Hello! I've been absent for a while, but watching the new Degrassi:Next Class episodes got me really excited! I'm not super sure of where the story is headed, but we will see!

Everything spun, moved in slow-motion, echoed... Miles moved through the crowd of people, arm hooked around his girlfriend's. His head was swimming, the music was blasting around him, as sweating, grinding bodies bumped into him.

A slow, far-away smile spread across his face, 'This is fantastic!'

He could hear a low mumble near his ear, but couldn't decipher what the girl next to him was saying. He felt a pressure on his bicep.

"Esme, stop," he laughed, his eyes dazing over as the bright lights surrounded him.

This was the greatest feeling in the world. High out of his mind on a cocktail of things his girlfriend gave him earlier, and buzzed on the shots he kept downing.


The teen slowly turned his head to the side and stared at Esme through half-lidded eyes.

"What?," came out his lazy, slow response

"Do you want to dance?! I've been trying to ask you for the past ten minutes!" Esme yelled through the crowd

'Ooh,' Miles sighed in relief.

Of course she wasn't here to judge him, to be an overbearing mother! She was here to have fun with him.

"Ye...yea," Miles slurred as he took another drink from someone passing by and downed it.

The brunet smiled wide, his head slowly turning to look around the club, his mouth hanging open at the sight of all the colors.

Esme took Miles's hand and pulled him into the dancing crowd. She turned around, slowly grinding against the brunet. Miles absentmindedly held onto her hips, his head continuing to swim.

One song seemed to flow into another, and time slowly passed by, as Miles looked around the club. His hands let go of Esme's hips, and he stood, frozen, in the middle of the dance floor. A dull ache brought his face back to Esme.

"What's the matter with you?! You're just standing there looking like an idiot!"

"Ahaha... yeaaa..." Miles smiled dumbly at her, "Well, if I wasn't so high!"

"You took the same thing I did, how are you so burnt out?!" Esme sounded mildly-annoyed

"Well," Miles wiggled his eyebrows, pulling out a couple of pills out of his pocket, "also took these..."

"Where'd you get those?" Esme looked bewildered.

"Aha... I got them off the guy at the bar," Miles mumbled, still smiling into the distance.

Esme rolled her eyes, furrowing her brows.

"Hey, I'm gonna go take a piss," Miles gave her a sloppy kiss on the cheek before stumbling off.

Esme stood in the middle of the floor, her arms crossed in front of her chest.

'Fucking asshole,' she thought to herself, rolling her eyes once more.

'Fuck, get your head straight!' Miles looked down as his vision blurred and doubled.

His arms stretched limply in front of him to avoid bumping into anyone, but failing. He sloppily pushed past the crowded room, until he finally got to the restroom.

'Haha! Now... how do I do this?' Miles stared at the urinal, as it too, doubled in front of his eyes.

Chuckling, Miles began to undo his zipper, pausing half way as his hearing focused in on the loud moans echoing through the empty room.

Turning around slowly, Miles saw a blurred picture of a girl on her knees in front of a guy probably in his late twenties.

"Hey, what you staring at, asshole?!" the guy barked

"O-oh sorry," Miles turned around to face the urinal once more.

"Hey, hey! Here ya go. Go on, go on!"

Miles heard the guy's voice behind him, and a shuffling of feet.

After finishing and zipping up, the teen turned around to find himself face to face with an older man.

"Hey, you ain't so bad! Look zoned the fuck out though!" he chuckled, giving Miles a gentle slap on the cheek

"Y- yea, well I am," Miles said quietly, looking past him, at the door.

"Hey kid, what are you on?"

"I-I dunno, I gotta go," the teen mumbled, trying to get past the man.

"Whatever it is, looks like you're having a great time!"

"Ah...thanks man," Miles laughed nervously, slightly straining to leave.

"You got any more of whatever it is?"

"N-no, sorry," Miles could feel beads of sweat falling from his forehead, his mind still fogged up.

"How would you like some more then?"

The voice was dangerously close, echoing in the room.

'So close... I can feel his breath on my neck..' Miles shut his eyes.

"Hey, hey don't be scared!" the guy laughed, "Look. What do you take?"

"I don't know," the brunet pushed the man slightly to try and get past him.

"Well I have a lot... and it seems you have none."

The teen's eyes widened, as the realization hit him. Esme looked pretty pissed, she probably wouldn't give him anything else for the rest of the week knowing her.

'And I still need to go home.. fuck.'

Fingers snapped in front of his face, "You there? You know, you're really good-looking... I'd love to show you a good time. And in exchange, you can get these," the man pulled a small zip-lock bag out of his purse.

'Wow so many.. so many different colors... I don't even know what to do with them!'

"Nothing bad kid, don't worry. All safe, authentic. No paranoia, no shivers, nothing. Just. Plain. Bliss," the man spoke softly, his voice enticing.

"H-how much?" Miles asked biting his lip

"Just let me show you a good time," the man whispered into Miles's ear, "that's all. And it's all yours."

Miles furrowed his brows, and looked into the other's eyes.

'Pretty blue eyes..'

"Aha... A-alright."

The teen felt the collar of his shirt pulled, as he stumbled into a stall with the man, his eyes on the bag of pills still in the other's hand.