This story occurs in some vague future time, and involves Monica's soul mate Don, who appeared in episode 816, The One Where Joey Tells Rachel. Yes, both Monica and Chandler claimed to not believe in soul mates in that episode, but Janice once claimed that she and Chandler were soul mates, and he didn't contradict her. Monica also called Chandler her soul mate in her wedding vows, so they are actually ambivalent about soul mates.

After an increasingly frustrating year of trying to conceive with Chandler, Monica got a pleasant surprise one evening, when Don dined at her new restaurant and asked to compliment the chef. They immediately recognized each other, and started talking like old friends about all that had changed since he had stopped dating Phoebe. Their conversation also turned to gourmet food, and Monica enjoyed someone being excited about and interested in her career for once. Long after Don left, she kept smiling to herself.

Don started coming by regularly, and soon they spent time away from her restaurant as well, meeting for coffee or for long walks around the city. It was a nice break for Monica from all the recent tension and fights at home, and Don was so easy to confide in.

One night, as they strolled down a sidewalk and swapped childhood stories about themselves, they stopped on a street corner to wait for the traffic. Don looked at her in the light of street lamps, and suddenly his laughter faded.

She met his eyes and realized that they were holding hands.

"I love you," he whispered.

She swallowed and answered quietly, "You know I'm married."

"I know." He let go of her hand and glanced away. "I'm sorry. A moment of weakness. Won't happen again, I promise."

She shook her head sadly. "I, um, I can't see you anymore. I've gotta, I've gotta go." She turned and ran off without even saying goodbye.

He watched her go, then stared up the sky and asked the heavens why he couldn't have met her sooner, before her marriage. Then he shivered against the cold, and whispered to himself, "Goodbye, Monica."

Suddenly he felt somebody crash into him, and found that it was Monica, coming back to embrace him. She had tears in her eyes and she kissed him. They clung to each other on that lonely street corner and didn't know what to do.