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It was very late, almost 2 am in the morning by the time Tekeshi pulled up to the Higuroshi shrine. Tekeshi smile apologetic at Kagome as he once again opened the car door and helped her out.

The moon in its half stage was partly obscured by clouds, which were threatenly heavy with rain.

It was a warm night but the humid air was chilly enough to have a slight bite to it.

Rubbing her bare arms Kagome glanced at her home noticing that the lights were still on indicating her mother was still up and about. Kagome knew her mother was probably worried sick. Her curfew on dates was no later than midnight and here it was at least two hours late. She was in trouble.

Well at least she would be until she explained what was going on.

Tekeshi took Kagome's arm and started walking her to her house. Silently Kagome studied Inuyasha through half closed lids. 

Tekeshi handsome face was shadowed by the night. So much so that she could only make out a dim outline of his finely boned face. In time with his steps a faint golden glow from his eyes could be seen as they caught the light from a nearby street lamp. If it had been anyone else but Inuyasha Kagome might have been creeped out. That glow was definitely not something a human eye would produce.

"Thank you Tekeshi."

Tekeshi stopped and released Kagome's arm.

"For what? We didn't even to get to eat dinner…before things got out of control."

Tekeshi was so close that Kagome could actually feel the warmth of his breath and body. In response to that closeness her body started to tingle and heat up. Her cheeks felt like they were on fire, which probably meant she was blushing.

"I know…thank you I guess, for just being here."

Kagome wasn't sure if he understood what she was saying. Heck she wasn't sure if he understood.

Tekeshi made a low chuckling sound in his chest. He closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly away from her.

"I guess. Neither of us thought I would still be alive today."


Kagome started hesitantly.

"I don't understand something."

Kagome shyly took his hand into hers and with her other hand forced Tekeshi's face toward hers. Their eyes met and for a moment the world stood still.

Kagome could keenly feel the pulse in Inuyasha's hand and face. The skin that was touching his felt strange and tight and in response she felt her heart start to race.

"Why now Tekeshi. Why have you reveal yourself now?"

Tekeshi took a deep breath and then unexpectedly nuzzled the hand still touching his face. He watched somewhat amused as Kagome turned an interesting shade of red at the gesture.

"Because I wanted to give you a choice Kagome."

Kagome didn't look satisfied by this answer. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she considered what to ask next.

"What kind of choice?"

Tekeshi could see the confusion in her beautiful eyes. Kami how he had missed her, every little detail about her. The way she looked when embarrassed or angry, the way she smiled at the littlest things. The way she loved without condition…even if that condition had been another woman.

He didn't deserve a woman like her. But she was so wonderful that even though he wasn't worthy he still couldn't deny her.

Tekeshi gathered his courage…damn this was hard. Much harder than he thought it would be. He just wanted her now…for himself and damn it to hell if his past self didn't get her.

But he simply couldn't do that. He loved Kagome too much. He had to give her that choice.

"Your choice Kagome…is between me and my past self. On the fourteenth of May of this year the Bone eaters well will close. You will have a choice Kagome…either stay here in the present, or live in the past."

Tekeshi watched his heart breaking as Kagome's eyes started to sparkle with tears. Her face was that of horror and disbelieve.

"Nani…the well…it will…"

Kagome turned slightly to look at the well house. Everything was dark and silent looking very innocent in the night.

"The fourteenth of May…that's less than a week away."

"I'm sorry Kagome."

Kagome looked back toward Tekeshi, taking in everything about him. The way the wind blew through his much shorter hair. The way he looked at her so full of love and heartache.

Inuyasha has never looked at me like that.

Kagome found her heart sticking in her throat as she tried to swallow away her fear of the well breaking.

I don't understand. Why does the well have to stop working? Why do I have to make a choice? I can't do that! I love Inuyasha!

But Inuyasha's here as well.

Another part of her spoke up and argued.

Tekeshi's not the same. I can see it in his eyes. He's over five hundred years old. What kind of man does that make someone? Tekeshi might at one time been Inuyasha…but the hanyou I love is lost in time.

NO! That's not right. Tekeshi is Inuyasha. He might have changed a little but I can still sense that he is also the same.

A single tear overflowed from her eye and trailed down her cheek.

Softly Tekeshi caught the tear and wiped it away with his thumb.

"I've made you cry. Gomen."

