Chapter One- Side of the Road

"It's my fucking car," Edward hissed at his father. He felt a twinge of superiority as he stood a few inches taller than him.

His father's blue eyes narrowed. "Language, son, you may be eighteen, but..."

Edward clutched his keys tight in his hand and rolled his eyes. "Spare me the clichéd parent talk. You forced my hand to move here in the middle of my senior year of high school. Made sure I couldn't touch my trust for years. Do you honestly think I'd sit at the dinner table with you and pretend everything was fine? And you call me delusional." He turned away and made his way toward the door. Over his shoulder, he sent a glare at his father. "I bought and fixed my own car, not you. So you have no damn right to take it from me."

The door leading to the garage slammed shut behind him, but not before he caught a glimpse of his mother stopping his old man from coming after him. Ignoring the icy-heat of guilt for hurting her, he jumped into his black Charger, and was out in the open air in a few seconds.

"Listen to you purr." He patted the dashboard, swerving onto the road the moment he reached the end of the driveway.

Two years and countless hours under the chassis and hood, his baby was finally fit for the road. The problem was he'd sunk every penny he had scraped together and saved to buy and restore it. It wasn't until he got into some trouble back home that his parents announced they were moving to bum-fuck nowhere to "save" him. If he hadn't spent all his earnings from a part-time job on his car, he could've stayed with a friend who had an apartment until he graduated. A few months after he finished his car, there were layoffs at work, and it gave him little choice but to move with his parents.

He hadn't made it easy for his parents, but instead of complaining as they probably expected, he barely spoke a word to them. He cooked, cleaned after himself, and even paid them rent the last month before moving. Childish, but it saved him a few lectures since it all went down.

Too bad his father didn't get the memo.

It was harder than he expected to shake off the argument and the looks on their faces, but he did his best. He saw the mass of gray clouds overhead, warning him of oncoming rain. He spat a few curses as he pulled onto the shoulder after the sky decided to unleash its gloomy, wet wrath.

Problem was, the windshield wipers he kept forgetting to install were in the trunk.

Edward wanted a smoke as he exited the car, but quitting seemed like a good idea the week before. He couldn't even run a mile without panting like a fucking dying dog. Cursing the sky, he lifted his leather jacket to cover his neck at least. No one but him could pop his trunk, and now that little deterrent took too long under pouring rain. A jiggle of the key, a twist, and a pound of his fist, it finally clicked open. Under the safety of the lid of his trunk, he found everything he needed. The wipers were a bitch to open, but the packaging was no match for his trusty switchblade.

The slam of the trunk as he closed it seemed to echo around him, reminding him he was in the middle of nowhere. It was getting dark, and he had no idea what was in the forest behind him. He hadn't experienced the kind of darkness surrounding him, and it was a bit unnerving. Shaking off the feeling of someone watching him, he managed to get his new wipers on, only muttering a few dozen fucks all the while.

Then it stopped raining.

"Fucking unbelievable. Fuck this place." He jumped into his car and slammed the door closed. His churning emotions made his heart race, his breath choke on anger burning through him. Nearly panting, he screamed until his throat hurt, thrashed around in his seat, pounding the steering wheel and dashboard until his knuckles started to bleed.

Now exhausted, Edward tried to slow his breathing, dropping his bloodied hands onto his lap. His head fell back against the seat, black dots drifting across his eyes. He had kept his shit under control for too long, even had managed it while his mother packed up the house, including some of his shit when he refused.

He got through a meeting with his grandfather's lawyer, who explained he wouldn't be able to access his trust fund until he was twenty-five or married, unless to pay for college tuition and books. Making it clear no other expenses would be covered while attending college unless approved. He even managed to keep his cool as his father stated it was his decision to change the requirements.

Yet, he couldn't keep it together in the middle of fucking nowhere because of wipers and inconsistent rain. No one had witnessed his minor meltdown; at least he had that going for him.

If he were still in Chicago, he'd picked a fight with some unlucky bystander and solve it with his fists. A tap on his window startled the shit of him, and he might have screamed. He'd deny it, of course, if anyone asked. All the windows had fogged up, and Edward wondered if some hick cop thought someone was getting fucked in the car.

If only. It would be a nice way to welcome me to Forks.

He rolled down his window, enough to get a clear picture of who it was—just in case the town filled was with assholes and serial killers. A pair of top shelf whiskey eyes, surrounded by dark lashes and pale skin, greeted him. Her nose was small, but her mouth was fucking incredible and kept his attention for more than three seconds, until they finally moved.

"Need any help?" She couldn't have been more than five-five and a hundred and twenty pounds, and she was offering him help?

Annoyed, he asked, "Anyone ever told you it's not safe to help strange men on the side of the road?" Edward expected some fear, maybe some confusion; instead, the girl gave him a smile.

"I called in your plates and our location to someone at the local police station."

She shrugged without a care in the world, and for the first time, Edward wanted to see the rest of her. He rolled down his window some more and wasn't disappointed.

"If I don't respond in a couple of minutes, someone will come and check."

"A lot can happen by the time someone reaches us." Edward did his best impression of creepy stalker, leering at her.

From her expression and timing, it was obvious she caught his meltdown. She confirmed it when her eyes ran over his battered knuckles.

She cocked a slim eyebrow and exhaled in a huff. "I'm going to assume you're fine then."

No clever comebacks popped into his head —something he'd always been good at until recent events robbed him of humor. He thought of something, but she was already walking toward a big blue truck parked behind him. How he missed the thing, he had no idea. Rolling the window down the rest of the way, he stuck his head out to ask her name, catching a glimpse of her amazing ass in jeans.

Her middle fingers saluted him before she climbed inside her truck. She drove past, winking and blowing him a kiss.

Welcome to Forks.

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