MANTIS AND SPIDERMAN IN: the small adventure

Authors note: this is my first story and the character mantis is my own and not the female they have the same name but are different and she is not in my universe that I'm making this story is about him and Spiderman team up comments are needed so I know what to do next thanks for your time.

On an average day in town square the news played there average report of the villainess spider man but one man didn't really care for any of the crap the reporter spoke no this man didn't care he had to worry about the creature his grunts released the mysterious man thought a loud "I wonder how I always hire the bad ones and aim and hydra get the decent grunts-"the man was interrupted by a crash in discarded alleyway "there we go got to get there first" when he reached the ally way he tore away his close to review his armor (it looks like green clone armor with two belts and his helmet was a hood with a bug mask)now he became mantis so he started forward with his drawn revolver towards the sound only to come face to face with spider man.

"hey pal where do you think you're doing with that "said Spiderman 'oh great this kid I don't need this' thought mantis "off to still more animal blood".

"no I'm after one of my pets what are you up to" he said gruffly I really don't need this 'but I could use competent help' mantis had a plan formed "hey so you want to help me out finding It".

"wait really you want me help you out" Spiderman thought about for a bit "sure what does it look like and how long do you think this would take I have a date".

"well the creature I'm looking for is not really that dangerous it is about the size of my hand so about an hour if my tracker is not on the fritz again" 'huh I really hope he is not hurt he's not tough for the real world like the rest' mantis thought sadly" so were looking for snaky the creature that's usually on my shoulder"

"ok ill help where do we-wait you heard a crash and you thought it was your small pet" Spiderman said 'what did he just say pet 'mantis thought though his posture was com and cool his face said shoot "ok lost my train of thought lets head out ill follow…I guess".

"well during are walk let me tell you how this happened. On a normal day I always walk Snaky in the park but-I had to deal with a grunt that fell and tipped over some chemicals so I order two of the GRUNTS to watch him" mantis said 'that's the last time I trust people with my friend 'mantis thought bitterly.'


"well I got my friend you were not late I fired my grunts and only one building fell and finally no casualties" said mantis standing buy peters hospital bed.

Thanks for reading this please comment and tell me what is good and bad I know this was small but next time I'll wright longer bye.