Without really stopping to think about it Kagome wrapped her arms around Tekeshi's mid-section in a fierce huge. Tekeshi grunted in surprise since he was taken a little off guard. However unlike Inuyasha of the past he didn't balk at her. Instead he circled his arms around as well returning the desperate hug.

"I have till Friday to decide."

Tekeshi nodded against her hair as he took in the wonderful smell that was Kagome. She smelled like heaven itself.

"…thank you Tekeshi. For telling me this."

Yet surprising Tekeshi again Kagome stood on her tipy toes and softly placed her lips against his. It was a sweet and small kiss, quickly over, yet…enough to stun him into place. Tekeshi felt his entire body react to that small kiss.

However before he could do anything more than gap at her Kagome disentangled herself from his arms and ran the rest of the way toward the house.

Tekeshi sighed and willed himself to calm down. It was only one kiss, one simple kiss, no reason to get all excited.

Everything is done but the wait. In one week I shall see if Kagome wants to be with me in this time or in the past.

Kagome ran as fast as she could toward the closest light. Which happened to be the front porch light. Her breath quickly became ragged and labored. Normally she was a much better runner than this, considering how often she had to run from Youkai's and such. But running took a little forethought with correct breathing and what not…and well, Kagome simply was to upset to worry about that.

NO! I can't believe it. The bone eaters well is closing! How…WHY!

Shippou, Inuyasha, Kaede, Miroku and Sango…I won't be able to see them again unless I chose to live in that time. But if I do live there…what about Momma and Souta.

And what about Tekeshi.

Kagome shook her head violently wanting to just scream in frustration!

Why did you have to tell me Tekeshi! I don't want to choose!

IT'S not fair!

Kagome finally reached the door and slammed it behind her, which startled her mother. Kagome's mother blinked in surprise at her crying flushed face daughter and for a moment was unsure what to say.

"Honey? What's wrong?"

The next thing she knew Kagome had thrown herself over her lap.

All of this was really starting to worry her. After all a mothers worst nightmare is something terrible happening to her daughter on a date.

"There there sweetheart."

Kagome's mother gently patted her daughter's head trying to calm her enough so that Kagome could actually talk.

After a few moments the hiccups and sobs started to lessen…then stop altogether.

Finally Kagome lifted up her face to look at her mother.

"Momma…the well is going to…(sniff) stop working!"

Kagome's mother smoothed her daughter rich black hair. She was starting to understand what was upsetting her daughter. Her friends in the past were everything to her.

"Shhh its all right. Now tell me…what's going on?"

In as few words as possible Kagome told her mother everything that had happened that night…right down to the Hunters that had been killed, and the fact that Hojo was a youkai.

As she finished her story her mother remained silent for a moment. Finally she took a deep breath and hugged her daughter tightly.

"It seems dear you don't have much time to make up your mind. I'm sorry but this is something I can't help you with. Its your decision…although I will be here for you."

Kagome sniffed and wiped the tears from her eyes, a faint smile on her face.

"Thank you Momma. Does this mean I'm not grounded for staying out so late?"

Kagome's mother sighed again this time in slight irritation. That irritation made Kagome's hopeful face start to waver. It didn't sound good for her right now.

"I don't know about that. After all you didn't call me…couldn't you have done that at least? I was worried sick!"

Kagome ducked her head slightly in shame. She should have called her mother but her mind had been so full. She was still adjusting to all the new developments in her life.


"Well, I'll think about it. Meanwhile you better get to bed young lady!"

Kagome sighed in resignation and nodded.

There wasn't much she could do tonight. She would just have to wait until morning to convince her mother 'NOT' to ground her.

With a quick good night Kagome made her way up to her room.

Aahhh I'm in so much trouble. Why couldn't I remember to call her? And where the hell did all the time go. It seems just a few minutes ago that Tekeshi was taking me to go eat.

Kagome sighed deeply as she opened the door to her room.

She gasped in horror at the sight that awaited her.

Her big yellow book bag!!!

OH MY GOD! I was supposed to go back today! I totally forgot. Kami I bet Miroku is worried sick. I promised him I wouldn't be late!

With a hurried squeak Kagome once again went into a panic as she started furiously packing her things to go back.

"Baka baka baka. How could I forget?"

Stuffing her huge bag full Kagome put her hands on her hips and looked around her room. She didn't see anything, and she couldn't remember if she was forgetting anything. She was only going to be gone a couple of days.

I should probably bring Miroku something special for making him worry. But what?

