A/N: Everyone is just a fly in Bellatrix's spiderweb. This is a short collection of various Bella pairings.

Submission for:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry (Challenges & Assignments): 2 Week Drabble Wars: Main Attraction ft. Dialogue Prompts - Secondary character - Lily Evans. Prompt - "Rule number one. Don't ever fall in love with a straight girl." (Orange is the New Black)

The Restricted Collection (Challenge): No writing about the Marauders in a Marauders-era fic

Bellatrix looked up from her Potions text, her eyes scanning the collection of students sitting in the table around her. She had come to the Library this afternoon to catch up on some reading for her homework, but found her thoughts drifting away from the monotony of different potion ingredients and towards having a bit of fun.

She analyzed each person around her, evaluating the gain she would have from ensnaring each one in her web. There was Montgomery from the year above her, with his neatly coiffed brown hair and dark brown eyes. He could make for an entertaining twenty minutes. There was also Lucius Malfoy sitting a few tables away with some Slytherins in her year, but she knew he only had eyes for Cissy, and she wanted someone a bit more challenging, maybe even someone... forbidden.

Her eyes then moved towards the Library doors, lingering on the slight swaying hips of a blonde who just entered the room, the tassles of her blue and bronze scarf dancing across her skirt. Like everyone in the school, Bellatrix knew Guinevere Abbott was a catch, a wonder to behold, and a present waiting to be unwrapped, but they also knew that she only had eyes on Atticus Carrow, who signalled the blonde over to his and Lucius' group.

Bellatrix rolled her eyes as she resigned herself to bothering Lucius and his friends. They were still the best choice among the people here, and she would get to play with Guinevere as well. However, a small sigh sounded from a table beside her, drawing her attention to a small redhead who was also trailing the curvy blonde towards the group of Slytherins.

Bellatrix rose from her seat by the window and moved to stand behind the redhead before saying, "She is nice to look at, but rule number one: don't ever fall in love with a straight girl."

"What!" the smaller girl cried, her red hair fanning around her like a curtain as she spun to look up into the dark girl's face. "I wasn't... I didn't... "

But Bellatrix interrupted her with a raise of her hand. "You were and you did, but you shouldn't. Stop now and save yourself the heartbreak, Evans. Set your eyes on another girl, one whose interested in girls."

The redhead's shoulders fell once she admitted her defeat and reflected on Bellatrix's words. "But who?" she muttered. "It's so hard to tell in this school."

Bellatrix placed her hand underneath the redhead's chin and tilted her head upwards. She held the gaze of those bright green eyes with hers of sparkling black before she leaned down to press her lips against the younger girl's. When she pulled away, a slight curl appeared at the corner of her mouth as she took in the redhead's shocked expression. "Your innocence is so cute, Evans," Bellatrix remarked before leaving the stunned girl at the table and continuing on to the Slytherin table.