When Caine had brought her levitating form into the Aegis cruiser first and asked for Stinger to ensure she received medical attention, he knew right off it was Her Majesty's mother. Yes, there were physical similarities, but he could sense the genetic code too - now that he knew Jupiter's pheromones.

Running the scanner over her reveals she'd remained unharmed. Despite that - her brain's activity is surprisingly high for being in a comatose state. She must have been through quite a shock because every little bit she twitches as if having a nightmare. Reflexively, his hand goes to her forehead and he finds himself mumbling soothing words, "You're safe now, Mrs. Jones." He wishes he knew her first name, it might register more quickly in her subconscious. Something inside her dreaming mind settles and her body calms.

The hatch opens and Caine brings in another family member and Stinger moves to help, but finds that the Aegis crew is handling the boy and that spasms have started up again for Mrs. Jones. Stinger internally mutters a few choice words about not wanting to hold her hand the entire trip back to Earth. Though, he knows he owes Her Majesty and Caine more than he can ever repay. Again his presence and reassuring words comfort her somehow.

Before he goes back up to the bridge for portal, he whispers, "I'll be back to check on you," and gives Mrs. Jones an extra hypo spray to put her farther under - hopefully to a place where she won't remember whatever haunts her. Soon her memory will be wiped and it won't be a problem any more.