It was a peaceful day at Smashville, a town inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and human children located close to the sea, mostly the former.

Villager was walking down the village path, holding an axe against his shoulder, while greeting some passersby he was familiar with. All around him, people were either having fun with various activities, chatting with each other, taking a stroll, or doing businesses.

Villager made his way to his house, and just as he was going to go inside, a voice coming from behind stopped him. "Villager!" He turned around to see the angry face of a raccoon looking at him.

"It's about time you pay your house rent!" the raccoon—Tom Nook—said to him. "You're overdue by twenty-six days already! If this goes on, you're going to break your previous record of twenty-eight days!"

"Cool! I'm going to set a Guinness World Record with it, then!" said Villager in a humorous tone.

"Yeah, think of this as all fun and games until I decide to take action for your late fees!" Tom Nook angrily said to him.

"Relax, I will pay you eventually," Villager told him. "My folks are sending over some of their incomes to me tomorrow. Combine them with my current savings and I will be able to give you the house rental."

"You made that excuse last time as well, but you didn't pay until five days later!" Tom Nook reminded him. "I'm going to make sure that you hold true to your words this time! I'm coming back before the end of tomorrow for your money! I'll even take it from you by force if I have to!"

"You don't have the guts to do something like that," Villager told him. "I know you way too well."

"You have not seen the other side of me yet!" the raccoon told him.

"Then show me what you've got!" said Villager, not taking him seriously. "By the way, is there a reason you're keeping your distance from me?"

Indeed, the distance between Tom Nook and Villager was about three meters, one not suitable for conversations. Tom Nook hesitated for a while before replying, "That's because I have business to attend to later, so if I keep my distance from you, I can get there faster due to taking lesser amount of steps!"

Villager narrowed his eyes and said, "Oh sure… You're just afraid of getting close to me due to me having an axe…"

Tom Nook sweated nervously with an angry face and then said, "Remember to pay tomorrow! I'll even get the law on my side if you don't get your money ready by then!" After saying this, he hastily left.

Villager shrugged and then went into his house. Only a few seconds after going inside, he heard Tom Nook crying out loud about something, so he came back out to see the raccoon looking at the sky with wide open eyes. He looked and became as surprised as him. "Is that a flying saucer?!" he asked.

Seeing that it was heading in the direction of the town square, they both rushed there as fast as they could alongside all those who saw it.

Everyone in the village gathered at the town square, where the flying saucer was seen stopping above a fountain built in the middle of the place.

The flying saucer had a clichéd and uninspired design—a "disk with a dome on top of it." It had a gray disk that had rounded edges and a gray dome surrounded by round windows. On top of the dome was a black antenna.

Everyone watched with wide open eyes as four different spots of the bottom of the flying saucer opened to release metal legs used for landing. However, the flying saucer came down right on top of the fountain, and not exactly in the middle either, so as a result, it tilted over to the side and hit the pavement with its edge, making a loud thud when it did.

Despite the failed attempt at landing properly, the inhabitants were still in awe at the sight of the flying saucer. They have heard of aliens visiting the planet before, but never would they have thought that their town would be the landing site for one.

Meanwhile, a conversation which sounded more like an argument was going on inside. Obviously, nobody outside was able to hear it.

"What in the world happened?! What did we land on?!"

"It would appear that we landed on top of a small structure not meant for things to land on."

"We were supposed to make a grand entrance and strike fear into their hearts with our debut! Now they're going to think we're a bunch of clumsy buffoons after seeing this!"

"I knew this would happen. It's no surprise that when we attempt to land, things will go wrong."

"And when we land properly, you're going to say something like how it was expected that we would be able to land properly!"

"Can we talk about what to do next instead?"

"The folks out there are probably dying from laughter after seeing our failed attempt at landing. I don't even have to look out the window to know this!"

"Isn't that obvious? It's only natural that they would laugh after seeing something so ridiculous."

"Then let's head somewhere else and make a proper landing in order to wow the people there instead. No use in trying to pull ourselves together in front of people who saw us mess up."

"Then get flying! We don't have all day to waste! If it were me, I'd have gotten ourselves out of this mess already! None of you here can ever get anything done as good as me!"

There was several seconds of silence afterwards, and then someone said, "Who's piloting this thing?"

"Lord Oblivion."

Followed by another silence…

"Let me guess, he is unaware of our current situation, right?"

"Isn't that obvious?"

"Then tell him to get moving!"


"Shut up, Lord What!"

