In a bunker down in the lower levels of Arcadia, the most important people currently on the planet were walking through the ancient corridors towards the conference room hidden deep underground. The time lords themselves had been at war for centuries now. Two of the mightiest races in the entire universe were slowly yet destructively killing each other.

The great time war engulfed many systems in war and millions of time lords and daleks alike were slaughtered, ever since the daleks declared war on the gallifreyans years ago, for trying to prevent their creation, via the time lord known as the doctor. He failed, and now, he has been said to fight alongside fellow time lords in battle.

These time lords, sitting down at the table in the underground conference room, we're here to discuss something just as important as the war itself. Something that called the president of Gallifrey himself to attend. Rassilon sat in his seat of honor at the head of the table and turned his gaze to the others.

"Can anyone explain why we have been brought here to discuss something, and diverting our attention from the war raging above and beyond across several solar systems?" he questioned.

"My lord, an issue has been brought up, which is extremely important" a Time lord councillor informed.

"It must be important. This is the very first time we have been brought down here to discuss something other than the war that is slowly killing us" Rassilon retorted.

"Sir, the ancient gallifreyan scanners and time readers, have discovered something, something very worrying" another Time lord explained.

"What?" asked Rassilon.

"My lord president, it is possible that the entire space time continuum is in danger of collapsing" one on his left explained, her eyes looking down at the table. Rassilon's face became slightly confused.

"How? Because of the war?" he asked, worry clearly in his voice.

"No my lord" another interjected.

"It's to do with a galaxy, far far away from our own."

"Explain" demanded the president.

"In this galaxy we refer to, a series of events will happen, that may or may not stay on it's original timeline."

Another counsellor then started to talk. "In a hundred years from now, that galaxy will too be engulfed in a war. Not as destructive as this one, but many things will happen that is possible to stray off it's original timeline, threatening the space time continuum itself."

"And how is this possible?" questioned Rassilon.

"Certain points in time are fixed my lord. If a fixed point in time does not happen, paradoxes could be created."

"So what are you suggesting?"

"We, we intervene ourselves, lord president."

"Intervene? Have you all forgotten? Intervening, is the very reason millions of Time lords have died in this war! It is the time lord code to never intervene, and the one time we did, has lead to our possible complete destruction!" Rassilon stood up from his chair banging his fist on the table . "I think that this war is more important to focus on right now."

"But lord president, even if we even do somehow survive this time war, there maybe nothing of time itself left, if any fixed points in time are changed in this galaxy!" protested a council member.

"Why just this certain galaxy?" Rassilon looked at him.

"Because this galaxy is most endangered of having it's fixed points altered" he explained.

Rassilon thought for a while before finally speaking. "Then what do you suggest we do?"

"We have a proposal my lord" a man and woman at the other end of the table stood up. "This certain galaxy we are talking about, happens to be the galaxy where the legendary force resides" the man informed.

Rassilon's facial expression became more worried. "The force?" he repeated.

"Yes my lord. This is the galaxy that contains force users. This galaxy is very advanced and have developed hyperspace travel. Very soon however, it's timeline will be endangered. So what we suggest, is that we send one or ours to become a force user and keep the timeline in order" the woman explained.

"A Time lord, as a force user? No! That's forbidden! May I remind you all that thousands and thousands of years ago, force users from our planet were trained as Jedi, and you all know what happened" exclaimed the president.

"Actually, not all of us are familiar with that my lord" a time lord spoke up. Rassilon sighed.

"Only very few Time lords, who did make it to that force user galaxy thousands of years ago, were trained as Jedi. But something happened. They grew more powerful with the force, extremely powerful. Any time lord that becomes a Jedi gains incredible power in the force. More powerful than any other force user. Those time lords were feared by the Jedi council at that time for immense power, and were expelled. Thank goodness they didn't turn towards the dark side of the force."

"With all respect president, how else can we give one of ours the power to keep the timelines the same?" the man at the end of table asked.

Rassilon thought for a while. "I don't like this, but, if it's the only way to protect timelines, then we can make this one exception" Rassilon agreed.

"Who are we going to send? We would have to brief that person on their mission first" one councillor asked.

"Unfortunately, the Jedi only accept very young children to be trained, so it'll have to be someone very young" the woman at the end of the table informed.

