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Broken Future: Hope


*** 2121- The Holy Grounds, Formerly Xavier Institute***

Green irradiated lighting forked through the darken clouds to impact against into the force shield of a large spaceship. The designs on it's hull show those of Shi'ar markings and identified as the flagship of the Empress of the Shi'ar Empire itself. The vessel wasn't particularly large. In fact, most would call it relatively small. Despite this, it was widely known to easily destroy even the largest warships. Its ability was only amplified by its captain, Gladiator, Praetor of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

"They're late," Laura Kinney Howlett let out a soft growl to her companion. She was dressed in formal military wear, a sleeker version of her original X-Men uniform. "They all yours, Myst."

"Sure, let me deal with them... " the woman next to Laura sighed in resignation.

Misty Varro, aka Myst, had to admit, being back at the Xavier Institute was heartwarming. The Sentinels, for whatever reason, had left the buildings' ruins largely untouched. Most likely because they were too busy hunting down active mutants, and perhaps to serve as a warning to the Resistance.

Well, they were sure proven wrong.

Making sure she stayed condensed, Myst watched as the Shi'ar vessel landed a small distance from the Skrulls' and Kree's own royal ships.

"Kallark," Myst greeted the powerful Shi'ar Praetor. He was as impressive as ever. The only thing giving away his age was the coloration of his hair; which was a deep green, the Stronian equivalent of gray hairs.

"Lady Varro, it is good to see you again," Gladiator greeted even as the ship's ramp lowered and Empress Lilandra walked out. Though her hair was graying and some wrinkles were starting to show, she looked just as beautiful and elegant as she always had. Clad in her royal armor and ruling scepter in hand she floated down in a way that made even Myst jealous.

"Your Imperial Highness," Myst bowed respectfully. This was the one-time lover of her headmaster after all. "I hope your journey was not too taxing?"

The aging Empress' stern look relaxed as she gave a small smile. "It was actually quite relaxing. I consider this a vacation from the High Council's constant bickering."

"I am glad to hear that," Myst smiled before she looked back at the handsome man behind the Empress. The man was tall, but not too tall; perhaps six foot three if Myst guessed correctly. His hair was fanned out, like most males of his race, growing out an inch before angling back in. He wore several tattoos on his face that accentuated his image. And while his armor was elaborate, she could tell it was still functional. His eyes were dark, like most of his race, and he was looking around with some caution, which told Myst that he was a warrior

So this was Fyro's final fiancée candidate.

"And this of course is Prince Killanr'dr," Lilandra motioned to the man behind her, who stepped forward to present himself before Myst.

"It is my honor to meet one of Earth's mightiest warriors," Prince Killanr'dr said sincerely as he gave Myst an Imperial salute.

"I'm afraid that honor goes to the High General," Myst accepted his compliment, but let him know who he really should be buttering up. It was her way of being nice to the young man.

"Speaking of whom, where is the Lord Ranma?" The Empress asked, looking out among the ships from the other Galactic powers.

Myst's expression fell a bit. "He's helping the Phoenix prepare for the Rebirth ceremony."

To the Empress' credit, only Gladiator and the Prince looked alarmed. "The Phoenix needs help? I thought Jean Grey had it under control."

Myst's lips quirked a bit. "We are not sure ourselves, but from what Headmistress Grey explained- Oh, look, there's Fyro now."

Lilandra felt her grandson tense as his head swiveled to the Phoenix child. She had to admit, the girl was beautiful, and the pictures they have received of her had not done her justice. She glanced at her grandson's face and saw that he was completely smitten by her. She than looked over to the other contenders for the girl's hand and inwardly wished her grandson the best of luck; he was going to need it.

Myst nodded in approval at seeing the Prince's reaction to Fyro and proceeded to usher the Shi'ar royalty over to the other leaders of the galaxy.

+++New York City, Central District+++

Ranma flew over what was once known as Grid 001 and could not help but feel proud of what the now renamed United Earth Force had achieved together.

"See A-chan, no more Sentinels."

Of course his daughter had been gone for over two decades now, but strapped to his back was her stone coffin that he had traveled all the way from Japan to get. It did not feel right for anyone else to bring her back here but him.


Jean Grey, aka Phoenix aka the embodiment of the Phoenix Entity, slowed her flight speed and decided to keep pace with Ranma for the final leg of their journey. She figured she'd give Ranma some space for his adopted daughter. Particularly because of what she told him she had to do.

"Teach," Ranma nodded toward his companion, who had to restrain herself from hitting him.

"First, I am no longer your teacher, and have not been for over a century now," Jean said in a level tone, her eyes flashing dangerously. To her dismay, however, Ranma was not intimated but instead widened his smile. After all the things they had done together, him calling her that sounded very… illicit.

