Chapter 1 A brand new world

Alduin felt this new power. He saw the weaklings at his feet the cattle for slaughter. He saw the mountains covered with unnatural pink color. He lifted his head slowly and let out a tremendous BOOM!

"I will not mess up with this second chance" Alduin roared at the ponies. "YOU WILL ALL DIE!" Alduin began his reign of terror. The evil about to be unleashed upon this world would be one never seen before. Alduin was ready for his final showdown and he would not fail this time. Everything he has ever dreamed of was in reach.

Dovakhiin looked up from his bed. It had been 3 weeks since change. His entire body felt weak as if he had just been crushed. He was not ready to walk yet. He was ignored and no one knew he had slain Alduin he was just another victim of the plague. He lay his head back down. A plague nurse walked into the room. She had been as affected as anybody she was glittering. Dovahkiin was surprised she was not a patient her self. He lay his head as she walked over. She raised her hooves and began to examine him. He had been cut pretty badly from the show down with Alduin. She asked where these had came from. Dovahkiin looked into her eyes. He could see the hurt. She was very young he could tell. He did not have to know anyone at all to know their innocence and youth. She was so young he spared her the tragedy. He lied and said he fought a bear. Not sounding crazy the girl found this amusing and asked him to tell the story. He told a long story explaining the fight with Alduin only replacing every dragon and Alduin with bear. She looked at him very surprised and told some slightly amusing tales of her village work. He listened with intent he knew she was also upsetted by the plague. Who wasn't you could see it in everyone. The nurse convinced him to get up and go home. Maybe it was she listened to make room. Maybe that's it he could hear the sounds of patients being removed by force. This was a curse. Dovahkiin had began to walk out of the hospital.

Dovahkiin picked up his gear most of it was useless at this point. None of it fit he would have to get some new. Though how could anyone find weapons in the pacifistic cartoon land. Even if the curse didn't make the world so nice it would be a long time before anything meant for these now bodies would be made.

"So it's a deal?" said the mystery figure. "Yes you can rule" Alduin knew he could not keep holding this promise up. He would have to kill this thing. If you could call it that. It was some sort of a hybrid of a deer, unicorn, bird, goat and horse. This thing was the only force of evil that could exist in this place. He would have to work with it now.