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By Isadora

~I know we're just like old friends
we just can't pretend
that lovers make amends~

Ron turned to look at Hermione. Her brown eyes glistened with unshed tears. It pained him to see her like this. He knew he was hurting her, and himself, but it was because he loved her.

~we are reasons so unreal
we can't help but feel that something has been lost
but please you know you're just like me ~

"Why?" She asked in a soft whisper. Ron simply shook his head and turned to leave. Hermione grabbed his arm. Her touch burned. It reminded him of just how much he had to lose. "Why?" She asked again, her voice clear and demanding. Ron bit back a cry of frustration.

"I don't want to lose you, 'Mione," Ron answered. "If I let this happen, then one day I will lose you and I won't be able to go on living."

~next time I promise we'll be
perfect strangers down the line
lovers out of time
memories unwind~

"That's bloody selfish of you," she said, a tear rolling down her cheek. "How do you know I don't feel the same way?"

"I know I'm selfish," he tried to pull away from her grip. "I have every right to be."

"You say you love me, Ron," she said, voice tight with emotion. "Yet you refuse to take a risk for me."

~so far I still know who you are
but now I wonder who I was...~

"I refuse to jump blindly when I have no assurance on what I'll hit." Hermione's eyes hardened; her hair whipped by the wind.
"You know something, Ron?" Her brown eyes locked on his. "For someone who claims to love me; you sure have a bad way of showing it." Ron tore away from her gaze, looking at the lake that stretched out before them.

~angel, you know it's not the end
we'll always be good friends
the letters have been sent on~

"Why can't we just take life as it comes?" Hermione took a step towards him. "Why do we have to be so apprehensive?" Another step.

"Becauseā€¦" Ron's voice faltered. "We won't be ready when something unexpected comes along."
"They call it the future for a reason, Ron," Hermione said, her voice steady and her eyes shining with something other than tears. He was slowly becoming convinced. Hermione bit her lip to keep from smiling at him.

~so please, you always were so free
you'll see, I promise we'll be
perfect strangers when we meet
strangers on the street
lovers while we meet~

Ron inhaled deeply. "If I'm willing to take this risk for you, then are you willing to promise me one thing?"

"Anything!" Hermione cried, rapid tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.

"I want you to promise me you'll never leave my side. No matter what this path throws at us. Promise."

"I promise," Hermione replied, closing the distance between them. Ron pulled her into a tight hug.


Both of them stood, frozen with love. Hermione pulled away to look into Ron's eyes for a breathless moment before he kissed her. He kissed her as though the sky might fall at any moment. He kissed her as though the sun would never rise again. It was the best feeling in the world. No, the universe. All of the good, warmth, and smiles in the universe thrown into one fiery kiss.

"I love you," he whispered fiercely.

"I love you more," she whispered back, smiling shyly. Ron smiled back before kissing her to the end of the world again.

you know this has to be
we always we're so free
we promised that we'd be

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