Section 1.- The beginning of the end.

Prologue.- Preface to an adventure.

"T'was a long time ago

Longer now than you think

In a place in your dreams, perhaps you've seen

For the story you're about to hear today

Took place in galaxies far, far away

Now you've probably wondered what's the story I'm mentionin'

If you haven't, I'd say it's time you begin..."

There are unease times in the different universes that conform this story. After having managed to save their universes from threats ranging from megalomaniacs with gambling issues, going through galactic empires and ancient alien races, to facing the very god of destruction, everything has begun to change radically.

Heroes like Jack Skellington and Son Goku have lived times of almost perpetual peace and harmony, others like Luke Skywalker, Naruto Uzumaki and Harry Potter have had several problems to maintain peace, while others like Sly Cooper and the Master Chief have had to live a hell, after sacrificing everything that was important to them to achieve victory.

However, these quiet times are about to end, for certain events that have led these universes to collide against each other and merge, have occurred; and because of this, a new massive conflict is about to break loose. Alliances will be forged and broken, heroes will become rogues, old allies will become enemies, but above all, a new universe will be formed...

"Never underestimate your opponents."

~Popular saying.

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