Kagome tapped her chin thinking. Unlike the members of their group with demon blood, Miroku wasn't a bottomless pit, so food wasn't something she could pacify him with.

She would need something else.

Kagome's eyes scanned her room again…finally falling on a glossy object.

Oh boy…I guess this will do. (sigh) This won't help his perverted nature one bit!

Kagome grabbed the object with some dread and stuffed it in her bad.


Kagome ran down the stair not waiting for her mother to answer.

By the door were her bow and arrows, which she brought home with her to practice if she could find the time, she grabbed them and opened the door.



Two large men with huge biceps and muscled chests screamed out as well. The way they screamed would have been hilarious if she wasn't totally terrified by them.

Somehow during the half second that she saw the men and screamed she had dropped her bag grabbed an arrow and had it ready to shot at the intruders.

It was so quick that she didn't even realize she had done it until both men just stopped and gulped as one.

"WHO are you?"

She didn't waver her arrow since the second she saw them she could tell they were youkai's.

One of the youkai smiled nervously and raised his huge hands in a peaceful gesture.

"I'm Benjiro. Our boss Tekeshi sent us to be your body guards."

The other youkai gently touched the tip of the arrow, grimacing when her purifying energy burnt his finger.

"Ouch! Although I can't figure out why. Seems you can defend yourself just fine."

Kagome lowered her arrow slightly looking at the two men carefully.

These two were the bouncers at the club. I remember now, Tekeshi did say he was sending the twins to guard me.

"I'm sorry, you surprised me. Come in."

The two youkai's sighed gratefully and shouldered their way through the door.

Kagome stood back measuring up the two men carefully.

Well one thing was for sure…they were the very picture of what a bouncer should look like.

They were both very tall, although not quiet as tall as Sesshoumaru. However unlike the Youkai Lord, these two did not look gracefully thin. They were to put it lightly solidly muscled with arms as thick as one of her legs.

Binjiro, the 'first' twin was slightly taller than his brother with a thick head of jet black hair that was short and styled so it almost stood straight up.

He wore a simple outfit of jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket.

The other twin…whom Kagome hadn't caught his name yet, looked just like his brother in the face. However apparently his taste in cloths and hair were totally different.

His hair was just as black as his brothers and was cut just below the ears in a 'bowl' like fashion. Since this twin's hair didn't have any styling gel in it Kagome could see that the hair was extreme silky looking.

Damn youkai's why do they always have such wonderful hair. Grumble grumble grumble…

The second twin was wearing a casual work shirt, kaki pants and a tie that Kagome thought would look better if someone barfed on it.

The thing was truly and utterly terrible.

It was a bright…and she meant bright orange with lime green stripes and blue poka dots on it.

"Ok…um what was your name?"

Kagome pointed to the second twin.

He smiled widely before hitting himself in the chest in what he probably thought was a manly gesture.


Kagome sighed wondering why in Kami's green earth did Tekeshi decide on these two.

She could tell already they were going to be a pain in the ass.

Wait a minute…I don't have to deal with them. I going back into the past. YES.

Oh wait…I can't let them know about the well…umm maybe Inuyasha has already told them about it. Better find out.

"Boys…how much has Tekeshi told you about me?"

Twin number one (Benjiro) winked at her in a knowing way, which caused a blush to stain her cheeks.

"We know that Tekeshi has his eyes on ya…human or no."

Twin number two (take a wild guess) tightened his ugly tie before answering in a very macho (or at least he thought so) voice.

"And we know all about the Bone Eaters well."

Kagome sighed…good she wouldn't have to deal with them.

"Good because I'm late and have to go to the past now. Bye."

Kagome slipped by the two giants before they could do anything more than gap at her.

The two looked at her retreating figure…at each other then back at her.

"ACK Wait Kagome!"

"Don't go!"

By the time the twins had caught up to her Kagome was sitting on the lip of the well.

"WAIT! You can't go…"

"…anywhere without us."

Kagome raised her eyebrow as one twin finished where the other left off.

They sounded so much alike she wasn't even sure which one had started the sentence and which one ended it.

Jiro leaned forward slightly a pathetic look on his face.

"Please…this is our first big break with the bosses…"

"We can't screw this up. Work with us here."

Kagome sighed.

"Fine…come with me."

Kagome smirked to herself hoping the two wouldn't realize the well wouldn't work for them.

It was mean she knew but she really had to get back. She had made a promise to Miroku.

