Author's Note: This is going to be my first One Punch Man fanfiction and if it goes well, might make more of them. 'Til then, enjoy.

It was a quiet day in City Z, nothing out of the ordinary and no type of monsters were out doing what they usually do, which was to cause destruction most of the time.

As usual in Saitama's apartment, the bald hero was watching his TV in his casual clothing, which was his usual Oppai sweatshirt and blue jeans, where as his so called apprentice, Genos the half man, half robot was making lunch for both to eat. "Sensei," the blonde cyborg called out to Saitama as he stirred the soup inside the kettle with a large spoon. "Did you buy the spices that I told you to buy?"

"Ah yeah, they're inside the cabinet above the stove." Saitama answered without removing his eyes from the TV. He was watching the news, in hopes of finding any type of monster activities.

Taking his word, Genos opened the cabinet which Saitama pointed out to him and reached for the white groceries bag. In it were the spices he asked for. He opened one with a red lid over it and proceeded to add it to the soup. "I forgot to mention that I have a meeting with the rest of the S-Class heroes over there at the HQ later, so try not to get into anything funky."

"Funky?" Although Saitama's main focus was at his TV, he could still hear the cyborg from his kitchen. "Since when were you my mother?"

"I'm serious sensei," Genos continued to stir the soup, mixing in the spices with it, while looking at his sensei from the kitchen. "I know this past week has been rather…"

"Boring?" Saitama turned to look at Genos, finishing his sentence.

"I was going to say progressive, but I guess that works too," Genos stopped stirring, tasting the soup with the same spoon. He sipped the soup from the spoon, filling his mouth with a warm and spiced up sensation. "Have you ever done anything with your free time besides watching TV?"

"Hmm…" Putting his finger underneath his chin, Saitama thought about. Besides his usual training schedule, and constant vigilance of the news on his TV, there wasn't any other instance in which he wasted this kind of time on himself. "No." Giving his final answer to the blonde.

Genos brought over two bowls of soup; one for himself and the other for his sensei. Sitting across from the bald hero, he continued on with the topic. "No other types of activities besides exercising?"

"Nope, unless you count watering the plant on my balcony an activity." Saitama began to slurp on his soup, enjoying the flavors that the cyborg enjoyed as well.

"You ever thought of getting a girlfriend?" Genos asked a more personal question.

"A girlfriend?" Saitama stopped his slurping for a bit. "I thought you said you wanted me to get into an activity that doesn't involve what I usually do."

"I'm just suggesting, sensei," Genos was half way done with his bowl. "Besides, being in a relationship is quite healthy in some ways."

"Genos, there's just one problem with that." Saitama said, sipping the last few drops of soup he had in his bowl.

"Oh god, you swing that way don't you?" Genos quickly assumed his sexual preferences.

"What? No." The bald hero had a discerning yet weary face.

"Not that it's a bad thing." The blonde cyborg had completely ignored his answer.

"Genos," Saitama raise his tone, stopping Genos from talking over his voice. "I'm not gay."

"Oh, sorry." Genos then saw Saitama get off from his seated place and walked towards the apartment's main door.

"I'm going to get some fresh air." Saitama heavily sighed. He rather irritated with the assumptions and questions the teenage android had.

"At least give me a good reason as to why you don't want to be in a relationship, let alone have a date with someone." Genos tried once more in persuading his sensei.

"Look at me," Saitama pointed at his head, then continued to move his finger everywhere else in his body. "No woman would ever try to date me; my head is probably shinier than the jewelry they have on, and my clothes are rather… iffy."

"But you're also a hero," Genos added something positive to his negative list. "And you have some nice traits, those are good turn-ons."

Saitama facepalmed at his last few words. "At this point, I'm just going to find a few monsters and beat the crap out of them," he stepped out of the apartment and slammed the door behind him, though not hard enough for it to break and fall like he has done so before. "I'll be right back!" He yelled from the other side.

"Well, that didn't go as planned…" Genos started to talk to himself.

