It was a dark night. Neither moon nor stars could cast their light through the thick black rain clouds that hung overhead. The blackness was heavy and depressing pressed down on the soul with the smell of wind and rain. The wind was furious and bitter, the coldest that it had been in years.

And in this dreary dark setting two men walked calmly down an empty sidewalk.

Very few wondered out this time of night, in this part of Tokyo. And even fewer would do so without fear.

The two men did so.

Both men where dressed in fine suits. The finest actually, custom made and custom fitted. Everything about them spoke of money, and a lot of it. Their hair was neat and trim, the tall mans going all the way down to his waist, and the shorter mans clipped just at his shoulders. They had expensive watches on and other jewelry. It shimmered brightly under the dirty street lamps. Their shiny and clean shoes were strangely silent even though they walked at a brisk pace.

The cold did not seem to bother them despite the fact they wore no coats.

After a few more moments of silence, the shorter of the two spoke. His voice was young with a rough sound to it.

"I don't know. This sounds rather dangerous to me."

The taller of the two men gave the shorter but leaner one a disbelieving look. His voice was deep and soothing. No two voices could sound so different as these two.

"To dangerous for you? Since when do you take danger into account?"

The young man growled, sounding surprisingly like a menacing dog. The others disbelieving look turned into that of cool amusement.

"Brother. If you want things to change. You must take the risk. We must take the risk. We do after all have very little to lose."

"Ya if you count our lives as little worth."

"I have lived a full live. I have nothing to complain about."

"You are a cold bastard."

The taller of the men stopped and turned so that he faced his brother. In the dimness of dirty streetlights one could see his golden eyes glow from underneath his black hair.

"Tekeshi. Go to her. This is your only chance to make things as they should."

Amber eyes met the golden ones of his brother. After a moment he looked away unable to tolerate the truth in them. His own black hair hung low over his eyes shielding them.

"I just don't know."

"I will help you…if you allow me."

Tekeshi looked down at his hands, his very human looking hands.

"She will be frightened of you Kiyoshi."

Kiyoshi shrugged,

"No more than of you. You brother are not the same as you were when she knew you."

Tekeshi sighed. What Kiyoshi said was true. He was not the same as when 'she' knew him. Over the last 5 hundred years he had grown. Grown in strength and other things.

Tekeshi glanced at his brother…easily seeing through the concealing spell that hide his demonic traits. To any human and most demons even, all they would see was a tall handsome golden-eyed man. A man with black hair and very human fingernails.

But to those with enough power the image changed radically. But only if they had enough power. Both Tekeshi's and Kiyoshi's concealing spells were unusually strong.

"Tekeshi, I plan on meeting with her school principle tomorrow. You know…a generous businessman donating money to the needy schools of the area thing. I will see her tomorrow."

"But will she see you? I would like to think yes. To think that she has enough power…but I'm not sure."

"Lets find out shall we? Come with me brother. Stop you suffering already. I've had to deal with your lovesick nonsense for the past 5 hundred years. Finish it Tekeshi."

Tekeshi grumbled for a few minutes.


What should he do? He hadn't even seen 'her' in almost 5 hundred years. Not since the last time she went through the well and never came back. A lot had happened during that time. They were rich and the most powerful demons around. There were very few demons even close to as old as they were. Most having died in the hard years and because humans had become so dangerous now. In fact most humans didn't even know demons existed. And those who did made it their life to kill them or were simply enemies.

That was in part why Tekeshi and Kiyoshi put so much power into their concealing spells. They couldn't risk being found out. If they were then they would become targets for every hunter out there.

Tekeshi had no desire to live like that.

But would she…still love him? He had no idea what time frame she was going back in. He did know she had pasted through the well already…and the jewel had been shattered. Hell he had even watched from a distance as Inuyasha destroyed the Nome mask. Unknown to the Hanyou he had been protecting them both (but mostly Inuyasha) by casting a strong barrier which kept the hunters from sensing him.

In this day and age Hanyou's were hated even more than in the past.

And then there was more than just not seeing her for so long. The very fact if he was found out…or if Kagome were found out to be a miko then she would be in danger. The hunters were always quick to steal humans with power to use against the demon menace.

But on the other hand…if Kagome was with him then he could protect her again.

Tekeshi smiled a warm feeling starting within. He missed protecting her.

"Fine Brother."

"Good. I'll have the limo pick you up bright and early."

Kagome sighed in pleasure as she sunk down into the hot water of her bath. Man did she miss this when she went back. Sure there were hot springs around but not nearly enough of them. A hot bath back in the past was truly a rare thing.

"Man this feels good."