Not only that but knowing Inuyasha the Baka was itching to get her back and shard hunting. And Inuyasha coming here was not something Kagome wanted to deal with right now. Especially now that she knew the dangers she couldn't let him risk it.

Kagome rolled her eyes at the twins as they jumped up onto the well preparing to jump.

I hope they like eating dirt. Cause they are going to meet it.

Kagome jumped in.

Mauri looked between his wife and the stranger that had saved his daughter.

"What's going on here?"

Sesshoumaru took another sip of his tea.

"Nothing at all…."

"Nothing at all…"

Kiyoshi climbed into his car as he remembered those infamous words.

He had said nothing at all but a lot had been actually going on right then. Of course he hadn't said anything of what was on his mind to his soon to be mate's parents. Rei's mother had known he was a youkai. If he had even suggested being interested in her she probably would have freaked. Mothers were so protective of their daughters and who with whom they mated.

Kiyoshi pulled his Cadillac out of the parking lot of his business building. Tires squealed loudly as he swerved out into traffic nearly getting run over by a large dodge truck. The Truck's horn beeped loudly as the owner gave Kiyoshi the finger.

Kiyoshi didn't even look the drivers way instead he revved the custom built engine and left the trunk in his smoking tires dust.

In only a few seconds Kiyoshi was doing over a hundred miles an hour. With uncanny skill he weaved in and out of traffic awing other drives (and angering some of them) with his driving skills.

Kiyoshi didn't even blink an eye as he went flying past a cop car.

Out of the corner of his eyes he saw the police officer frown but he made no move to turn on his lights.

The cop knew better than to try and give the reddish copper Cadillac a ticket.

Kiyoshi basically paid the mans salary…under the table of course.

Regular humans didn't need to know how powerful he was. It would cause problems for him in the long run.

Kiyoshi cut in front of a tractor-trailer, nearly taking the larger vehicles nose off.

The driver slammed on his brakes and narrowly avoided a collision.

However once again Kiyoshi didn't notice…his mind was in the past.

Rei had been so different than Rin. The product of her environment and upbringing.

He remembered clearly all that had happened.

"Nothing at all…"


Sesshoumaru stood up from the table graceful as always. Rei's mother who knew he was a youkai was visibly afraid which only made both Rei and her father nervous.

"I should be going. Alrighto for the tea."

He bowed slightly never taking his golden eyes off Rei.

She met his gaze and didn't look away as her cheeks slowly took on a reddish tinge of a blush. However he could see the confusion in her eyes as well so he broke the contact. There was no sense in scaring her right now.

Without another word he left the small house.

Once he was out of sight of the small house Sesshoumaru stopped. He turned around and for a moment just stared at the way he had come.

The reason for his unrest was that he was unsure what to do or how to continue for the first time in a long time.

Sesshoumaru looked around the filthy and desolate world around him.

Rin's reincarnation had grown up in such a place. He wondered how that made her personality differ.

He remembered back to his brother's problem with the Miko.

The girl Kagome, which would be born in a little over a hundred years, had been shockingly different from his first love the dead Miko.

Yet despite that difference Inuyasha had fallen in love with her.

He could only assume that the same would happen to him.

The bodies may be different but what truly mattered, the soul, was still the same.

"There he is Boss! That's the guy that broke Jimmy's arm!"

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow and turned toward the very loud voices.

There were a number of large humans looking very angry at him. All of them were large and dangerous looking for humans. Sesshoumaru assumed that a human would be very scared at this point. However since he wasn't human he was just annoyed.

With a quick sniff Sesshoumaru realized that one of them was from before, the human that he let go.

So the scum had friends.

Sesshoumaru's face went completely blank as he readied himself for a fight.

Rei wasn't here this time so he wouldn't worry about showing his true strength or speed. Hell he wouldn't worry about not killing anyone.

These humans were worst than the filth that covered this city.

They deserved to die.

One of the largest men stepped forward. He was holding a metal pipe tightly in one hand.

"Hey court dandy! You are gonna be sorry that you messed with Charles boys!"

The human had a terribly thick accent. So much so that Sesshoumaru almost didn't understand him. After all English was a second language to him and he hadn't even bothered to learn it until the American's had become a world power.

Sesshoumaru raised his left arm slightly ready for the fight, his face had become that of a dead mans, not moving or showing any emotion what so ever.

This seemed to freak out the humans a little.