Outside, the townsfolk still had their eyes on the flying saucer, wondering what it was going to do next. They then saw the flying saucer floating into the air while pulling the metal legs back into its body. When the flying saucer flew away from the town, they were all confused, because they were expecting the aliens inside to come out, but instead, it left without doing anything other than making a clumsy landing.

"What was that all about…?" asked Tom Nook while watching the flying saucer.

"Don't know… I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to get the possible opportunity to axe some aliens, though," said Villager, sounding disappointed.

"I'm more curious as to why the fountain didn't get crushed by it," said Tortimer.

It was a peaceful day at Onett. All the Smashers were hanging out at Smash Mansion, as it was day off from work for everyone, and none of them planned on going anywhere. Staying home was sometimes a better idea than going outside.

Falco, Luigi, and Mr. Game & Watch were seated together on the sofa, watching TV, something the three of them did together most of the time. They were watching a movie about aliens, which were actually humans, invading a planet full of one-eyed green creatures, which in the eyes of the humans were aliens.

In the backyard, Toon Link was playing with Duck and Hunt. The former threw a Frisbee for the duck and the dog to catch. After throwing it, he noticed something in the sky heading in their direction. He didn't care about it at first, but as the object came closer and closer, he became more and more curious. After getting a better look at the approaching object, he was surprised to find that it was a flying bus.

Toon Link got out of the way when the flying bus landed in the backyard and kept on moving until it crashed into one side of the wall surrounding the mansion

The loud crashing sound attracted the attention of everyone in the mansion. Needless to say, they all came out or looked out windows to see what made such a sound.

"What was that just now?" Falco asked in frustration as he came out through the sliding glass door with Luigi and Mr. Game & Watch. "Can't we watch movie in peace?!"

Toon Link said nothing but simply pointed at the bus that hit the wall. Duck and Hunt also pointed at it.

"Is that a bus? How did it get in here?" asked Luigi. He looked at the front gate to see that it was close, which only added to the confusion and mystery.

"It came down from the sky," Toon Link told him.

"From the sky? Are you serious?" asked a skeptical Mr. Game & Watch.

"Give me a good reason for making up stories at a time like this," Toon Link said to him with narrowed eyes due to not being happy that he didn't believe him.

The rest of the Smashers came out of the mansion and approached the bus together, but with caution in case it might possess some kind of danger. When they came close to the bus, the door at the front opened, and out came a rather weird-looking person.

"I'm sorry for surprising you people and damaging your property," the person said to him. "I'll be sure to do something about this."

The person had a relatively rotund body and wore a purple spandex-like costume that covered the entirety of his body, but there were holes that exposed his face and ears. On top of his head was a thick "rod" sticking out like an antenna. His eyes lacked pupils and were so white that they looked like they were glowing. There was a belt around his waist that held a gun.

"Who's this Teletubby-looking guy?" asked Pichu.

"Who are you? Mario asked him.

The strange-looking man pointed to a golden star-shaped badge on his body that had an unknown language written on it. "I am from the Astro-Galactic Space Defense Force, an intergalactic police organization located several light years away from your planet. My name is Incrediblus the Incredible, but you may simply call me Incrediblus."

"An intergalactic policeman?" asked Fox. "I'd never thought that such people exist…"

"Nothing so special considering the fact aliens exist already," said Samus.

"May we inquire the reason you came here?" Captain Falcon asked him. "Since you are a policeman, I assume you came here as part of your work, right?"

"Indeed," said Incrediblus. "I came here because your planet is in danger."

"In danger? From what?" asked Marth.

"The Evil Lords," Incrediblus replied in a serious tone.


A Game2002 Production



Chapter 1
Information on the Evil Lords

All the Smashers and Incrediblus were gathered at the mansion's underground lab. The latter had told them that he did research on this planet before arriving and came to the conclusion that the Smashers were the best people in defending Tooneria from the Evil Lords. In order to hear him better and without anyone outside seeing him, they all went into the lab to hear from him more.

"Since you did research on our planet," Samus asked Incrediblus, "I'm sure you should know about the World Government."

"Yes, I am aware of them," replied Incrediblus, "but I decided that it's a safer bet to come to you people. Who knows what the government might think or do if I show up before them?"

"Point taken," she said.

"But I'm sure they're aware that something entered the planet's atmosphere," Fox told Incrediblus. "It may be a matter of time before they find out about you…"

"I've activated Incredibus's stealth function, so they won't find out about me anytime soon," Incrediblus told him.

"Incredibus?" asked Fox in confusion.

"That's the name of my spaceship," Incrediblus told him.