Grapping the soap Kagome went about her bath her mind drifting away to the past.

Well…mostly onto Inuyasha.

The Baka…he's so stubborn. I swear he's such a baby at times.

Kagome sunk further down into the water an angry look on her young face.

He knows I don't feel anything for Kouga-kun. Yet he implies that I'm hitting on him. That baka what kind of girl does he think I am. Grrr…I wish he would just grown up already!

She didn't mind that Inuyasha was jealous. She actually thought it was sweet. But the hanyou just didn't know how to be nice to her. It drove her crazy. She was being very patient with him. After all the Hanyou hadn't exactly had the best of life.

What other girl would allow Inuyasha to two-time her with her past life? Or what other girl would stand being called bitch and wench. Stand, not having your boyfriend even be nice to you, not to hug or kiss you.

Kagome sighed at that thought. Oh boy did she want to kiss him. She would sometimes even dream about it and…umm…some other things.

 A blush stained her cheeks at the direction of her thoughts.

Inuyasha was so handsome, with that hair and those eyes. It was enough to melt her heart.

But she doubted her would kiss her anytime soon, and Kagome would be damned if she was the one to kiss him. He had to start it or it wouldn't happen. She might seem old fashioned because of that…but that was the way she was.

With that thought Kagome sighed and finished her bath. She had to go to school today. Exams were going to start soon and she couldn't miss anything. If she did then…well then Souta would be one step closer to being in the same grade as her.

She couldn't let that happen, she would get into high school, and after that she would get into college. No if and's or but's about it. She couldn't let the past and the jewel ruin her changes for the life that she wanted here.

"And that means I can't let Inuyasha ruin my chances as well. I will do good on this exam. I will!"

Kagome glanced at the clock in her room and paled.

"Ah I'm going to be late!"

Now in a rush because she spent so much time soaking in the bath Kagome literally flew into her uniform and ran downstairs. She gave her mother a quick goodbye, grabbed her bag and a piece of toast and was out the door. As it was she would have to run to school.

Kiyoshi's golden eye's looked over the school that the Miko Kagome went to. It looked like any other. A little more run down than most, which was why just suggesting to the principle that he might donate money got him a tour of the school today.

He gave the principle a cool smile as the man babbled at how glad he was to show him around and introduce him to the staff and students.

Not that Kiyoshi wanted to meet anyone but Kagome. However he humored the human and politely went where he was directed.

It was interesting…a little. Kiyoshi couldn't help but notice the differences in the school than the ones he had seen over the years. Just in the past 50 years he had seen amazing changes and upgrades to education.

The world was becoming smarter, although the average person was just as dull as ever.

Well he wouldn't complain, at least they were stepping in the right direction for once.

Kiyoshi didn't hate human, hadn't hated them for centuries. He didn't even care anymore what other demons thought of him anymore. He didn't care that they became angry when he refused to allow… 'sports' in his territory.

They had the entire world to kill humans in. However if one human in his territory became prey then that demon would hear from him…and afterward most likely would never hear anything again.

Kiyoshi wasn't stupid. Just the simple fact that he didn't host sporting events kept most hunters out of his territory.

The less he and the ones below him were hunted the better.

Kiyoshi was startled out of his musing by his cell phone ringing.

Without consulting the talkative human Kiyoshi answered it.

"Kiyoshi here."

"Fuck you Kiyoshi you fucking spawn of a bitch. I should cut your bowel open and feed them to the…bitch…asshole…bastard…fuck you!"

Kiyoshi sighed as his brother's voice yelled quiet loudly from the small phone. Loud enough in fact he was forced to remove the piece from his ear…and loud enough that some of the humans around him heard the curses.

He smiled apologetically at them.

"I'm sorry principle Skinner (hehe) That's my brother excuse me…it sounds like I did something wrong."

The principle proved to be a man of humor as he chuckled at Kiyoshi's misfortune and offered him his office for more private conversation. Kiyoshi nodded his thanks and closed the door.

"Tekeshi what do you want?"

"What do I want?"

His brother sounded surprised at this.

"What do I want? Where's the fucking limo you promised yesterday? And don't you dare tell me you're at the school right now!"

"I am at the school. And I decided I should check out the situation before you did something stupid and got every hunter in Japan after us."

"Why the fuck would hunters care!"

Kiyoshi rolled his eyes. For being over 5 hundred years old Tekeshi could be stupid as a teenager.

"I count down the reasons for you, slowly and using small words so you'll understand."

That comment got him a particularly nasty growl.

