Well, here by popular demand, a story about my Avatar OC, who is the Avatar after Korra. Pictures on deviantart! Also, these chapters posted on deviantart will also get a little companion picture to go with it ;) Just a quick doodle of a scene that happens in the chapter.

Oh, and um, this story contains content involving blood, violence, death, sexual references and other themes that may not be suitable for young readers. Reader discretion is advised.

A young girl with short black hair and brown eyes carefully and slowly crept out of a tent in the middle of the night. She poked her head out the folds of the tent opening, looking to her left and right to check if the coast was clear before emerging. In her arms, she carried a bottle, bowl and small loaf of bread as she tiptoed through the campgrounds as quietly as possible so as not to wake anyone. She stepped on a twig, rousing one of the sleeping komodo rhinos in the stables. "Shh!" she hushed, "go back to sleep." She sighed in relief as the great beast turned away uninterested in what she was doing and went back to sleep. She picked up the pace a bit until she reached the center of the campgrounds, where another girl with long, wavy black hair was tied. This other girl kneeled in front of a large wooden board in the shape of an X and her arms were raised above her head, chained to the board behind her. Her arms and legs were littered with bruises and cuts, some fresh and some so old they were now scars while her wrists looked torn and cut from the metal cuffs. Her body was limp and her head hung heavy, but her chest rose and fell at a steady pace.

"Rai, Rai wake up," the first girl whispered. She set down the contents in her arms - marred with her own cuts and bruises, but nowhere near the degree and quantity of this "Rai" - and carefully and tenderly lifted up the bound girl's face. As she cupped the unconscious girl's face in her hands, she gently rubbed her thumbs across her cheek as the sleeping girl stirred. There was dried blood on the side of her face coming from her left eyebrow, where a cut had only just begun to heal.

"Uh…" she groaned weakly, slowly opening her bright green eyes. "K-Kala?" she asked quietly, her voice so feeble that she sounded gravely ill.

"Shh, don't speak. Save your energy," Kala whispered gently, hushing Rai. Kala removed her hands from Rai's face as the latter began to sit up more on her sore knees. Kala opened the bottle and poured the water inside into the ceramic bowl she brought with her and held it up to Rai's face. "Here, drink," she said. Rai said nothing as she fell forward, her dry and parched mouth eagerly drinking in the cool water. She panted heavily when she finished the entire bowl, her thirst finally quenched after nearly three days or being chained to this board. Kala pulled the bowl away and exchanged it for the small loaf of bread, tearing off a bit of it and holding it up to Rai's mouth.

While her desperate thirst compelled her to drink without hesitation, Rai did not eat the bread right away. "Where did you get this, Kala?" she asked.

"It doesn't matter. Just eat!" Kala insisted.

"Kala, if you get caught, Master Goro will-"

"I don't care!" Kala whispered loudly, before quieting herself. "He's the one who put you here in the first place. We all barely get enough to eat as it is, so how does he expect you to survive being tied up like this for a week without food or water?"

Rai was a stubborn slave; she fought and resisted every step of the way, and that ferocity and stubbornness was part of the reason Goro bought her. According to him, breaking things was his favorite pastime. And every time Rai refused or did something wrong, he would beat her, cut her, do everything in his power to break her. But she still resisted; she would not give in, which is how she found herself here, tied to this post for three days and to endure four more as punishment.

"Kala…" Kala was Rai's friend, almost like a little sister to her. She remembered when they were first purchased together and how terrified Kala was. Rai did her best to comfort her and eventually began looking out for Kala. She was a slow worker and rather clumsy, but Rai always covered for her and on more than one occasion, took a beating meant for her.

"Just eat, Rai, please," Kala begged. Rai sighed in defeat and opened her mouth for the bread. She was thankful that Kala was ripping off pieces and feeding them to her. She was so weak, she wasn't sure if she even had the strength to bite into the bread herself and the pieces Kala ripped off were small enough for her to swallow without chewing.

This continued for the next three nights: a bowl of water and a small loaf of bread. It was all Kala could afford to sneak and though it was little, it was enough to give Rai the strength she needed to keep going. Every time Rai cautioned her of the risks, Kala merely brushed them off and reaffirmed that all she cared about was Rai. On what was to be her last night bound to this board, Kala was suddenly yanked back from Rai by the back of her worn out shirt. Her sudden cry quickly alerted Rai as she struggled against the metal cuffs that bound her. But all she ended up doing was aggravating her swollen wrists even further.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" one of the bandits grinned as he effortlessly held Kala in the air with one hand. "Goro ain't gonna like this. Oi! Everyone, wake up!" he shouted, as bandits slowly and tiredly began coming out of the tents. Some lit torches to light up the camp as Goro, the bandit leader, a large broad shouldered and muscular man with dark skin, long brown hair tied in many braids and blue eyes emerged. His entire torso and both arms were covered in ornate black tribal tattoos.

"What's going on here?" he bellowed loudly, stepping forward as the gathered bandits and slaves stepped back.

"I caught this slave giving the other one food and water!"