"By the way… I just remembered that you left it outside… Is that safe?" asked Snake.

"It is supposed to resemble a common bus, so I am sure people won't bat an eye when they see it," said Incrediblus with confidence.

"I'm not sure what people are going to think seeing a bus in a backyard…" commented Samus.

"Anyway, we have more important things to discuss," said Incrediblus. "The Evil Lords have likely arrived at your planet already with the intention of ruling it. In order to combat them, I recommend that you learn more about them first. I have been going after them for years, so I know everything about them."

"Are the Evil Lords dangerous?" asked Link.

"They are dangerous people, but despite this, they have always failed to take over planets they arrived at," replied Incrediblus. "However, this doesn't make them any less dangerous. They are people you should never underestimate. I combated them several times and can confirm this through experience."

"Then it'll be fun when we face them!" said Bowser, looking forward to fighting the Evil Lords.

Incrediblus then looked at a large computer behind him and asked, "Is it all right if I use your computer? I have here a flash drive containing data on the Evil Lords that I plan to show you."

"Go ahead," Fox told him.

Fox went to turn on the computer for him, and then Incrediblus inserted the flash drive into the control panel before looking for the files inside the former.

The same spaceship from before was flying across an ocean. The interior of the spaceship was, contrary to the exterior, spacious and even had doors leading to different rooms, something that one couldn't tell when looking from the outside.

Ten individuals were seated around a decagon-shaped table, each with different looks and most of them wearing white robes and capes with shoulder pads and lined with golden laces.

One of ten spoke up, "What is our next destination?" He had red-skin and a black, flattop haircut. His eyebrows were rectangular and thick, and his nose was relatively tall, which was fitting for his somewhat long face. He wore the aforementioned white robe with golden lacings.

"This is Lord Underestimateron," Incrediblus told the Smashers while showing them a picture of the aforementioned person on the computer screen.

"Lord Underestimateron is known for underestimating his opponents all the time," explained Incrediblus. "He never takes his opponents seriously, even when the latter displays powers that may very well surpass him. Even when in a pinch, he continues to look down on his opponents. Because of this attitude, he constantly does reckless things and things beyond his capabilities, as he refuses to see anything as too hard to deal with."

The Smashers weren't expecting to hear this kind of description from a group of aliens that were claimed to be dangerous. "How exactly does that make him dangerous…?" asked Link.

"Good question!" said Incrediblus. "He fights by blowing darts out of a tube. Because of the size of the tube and that fact that he keeps it hidden at all times, it's hard to tell when he is going to use it. Because of his quick movements, it can be too late by the time he pulled it out."

"Does the dart contain dangerous substances such as poison?" asked Captain Falcon.

"No, he fires only normal darts," replied Incrediblus. "He underestimates his opponents so much that he thinks normal darts are more than enough to defeat them."

"Then I take that he must be good at aiming for vital spots," said the racer.

"To my memory, he never really watched where he is aiming," said Incrediblus. Hearing this made the Smashers have doubts about the danger level of Lord Underestimateron.

"Judging by the location on the map, I'd say we go to this city called Midgar," said a grayish-black robot with a skull face while looking at a holographic map coming out from the center of the table. The top half of his head was a glass dome with a brain inside.

"This is Lord Hasbrain," Incrediblus explained to the Smashers while showing a pic of the aforementioned Evil Lord. "His brain is the only organic part of his body."

"If we are to go by looks, I wouldn't be surprised if he is pretty dangerous," said Ness.

"Lord Hasbrain has some dangerous weapons hidden inside his robotic body, but his lack of intelligence prevents him from using them properly," said Incrediblus. "He's also quite arrogant and looks down on others, which leads to him making poor decisions often. He spends most of the time boasting about how he has a brain."

"This time, we'll be sure to not make a single mistake!" said a being with a dark blue head that resembled a Chinese dragon. "Just follow my lead, and nothing will go wrong, for all my plans are absolutely perfect!"

"This is Lord A," continued Incrediblus while showing the picture of the draconic alien. "He is extremely arrogant. He believes himself to be the best of the best and that no one can ever come close to being as great as him."

Hearing this, all the Smashers turned to stare at Falco, who said in confusion, "What?"

"Is there anything I need to know?" asked Incrediblus, wondering why there were all staring at the pheasant.

"Nothing, just keep on going," Ganondorf told him.

So Incrediblus continued, "Ironically, Lord A, despite being full of pride, absolutely despises arrogant people. He hates them to the core and will not stop at anything to get rid of anyone he deems arrogant."