"One…your woman is a Miko. The hunters are always quick to get them under their control…whether the miko wants to or not. Two she probably will have at least a few shards with her. Three…why dear brother do you think the reason is that we can count the number of hanyou's on our four hands? Did you ever think as to why hanyou's are so rare? The reason dear brother in case you've forgotten, is the hunters decried long ago that mating with a human was against the law!"


Tekeshi's voice actually squeaked.

"Who said anything about mating!"

"Please brother don't be dense. Anyway we must do this carefully or things will fall apart. And then you'll have every hunter on the planet after you."

Tekeshi mumbled and cursed but didn't say anything else. Even he couldn't argue with those facts. Finally after a moment Tekeshi gathered with pride he had left after that tongue-lashing asked.

"Find anything?"

"Not yet. But it would be stupid to think the hunters haven't put at least one spy in this school. They're much to paranoid for comfort. However if I can get to Kagome alone and explain things I think we'll be fine."

"Alone? Brother if you so much as look at her funny I'll…"

"Dear brother…why in the world would you think I would risk my hide over a human."

Once again Tekeshi mumbled then without even saying goodbye hung up.

Kiyoshi raised an eyebrow at his rudeness then shrugged and went back outside to finish his tour.

"So Kiyoshi-sama…"

"Just Kiyoshi please."

"Err…ya so what do you think of our school thus far?"

"You want me to be honest?"

The human actually stopped to think about that. Of course with his tone of voice he was basically telling the man what he had to say wasn't what he wanted to hear.


"This school needs some money badly. The computer lab is a joke as well as all the scientific tools for the science classes. The sports teams both female and male badly need a new gym and new equipment. And…"

Kiyoshi glanced into a classroom as they pasted it. The class was packed.

"You need more rooms so the teacher aren't so overloaded, and new teachers to assign to those rooms."

The principle coughed embarrassed at the blunt remarks at to what wrong with his school.

"Er yes Kiyoshi-sama. We have been having trouble getting grants…and recently we've had a boom of students."

"I did not ask for reasons to why the school is like this. I know very well what has happened."

Kiyoshi fixed his golden and intense stare on the human.

"I would like to fix these problems Mr. Skinner. It will be difficult especially with the construction. But I think it would be worth it."

Mr. Skinner's mouth dropped open.

"Fix…all of that? You mean?"


Kiyoshi looked around at the rundown school around him.

"A total overhaul is in order. If that's all right with you and the board?"

For a moment the human could only stare at him shocked. The kind of money Kiyoshi-sama was talking about was beyond his imagination. It would literally cost millions.

"Yes…I believe that they wouldn't mind Kiyoshi-sama."

"Just Kiyoshi please."

Kagome had made it. Just in time to, and for once she wasn't late and actually knew what was going on in school.

So basically it was a good day. Made only better by lunch, and her somewhat nosey friends.

"KAGOME" all three screeched at once as they mobbed their seldom seen friend.

Yuka, Ayumi, Eri quickly surrounded the startled girl and sat down with their school food trays. None of them dared touch the poisonous goo that the cooks called food. None of them wanted to die that badly.

"So how's that bad-ass boyfriend of yours?"

Kagome blushed bright red at Yuka's innocent, or not so innocent question. Why couldn't they just let Inuyasha drop? She didn't want to think about him on this side of the well as well. She just wanted to go to school and have a nice relaxing time.


She finally admitted in a small voice. That got both Yuka and Eri's attention as they started to drill her on information of this guy. The very fact that she refused to say anything about him only made their curiosity greater. And as usually Ayumi just watched them fight confused at to why they couldn't just all get along.

Finally deciding to change the subject Ayumi opened her mouth and told them something that stunned them. In fact Ayumi could hardly wait to tell them the news, being a teachers aid did after all have its advantages.

"Guess what? Some rich Tycoon is going to pay for the school to get remodeled."

Kagome, Yuki and Eri stared at her shocked. Finally Eri asked.

"Where did you hear that?"

"From Mr. Skinner's mouth. The man's name is Kiyoshi."

Ayumi blushed slightly and leaned forward.

"I saw him. He's a very handsome man."

Kagome squealed thankful that for once she wasn't the attention of the conversation.

"What did he look like Ayumi?"

"Well.." Ayumi said thinking hard.

"He had long black hair. Very tall with wide shoulders, he must go to the gym. Oh ya and he had the most unusual beautiful eyes I've ever seen. A wonderful shining gold."

Kagome had been taking a sip of her tea when Ayumi said that. She promptly choked.

Golden eyes? No way? That sounds like Inuyasha's or Sesshoumaru.

Yuki noticed her friend's behavior.

"What's wrong Kagome?"