"Old habits die hard," Ranma smiled at the cosmic-entity host before he spotted the Xavier Institute coming up. Slowing his speed, he shifted his head to look at the stone coffin that contained his daughter.

"We're here, A-chan..."

Jean's expression instantly turned serious, and she extended one of her fiery hands to give Ranma's shoulder a comforting squeeze. She looked ahead at the assembled galactic powers, quickly brushing through their thoughts as they closed in on Institute. During her last reincarnation she was unable to visit her old school. To see it in such a dismal state tore at her heart.

However, today that would change. The School would live again. But before that, this world that so many had fought so hard to liberate had to be revived. Besides, it was her job to bring life back after the death of everything.

Ranma suddenly dipped downward, with Jean quickly following him. A moment later, they arrived at the grave site of the X-Men. It surprised himthat the Sentinels never defiled their graves. Clapping his hands three times, Ranma bowed low to the graves before putting his own daughter's coffin down.

Breathing in the dirty air, he looked up at the sky and realized that today was probably the last day it would be this dark. He sensed the powerful presence of Black Bolt, Gladiator and Quill nearby, but he did not want to go greet them. Not yet; he wanted to be here for what happened next.

"Grandpa?" A soft voice called out as if asking for permission.

Of course that did not prevent his granddaughter from finding him. She was dressed in a red style qipao emblazoned with phoenixes on it. She looked guilty at having been caught snooping. Turning around, Ranma beckoned his granddaughter over.

"Come say hello to your mother, Fyro."

Fyro startled as she looked at the coffin and saw the words craved into the stone lid:

Alaska Grey-Saotome

She gave me hope

"Mama..." Fyro whispered softly as she hesitantly walked over to her mother coffin. It had been quite a while since she had visited her mother grave and now her grandfather brought it here.

Ranma smiled at Fyro as she was looking over her mother's coffin. He gently reached out and ruffled her head affectionately and motioned Jean over.

"Fyro, Grandma needs your help with something," Ranma spoke in a low voice that still cut clear across the silent grave.

Fyro looked up and gazed questioningly at her grandfather, who looked over to her grandmother. Unlike the Grandmother she had seen in the past, this one radiated so much power and dressed so skimpily. It was no wonder that she had caught her grandfather's eye!

"Fyro, I need your help to bring this world back to life," Jean started slowly before she looked at the coffin. "You and your mother."

Fyro looked up at her grandmother in confusion. "How? Mama's..."

"Fyro, your mother was very special, more than you could possibly know. She was supposed to be the host for the Phoenix after I died long ago. However, because of your grandfather, that never happened."

Fyro blinked and turned to look at her grandfather, then back to her grandmother. "I thought the Phoenix was all powerful?"

"It is, but there are other powers out there that can rival or even hurt it," Jean explained. She herself had been shocked when she learned as to why she had been brought back. "The Phoenix had planned to share a body with your mother when she turned sixteen, but found out that it couldn't."

"What happened?" Fyro blinked and looked between the two and back down to her mother.

"One of the energies that are detrimental to the Phoenix is Ki. Some call it mystical forces, others call it the universal energy. However, it is your own internal energy strengthening your body against outside interference. Because your mother trained under your grandfather, by the time she was sixteen she was saturated with Ki."

Fyro blinked at the information. "But...I also trained to use ki?"

"The amount you had was negligible compare to that of your mother's. Another thing that you must know is that your father contains part of the Phoenix's essence, so any children he might have would be a suitable host also, but by yourself you would never have been able to contain the Phoenix's full power. It would need more than one able host."

"And I am the last of my father's children..." Fyro's eyes widened and she looked over to her grandfather, his face showing all the guilt he felt. Her wings too drooped upon realizing that she'd never be able to meet her brothers before she turned back to the wielder of the Phoenix Force. "But aren't you back now Grandma?"

"Because I just recently came back to life, my control over the Phoenix's power is not complete," Jean explained, cursing her own failing. "And reviving this planet is a huge and complicated process, so I need helpers."

"But mother is dead..." Fyro gasped when she realized what her grandmother wanted to do. "You're going to bring her back to life?!"

"Yes," Jean nodded, quickly interjecting when she saw Fyro's excited expression. "However, she won't be for long. The Phoenix will only revive her long enough to complete the task, the power your mother would have to channel will burn her body up into nothingness."

Fyro's eyes became downcast, but took heart as her grandfather seemed content with the decision.

"Oh..." Fyro whispered.

Jean nodded and looked down at the coffin. Closing her eyes, the entire area became bathed in light. The sheer power that was radiating off of her that caught the attention of the galactic powers. Suddenly, a giant Phoenix formed in the area, engulfing the coffin and Fyro. Opening her eyes, she flew up to the sky with Fyro and the deceased Alaska.