They were used to threatening people and them running like cowards. They couldn't understand why this guy didn't as well. He was outnumbered 15 to one.

Not only that but his calm blank face was something that nightmares were made of.

The leader of the group swallowed hard and for a moment looked like he might run. However he gathered his courage and made his fear into anger.

"FUCK him up boys! Charley said if we kill um we get the girly Rei before the other customers!"

Sesshoumaru stiffened as he felt a sudden anger unlike anything he ever felt before.

What was with these humans! They sold their own and used their woman like trash. A bitch had the right to mate with whom she deemed worthy. It wasn't right for her to be forced against her will! No self-respecting youkai would do such a thing!

Human men were disgusting!

Sesshoumaru dropped his head slightly as his breathing started to pick up.

His whole body shook with rage.

Rei was his! She was his soul mate! All he wanted was to court her and fall in love with his missing mate again.

A savage growl erupted from his throat on its own accord.

The humans that had broke into a run to attack him stopped in their tracks their eyes wide. That growl was inhuman and deadly sounding.

They looked at each other not sure what to do about the strange man.

Sesshoumaru was so angry that he actually had to fight with himself to keep from transforming. He couldn't transform in such a crowded space.

This had never happened to him before.

"Whatcha all doing? GET UM!"

Sesshoumaru's lips uncurled off of his fangs.

He felt rather than saw his shield start to fail. It wasn't a strong one and it needed some of his attention to stay up. And right now he was too angry to think about it.

Finally Sesshoumaru lifted his head…all traces of his iciness gone, replaced with a deadly heart stopping feral glare.

The humans could see what he really was. A white haired and fanged youkai with a crescent moon on his head and stripes on his face.

His eyes were a blood red with pure anger.

"JESUS Christ!!"

Sesshoumaru attacked!

Kiyoshi sighed as he stopped at a red light.

All around him humans drove their cars or walked. Normally he didn't think about it. But at times like this when his mind wondered to the past, it struck him how much the cities had changed in so little time.

Only a hundred years ago human barely had cars. Now the things were everywhere with their foul smelling fumes. Humans had set foot on the moon and had put devices on planets even farther such as Mars. It was hard to imagine…and hard for long living creatures such as himself to cope.

Those humans…all those years ago had died that day at his hands. There were no hunters back then to cur his blood thirst ways.

True he hadn't hated humans then, but he still tested his claws on them at a regular basics. He did the same to youkai's. His thoughts were if you couldn't stop him get out of his way. He had no reason not to kill them.

He hardly remembered killing those terrible humans. His youkai blood had totally taken over. The need to protect ones mate was extremly strong and pure emotion.

Lesser youkai's could be totally consumed, even to the point where they fought until they died.

Instincts were dangerous things, even the Hunters understood this.

Hunter's only attacked youkai's when they were alone and never a mated couple at the same time. If they didn't the mates might go into a rage. And a rage wasn't a good thing for an enemy. A youkai could become twice as strong and fast in such a condition.

Sesshoumaru closed his eyes and with a few muttered words his concealing spell was back in place. He once again looked just like a regular human.

Looking around he was slightly surprised to see the mangled corpses of the humans around him.

However he was no fool. All he had to do was look at his claws to see the blood that covered them.

Sesshoumaru shrugged to himself and casually used his poison claws to destroy the blood.

What did he care about these humans? If they had gotten him so mad that he attacked them without thought then they deserved what they got.

He had more important things to do than worry about split blood.

Namely Rei…

Sesshoumaru slowly walked away from the carnage behind him. After only a few moments he heard the tell tale scream of a female that meant his kill had been found.

Sesshoumaru ignored it after a few amused thoughts about how weak humans were to scream at someone else's death. Chances were the female didn't even know any of the men. Her scream only warned the killer that another human was close by…another possible victim.

Back to Rei, Sesshoumaru mused slightly at what to do.

With Rin it had been easy for her to fall in love with him. He had saved her life as a child and she had lived with him her entire life.

Rin had hardly even messed with other humans, instead preferring to stay behind with him whenever he sent Jaken into a human village for something.

Now Rei was a totally different story. And because of that Sesshoumaru wasn't sure where to start.

I will ask her out to dinner. I believe that is what human males do when they are interested in a female.

Sesshoumaru sighed as he realized yet again he was lowering himself to human thoughts.

But what could he do? Rei was a human; a human that had no idea that Youkai's really existed.

He had to start somewhere and that seemed a good place.