"Uh? Oh nothing went down the wrong pipe."

Yuki opened her mouth and before a word was uttered the bell signaling the end of lunch shut her up. However her eyes promised that Kagome wasn't off the hook yet.

Kagome didn't notice her mind was deep in thought.

I don't know why I'm worrying. I mean what are the chances that its one of them. There are no Youkai here.

But what about the nome mask. It was from this time, maybe there are other youkai's out there. Could…is Kiyoshi a youkai? No I don't think so, that can't be it. I've never sensed him.

Kagome shook her head laughed slightly at herself. She was spending too much time in the past. To think that youkai still walked around. What's more to think that youkai's would be businessmen that gave money to schools.

That's just plain silly.

However…Kagome couldn't help but notice a small tingling in the back of her mind. The same feeling she got whenever a youkai got close to her in the past.

Must be my imagination. I didn't feel this before, why now?

Another part of her mind nearly sent her into a panic attack.

It could be you were so sure there were no youkai in this time that you didn't bother to actually look. Look now Kagome…do you feel anything.

Stopping in the hall she discreetly slipped into the girls bathroom and locked one of the stalls. She was silly for doing this, but she hadn't survived all she survived by being careless.

Kagome took a deep breath and tapped into the power that lyed just skin deep. A power that slept so deeply that none couldn't even feel it.

As always the power startled her and slightly scared her, but she used it anyhow. That was how her arrows were so powerful…this power.

She stretched her senses.

There…I feel him. Oh Kami! It's a YOUKAI. A real fucking Youkai. They do exist in this world.

In fact she could feel hundreds of youkai's if not thousands. She could feel exactly where they were and if she focused on one she could see them. However she didn't bother to focus as…

Kagome squeaked in surprise as not just the youkai's but human energies suddenly flared to life and started to search for her. The energies of the humans scared her even more than the youkai's; there was hunger in the feel that she didn't like.

And just as easily as she tapped into her power…it went back to sleep, making her invisible to those searching.

What the fuck was that. Those energies were human, but they were different that Sango's or Miroku's, hell they were different than Kaede's. And why were they looking for me?

Kagome shuddered as she left the bathroom. She couldn't stay here right now. Not with the youkai in the building.

Kagome took out a doctor's pass. Something her grandfather had gotten her to help with the lies that she was sick. Alls he had to do was flash these to one of the teachers and she would be allowed to go home.

Home my ass…I'm going back into the past. I don't want to be here right now. I'm scared.

Kiyoshi gripped the driver's side door of his Bentley hard enough for his claws to pierce the metal.

What the fuck was that. I've never every felt anything remotely like that. Who ever it was just ran through my shielding like it wasn't even there. Not only me but every demon and Hunter in Japan.

Kiyoshi was startled if not frightened. An emotion he hadn't felt in almost a hundred years. His shielding was his life, without it he would die. It was what allowed him to move freely in the human world. Without the shield and the concealing spell (which actually were one and the same) the hunters would find him.

They would try to kill him; he would become hunted…and no doubt someday be taken down.

The kind of power I just felt. It's amazing…I could actually fell the energies of the hunters for a second. I'm sure they felt me as well. Good thing they were to surprised, as was I from this power to actually find out what my human disguise is.

Kiyoshi closed his eyes looking for the source of the power. However it disappeared completely almost as quickly as it came to be. That was confusing to him.

The owner didn't put up a shield. If he had then there would be traces of magic around him and the place he had been. Kiyoshi would be at least able to tell where the guy had been when he put up the shield. However the power simply disappeared as if it suddenly ceased to exist. That didn't make sense.

What could this mean?

What did it mean?

Hajime Rei sat down at the council table. He didn't bother to look at his fellow humans looks of surprise and fear.

Just a moment ago they had been having a routine meeting when something or someone had blasted through their shields.

In all of Hajime's long years no one…not even the greatest of the great could do that. He couldn't do that. It was magically impossible, yet it had happened.

That whispered of power, a lot of it. Because not only was the shield of the room penetrated but their own personal shields as well.

In that moment the person with the power could look at each of them and see what they were.

Instantly they had all started to look for the human. For this was a human energy no doubt about it. Greed and hunger had taken over all of them as they searched like never before. However another strange thing occurred.

The owner of the power felt them…he fucking felt them searching for him and disappeared.

No shield had been put up, for they would have been able to feel that. He simply ceased to be.

Hisoka an older hunter who long ago had retired from the field spoke.

"The power came form the Western Lands."