Goro looked at Kala, who stared up at him with tear-filled and frightened eyes before shifting his gaze to Rai, who only glared at him angrily and looked as if she was ready to burst out of her restraints. "So, that's why you haven't broken yet. You got your little friend to bring you food when everyone was asleep!" Goro slowly moved towards Rai and bent down to her level, taking her chin roughly in his large hand.

"No, she didn't tell me to do anything! It was my idea!" Kala shouted, earning Goro's attention as he released Rai's chin.

"Was it now?" Goro looked at the bandit holding Kala and nodded his head. The bandit understood and nodded back before throwing Kala roughly onto the ground and savagely beating her. Kala whimpered and cried out at every strike and desperately curled herself up into a ball to protect herself, but it was all in vain.

"No! Stop it! Leave her alone!" Rai shouted, pulling against her restraints so hard that the metal began cutting into her wrists.

But the bandit kept going, switching between punching and kicking until Kala's arms and legs were covered in bruises. Her face was bruised and swollen and her lip and nose bleeding as she quietly cried muffled tears. Goro raised his hand, signaling to the bandit to stop. "Slaves!" he shouted. At his call, his bandits quickly rounded up all his slaves, nearly a dozen children. "If there is one thing I will not tolerate, it is disobedience. Consider this," he said, gesturing to the beaten and crying Kala, "an example of what will happen should ANY of you defy me!" The other slaves flinched at his shouting and trembled in fear as Goro turned back to his subordinate and nodded again, initiating the beating once more.

"No! She's had enough! Stop! Please!" Rai protested. But her words did nothing to stop the bandit savagely beating her friend. Goro knelt beside her once more and roughly grabbed Rai's chin with his hand and the back of her head with the other.

"This is what will happen every time you defy me!" he laughed as Rai watched helplessly as her friend was beaten. If she could just break free of her restraints, she could do something! If this kept going on, then Kala would-

Suddenly, Kala's body went limp and she no longer held herself in a tight ball. Rai gasped in horror as the bandit lightly kicked Kala's body to test her reaction, but Kala made no move, no sound. "K-Kala?" Rai whispered, her eyes wide in shock and dread. "No…" she whimpered as her eyes began tearing up and her body trembled and shook.

"Well, I hope you've learned your lesson," Goro whispered into her ear with a grin before standing up to address his bandits and slaves. Goro's speech was drowned out over the sound of her heart pumping wildly in her ears as her chest suddenly hurt. She fell forward with her eyes closed tightly, hanging by her arms as she began panting heavily and struggled to breath. She coughed and sobbed, unable to hold back her tears any longer. As sweat dripped down her forehead, she suddenly sat up straight and opened her glowing, white eyes wide.

The wind suddenly picked up as Rai effortlessly pulled her shackles free from the board. Goro and the bandits turned when they heard the metal snap and gasped in shock at the sight of her glowing white eyes. Before any of them to could utter a word, Rai thrust her arm forward, shooting a stream of fire directly onto Goro. He didn't have time to react and the flames seared at his flesh. He fell onto his back, crying out in pain as he clutched his arm and shoulder. Some of the bandits tried rushing her with their weapons, but she easily knocked them back with a stomp of her foot, shaking the earth beneath them. A funnel of air surrounded Rai's lower body as she was lifted into the air. A scream from below drew her attention as Rai saw some of the bandits grabbing the other slaves. Narrowing her eyes angrily, Rai raised her hand, causing a protective wall of earth to rise around the other slaves, separating the them from the bandits. Without restraint, she released the full intensity of her powers. Winds rages, earth shook and fire rained down from the sky from her fingertips. Fearing for their lives and terrified by the sheer shock of her powers, the bandits gathered up as much of their gear as they could and fled. As they ran, Rai focused in on one bandit in particular, then who had killed Kala. She raised the earth around his feet, preventing him from fleeing. He tried to pull himself free and began beating away at the rocks with his mace, but it still gave Rai enough time to close in on him. She held out her arms and began moving them in wide, circular motions as crackling, blue lightning formed around her. She drew back her arms, her right hand at the ready and thrust her hand forward, unleashing the bright blue bolt of lightning directly into the bandit's back. The bandit shrieked loudly as the lightning struck him until it finally ceased and his body fell forward, limp. With the rest of the bandits gone, the wind slowly died down and lowered Rai to the ground as her fingertips smoked. Her bangs fell down over her face as she lowered the earth wall protecting the other slaves and her eyes returned to normal.

The other slaves huddled together, afraid. They all watched her intently, unsure of what she was going to do. "Did you see what she did?" one of them cried.

"She's the Avatar!" another gasped bewildered.

Rai was unconcerned with what they were saying and even less concerned with this new revelation and what it meant for her. Instead, she stared at Kala's broken body and slowly stepped towards her. When she reached Kala's body, Rai fell to her knees and began sobbing quietly. With hesitant and trembling fingers, she gripped Kala's shoulder and turned her onto her back. At the sight of her bloody and bruised face and open, lifeless eyes, Rai broke down. The sobs she tried to contain burst out of her, as did her tears like a river breaking through dam. The other slaves sat in silence as they watched Rai grieve. Her trembling fingers gently closed Kala's eyes before she took her body into her arms and hugged the girl's limp form tightly.

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