I wrote this for my tumblr account as a one shot. Then I liked it so much I wanted to write more. Maybe a couple chapter kind of thing. The ever amazing vamplover669 helped me name it.

Sheldon stands underneath Amy's window throwing pebbles up trying to get her attention. The first one does not make it anywhere near the house. The second hits a tree and bounces off, the third finally hits her window. He holds his breath waiting for her to come and open the window but she does not appear.

"Blast it! I know she is home." He grumbles under his breath. He looks nervously at the front door weighing his options. The most logical course of action would be to just knock and ask her mother for her.

Sheldon shakes his head and decides against it. He would not even be here right now if that was an option. Mrs. Fowler does not like Amy being friends with a boy. Mrs. Fowler had run him off this afternoon after their study session. She had made such a fuss about them being in the house alone together he had left his calculus book sitting on her kitchen table. Sure he could get it from her at school in the morning but it bothered him knowing it was not in his possession.

"Amy!" He yells then looks nervously at the front door for signs of her mother. When he still does not get an answer he sighs and looks to her window. He knows it is hers even though he has never been inside her room because told him that her room faced the street and there was a large tree in front of her window. Sheldon then notices that there is a rose trellis under her window if he could climb it he could tap on her window and ask for the book.

"Who are you kidding, you can't climb the rope in gym class. Let alone propel myself up a rickety trellis." Yet the lure of the lost book and something he could not explain were compelling him to try. He tried to think of the events over the couple of months that even leave him thinking about doing this.

Amy was new to his school and was in all his advanced placement classes, like him she was only sixteen but in senior classes. At first he had disliked this bespectacled brunette who was the only one who had ever beat him to answering a question. As time went on he found himself fascinated with her. The way she took long meticulous notes during class. How she did not hesitate to raise her hand to challenge the teacher. How she seemed to roll her eyes the same time he did when someone in class asked a stupid question.

When the history teacher asked people to pair up for a project he asked her immediately. It marked the first time he had not scoffed at a partnership but had jumped at the chance. Amy had readily accepted admitting to him it was the first time she had ever been chosen first. The project had been due in a month.

They decided to meet at her house every Thursday to work on it. His house was out of the question, his siblings would never stop teasing if they saw him with a girl. The project had now been over for two months, and he still went to her house every Thursday to study and do homework.

Sheldon found he liked the company while he worked. At home he was constantly being annoyed by the noises of his siblings. His brother and sister and their friends whooping and hollering. Amy's was blissfully quiet, she was lucky not to have any siblings. Her mother was never home, working until after he left for home.

"You don't have to keep coming here every Thursday." Amy told him today.

"You don't want me here?" He asked her and she blushed a bright shade of red and began stammering.

"No… I like you… I mean I like you here… But you don't have to keep coming if you don't want to." She had finished embarrassed.

"I want to keep coming or I would not come." He answered confused.

"Oh good." She said then she bit her lip and looked over at him shyly. "You know I was having some trouble solving those new equations Mrs. Morris showed us today."

"No you weren't, besides me you were the only person in class who could solve them." He told her confused.

"I can solve them sure. But I don't really understand them. Maybe you could help me?" He looked at her skeptically but still pulled out his book and began explaining the basis of the equation to her. Somehow they went from calculus to physics and were lost in conversation for hours. Lost until Amy heard the key turning in the lock and her mother walk in the house.

"Oh no." She moaned.


"My mom! I am not allowed to have people over at all let alone a boy!"

"Why would it matter that I am a boy…" He began to ask but his question was answered by her mother's high pitched squeal.

"Amy Farrah Fowler! What in god's green earth is a boy doing in my house with you unchaperoned?"

"Mother! Please we were just studying."

"It's just studying until you make me a grandma!"

"Mother you are embarrassing me!" Amy said tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Please Mrs. Fowler we just study. I have been over here every Thursday for three months and…"

"Three months!" Her mother bellowed turning an ugly shade of purple. "Well this will be your last time Romeo!"

"Perhaps I should be going." He said scooping up his backpack and rushing out the door leaving behind his calculus book. When he got home he had tried calling her about it but the line was endlessly busy. Finally after trying until eight o'clock he decided to go over and ask for it. That brought him to where he was now. Scaling a rickety terrace fulfilling her mother's prophecy of becoming Romeo… Minus the suicide.

Once at her window he knocks on it once more. He sees her inside wearing a nightgown crying while wearing a set of earphones. No wonder she had not heard his pebble. He raps three times loudly and finally Amy looks at the window shocked. She pulls of the earphones and rushes to the window and pulls it open.

