Patch was a beautiful island with a village on the seaside. Since it was an island, it became easier to keep most Grimm away and the place was relatively safe, and the fact some of the best Huntsmen in Remnant lived there… well, one lived there, and the other was often on missions far away and/or too drunk. Anyway, their presence certainly made the village peaceful. And with spring, the sound of birds and the color of the flowers certainly made the place livelier and even more beautiful, with colorful glowers, especially roses, covering windows and vases.

At the house of one of the Huntsmen, an eleven year old girl woke up early despite being spring break. That little ball of energy wanted to make the most of her free time before classes started again, so she needed to wake earlier, and then wake her thirteen year old sister so they could enjoy the time together.

No matter if said sister wanted to or not.

"YANGYANGYANGYANGYANG!" The younger girl jumped on her sister bed, and kept jumping and calling until the blonde girl rose from death and grabbed the redhead by her shoulders, who just smiled. "Morning!"

"Why? Why you wake me up in the morning, Ruby? Its spring break, you're supposed to sleep till lunch, at least!" The blonde girl protested, casting tired lilac eyes into her sister, which just stared back with her silver ones.

"That's because you stayed up last night watching those stupid horror movies. Come on, its spring! We're supposed to be playing outside, not stuck in the house all day!" Ruby said and her sister groaned and got up, knowing that she couldn't win with her little sister.

The two girls walked towards the bathroom that was on the other side of the corridor, passing the stairs. As they walked they heard voices. One was of their father, Taiyang, and the other was a polite woman's voice. This made them both stop and listen. They knew their father was single since Summer's death, and the two girls always wondered if he would remarry again, so any woman in the house they didn't knew was reason to stop and listen.

"Of course I'll take care of him while you and Ichika go on another honeymoon. Which number is this, eighth?" Taiyang questioned and the two girls saw the woman, a blonde girl with a long ponytail, smiling awkwardly and blushing a little.

"The girls all will be on the girl's scout camp, and I couldn't let him alone back home, despite him being able to take care of himself. Ichika wanted to travel to Mistral with me, so I'm sorry to impose towards you, Tai." The girl had deep purple eyes, and Ruby nudged her sister's ribs.

"She reminds me of you and dad, Yang."

"Maybe she's one of dad's relatives. He said he have some distant cousins in Vale. I wonder who they are talking about leaving here." Yang tried to see, but from their secluded position in the stairs they only could see their father and the women.

"He'll do great with my daughters. They always wanted one anyway." Taiyang commented, and the blonde girl gave a bright smile.

"Oh, I hope it's a dog!" Ruby whispered excitedly. Yang shrugged and kept paying attention in the conversation.

"I'm sure they'll get along great. I better get going then. When I come back I'll spent a little more time, so I can see your daughters. They must be turning into beautiful young ladies by now." The woman said as they walked to the door.

"Don't tell me. I see how some boys stare at Yang now. Thankfully she knows how to keep them away, Charl." Taiyang complained while the woman he called 'Charl' chuckled.

"I know how it is. At least you have just two to worry about. Well, I'll see you again before Spring break end. Honey, obey Taiyang and be nice to his daughters, OK?" The woman curved and apparently hugged someone or something, and left waving at them. Taiyang closed the door and turned towards the stairs.

"You two go get ready for breakfast. I have a surprise for you!" Taiyang said with a smirk, prompting Yang and Ruby to rush up and into the bathroom, while their father laughed out loud, walking to the kitchen.

Ruby couldn't stop talking about the possible dog, maybe a cat, they were getting. Yang was worried because she believed what they had was a boy. Probably either a five year brat or a moody teenager. Both prospects sucked for her, and all she wanted was to go easy on her Spring Break since she was going to combat school after it. And her father probably would chastise her if she used her martial arts skills on the guest. She even had her Aura unlocked already.

As soon as she got ready and put her hair in long pigtails and she helped Ruby to fix her red cloak (the little girl going nowhere without it if she could have her way), the two girls got down to find their father sat on his usual spot on the table, and said furniture was covered in all kinds of breakfast food, different form the usual cereal and milk. Ruby jumped in joy, and after hugging her father she sat on her spot.