"Dude! That's basically a pot calling a kettle black!" commented Ness.

"True, but that's how he is," Incrediblus told him. "Because of this, he gets into arguments with Lord Hasbrain often, but he doesn't kill him because they are in the same group. Lord A considers anyone who claims to be as good as him or better than him to be nothing short of arrogant."

"Anything we should be watching out about him?" asked Marth. "Given his draconic appearance, I wouldn't be surprised if he has abilities similar to that of a traditional dragon."

"In all my years of confronting him, I've only seen him fighting unarmed and using ray guns," replied Incrediblus. "His arrogance actually has a claim when he gets into a serious fight, so you should be careful around him."

"I'll gladly show him who the better guy around here is!" said Falco with enthusiasm, causing all the Smashers to stare at him a second time. "Why are you guys staring at me again?"

"It's probably for the best that we don't go there, because they have an organization there called Shinra, which translates into 'everything covered by gods," said another draconic alien. This one had orange skin and looked more like a Western dragon. "This must mean they have powerful gods on their side that can easily annihilate us!"

"This is Lord Exaggeratron," said Incrediblus while pointing at the picture of the other draconic alien. "He's one of the least dangerous of the group due to him exaggerating and overestimating everything. As a result, he surrenders right away most of the time, believing that most of the opponents they come across are too powerful for them. Of course, he doesn't get any say in these matters, so while the others are fighting, he goes hiding."

"Sounds like the opposite of that Underestimateron guy…" commented Young Link.

"You and your crazy exaggerations and thoughts of cowardice again!" Lord A angrily said to Lord Exaggeratron. "It's because of your cowardly ideas that we always fail to take over planets! Had you people followed my plan, none of these failures would happen!"

"I'm being realistic here!" Lord Exaggeratron told him. "We should not do what is too much for us to handle! The real reason that we always fail is because we overestimate ourselves too much and do reckless things! I tried to warn you all the time, but you never listen to me!"

"No one we came across was ever too tough for us to deal with," claimed Lord Overestimateron. "Just because they managed to beat us in fights doesn't mean they are powerful. In the end, they are still very weak, and this place will be no different."

"I'm serious that we will fail again if we try to invade this place!" claimed Lord Exaggeratron. "If this place is indeed protected by gods, then our chance of failing is guaranteed one-hundred percent!"

"Then let us adjust the percentage to zero," said a robot with a circular, trapezoid-shaped body. The top of its body was a glass dome with circuitries and computer chips inside. The robot lacked an actual face and instead had rectangular lights serving as its eyes and mouth. Unlike the other members, it did not wear a robe.

"This is Lord No-Brain," Incrediblus continued explaining while looking at a picture of the robot. "It is named so due to its incredibly flawed A.I. It is constantly coming up with impractical advises and ones that are literally impossible to perform."

"So much that it's like it doesn't have a brain, eh?" asked Dark Pit.

While the other Evil Lords were arguing among each other about what to do, a bizarre-looking alien that was best described as a yellow spiked disk with a pair of eyes and a large nose standing using a single purple human leg. Because of its odd-looking body, it did not wear anything. In fact, he and Lord No-Brain were the only ones who were not wearing white robes.

The strange-looking creature looked around, and then it grinned before saying, "Sneek."

The Smashers weren't sure how to respond when they saw the picture of the bizarre-looking member of the Evil Lords. Its appearance was so unlike anything they have ever seen. "What… is… that…?" asked Zelda.

"This is Lord What," replied Incrediblus. "You're not the first people to be at a loss of words just by seeing him. Indeed, he has confused and surprised many people with his odd appearance, not to mention his equally odd behavior and vocabulary. He tends to do nothing, and when he does something, it's usually harmless movements. He always says random things that seem to have no meaning whatever."

Ignoring what Lord What just said, since it didn't have any meaning, another robe-wearing Evil Lord said, "Who cares if they have gods protecting them? We'll just…" He then said all sorts of nasty and terrible things that he wanted to do, so terrible that I refuse to type them out.

He had brown skin and pointy ears and was bald.

With the picture of the aforementioned Evil Lord on the computer, Incrediblus said to the Smashers, "This is Scumlord. He's easily the evilest of the bunch. He's always thinking of terrible things and, if given the opportunity, will do all sorts of heinous and disturbing things simply for laughs."

The Evil Lords suddenly felt the whole place shaking. "What in the world?!" asked Lord A.