"Sheldon! What are you doing out there?"

"I left my calculus book on your kitchen island."

"I know, it is in my bookbag I was going to bring it to you tomorrow."she tells him. "Why did'nt you just call?"

"The line was busy."

"Mother must of taken the phone of the line… Why didn't you just knock?"

"And face your mother again?" He scoffs.

"You would rather risk your life climbing up to a second story window?" Amy asks incredulously.

"Speaking of which could you pull me in?" He asks pleading with his big blue eyes. Amy looks around nervously but grabs his hands and pulls him inside her room. Once inside he walks over to her desk chair and sits down looking around the room.

"Have you ever been in a girls bedroom before?" Amy asked and he looks at her confused

"Plenty of times."

"Oh…" She says disappointed.

"I have a twin sister so I am always having to take back the things she takes from me."

"Any non related girls rooms?"

"No… This would be the first… It is very clean…" He says unsure of what else to say. It is nothing like his sisters room plastered with pictures of boys, unicorns, and rainbows. It was sensible and spartan and eerily like his own minus the pictures of superheroes.

"Umm thank you." She says sitting on her bed. "The book is beside you in my bag if you want to grab it." She says pointing to the bag beside the desk he is sitting at. He pulls it out and sets it on his lap. Wondering what to do next. "You can climb back down the trellis. Or if you wanted my mom usually is dead asleep by ten and I can sneak you out the front door." Sheldon looks nervously back at the window and gulps then looks at his watch.

"I can wait around a little." He agrees. Then he looks at Amy and frowns. "Amy why were you crying earlier. When I knocked on the window."

"It's a long story."

"I' ve got an hour and a half until I can sneak back out." He tells her and she shakes her head.

"You will think I am crazy."

"People think I'm crazy… Try me."

"I thought my mom had scared you off for good. You are the first friend I have had… Ever… I really like you and I was scared I lost you." She admits looking down. Sheldon gets up and sits beside her on the bed. Licking his lips nervously trying to find the right words.

Never before had he felt the need for a friend. As his mother often said he was an island unto himself. Never before had he felt the need for companionship because everyone around him looked down on him. Then he had meet Amy and it was like meeting another part of himself. He found himself wishing away the rest of the week so that it could be Thursday and he could be with her. Sometimes they could be together and not talk at all just quietly they would not even crack open a book and just talk the entire two hours he was there. It was restful to be around someone who so innately understood how he worked. He never had to explain his many and prodigious quirks to her it was like she just knew. Sheldon realized now what drew him to her window tonight not the loss of the book. He knew he could get that back the next day at school. It was the loss of her. Afraid that he had lost his Thursdays with her forever.

"You did not lose me. I assume you are grounded…" He starts.

"So grounded… Like into next year grounded." She admits.

"Well then we will just have to be more careful. Set a timer so I know to leave before your mother gets home."

"That could work." Amy says smiling at him.

"Or you could tell her you are at the library and come to my house." He says shyly.

"You would want me there?" Amy asks. He had never invited her before and she thought it was because he was embarrassed that they were friends. Both his brother and his sister were the most popular kids in school. She thought that they might tease him for being seen with the weird new girl.

"I only never asked you before because my house is a bit loud. My sister and brother are excuse my french... pains in the behind." Sheldon admits.

"douleurs dans le derrière." Amy says and he cocks his head at her. "Pains in the butt in french since you excused it." She giggles and he smiles.

"You are the funniest person I know." He tells her a pnd she looks at him and smiles. He looks back at her momentarily lost in her deep green eyes. For one crazy moment he thinks he might kiss her. What would she do if he did? Would she let him? Maybe he should see what all the fuss is about. Then he comes to his senses and knocks her in the shoulder with his fist.

"You are the only person who thinks I am funny." She sighs disappointed that he had not kissed her. "Come on I think mother should be asleep now. I will sneak you out." She says getting up and Sheldon follows her being careful to place his calculus book to cover the part of his body betraying him now. They tiptoe down the stairs and Amy cracks open the front door and he slides out. He looks like he wants to say something else then Amy grabs him and gives him a hug and kisses his cheek.

"See you next Thursday." He squeaks being sure to hold his book firmly in place.

"I'll see you tomorrow in class silly." She says closing the door.

"Yeah but I can't wait for Thursday." he says smiling to himself as he walks back to his house his cheek still tingling where she kissed it.