"Morning girls. So, as you heard, a friend of mine asked me a favor. She is actually a distant relative… well, we have a common great-great-great-grandfather, so relative is a key word here." He said with a laugh, while Ruby rolled her eyes and Yang smirked. "Charlotte left one of her children with us for spring break. The good thing is that he's a good cook! Aren't we lucky!"

"Dad! Don't use the guest as a maid!" Ruby protested with a pout.

"As long as he don't put me in the maid dress, I'm good. My sisters already put me in enough dresses for a lifetime." They all turned to the boy that spoke, puberty hitting him hard and making his voice crackle.

He was smaller than Yang, and very scraggly. He had messy blonde hair and blue eyes, and could easily be mistaken as a girl if they actually put him in a dress; something that Yang was now very compelled to do. He was wearing a black shirt and blue shorts with black snickers, and smiled shyly at them.

"I'm Jaune… Jaune Arc. Thanks for having me." He said as he put the plate with pancakes on the table and taking a seat by Ruby's side. Yang sat opposite to him, eyeing the boy to decide if he was a threat or not.

"Jaune offered to make breakfast for us as a thank you." Taiyang explained as they started to grab the food.

"It's nothing, really. No one back home knows how to cook except me and dad, so it's the least I can do to thank you, Mr. Xiao Long." Jaune said as he scratched the back of his head.

"This is so good! Everything is so tasty!" Ruby said happily as she stuffed her face in pancakes with strawberry jam.

"Where he'll sleep?" Yang asked as she ate a slice of bacon, and had to admit the boy knew his way around the kitchen.

"In your room of course." Taiyang said, receiving disapproving look from Yang.

"Mr. Xiao Long…" Jaune started shifting uncomfortable at his seat.

"Call me Tai." The man interrupted and Jaune nodded.

"I'm thirteen. I think it would be inappropriate to sleep in the same room as your daughters, considering we aren't really related." Jaune said and winced a little, giving quick glances at Yang and blushing.

Yang sighed a little. Since she started puberty, her curves started developing, and boys have giving her weird looks that she disliked. She stared at Jaune's blue eyes, and noticed two things. First, it wasn't the same weird look she usually got. It was something more… sweet, if she could use the word, like a child staring in awe towards a magnificent sight. Second was that he was cute, and that made her blush a little. She didn't felt he would be a problem and the fact he was the one reminding them of their age make her hope they could at least be friendly.

"Nonsense, you're family after all! Even if just by less than 1%." Taiyang said with a hearty laugh.

"I can sleep in the couch! I mean, I don't want to make things awkward…" Jaune protested, and Yang finally gave a small smile. The boy showed genuine concern about them.

"I don't mind. It'll be like having a big brother!" Ruby said and smiled at Jaune, which could only pet the small girl that reminded him of one of his sisters. Yang didn't like how easy Ruby was getting around the boy, since she was usually too shy to speak freely like that. She was overprotective of her younger sister after all. And she didn't want to take the chance of Ruby develop a crush on him.

"I don't want him there." Yang spoke simple, and Jaune scratched his head again, while Ruby started to pout. "He's right, we aren't children anymore."

"Let's do this: you three spend the day together and tonight we talk about where Jaune will sleep." Taiyang said and the three nodded in agreement. "Jaune, can you bring me the newspaper, they deliver in the back door."

"OK, Mr.…" Taiyang stared at him. "Tai…" With that Jaune left the table and the man turned to his daughters as soon as he wasn't on sight.

"Look, Jaune want to be a Huntsman, like you girls want to be Huntresses. But… his mother made me promise I won't teach him anything, including anything about Aura, Semblances and such. Apparently his father doesn't want another Arc to be a hero." Taiyang explained and Ruby's eyes shone brighter.

"Jaune's a hero?!"

"No! Not yet, at least. His mother, his grandfather, his great-grandfather… everyone from his family line by mother's side is a famous soldier and/or Hunter, and even his father and father's sister are accomplished Hunters so he wishes to be one, but he is forbidden to become one. So please, don't try to teach him anything. And Yang, since you already unlocked your Aura, you don't unlock his. His mother would kill me… literally." Taiyang said and Yang simple shrugged, not wanting to get involved in someone else's trouble. Ruby stared sadly at her plate, feeling sad for Jaune.

"Tai, I didn't found any newspaper… do people still make those? But I found a puppy." Jaune stated as he showed the black and white Corgi puppy on his hands. The three people in the table stared at the puppy for a second before it barked. It was enough for Ruby.

