Once they all got to the park Mickey turn and said "all you have to do is say 'I wish to go to Enchancia' and it will open up the portal". Sofia turn to Jack and said "I'm glad that we're great friends, Jack". Jack smiled and knelt down to her size and said "I do too, it's been kind of fun having you around". Sofia nodded and hugged Jack, then she let go and saw Anna standing next to Jack with Zero flying behind her. Anna smiled and said "well if you ever need any help from us, let us know when you come here, okay"? Sofia nodded and said "I will". April looked at Sofia and asked "am I coming too"? Sofia smiled and said "oh of course you can come with me". Jack said "wow, hang on there. Your people may not be use to her and may try to kill her for that crystal". Sofia sigh and said sadly "I guess your right". April too sigh sadly. Jack smiled and said "but don't worry I will take good care of her at my home town. She will be safe there, the other monsters would just treat her like their own". Sofia smiled and said hearing that April is going to get taking care of "okay, I can see her though right"? Jack and Anna both nodded. Jack said assuring her "don't worry I may let you come visit Halloween Town again and I will let April see you first". April jumped up and down happily saying "yay, I can see you again soon". Sofia hugged April and said "I'm glad to meet you someday". Jack smiled and said "we're be missing you but knowing that you will be fine".

Zero flew towards Sofia and said "oh Sofia, I'm glad that we met and glad that I won't be alone anymore". Sofia giggled and said "yeah me too". Sofia petted Zero on the head saying "I won't forget you, Zero". Zero smiled saying "and neither will I". Sofia stopped petting Zero and turn around and said softly to herself "well here goes nothing". Sofia took a deep breath and said out loud determinedly "I wish to go to Enchancia". Then a portal began to open up and soon it reveal a garden with a castle not too far from the garden. Sofia smiled and said "I did it". Mickey nodded and said "whenever you decide to come back here just say the exact same words except at the end you say Disney Infinity". Sofia nodded and said "thank you ever so much". Mickey nodded and said "go on now, I'm sure your folks are waiting". Sofia looked one last time at her new friends and wave saying "goodbye everyone". Sofia's animal friends were already going though the portal. Jack and Anna waved back. Then Sofia went though the portal and soon was in the garden that she love to come all the time. Mickey closed up the portal and said "well she's back where she belongs". Jack nodded and said "yes, but I'm concerned that Randy, Maleficent, and Francesco may go there themselves again". Anna said "well she did say she will come back if she needs our help". Jack nodded and said "you're right, well one thing our work is done". Anna nodded and said "a very good deed indeed". Jack smiled and looked at Zero and April and said "come on you two let's go home". April and Zero happily follow Jack all the way back home. Anna too left her way back home, Mickey smiled and went back to town to do some magic.

In Enchancia, Sofia ran out of the garden with her animals friends and they all except Robin and Mia went into the castle. Sofia saw the castle steward who has a black suit and gray pants worn a pocket watch which he always use so everything in the castle is on time. His name is Baileywick and he is a good adviser to the king. Baileywick saw Sofia and said happily "oh there you are, your family been worried sick about you. Come with me and I'll show you to where they are". Sofia said "thank you Baileywick". Baileywick show her to where her family are which they were outside looking for her not far from the castle. Sofia smiled and yelled out "mom, dad, Amber, James"! Her mother and father were both happy to see her even her two siblings were glad to see her. Her mother looked at her and ask "Sofia, where were you"? Sofia told her family all about Disney Infinity and how her new friends helped her to get back home, of course she also told them about Jack and how he let her stay with her for the whole night at his house. Amber said "wow, that's sounds like adventurous and dangerous". James said "hey maybe someday you could take us there". Sofia smiled and said "oh maybe someday". Their father said "oh I think right now we have a celebration for Sofia's arrival and that she is all right and safe". Sofia's mother agreed and soon everyone went back to the castle and they had a big feast for Sofia's return home.

Later on that night Sofia was about to get into her bed when Clover jumped up and said "you know that was kind of great meeting new friends like Zero and April for intense". Sofia said "yeah, it was great. I'm glad that I could go back and visit my friends again". Clover nodded and said "you know that Jack isn't bad at all. He's pretty protective over you". Sofia giggled and said "he is but he is a true friend". Clover nodded and said "that he is". Sofia got on the bed with Clover and said "maybe tomorrow I go back and visit them soon". Clover said "well hope you have fun. It sounds like you may be going there all the time". Sofia nodded and said "I sure will, but mostly it's after school". Sofia yawn and roll over and fell asleep. Clover smiled and help cover the blanket over Sofia and said before hoping off the bed "goodnight Sofia, sleep dreams". From that day on Sofia have been visiting her friends in Disney Infinity and having all kinds of adventures in Disney Infinity.

The End.

Arthur Note: That is the end of this story don't worry there are more series to this to come. This is the only the first story and the beginning. But hope you enjoy this story and thanks for reading.