Ranma, who was left behind, looked up to follow Jean's flight. He could feel the sheer power radiating off of her, her eyes ablaze with cosmic flames.

"Ranma! Is everything alright?" Laura came rushing into the clearing. She looked to the man who was her on-and-off-again lover.

"Let the others knows it's beginning," Ranma informed his OTHER Second-in-Command who already began to talk into the communication device on her wrist. He turned his attention back to the sky where the light show was beginning. He did not want to miss this for the world.

Jean, Fyro and the coffin floated in the air for a moment before energy started to flow into the coffin, making it glow a bright yellow. A moment later the coffin exploded and a figure emerged from within. However, instead of being dressed in the Chinese outfit Ranma had buried her with, she was wearing Jean's old green and yellow Phoenix outfit with a tied sash at the waist and the emblem of said bird on her chest. Her eyes glowed a bright yellow but her hair, unlike Jean's, was still red. A moment later, the energy converged on Fyro and transformed her, causing her eyes to overflow with power.

The three women stayed still for a moment, as if conversing, before they disappeared from Ranma's sight. Alarmed, Ranma quickly flew up to the spot where they had been and searched for any sign of them, only to find none.

"A-chan? Jean? Fyro?!"

No matter how far Ranma stretched his senses, he could not sense the women anywhere and worry began to set in.

"Ranma!" Myst formed beside Ranma in an instant. "Our guests say something is happening in space!"

"Space?" Ranma's eyes widened as he looked at the dark clouds overhead, only to see them suddenly glow. A second later, the dark clouds that had blanketed the skies for the past seven decades was consumed by the bright flames.

As if a curtain was pulled back, the darkness disappeared and light shone on the planet Earth once more, revealing the fiery form of Jean above the planet. Behind her was the immense Phoenix entity in all of its blazing glory.

Ranma immediately shot up as far as he could possibly go. It was only once the air around him started to thin as he neared the top of the atmosphere that he saw two other large Phoenixes on the horizon.

As if by some unseen signal, the three phoenixes' wings began to descend as one toward the planet.

Ranma did not move and was struck by the wings coming down. Immediately he was surrounded by suffocating energy.

'Kami! Was this how Jean felt all the time?!' Ranma thought to himself as he channeled much of his not so insignificant Ki to alleviate the power suffocation.

Feeling better, Ranma glanced down at the planet and was amazed to see the energy of the Phoenix literally dancing across the land masses. He saw greenery growing through the once barren ground at an amazing rate. The water itself, dark with pollution, became clear and blue, the taint being burnt away.

Suddenly Ranma was struck by powerful winds and, for the first time in decades, breathed in clean air. It was when that he sensed several unmistakable presences over the Xavier Institute that he flew back down at breakneck speed. He pulled up short over the mansion, surprised to see the X-Men there, alive and looking healthy.

He saw the Stepford Cuckoos chatting with Emma Frost, who was holding Cyclops' hand. Charles Xavier was in his familiar wheelchair greeting a stunned looking Lilandra. Kitty Pryde was talking to Starlord, who she had been in a romantic relationship with before she was killed. Wolverine was looking lost as Laura was hugging on to him. Sybil was there as well, looking as young as she did when she was killed by the Brotherhood meteor in Texas; and many more.

"How?" Ranma asked confused, but a moment later felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning around quickly, his breath hitched as he found his daughter looking alive and well.


"Father," Alaska Grey-Saotome smiled impishly to her father before she threw herself into his arms and hugged him. "Kasumi-Mama sends her love and says she is sorry for leaving you alone."

"Wha?" Ranma asked, stunned before he began to extend his senses for his deceased wife. However he felt nothing. "Where is' she?"

"Her body is gone, as are Mia, Chiaka and Ryu, otherwise I would have brought them back for you," Alaska replied sadly as she slowly broke away from father.

Ranma looked down at the revived X-Men before turning back to his daughter. "But Sybil..."

"Was a mutant, her body was tougher more durable...," The floating figure of the woman in red gently told her father.

"What about Saffron?" Ranma asked softly. The egg should still be in his room.

"My husband is not dead," Alaska replied matter of factly. "Can't bring someone back who's still alive. As for the others, their bodies will only be here for twenty-four hours before they become ashes to be scattered to the winds."

Alaska turned to look at her father and smiled softly. "Like I will be."

"You couldn't bring them back permanently," Ranma studied the recently revived dead.

"We could have... it's was certainly within the Phoenix's power, but to do that upsets the balance of the cosmos. Already bringing back Jean Grey caused a lot of disruption in the Cosmic force, something you'll have to deal with eventually," Alaska explained as she floated next to her father with both of her arms behind her back. "But I have faith you'll get through it."