Hajime startled, he hadn't been able to find that out. And judging form the looks around him no other had either. Of course Hisoka unlike most of them had actually worked as a hunter in his youth. He was more than a leader; he was a fighter as well. So it was to be expected that even though he had less 'power' than them that he might be able to act faster.

"Very good Hisoka. That's more than I could tell. Anyone else?"

Nothing but shakes of heads and confused looks met his hard black eyes.

He didn't blame them. It had happened so fast and so unexpected. None had been prepared.

Hajime Rie…the supreme leader and master of the Hunters guild stood up.

He walked away from the table to look out the window of his office building. They were on the 40th floor of one of the largest high rises in New York City.

He could see his reflection the in the windowpane.

Hajime was a middle-aged man, with short and sharply cut hair. It was shiny black with streaks of gray in it. He wore small round glasses than accented his Japanese blood.

He was a tall man who kept fit and worked out. Although he was by no means a fighter. However he didn't have to be a fighter. He had an extremely strong energy and the knowledge to use it.

He was as deadly as any hunter or demon out there, if not more so.

He was dangerous.

"How many hunters do we have working in the western land right now?"

Taro his second in command typed up the information quickly on his laptop.

"There are as of now 23 hunters"

Hajime raised an eyebrow at this.

"The Western Lands are huge? Why so few?"

Taro once again looked to his lab top.

"I'm not sure. Looks like the region leader hasn't deemed it a dangerous area. Seems the Lord doesn't take to Sporting on his land."

Hajime shuddered. Sporting as it was called was a nice way to say slaughter of weak normal and innocent humans. It was a thing that most demons did for kicks. It was strange that the Lord would dislike it. He had never heard of a demon disliking it before.

"What's the Lords Name?"

Taro opened his mouth then closed it confused for a moment.

"There seems to be a mistake in the database. It says the Western Lands are co-owned."

Akemi another lesser member of the council cleared his throat, his offices were in Japan.

"Hai, that's no mistake, the land is co-owned by Brothers. Ones named Sesshoumaru, the other demon name is not known."

Hajime did not like the sound of this. Brother Demon especially of Lords and such did not get along normally. They fought and killed each other for power of the lands.

If they got along good enough to actually co rule the western land then they would fight for each other instead of against.

Akemi shifted in his seat and looked away. Hajime could tell he wanted to say something but was afraid to.

"Speak your mind Akemi. I take it it's about the Brother?"

"Hai. You're not going to like this."

Akemi cleared his throat.

"But its rumored that both Brothers are over 5 hundred years old."

Complete and utter silence rang through the room for a complete minute.

"By Kami…"

That was Hisoka that finally found his voice.

Hajime ran a hand through his short hair. He had no idea that such demons still lived in Japan.

"If that is true why isn't there more Hunter in the Western Lands!"
Hajime was starting to get angry. This was why he had people working underneath him. This was why there were Governors taking care of different lands all over the world. He simply could not be expected to know everything that went on.

How could such a pair escape the Hunter Guilds notice? This was beyond shameful!

Akemi shifted knowing very well that he was going to get some shit. While not the direct caretaker of that part of Japan he was the next up.


He cleared his throat again.

"Actually we don't even know who the Lords are. They are clever…and shielded. We don't even know what kind of demons they are.."


Hajime had had enough. This spoke of laziness beyond his imagination. For over 5 hundred years two demons have been walking around, no doubt killing and doing what demons do. And all that time no one even knew what human disguise they were wearing!

"I want Every Hunter available to that area!"

The council looked in shock at him.

"I want that strange power found before those demons find it. Can you imagine fellow hunters what will happen if such powerful demons get a hold of this?"

Hajime clearly saw the fear in their faces. He could almost read their thoughts.

With that power every hunter and spy would be uncovered…every hunter exposed to any demon that wanted to kill them.

With such power their spells wouldn't work…

With such power…it would be the end of the Hunters Guild. The end of humanity.

The demons would kill and destroy everything.

Hisoka stood up suddenly startling Hajime.

"Sir…I want to be reinstated."

Hajime thought about it for a moment. It was true that Hisoka was the best there had ever been. In fact he was so good that even he had heard of him. And usually Hajime didn't bother with hunters, trusting them and their superiors to do their work.

Hajime shook his head.

"No…not reinstated…however I do agree you need to be there. I'm making you the leader of this expedition."

Hisoka's eyes lit up and he bowed. Without even asking he turned and walked out.

Several of the people sitting at the table stood up in anger at this rudeness.

Hajime gestured for them to sit back down. Rude or not, Hisoka was the man for the job.

The end of humanity if they find him…or the end of demons if we find him. I pity this poor person. To be a pawn no matter where he goes. This is it…the final battle.

This is it.