Day 0

"Damn it."

Darcy is now used to Jane's cursing from the other side of the lab, where the scientist has her head stuck in a heavy book, a pen scribbling away. Darcy doesn't even look up, choosing to stick to her own reading- a little lighter than Jane's, but still as intriguing for the confused Poli-Sci graduate who is still trying her hardest to get up to speed with the whole 'wormhole' thing.

Thor sits on the sofa, watching TV. His new love is game shows, which he watches non-stop thanks to the recording feature on their new set. He keeps the noise to a minimum though, knowing that Jane would rip his head off like an angry Chihuahua against a Great Dane if he so much as laughed whilst she worked.

The reason for all this heavy research? Jane takes one ride on the Bifrost with Thor and decides that she wants her own. She already has the Foster Theory- science crazy enough to be in Darcy's fiction books, but she's a menace- always wanting to go further. Props to her, she figures, if she wanted something, she'd do it, no matter how impossible it may seem.

When she'd told Darcy of her plan to build Earth their very own Bifrost, Darcy had laughed in her face. She isn't unfamiliar to Jane's radical ideas, but this is a new level of aspiration for the woman. Even SHIELD had considered it, but dropped the idea when it became too complex. And politics became involved.

But still, here she is, scrawling complicated formulas into notebooks filled with ideas and diagrams, and Darcy isn't going to lie- she's pretty sure Jane is close to finishing. Well, as far as Jane has told her, anyway. Even plans with SHIELD have been made.

Darcy is glad that Thor and Jane sorted the whole New York thing out. Thor came to visit her after he dropped his supervillain brother off in Asgard, and had been living with them ever since. Darcy counted the weeks. Must have been around 2 months now that they'd been out of Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms. She half wonders if sugar even exists on Asgard, or if they even missed him there.

Jane huffs for the millionth time, and Darcy rolls her eyes and smiles, looking over to her boss with a kind of admiration. The petite scientist has her head in her hands and her eyes screwed shut.

"Is it coffee time yet?" Darcy grins. She needs the caffeine- they'd been at this all day and her eyes were gluing themselves shut every time she blinked. She doesn't know how the hell Jane is still conscious- she'd been up all last night bashing around so much that Darcy had to put her iPod on just to fall asleep.

The mention of coffee perks Jane up. She jumps out of her seat and into life, shuffling around for her purse in the mess of papers. Thor's eyes, however, stay fixed to the TV, almost at the edge of his seat with fascination.

"I'll go get some from town. I need to stretch my legs." Jane says to Darcy. "My treat."

"You're the boss." She shrugs. "Take the blonde one with you- he hasn't been outside in days."

"It's is of no fault of my own your television programmes are so captivating." Thor pipes up from the sofa.

"You've been watching reruns of Jeopardy for the past three days, Thor. C'mon. Jane's hardly a good influence on you."

Thor looks to Jane over his shoulder and laughs heartily. He gets up and does a mock bow in Darcy's direction.

"As you wish, my lady."

"Damn straight." Darcy laughs and claims the sofa, sprawling over it and sighing as she sees Jane shove the research book frantically into her bag. Jane practically sleeps with the thing. No surprise there, she thinks with a grin.

Whilst Jane packs her things up, Thor approaches Darcy at her desk.

"Will Jane be able to keep this up much longer?" Thor says cautiously, quietly.

"Not if she doesn't sleep." Darcy scratches her head, leaning back on her chair. "But she's gone without it for longer in the past, I guess."

Thor smiles sadly. "I worry about her."

At this, Darcy feels a twinge of jealousy. What did an intern have to do around here to get a demi God completely and utterly devoted to her? She stands up and claps Thor on the shoulder lightly, smiling.

"I know you do, big guy." She looks over at Jane, who taps her foot impatiently at the door. "That makes the two of us."

Thor surprises her by taking her hand and kissing it lightly. He looks over to Jane and smiles, slowly walking over to her. Before he reaches her, he nods in Darcy's direction. "You are a good friend, Darcy."

Darcy clears her throat and blushes bright red as they head out of the door, her hand tingling. She laughs to herself in the empty lab, feeling a little more tired than before, her eyes now gluing shut every time she blinks. It would make sense not to start something new with coffee on its way right? Ten minutes, she promises herself as she throws herself down on the sofa, her eyes closing, no motivation left to keep them open.

No one notices the flash of green in the desert behind the lab.

When she wakes, she realises that she's made a huge mistake in even closing her eyes to begin with.

This isn't the lab she's woken up in.

Where the fuck is she?