"Great, more trouble headed this way," Ranma replied jokingly to his daughter before hesitating, needing to tell her something he had been wanting to for a long time.

"A-chan… I'm sor-"

However, to Ranma surprise, Alaska merely held up her hand and shook her head.

"I already heard it when you buried me," Alaska interjected gently. "You were not responsible for my death. You were where you were needed and I could not have been prouder. I never blamed you."

Ranma was stunned by his daughter forgiveness. "But I failed you..."

"No, you saved me, just like you did back then in Cooperstown," Alaska countered with a smirk on her lips. "You were a good father and no amount of self-loathing will make me think otherwise."

Ranma frowned at his daughter blasé attitude as they were suddenly joined by Fyro. The glow in her eyes was gone, as was the Phoenix's power.


Alaska simply extended her hand and cupped her daughter's cheek, eyes shining with pride as she closed the distance between them and hugged her.

"I'm so proud of you, and so are your brothers," Alaska whispered softly to her daughter.

Fyro felt tears welling up in her eyes from her mother's words.

"You kept our little promise," Alaska broke the hug to look at her daughter's confused face.

Fyro blinked and tilted her head to the side to denote her confusion.

"I did?"

Alaska merely smiled as she tilted her head in the same exact manner as her daughter before turning back to Ranma.

"Ah, it appears my time is up, father."

Ranma eyes widened. "What do you mean it's up? It's not twenty-four hours yet!"

Alaska simply shook her head and looked down at the resurrected X-Men. "They have twenty-four hours, not me. The power that I have channeled is already consuming me."

As if confirming her statement, a piece of skin on her face peeled off.

"A-chan!" Ranma flew toward his daughter even as her clothes, her skin color and hair all turned to ash and was scattered by the winds.

"Mama!" Fyro cried out in distress as she too flew to her mother's disappearing body.

Unfortunately, by the time Ranma closed the gap the last speck of ash that was his daughter was blown away completely.

"Thank you father..."

Fyro eyes were filled with tears as Ranma just stared at the space his daughter had occupied, he had known that they wouldn't have a lot of time, but he never thought it would be so quick. Turning to his granddaughter he pulled the girl into a hug, which she did not resist. Resting his chin on the top of her head, Ranma continued to stare at where his daughter was last even as his granddaughter sobbed softly into his chest.

Ranma soothed his granddaughter, still looking at the spot where his daughter was moments ago. Stroking Fyro's hair softly, Ranma gave her a final comforting squeeze before he pushed her away from him.


"Grandpa…" Fyro sniffed softly as she looked at her grandfather. Suddenly it occurred to her that as sad and miserable as she felt, her grandfather must have felt a million time worse; he had known mother longer after all. Suddenly, an intense feeling flooded her as a memory long-buried made itself known. An image came to mind, one where she was staring at her mother. Her mother looked defiant, though haggard and exhausted. There was loud banging, as if something was trying to break in somewhere, but her mother ignored it. Instead, she was looking at her.

'Mama won't be here for much longer, Fyro-chan… but I needs you to promise that you'll take care of your grandfather, okay? After today it'll just be you and your father left with him. He will be sad, so it'll be your responsibility to make him smile and laugh. Okay, my precious girl?'

Ranma saw his granddaughter in deep thought and softened his gaze. He looked down at the assembled group and figured he'll postpone the meet and greet to another day. Looking at the girl in his arms, she lifted her head to look directly at him with a neutral expression. He figured she must be hurting.

"Fyro… I'm sorry that you didn't get to-"

"Alright Grandpa, let's check out the losers that're gonna be my fiancées," Fyro interrupted as her demeanor surprisingly changed to one of haughtiness as she looked down at the assembled suitors.

"Fyro?" Ranma blinked at his granddaughter. He knew she was flighty, and… well he hated to say it, kind of scatterbrained at times, but that was a very sharp turn.

"Let's go, Grandpa! Bet you I make it to the ground first!" Fyro grinned as she shot down toward the group.

Ranma blinked before his competitive streak sparked and a raging inferno blazed in his soul. "Oh no you don't!"

However, just before Ranma was about to chase after his granddaughter, he pulled up short and turned to look at the spot where his daughter existed before.

"Goodbye… A-chan," Ranma said with finality before he turned to where Fyro was mere feet away from winning her challenge and shot down after her. However, he flew at a much quicker rate and with no regard for the collateral damage he would cause when he landed on the Xavier Institute grounds.

Was it childish?


Did his incoming velocity terrified people?

Judging by the screams and commotions? It sure did. Why, Ranma already sense Gladiator and other super-powered aliens trying to intercept him. They worried for nothing; at most there'd be some minor bumps and bruises.

However, none of that mattered to Ranma. Fyro had issued him a challenge, and Ranma Saotome doesn't lose.

The End!

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