After a few minutes of silence, he started to brainstorm. Let's see here, Genos thought to himself without knowing he was staring at his own empty bowl of soup. I could turn myself into a girl… maybe not, it'll just be awkward. He then took out his phone, scanning through his contacts to see viable choices. Crap, this is no use, I hardly remember any of the girls that have given me their phone numbers…

Suddenly, he scrolled past a familiar name. Tatsumaki? He thought through it a bit more before making a decision. Eh, sensei doesn't really like her at all… besides, she's a bit too much of a sassy girl… He tried describing the small girl's attitude in the nicest way possible.

He passed another familiar girl's name. Hmm… Fubuki? Again, he thought it through like he did with her green haired sister. She has shown some signs of interest… He still thought about it a bit more. But those are usually to study his powers though… He started to tap on his phone gently, whether to scroll up or down or not. Although, this would definitely benefit the both of us; I no longer would have to worry too much on sensei while she gets to study him a bit closer… And she does owe me that one favor. He finally decided on an answer.

He pressed on her name, and dialed her number.

At the Blizzard Group's headquarters, Fubuki was seemingly just enjoying the presence of her group when she suddenly received a phone call. "Who's calling you, ma'am?" Eyelashes asked, as her she reached in for her pocket where her phone resided.

"Oh, it's from Genos," she read the contact's name as her screen was lit. "Hello Genos." She answered the S-Class hero.

"Fubuki, remember that favor you owe me?" He said through the phone.

"Yes," she answered as she polished her finger nails green to match her eyes. "Do you need something now?"

"Yes," Genos calm breathing could be heard from her phone. "Can you…"

She waited a few seconds, hoping the cyborg was about to finish what she wanted her to do. "Can I what?" She continued to polish her finger nails while she held her phone with her shoulder against her ear.

"Can you… go out on a date with Saitama-sensei?" He finally finished his sentence.

"Eh, can you repeat that one more time?" She could've sworn the man just said to go out on a date the bald superhero.

"Can. You. Go. Out. On. A. Date. With. Saitama-sensei?" He said it once more, slowly and clear.

"This is a joke right?" She stopped polishing her fingers, and wryly laughed, hoping it was some type of joke.

"Nope." Genos tone turned to that of a clearer and serious tone.

"Why on Earth, would I do that favor for you?" She asked, this time holding her phone with her right hand.

"This will benefit the both of us, greatly," Genos started to explain. "I don't have to worry about Sensei and you can study him more closely. Just not baby making close."

Her left eye twitched as he said his last remark. "Genos, has anyone ever told you that you say the weirdest things?"

"Sensei has greatly pointed that out to me," he told her. "Now, are you going do it? Or do I have to-"

"Fine, I'll do it." She didn't persist his favor anymore.

"Great, just don't make it obvious in your advances." He advised her.

"Why is that?" She asked him.

"He doesn't know I went behind his back and did this…" Genos weakly laughed at the information he almost forgot to give her.

"Why am I not surprised?" She said towards her phone.

"And don't tell him, I told you to go on a date with him." One more thing he added before both of them hanged up.

"Anything else?" Her tone turned to that of an irritated one.

"Hmm… nope that's it." He told her.

"Okay then, bye Genos." She said, as she hit the red hang up button on her phone.

"Bye, Fubuki." He said as he did the same action as her.

"Huh…" She heavily sighed, leaning her back towards her chair more than usual.

"What did he want boss?" Mountain Ape, another member of the Blizzard group asked her about her phone call with Genos.

"He just wanted me to do him a favor, that's all." She only said a little of it.

"Is it a mission?" Eyelashes asked her.

"You could say that." She somewhat didn't really want to tell them the favor, fearing that they'll humiliate her in some way, so she kept it subtle.

"Oooh, what kind of mission?" An unknown Blizzard member asked.

"Let's just say, I'm going to have to conquer someone's heart…" She subtly said as best as she could.

"The hell does that even mean?" Eyelashes asked.

"Well that went surprisingly easy." Genos said as he hanged up his phone.

Author's Note: Sorry if it's kind of short but, I'll promise that the next chapters would be a bit longer, 'til then enjoy.