"Puppy!" She exclaimed with a jump and zoomed to pet the small dog. "You're so cute and fluffy and cute! I'll call you Zwei and we'll be friends!"

"He needs a bath." Yang deadpanned as she approached the dog. "And probably have an owner."

"Awww…" Ruby lamented as the puppy happily licked her face.

"I dunno. I don't remember anyone owning Corgis in town… Kids, why don't you all clean him up and go around asking if anyone lost a dog. I have some… work to do." Taiyang said, knowing a pure breed dog puppy don't appear of nowhere.

"I hope dad let us keep him. No one lost a puppy, so he's probably all alone." Ruby said with the dog on her arms. She was wearing her red hood as always, a bit too big for her. Jaune and Yang walked from each side of the girl.

"Dogs are lots of work, Rubes. You need to clean, feed, take him to the vet…" Yang said, but Ruby smiled.

"I can do it! I'm eleven now!" She proudly stated, and Yang rolled her eyes while Jaune laughed a little.

"Well, he's probably easier to take care than seven sisters." He commented and kept walking, only to notice the two girls stopped and were glaring at him. "W-what?"

"Seven sisters?" Yang questioned and he just nodded. "How? How you get seven sisters?"

"Why everyone get so surprised? I have a twin sister, than there are my one year younger sisters, also twins. There is Anya and Ranko, they're eleven like Ruby, and finally Miki and Makoto. It's not uncommon on my family to have twins... Mom just made it the rule." Jaune explained like that was the most natural thing in the world.

"That's harsh." Yang said with a sympathetic smirk.

"That's so cool!" Ruby said and Zwei barked in agreement.

"It's both, most of the time. Especially when they want to put me in a dress…" Jaune lamented and Yang started laughing. Clearly she wasn't the only one wanting to see the boy in girl's clothes.

"Hey Yang!"

They all turned to see a group of teenagers approaching, same age as Jaune and Yang. Leading the pack was a tall boy with blue hair and dark skin, apparently already off puberty considering how muscular he already was. Jaune realized most of them could be qualified as 'popular' by what he saw in shows and comics. Ruby hid behind him, apparently not used to those kids, while Yang smirked and approached them.

"Hey Cobalt. I see you got the gang all together." Yang said and Cobalt grinned at her.

"Yes, we're going to the abandoned factory and hang out. Wanna come?" Cobalt said and the blonde girl apparently got in a pensive mood.

"Dad says we can't get here since it's dangerous." Ruby muttered from Jaune's back.

"That's only for little kids like you, Rubes, not for grownups like us." Cobalt answered with a cock grin that Jaune knew too well.

"I don't think any of you are actually a grownup." Jaune added his two cents, receiving an angry stare from Cobalt.

"Who's this girl?" The dark skinned boy asked.

"He's Jaune, a relative staying back on our house. But anyway, yeah, I want to go to the abandoned factory." Yang answered, being in that rebellious phase where she just wanted to do whatever he wanted, especially if told not to.

"Yeah, let's go! By the way, Xiao Long, stop with the pigtails! It's for children!" One of the girls said and undone them, letting the blonde mane of the girl flow freely. The loud group left Ruby and Jaune behind, while Yang didn't spare them a second look. Jaune noticed how sad the redhead girl was and petted her.

"Come on, let's go find Zwei's family. And if we don't, I'll make lunch for us." He offered, and Ruby got better almost immediately.

"So, we asked everywhere but no one lost him! Can we keep it?!" Ruby asked as Zwei ate his food. Taiyang smiled and petted his daughter. It was good to see her smiling so freely right now.

"We can. I'll take him to the vet tomorrow. Where's Yang?"

"She's with Cobalt and her friends." Ruby said while pouting, clearly not appreciating Yang ignoring her to hang out with the older kids.

"I hope she isn't in that old factory again…" Taiyang muttered, and Jaune wondered if something was wrong. "Anyway, I called your uncle Qrow and he might come today. And I want you two to not go outside the village until I say so, OK. There was… Grimm sightings around."

Jaune put one and one together. His family also had lots of Hunters, and he knew Zwei couldn't have appeared alone, being a puppy and all. He heard many people from settlements attacked by Grimm would try risk foot and ship travel to safer places, and while Patch was a relatively safe island and village, it wasn't immune to Grimm attacks. He decided to keep his mouth shut for Ruby's sake.

