Harry's eyes widened as he felt some sort of energy surrounding him, it was powerful, and the whispers of the Veil were no longer just whispers.

"W-what the... What is that?" The trio of masked men stumbled as they backed away from man cloaked in deathly black energy in front of them. No human on Earth should have looked like that; raven-black hair whipping around in nonexistent wind, emerald eyes glowing with power. The sight was horrifying.

"Is this what you call luck? Look at what you have decided to pick a fight with! I am The Master of Death... And I will not be put down by the likes of you." Harry Potter felt like he could do anything, and that invigorated him. Never before had he felt such power, it made him want to laugh at the pitiful sight of the so called "Death Eaters" in front of him.

These aren't my thoughts.. What is happening to me? All of a sudden time seemed to slow, then stop altogether. Harry gripped Teddy tightly as he fell, feeling more exhausted than he has ever been in his life. As he collapsed into unconsciousness the last thing Harry saw was a black figure walking towards him, with a shimmering, torn cloak.

When Death felt his master was ready he began to plot ways to take the descendant of the third Peveral brother away from this world. The world of magic no longer needed his master, but there was another universe that contained those who wish to defy him, much like Tom Riddle. And what was the best way to convince someone to do something? Their children of course, but his lord did not currently have an heir, so the small child that was given into his sovereign's care must suffice.

So when his lord made a promise to never leave the young metamorphi, Death made his move. Using an old kind of magic, Death bound his master and the young boy together with something akin to blood-adoption, he knew it was a success the moment the blue-haired toddler heard the voices of his portal. As the Entity of Decay walked out of his Veil and spotted his ruler collapsing from not being accustomed to his power, he smirked as he realized how soon The Master of Death would unlock his full potential.

Death noticed the toddler in his master's arms and his face distorted into something very remotely resembling a smile. The little boy peered curiously into the cowl of the entity's cloak, and Death couldn't help but wonder why his lord valued such a small and defenseless creature. He also questioned why the child did not run from his frightening form, instead the three-year-old was just sitting there, an inquisitive look on his small face. What a bizarre child.

"Is my daddy goin' to be okay?" As he heard the quiet inquiry Death, considered just knocking the boy out and sending the two through his portal, but he hesitated as he realized a clever way to insure his master had allies in the realm beyond his veil. Death smirked and collected his thoughts, simplifying the words in his head so the toddler in front of him would understand him.

"Your father is The Master of Death, and soon the two of you will be leaving this dimension. Here is what I'll need you to do..."


Director Nick Fury was a man who people said could order his own mother's assassination if it was for the greater good. He was the man who put the Avengers together. He was level ten in SHIELD. The only level ten. When The Board ordered a nuke to be launched on New York he tried his best to keep that from happening. But his best was not good enough.

Even Fury was surprised by Tony Stark, the self-proclaimed genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist who saved New York and countless lives by flying the bomb into the portal above the city. Tony Stark, the man without a heart, risked his life selflessly.

Nick Fury didn't get surprised often, but when he did, he yelled orders and flipped tables. That rarely happened, if ever, because Fury was rarely wrong. Turned out people really weren't just letters in a document. It really was impossible to figure out what exactly went on in someone's head.

So when a month after New York was attacked by the Chitauri with Loki's help, Director Nick Fury spotted yet another portal on SHIELD's radar, he pulled out all the stops. Immediately calling the Avengers to deal with what crap this random portal would bring to this world, Fury wondered why his life was just so strange.