Clary moaned softly shaking her head from side to side. "Luke… Oh God.. don't stop.." She moaned grabbing a fist full of his curly hair and pushing his head deeper into her neck where he was leaving little love bites and sucking on the place where he neck meet her shoulders..

"Come on Clary I wanna hear you moan my name.." He whispered seductively into her ear. Nibbling on it lightly earning him a low lustfilled moan from clary..

Clary reached down grabbing his dick firmly and started to stroke it lightly..

"If you want to tease me.. Then I will tease you…" She whispered back..

"Fuck Clary…" Luke moaned burying his head in the croak of her neck.

"Louder Luke.."


"Clary!" Luke shouted from the doorway… "Sweetie it's time to get up. You promised me we will be on time today."

"I am sorry Luke I know.. I forgot to set my alarm.."

Luke raised his eyebrows and pointed at her alarm clock that was going off rather loud.

"Well.. I guess I didn't hear it then.." She mumbled.

"It's alright. Just get up and get ready if you're late again your mother will kill me." He called out while he left her room.

Clary pulled the sheets back and gasp. The evidence of her sweet torturous dream was all over her leg. She came in her sleep dreaming about her sweet family friend having his way with her. Ever since Clary could remember she had a crush on Luke Garrorway. From his caramel skin to his shy smile the way his eyes change to a light gold color when he was angry to his muscular built. Clary loved it all. One summer while she was staying with Luke and she had a nightmare she made the mistake of going to his bedroom. Luke's bathroom door was wide open and Clary saw him through his transparent shower door. His big cock standing at attention in his hand and he was stroking his fast and furiously. His head was under the shower head and his hand was gripping the shower wall tightly.

From that moment on Clary wanted to have Luke in every way possible. She snatched off her sheets and threw them into the laundry hamper. It was a bright summer morning which meant working in the bookstore with Luke. During the summer she lived with Luke while her mother travel and sold art from different exhibits. She quickly washed up grabbing a pair of blue high waisted shorts and black short sleeve shirt. She threw on her black and white converse and grabbed her wallet with her phone and keys and headed out of the door.

Luke was in the living room looking deep in thought. The once hot coffee was still filled but looked to be cold. It wasn't even touched. I wonder what's eating him? Clary thought as she went over to lightly touch his shoulder.

"Luke are you ready? We have 15 minutes to get to the book store.."

"Oh.. Yeah.. Umm.. Let's go…" Luke cleared his throat and headed out of the door.


Oh God. I am going to hell… I am lusting after my best friend daughter.. I listened to her moan my name in her sleep and decided it was time to wake the sleeping beauty. I wake her up and head to the kitchen for a nice cup of coffee… I think I really need it.

I don't think I can do this anymore.. A few times I had to jack off in the shower thinking about her creamy skin rolling around in the sheets with me… Her hands grabbing my cock and stroking it. How wet she would feel when I stick my finger in her hot, wet, pussy and pump it over and over…

Shit I have an erection… Fucking hell how am I going to do this.. There is only one way tell her mother to come back… But then I'm messing with her money she has for the school year so she won't have to leave…

I feel Clary's presence before I see her.. Her hand lightly taps my shoulders… The only thing I can think of is damn this is going to be a long summer… And it's only day two of her being with me...