"Now, I'll go do some patrols, and you two just… do whatever children do nowadays." Taiyang petted then both and left. Ruby barely waited the door to fully close to talk to Jaune.

"Let's go to the factory!" She prompted as she reached for her hood.

"Your dad said for us to stay!" Jaune begged, but followed her.

"I'm worried about her! The factory is now in the middle of the woods and Yang still can't fight a Grimm! Look, I'll just go there, tell her there's Grimm around and bring her back!" Ruby explained.

"Wouldn't your dad go there if he suspects she's there?" Jaune prompted, trying to make Ruby stop.

"Yang will get in trouble if dad finds her there again! I'll go there, get her here, dad will never know and we all will be fine!" Ruby concluded, opening the door and running with Zwei going after her.

"This… is the worst plan I ever heard… Come on, Jaune, you're an Arc! You can't leave her alone!" And with that the boy rushed after her and the puppy.

"And you got stuck with him?" Cobalt asked as they used rocks to hit some bottles.

"Well, he's not all bad. Good cook, nice to Ruby…" Yang answered as they talked about Jaune.

"And he calls himself a man." Cobalt said while laughing followed by his friends.

"Oh, are you saying cooking is a girl's thing? That boys are better than girls?" Yang questioned with her arms crossed over her chest. Cobalt stopped talking and shifted uncomfortable. Yang have being training with Taiyang since she was seven, and now with her Aura unlocked she was someone that no one wanted to mess with.

"No, of course not, babe. I'm just saying you shouldn't hang out with a loser like him and stay with the cool kids. Us."

Yang stared at Cobalt for a moment. She wanted to be a cool girl, of course, but now she wondered if being cool was being a bit of a jerk like Cobalt was sometimes. She sighed and now felt regret for leaving Jaune and Ruby to hang out with those people. She turned around and noticed no one of the other 'cool kids' was there at the moment. She didn't like the idea they were alone there.

"So, Yang, I was thinking, you're the most beautiful girl around Patch." Cobalt changed the topic, and the blonde stared at him. "And I'm pretty handsome myself, modesty apart."

"Modesty isn't a problem with you, Cobalt." Yang snarled and took a step to go outside.

"Hey come on, beauty, don't play hard to get!" The boy said with a smile, holding her by her arm, making the girl groan and twist his hand, causing a huge deal of pain as she twisted his fingers.

"I'm not playing hard to get, Cobalt. You're not 'getting' any." She hissed at him before hearing a familiar voice yelling from outside.

"Yang! YANG!"


The blonde girl left Cobalt behind and rushed outside to see a scene she wasn't expecting at all. Two girls were holding Ruby while Zwei tried to bit their toes, and two boys were holding Jaune while a third was punching him. Yang's lilac eyes immediately turned red at the scene, a side effect of her Aura when she got angry.

"Hands. Off. My. Sister." She stated and the girls let go of Ruby, which rushed to hug Yang, with Zwei now barking at the boys holding Jaune. She stared at them and crackled her fists, making the boys let go of Jaune, which stumbled towards the girl with bleeding lips and a black eye. "Ruby, why are you here!?"

"Dad said they saw Grimm around, so I came to get you back and Jaune came along because he said he would protect me, and when we arrived they said we couldn't go inside because Cobalt was 'scoring with you' and what that even means?" Ruby said, and Jaune was impressed with her capacity to talk so much with barely breathing. Then he reminded he was in pain and winced.

"Wait… Grimm…" One of the boys said. "We… uh… better go back…"

"Yes, you better. Because if a Grimm doesn't give you a beating, I will." Yang menaced them and the group moved along with Cobalt. "And you, Cobalt… If this is what you 'cool kids' do, I'd rather not be one."

With that she started tending to Jaune's injuries, chastising him for getting in a fight he couldn't win. He simple reminded her he needed to protect Ruby no matter if he could or not, and that made her proud and give her sweetest smile towards him. And that hurt Cobalt's ego who watched the exchange, prompting him to take a rock from the ground and threw at the blonde duo. Jaune noticed it and pushed Yang from him, the rock hitting his forehead and cutting it, lots of blood going down as he fell.

"Jauney!" Ruby yelled as she rushed to help him.

Yang felt something she never had.