"Then how are we supposed to give that person the mission, if they are too young?" another asked.

"Simple, we make them regenerate, and we choose their body for them" the man at the end of the table explained and all the others nodded. "The question is now, who?"


1 month later

In a large hall which was an apparent waiting room, inside the Time lord council building, a young Time lord boy was sat on a chair swinging his legs back and forth, staring into space. He was young for his species, only 85 years old. If he was human however, he would look as if he were 10.

In a large room full of council members, the Time lords were going over a briefing. "So, you have found someone I understand?" asked Rassilon.

"Yes lord president. We have hand selected a young boy from an orphanage. He has no family and at his orphanage he is very obedient and well behaved. But most of all he has shown to be incredibly intelligent for his age, and very resourceful. We went around several orphanages and handpicked him ourselves" the same woman who was at the end of the table explained.

"You can send him in now" the same man ordered.

The boy was fiddling with some sort of gadget before someone called him in. "They want you in there now" a person called the young boy.

He stood up and proceeded to follow them in. He was lead through long corridors and into a room that up above, the time lord council had their own individual seat looking down. The boy looked up, slightly nervous, upon seeing the most powerful people on Gallifrey.

"What's his name?" asked a council member.

"He chose his own name, like many his age. He chose Michael Res. Hello there young one" the man welcomed. "I am Kaben, this here is Henga" he gestured towards the woman next to him who smiled.

"Hello, council members" Michael greeted.

"You must wonder why you've been called here young Michael" Kaben began. "You have been specially selected by us for a special task."

"A task? Is it something to do with the war?" Michael naively asked.

"No my young friend, it is nothing to do with this time war. There is something else, that we need your help with. You see, there is a galaxy far far away from our own. It is a very advanced one, although they are only just discovering life outside their galaxy. However, the timelines of this galaxy, are great danger" Henga explained.

"From what?" asked Michael.

"From anything, a lot of things could happen which could divert the timeline."

"But i thought we never interfered with time?"

"Certain, points in time are fixed, and if they don't happen, time could collapse in on itself."

"See for yourself boy" Rassilon ushered down a beam of yellow light, which floated towards Michael. Suddenly it entered his head, which took Michael by surprise, and his head filled with all sorts of visions and knowledge of the future of this galaxy.

He saw Jedi, clones in white armour. There was a war, with battle droids fighting for the other side. There were several deaths, certain people, people who had an important part in this galaxy.

There was an empire, a genocide, a rebellion, the destruction of that empire. There was so much he was shown. The visions finished, and he looked up at the council members, obviously shocked from what he had seen.

"That is it's original timeline" informed Kaben.

"It's so, destructive" the boy looked down at the ground, somewhat traumatised from what he had just seen.

"We need you, to become a Jedi in this galaxy, and keep the timeline in order" one council member explained.


"Yes. You will be sent to this galaxy and you will carry out your mission there. Of course only if you agree" Henga offered.

Michael didn't know what to do. He'd been taken from an orphanage and his friends just now, to meet with the most powerful people on Gallifrey, who are talking about something other than the time war, and shown this entire history of a galaxy which he was told to make sure it happens.

The young Gallifreyan didn't understand. He didn't understand what was entirely going on right now.

"We'll give you time to think about it. But in the meantime," one Time lord waved his hand a small yellow light floated down down and entered Michael.

"Can you take this boy back to his orphanage?" asked another to the person that brought the young boy in. They nodded and gestured for Michael to follow them. After he left, the time lords looked at each other.

"What did you do just now?"

"I put a very small portion of midichlorians in him, he should appear as a force sensitive to the Jedi. Not only that, but I chose his next regeneration for him, so when the time comes, he'll regress into an infant, so that the Jedi will accept him."

"There's also the problem of whether he'll stay on that mission" Rassilon


"Don't worry about that" Henga explained. "Kaben and I have put part of our consciousness into this device" she held out a small projector. "We will be physically be able to appear before him if he takes it with him."

So i've been thinking of this idea for a long time, and decided to set it in the clone wars series. I know Michael's character isn't much yet, but he'll develop more in the next few chapters. I hope i got everything right doctor who terms, this will be more of a star wars story with doctor who elements to it. So Michael is given a mission to make sure the star wars timeline stays on track, will he accept that offer. Doctor who belongs to BBC and star wars lucasfilm.