Lord Exaggeratron pressed a button on the table to make a hologram showing their current location and surroundings appear. The hologram showed that they crashed into something. "We hit a mountain."

"How?! I thought we had the spaceship on auto-pilot mode?!" said Lord A.

One of the Evil Lords, a bald, overweight, orange-skinned alien with pointy ears suddenly said, "Oh, I forgot… I'll go turn it on at once…"

He got up from his chair with a bit of difficulty due to his weight and then headed for one of the doors and stood in front of it for several seconds, while the others stared at him. "You're supposed to put your hand on the hand scanner to open it," Lord Underestimetaron told him.

"Oh yeah, I forgot…" said the fat alien.

"This is Lord Oblivion," said Incrediblus while showing the Smashers the picture of the fat alien. "He is very forgetful and most of the time oblivious to everything happening around him."

The Smashers didn't know what to say. In fact, they became more and more dumbfounded after hearing more and more about the Evil Lords.

A green-skinned alien with a large bulbous head was passed out on the floor while mumbling incomprehensible things. "What's with him?" asked Lord Hasbrain while looking at him.

"Obviously, he passed out from the shock of our spaceship flying into a mountain," replied a pointy-eared alien with neatly-trimmed hair.

Showing the Smashers the picture of the green-skinned alien, Incrediblus said, "This is Lord Brain Damage. He gets surprised and confused by almost everything, so much that he often passes out from what you can refer to as brain damage."

He went to the next page and showed them a picture of the pointy-eared alien. "This is Lord Hindsight. He is never surprised by anything, and I do mean ANYTHING."

"No matter how strange and surprising?" asked Popo.

"Yes," replied Incrediblus. "Even if mind-blowing and unexpected things that people with the right mind will never expect happen, he will remain unsurprised and claims that something like this was bound to happen."

"So… if something as random as a flying cow that is capable of shooting marshmallows from its mouth that turns anyone they hit into monkeys that sing opera that is capable of making anyone who hear them behave like ducks show up, he won't be surprised?" asked Pichu.

"How did you come up with that…?" Pikachu asked him.

"Yes, he won't be surprised, and he will try to explain why it isn't surprising too," replied Incrediblus.

"I think he's just crazy…" said Bowser.

"I think he kinda looks like Spock from Star Trek," pointed out Ness, giving you readers an idea of how Lord Hindsight looks like.

"Anyway, that's all ten of them," said Incrediblus, concluding the presentation. "They may not look like much, but they are very dangerous. You should never be careless around them. I have faced them for years, and I usually have problems dealing with them."

"If they always fail to take over planets, then how is it that you haven't been able to capture them yet?" Captain Falcon asked him.

"Like I said just now, they are very dangerous," Incrediblus told him. "Just because they failed to take over every civilized planet they came across doesn't mean they are pushovers."

Despite what Incrediblus said, the Smashers weren't convinced that the Evil Lords were as dangerous as he claimed them to be. After hearing about all ten Evil Lords, they couldn't help but think that they were a bunch of not-so-dangerous clowns. They even wondered exactly how good of a policeman Incrediblus was if he had been chasing them for several years and not be able to arrest them.

"Since you came all the way here to ask us for help, we'll do everything we can to put an end to them once and for all," Mewtwo told the intergalactic policeman.

"I knew you would do it, and I highly appreciate it!" said Incrediblus with a light smile. "I look forward to working with you people to take down the Evil Lords. I have read about your accomplishments, and I have confidence that you can do it!"

"Are we seriously going to help this guy…?" Falco whispered to Fox. "If anything, I find him suspicious…"

"Dunno… Even if he is the suspicious one here, let's just play along and see how things turn out in the end first," suggested Fox.

"Question!" said Pichu, raising his hand while jumping up and down.

"What is it?" Incrediblus asked him.

"Do those aliens have a good reason for taking over planets? Or are they doing so simply because they can?" asked the Pokemon. "I'm asking this because someone who reviewed some of Game2002's stories in the past expressed disappointment in him making uninteresting, one-dimensional villains or something like that. You know, top hat-wearing villains who stroke their moustaches while laughing evilly."

"I don't think they really need any reason to take over planets other than simply doing it just because they are evil and want to rule over others," replied Incrediblus.

"Then that guy will probably be disappointed…" said Pichu.


Here we have a silly and funny story that is not meant to be taken seriously, so please sit back and enjoy this comedic story about the "worst" alien invasion in the history of mankind!

Incrediblus and the Evil Lords are all my OCs.

1. Some of the Evil Lords are inspired by/based off people I've seen on the internet.