She turned at Cobalt and walked towards him, her hair involved in what looked like flames. The boy froze in place, fear holding his legs. Yang stopped in front of him, and the boy used an old strategy in a futile attempt to escape. He pissed himself.

"I'd tell you to piss off but you already did. Now scram before I transform you from Cobalt to No-balls-t." She growled and the boy ran away. With that she turned around and returned to Ruby, Zwei and an unconscious Jaune. The redhead girl was crying and shaking him.

"Yang! He's not answering me! Please help Jaune!" She begged and the girl stared at the boy, not knowing what to do besides dragging him back, and to receive whatever punishment Taiyang planned for them. If the boy had Aura like hers…

"Oh, better than him dying on me…" She murmured and held his face with both her hands, and started the chant she learned about when her father explained Aura to her when she unlocked hers. "For it is in passing that we achieve immortality, through this we become a paragon of virtue and glory to raise above all. Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder, protect thee."

There was a moment of silence, and then she shone gold, and her light involved the boy for a second before he started glowing white, and now the white glow took her over. She felt comforted and safe for some reason, and at a peace she never knew she could feel. When the Aura passed, she felt a surge of power coming from Jaune, and started to catch her breath as she saw his wounds healing immediately, including the cut on his forehead. Jaune groaned an opened his eyes.

"Are you alright?" he asked her, prompting her to scoff and the hug the boy tightly.

"I am, you idiot! You should worry more about you!"

"I'll live. Though for some reason I feel great… like nothing could hurt me." Jaune said as he got up with the help of Yang.

"I was so worried!" Ruby said as she hugged his waist. Jaune petted her while Zwey barked happily.

"Sorry for that, Ruby. I think we should go back before your father find us here, though." Jaune stated and the girls agreed and turned to walk back.

"Too late for that." Taiyang said as he stared at the children, with a man with black hair laughing by his side.

"Jaune, stop trying to shoulder the blame. You tried to protect my daughters, what was foolish since you have no combat training at all, but I'm glad you tried." Taiyang said back to their home. Qrow, Jaune learned his name when they were walking back home, was drinking scotch and staring at the family more amused than anything. Yang, Ruby and even Zwei stood there looking at the floor. "And now they unlocked your Aura, something your parents told me not to…"

"My what?" Jaune asked.

"Aura, kid. The manifestation of your soul. It protects us Hunters from damage, heal our wounds, even allow us to feel danger. And boy, you have lots of it, more than anyone I ever met." Qrow chimed in. "You'll be a great Huntsman when you grow up."

"Can you train me then? Dad and mom don't allow me to!" Jaune asked and Qrow laughed.

"Sure, boyo. At least while I'm here. Your father was good with a sword, but your aunt would be a better teacher."

"Qrow, it's me who will have to deal with Charl if you do that… But now that he unlocked his Aura, better to be prepared. But… promise me you won't say a word of this to his parents?" Taiyang asked and Jaune nodded. "Thanks, boy. Now, I need to have a talk with my daughters…"

"I'll… make dinner then… Yeah… Come on Zwei." Jaune asked and the puppy and Qrow followed the boy to the kitchen.

"Now, us. Yang, why you keep going to that factory with the other kids? I told you it's far removed from the village and Grimm could use it as a nest?"

"I'm sorry, dad." Yang said simply, and Taiyang was caught off guard. She would usually argue back and defend her choices and her 'friends'. But now she really appeared apologetically.

"Very well… you're grounded for the week… meaning you can only go out with Jaune and Ruby, and have to be home before nightfall. Clear?"

"Yes." She said with a small smile that didn't escape Taiyang's eyes. Apparently the boy did something nice for his daughter, so he would keep an eye on him too.

"Now, Ruby, what you did was also dangerous, even more than Yang since you and Jaune don't have the training she has."

"I'm sorry… but I also want to protect people, especially my family." Ruby justified and Taiyang groaned again. Both his daughters wanted to follow a very dangerous path. On that took two important women from him before.

"I'll train you, Rubes." Qrow said from the door. "We can start when I start with the Arc boy."

"Really?" Ruby brightened as soon as she heard that.

"Well, I think training with this old crow will be punishment enough for you. Qrow, try to not hurt my daughter. Now, you two go get ready for dinner, we still need to decide where Jaune will sleep…"

"In our room of course." Yang said as she dragged Ruby and Jaune upstairs, leaving a surprised Taiyang and a laughing Qrow behind.

