Arthur Note: Just to make things clear I'm not much of a gamer. But I heard about this game and went on YouTube to check it out. It's seems pretty neat and all. So I been trying to figure out what would be pretty cool to make it into a story like. Then I came up with the idea of having Sofia (from Sofia the First) into the Disney Infinity story. I know she's not in the game but I thought it would be cool to see what would be like if she was. So can't tell you more then that. Don't worry it's going to be a sweet and lovely like story that involve friendship.

In the magical kingdom call Enchancia is a princess only eight years old. She has short brown hair and blue eyes and wears a purple gown. Her name is Princess Sofia. Sofia loves to be with her animals friends. She has an amulet of avalor that is powerful and when ever she does good it gives her a new kind of power. Like for intense understanding animals. That is how she make very great friends with the animals. She has four animals friends name Robin (a robin bird), Mia (a blue bird), Waltnut (a chattering squirrel), and Clover (a long ear rabbit). Sofia loves to talk to them all the time. But she never speak to them in front of her family because she doesn't want them to find out about the necklace. Like one time her older sister Amber who has blonde hair and brown eyes and wears a yellow dress and a dazzling white tiara had found out the secret of the amulet. Amber took it and wanted to bring Rapunzel but instead bring an evil princess name Ivy who almost took over the kingdom. But once Amber put herself in danger to save Sofia, Ivy was put back to where she belong. But since Ivy use a dragonfly to make people forget what happen only remember the day before Amber had forgotten about the amulet. So since then her family had never found out about the power of that amulet that Sofia has. Only Sofia and her animal friends knows about it. Of course her royal sorcerer Mr. Cedric knows all about the amulet and tries to take it from her but most times it fails except the time he did but kept getting curse of doing something terrible. At the end Mr. Cedric return her amulet back and from that day forth he still tries to take it.

Sofia loves her family and her animal friends. One beautiful afternoon her brother James (has blonde hair brown eyes and wears a green shirt and light green pants) also the twin brother to Amber was playing with his dog Rufus (a mix beagle hound dog). Sofia was picking berries for the party tomorrow night for her father's (who is name King Roland II) birthday party. Then all of sudden Sofia look up to see a strange door by the two willow trees. Sofia saw that James didn't pay any attention to it so she was carious and went up to it. Once Sofia got to the door it was already open up for her to go right in. Sofia slowly walk up to the door and peak inside but she barely could see a thing in there. She was about to head back out when all of sudden a force of wind push her in and cause her to scream but the door shut behind her before she screamed. After Sofia was inside the door that was there between the trees had disappear in a flash. James said "okay boy it's time for to..." before he finish he saw Sofia's basket lay on the ground but Sofia wasn't around. James stand there scratching his head. "Where did she go"? Rufus shrug as if saying "I don't know". James said to Rufus "we better tell mom and dad about this". So James took Rufus and went inside the castle to tell everyone that Sofia is gone.

Meanwhile Sofia hit a hard ground and she just shook her head. She look up to see a big city like that had different kinds of buildings around. Sofia was confused and wonder where she was at. She got up and began to walk around the city. She seen lots of different kinds of characters walking around and they were talking to one another. Sofia walked quite some time. No one seems to notice her being there at all. She walked at least four hours and her legs were getting tired of walking. She looked for a place to sit down but couldn't find none at all. Sofia saw the big clock tower that was like the London clock tower. She looked up and saw it was almost one o clock. Sofia thought to herself "I been walking a whole lot and I don't even know where I am at". Sofia could hear her stomach rumbering and relies that she was getting hungry. Sofia sigh and said "I hope I can find some help". Sofia happen to spot a strange skeleton man dress in black and has a bat bow tie talking to two ladies. One was dress in a dark green dress with red curly hair and has blue eyes. The other one has strawberry brown hair and blue eyes and wears a blue dress with a black vest on. Sofia walk up to them and said politely "um... excuse me but can you tell me where I may be"? They all turn to face her and the girl with red curly hair said "why your in Disney Infinity". Sofia said "oh um... thank you". The skeleton man ask "who are you, my dear"? Sofia answer "I'm Sofia and I'm from Enchancia". The skeleton thought a moment and then said "oh I see, well never heard that place before". The girl with the blue dress said "you must be new around here". Sofia nodded and said "I am not sure how I got here".

The girl with the curly hair said "oh well I guess I should introduce ourselves". Then the girl with the curly hair continue "I'm Merida (she then pointed to the girl dress in blue) this is Anna (then she pointed to the skeleton man) and this here is Jack Skellington, king of the pumpkin patch". Jack stood proud and said "that's right I am the pumpkin king". Sofia smiled a little and said "please to meet all of you". Sofia liked these three characters and was happy to meet them. Jack said "so I suppose that your lost then". Sofia nodded and said "I need to somehow get back home". Merida said "well it's going to be tricky because we never heard of that place and probably no portal to get there". Sofia ask "portal"? Anna nodded and said "see since this is Disney Infinity there are many portals to get to our worlds. Like for intense I'm from Arendelle and so there is a portal to go to Arendelle and back to here. Or like Jack, he's from Halloween Town so there is a portal for that". Merida nodded "that's right, so it may be a while for you to go back home". Sofia sigh and said "oh I see". Jack felt pretty bad for Sofia and wish that he could do more for her. Then Merida ask "so what kinds of weapon you use"? Sofia look up and ask confused "weapon"? Merida said "yeah, you know a bow or something to help you escape from". Sofia said "oh well I don't have that kind of things". Anna said "oh that's bad news, it could be dangerous without something to protect yourself with". Sofia ask "why that"? Jack said "well you see, there are bad guys roaming around the streets and so you must be prepare for anything". Sofia gulped worrying what she had just got herself into.

Jack smiled and look at Merida and Anna and said "I will be taking Sofia from here". Merida ask "your going to take her home with you"? Jack said "well of course I am, can't leave her all alone in Disney Infinity". Anna smiled and said "oh that's great". Merida wasn't too sure if it was a great idea but she went along with it. Jack looked at Sofia and said "don't worry just stay with me and you'll be fine". Sofia nodded and held Jack's bony hand. Sofia ask seeing Jack's shock face "you don't mind if I hold your hand"? Jack smiled warmly and said "I do not, dear". Sofia smiled and for some reason she felt a warm connection between her and Jack. Even Anna could see that Jack was beginning to like Sofia very much. Jack took Sofia and left Merida and Anna talking by the gates. Jack smiled and ask "well then where shall we began"? Sofia thought a minute and said "well I am pretty hungry". Jack smiled and said "oh right then, I know a place to go". Sofia smiled and Jack smiled back at her. Together they walk tough the rest of Disney Infinity.