Inspired by Guardians of Peace and loosely based. If the original author were to see I would like to say I'm writing this out of admiration of your beautiful stories. Allow me to dedicate this one to you. And if it sucks, I'm sorry.


Jar Jar pulls a part out of a stack of parts to inspect but, they all
come tumbling down towards him. He struggles to catch them, only to knock more down. Anakin and Padme are oblivious as they welcome the newcomer.

"Like I was saying, why did you come back?" The young boy tilted his head in curiosity. The other child had been in the shop a few moments prior to converse and help him with his chores while Watto was busy bathing in his own filth and money, or that is what Anakin had thought the Toydarian did most of the day.

Kagome's eyes shifted nervously, trying to figure out an excuse. There was a reason for coming back, there was this strange feeling or urge she felt that tugged her back to the location that she was just in. The sensation was nothing harmful, it did not hurt. It just bothered her, perplexed her, intrigued her. She took a few steps into the shop and rubbed the back of her neck. "I left something and forgot it," she mumbled off, eyes darting around the shop, secretly trying to find out what was making her feel this way. She dropped a pink like jewel and kicked it toward some junk, while the two occupants were not looking. She would pretend that it would be the item she had 'forgotten'.

After a few minutes Anakin piped up, "What does it look like? Maybe we can help." Padme nodded in acknowledgement, offering her help as well. Kagome smiled and described the jem as a sphere that appears to be made of some sort of crystalline material and is a soft pink color. While searching closer to the back, Kagome could sense the familiar presence of Watto and a new individual. She only vaguely caught their conversation. "Found it!" She was forced out of her musings by the shout. Padme made her way to masked girl, or who she thought was a boy and handed her the sparkling item. Kagome's eyes shined in delight, seeing this made the young Padme flush, he certainly had pretty blue eyes. Reaching out to grasp the Jewel, Kagome gave her thanks and tucked it into her pocket.

Qui-Gon hurries into the shop, followed by R2. "We are leaving." He says abruptly.
Jar Jar drags himself out of the mess he has made and follows Qui-Gon. Padme turns, and Anakin looks sad as he watches her walk towards the exit.

"I'm glad I met you!" He yells.

Kagome could swear that as the old man walked by she could feel a breeze wafting in her mind. She walked to the exit as quickly as Padme had left and watched them leave, she could not help but feel that she should follow them. The young disguised girl makes her escape as Watto enters the shop from the junkyard, getting Anakin's attention.

"Tinka me chasa hopoe ma booty na nolia." Outlanders! They think because we live so far from the center, we don't know nothing. The Toydarian scoffs.

"La lova num botaffa." They seemed nice to me. The child replies to his owner.

"Fweepa niaga. Tolpa da bunky dunko."Clean the racks, then you
can go home.
orders his slave.

Anakin lets out a "yipee" and runs out the back.


Qui-Gon, R2, Jar Jar, and Padme have found a quiet spot between two buildings. The busy street beyond is filled with dangerous looking creatures. Qui-Gon is talking on his com-link, while Jar Jar nervously watches the street. On his comlink is Obi-Wan in the main hold of the Naboo craft.

"...Obi-Wan, you're sure there isn't anything of value left on

Kagome secretly watches the group from behind a building, her presence is unknown. She tentatively listens to the conversation between the Master and his Padawan.

A young man's voice spoke, "A few containers of supplies, the Queen's wardrobe, maybe." Qui-Gon could see him shrug his shoulders, "Not enough for you to barter with. Not in the amounts you're talking about."

The Master Jedi sighed, "All right. Another solution will present itself. I'll check back." Qui-Gon puts his comlink away and starts out into the main street.

Jar Jar grabs his arm and whines, "Noah gain...da beings hereabouts cawazy. Wesa be robbed un crunched."

"Not likely. We have nothing of value, that's our problem."

Slowly Kagome pursues the gang as they move out into the street. Jar Jar is walking behind the others as they walk by an outdoor cafe filled with a rough gang of aliens, one of which was especially ugly, Sebulba, a spider-like creature. Jar Jar stops for a moment in front of a stall selling dead frogs hanging on a wire. He looks around to see if anyone is looking, then sticks out his tongue, and gets hold of one, pulling it into his mouth. Unfortunately, the frog is tied tightly to the wire and the vendor suddenly appears.

"Hey, that will be seven truguts!" Shouts the vendor.

