Beacon, a school designed for hunters and huntresses in training to fight the evils of the world…

but let's forget about that for the moment.

This is a story about four individuals who always face challenges everyday in their lives.


From capturing powerful foes like the white fang to apprehending the infamous 'Roman Torchwick' all the while being students.

But let's not forget some of their greatest challenges yet…

Their teammates.

Well, one would think the four of them are a team, but in actuality, the four of them are in different teams. Teams that are also famous on their own right.

The first team would be 'Team SSSN' led by the always half-naked faunus Sun Wukong. being the monkey thieving faunus that he is, he is always on the run from vendors in town. always liking the thrill he gets from being chased. because of it though, He is always bored by the fact that his teammates doesn't do much anything except for team fights and picking up girls… (courtesy of Neptune.) So he decides to hang out often with the other teams he's cool with (and quite frankly the only teams he's actually close to in the whole academy of Beacon.).

Which brings us to the second years, 'Team CFVY', led by the resident fashionista Coco Adel. Coco loves her team, She really does, but they can be a bit…

Exhausting to deal with.

From scolding fox to clean his messy bed everyday, to scolding yatsuhashi of his eating habits, and finally scolding velvet from keeping her stuff bunnies to a minimum (making the bunny faunus almost cry every time she has to let go of her 'friends'.). Don't get it wrong though, She really loves her teammates. It's just that every time something (or more like someone.) upsets them, they always turn to her for help, even though the problem is so miniscule that even that mace headed Caldrin can solve it.

After Coco comes the third leader, that came from the famous team called 'Team JNPR' led by a blonde young man named Jaune Arc, also dubbed as the 'slumbering knight' by the whole campus, reason being is that he was bullied by a few ruffians for a few weeks because they accidentally heard a big secret about him, but then Jaune saved the asses of said ruffians when an Ursa Major attack them while on a class activity in Forever Fall forest. And that's just one of two titles he holds. the other one, created by the girls of the school is…

'The adorkable knight'.

Yep, a befitting title indeed. Jaune Arc always for some reason ends up in some pretty crazy and hilarious situations. Most of which is caused by himself and others cause by his always energy frenzied teammate Nora Valkyrie. Some of those events got even crazier when Jaune's clumsiness is combined with Nora's ideas and schemes. Making them the 2nd most destructive and dangerous team in their generation.

But the number 1 most destructive and dangerous and the most craziest team. Not to mention the "Second most exasperating team I have ever dealt with since I started teaching in this academy." as said explicitly by the ever so lovely secretary of beacon academy, Glynda Goodwitch.

One more thing about this team is that it's led by the fourth adorable scythe wielding leader Ruby Rose. The team's name is Team 'RWBY', but is also called team 'BWYR' by the others. What people should BWYR of that team we can only imagine…


Anyways, these four young confident leaders will have one hell of a story to tell for generations when they suddenly created the infamous leaders lounge…

Now then, shall we BGIN the tale?