The month passed faster than any of them expected. Jaune and Ruby started training with Qrow, and the man discovered both were a little on the clumsy side. Jaune's Aura absorbed most of the damage, while the old man was extra careful with Ruby. He didn't want Taiyang complaining, after all.

And when not training, the three children became really close to each other, spending most of their free time together. Ruby and Jaune were like real big brother and little sister, and she started calling him that after a while. Meanwhile Yang tried to input some notion of 'coolness' on him, but somehow she found herself pleased he wasn't like that at all. She made peace with the other teenagers later when they apologized, though she and Cobalt weren't in talking terms anymore.

It ended as no surprised she become grumpy the day Jaune was supposed to leave.

"Can't you stay for your training?" She asked Jaune as they sat on the living room, his luggage on the side.

"I wish I could, but I do miss my family, and dad probably won't allow me to continue."

"I still think I should put some sense on that thick skulled idiot." Qrow complained as he sipped from his glass. "You have talent kid. Probably can be as good as that old hag."

"Should I tell Chifuyu-nee about it?" Jaune asked and Qrow shivered for a second. He knew Jaune's aunt, and he knew better than getting on her bad side.

"Let's not bother her with that."

"You're always welcome here, Jaune. I hope your parents change their minds though. You can become a great Huntsman." Taiyang said and Jaune blushed a little, while both Ruby and Yang nudged his sides. That was when they heard a knock on the door and Ruby answered it. It was Jaune's mother, Charlotte.

"Hello. You must be Ruby. My, you look so much like your mother. I see you're becoming a beautiful girl." Charlotte stated and Ruby blushed a little. "And you must be Yang. Your daughter really turned into a beautiful young lady, Tai."

"Thanks, Charl. Your boy also is quite a gentleman himself." Taiyang said as Jaune stood by his mother and received a hug from her.

"Did you enjoy your spring break, honey?"

"Yes mom. Taiyang was really nice, uncle Qrow was funny… most of the time." Jaune said eyeing the man who just shrugged. "Ruby and Yang were the best! I hope they can spend some time home too!"

"I'm sure that can be arranged, honey. Now… who unlocked your Aura?" There was a long moment of silence between them as Charlotte's smile changed from an angelic one to a menacing one, despite no movement came from her face. "I'm his mother; of course I'd notice it! It was you Qrow?"

"Oh, nononono. I'm just training him… I shouldn't have said that…"

"Please, don't be angry Mrs. Arc, Yang just wanted to help him!" Ruby said with her puppy eyes, while Zwei stood by her side doing the same.

"Ah, I see. Well, I'm not angry, not with you. Children, wait outside while I talk with Qrow and Taiyang?" Charlotte asked and Jaune grabbed the girls by their hands and took them outside, closing the door as soon as they left. He knew better than staying when his mother was quite unhappy.

"Sorry if my mom kills them." Jaune started.

"Meh, they'll be fine." Yang said as they could hear screaming.

"I'll really miss you, big brother!" Ruby said hugging Jaune.

"So will me, little one. Both of you." Jaune said and suddenly Yang hugged him tight, and kissed his lips, just a quick peck, prompting him to blush hard, while she also had pink tinted cheeks. "Y-Yang…"

"I had a great time with you, Jauney. Stay in contact." She asked and he nodded, while more painful screams came from the house.

"I hope on day we all get together again. Maybe we can all go to Beacon together!" Ruby suggested.

"I doubt we could, you're two years younger." Yang answered. "You're too small for Beacon."

"I'll grow up! I drink milk!"

"I barely can imagine the three of us there. I can only see soul crushing regret and lots of explosions. I mean, the poor guys can't survive Yang Xiao Long." Jaune joked and she playfully punched him on the shoulder, making him meet the ground. Ruby laughed when Zwei started licking his face, while Yang turned around and blushed a little more.

Inside the house they could only hear two grown men crying like little girls.

A.N.: Yeah, I'm doing this one. Will go a little aside my usual canon, though, but I couldn't resist putting Jaune as Ichika and Charlotte's son. Next Chapter will be already at Beacon, and I intend to keep this one a little more lighthearted than what Rooter Teeth is doing right now, punishing my favorite girls like that.