Jar Jar opens his mouth in surprise, and the frog snaps away, ricochets around the market, and lands in Sebulba's soup, splashing him. As Jar Jar moves away from the vendor, Sebulba jumps up on the table and grabs the hapless Gungan. "Chuba!" You! The Dug growled out.

The tall alien began to sweat and panic "Who, mesa?"

"Ni chuba na? Is this yours?"


Kagome was just about to intervene right before Anakin called out to her. She looked back and watched as the boy ran up to her with a big grin only to see it falter when eyeing the situation, "...What's going on?" They both watched as Sebulba held the frog up to the Gungan threateningly. Several other creatures had begun to gather Sebulba shoves Jar Jar to the ground and the Gungan desperately tries to scramble to safety.
"Why mesa always da one?"

"Because you're afraid."

Jar Jar turns to see Kagome pushing her way next to him. The girl-boy stood up
to Sebulba in a very self-assured way.

Anakin quickly caught onto Kagome's plan "Chess ko, Sebulba...Coo wolpa tooney rana." Careful, Sebulba...This one's very connected.

Sebulba stops his assault on Jar Jar and turns to the children, "Tooney rana nu pratta dunko, shag." Connected? Whada you mean, slave?

Anakin sheepishly replied, "Oh da Hutt...cha porko ootman teesa rodda co pana pee choppa chawa." As in Hutt...big time outlander, this one... I'd
hate to see you diced before we race again.

"Neek me chowa, wermo, mo killee ma klounkee" Next time
we race, wermo, it will be the end of you!
The Dug quickly replied, Una noto wo shag, me wompity du pom pom. If you weren't a slave, I'd squash you right now. He turns away and leaves the area.

"Eh, chee bana do mullee Anakin." Yeah, it'd be a pity if
you had to pay for Anakin.
Kagome called out before the alien had left.

Kagome sighs as Anakin confronts the rest of the Gungan's group, "Hi! Your buddy here was about to be turned into orange goo. He picked a fight with a Dug. An especially dangerous Dug called Sebulba."

"Nosir, nosir. Mesa hate crunchen. Dat's da last ting mesa wanten." Jar Jar cried hiding behind Qui-Gon carefully watching the small creatures retreating back.

"Nevertheless, the boy is were heading for trouble.
Thank you, my young friend."

Kagome could not help but be jealous of the Anakin, She was the one who responded first, the one who had the guts to take a stand. Anakin, however, did not forget her, "My friend helped too." She smiled beneath her clothed face as the young boy pointed in her direction. Her Jealousy had then begun to fade as she walked up to them.

"Kagome." Padme responded with lit up eyes, recalling the boy from before, in the shop.

Qui-Gon looked over the child known as Kagome, Just like Padme he was unable to determine her gender. The younglings hair was was a charcoal black, disheveled and pulled into a high updo. It's eyes were a striking blue and the rest of the face unknown for the child wore a cloth around their mouth and nose, probably to stop the sand from getting in. He switched his gaze over to the other sandy haired boy. His stature was shorter than that of the other and skin slightly darker. He knew fully well that the force he felt from before was emitting from this kid but, where had he felt the other? "I thank you both then"

Padme looks to Anakin and smiles; he smiles back. The two children now accompany them and start walking down the crowded street.

"Mesa doen nutten!" Exclaims the Gungan.

"Fear attracts the fearful. He was trying to overcome his fear by squashing less afraid." Anakin boasts as he walks close by padme.

"And that works for you." the young girl curiously questions.

Kagome quickly replied with a smart remark "To a point" The young skywalker flushed in embarrassment but smiled as he heard Padme's laugh.


Meanwhile, in the spaceship within the dunes of Tatooine Obi-Wan stands in front of the Naboo spacecraft as the wind picks up and begins to whip at his robe. Captain Panaka exits the ship and joins him.

"This storm's going to slow them down." Mutters the Jedi.

"It looks pretty bad. We'd better seal the ship." Suggests the captain just as his comlink sounds off, he quickly answers. "Yes?...We'll be right there."


Well that is it for now, I know it is shorter than the previous chapter but I thought it best to end it here. I hoped you enjoyed!

Also, because the fact that kagome is still a child there will not be much romance as of right now, in the future however I will try to progress her character and give her some much needed male attention, even though she has padme's *wink wonk* (XD NO. IT WONT BE A KAGOMEXPADME PAIRING LOL) according to some research, Padme was only 14 years of age when she first meet Anakin so, it is not that weird for her to have feelings for Kagome. (Who she and everyone else thinks is a boy.)

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