LeviHan based loosely on an actual interview I saw featuring a cute reporter and an entomologist who was breeding dragonflies. Levi and Hanji belong to Hajime Isayama, as does Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan. Please leave a review if you like what you read, and if you have a pair request just message me! Also, just to note, Hanji is portrayed as non-binary in this fic so I'm using "they/them" pronouns. Quite a bit of swearing, bugs, filth, booze, and at one point: pot.

Sin. Beautiful sin. Enjoy!

Levi glanced at himself in the mirror as his makeup was applied by a young blond artist who had been making cow-eyes at him since she had started working at the station. He was due on the air in twenty minutes, and as he sat drumming his fingers on the arm of his chair, he wondered where the hell Eren was with his coffee. The boy was scatterbrained most of the time, but he had a healthy fear of the TV personality, and so he tried hard not to mess up while he worked. "Look up," the girl said as she tipped his chin to apply mascara. He hated that part, he was not fond of makeup and he especially hated this stuff. His eyes watered as he tried not to blink, the invasive brush millimeters from his pupil. Despite his best efforts, he blinked, causing the makeup to smudge under his eye, "it's ok! I can fix this!" the girl chirped nervously, Levi was clearly annoyed. As handsome and charming as he was on tv, he was a fury to work with off-air. Even if one were madly in love with him, like quite a few of the station staff were, it was a well-known fact that he was a frosty asshole.

"Where the hell is Eren with my coffee?!" he barked at one of the temps, who jumped in fright and almost dropped her clipboard. "I'll get him right away, sir!" she ran off, clutching the clipboard to her chest, her face white.

He sighed, closing his eyes as the mascara was cleaned off his face.

Sitting across from him was a beautiful young man with a smug grin on his face. Jean Kirschtein was a wealthy young man from a renowned family of horse-breeders. Levi was busy asking him about the family history of it, and whether or not it had been Jean's choice to enter the family business. His assistant, Eren, was standing by one of the cameras. The woman operating it was trying to keep him quiet, as he kept whispering about how he thought Jean was a product of a donkey and a horse. "Eren, don't be rude," Mikasa whispered as she focused on her filming. "Oh come on, look at that smug git's face, there's definitely some Shetland in his blood," Eren grinned. He looked around then to make sure no one was watching, and gave her ass a quick squeeze. She flinched slightly and shot him a look that turned his blood to ice. Eren chuckled nervously and retreated to a safe distance, though he couldn't resist nodding towards the broom cupboard and mouthing "ten minutes", which was when filming would stop.

Mikasa smiled to herself and returned to her work, wondering why she let him get away with such bad behaviour.

When the interview was concluded, Levi shot the camera his usual dazzling smile, signing off with a cheerful message and a reminder to tune in tomorrow. As soon as he got the signal the cameras were off, his smile fell away and his expression darkened. He had never wanted to be involved in live television, originally he had taken a job in the studio as an errand boy years ago in an effort to make ends meet. However, upon striking up a friendship with the executive producer, he had slowly made his way up to being the number one personality on the set. This was a major surprise to both himself and his boss, Erwin Smith, both knew he was a surly bastard with little-to-no social grace. He was a damn good actor though.

He made his way off the set, oblivious to the Kirschtein boy's attempts to continue a conversation. The horse heir turned his attention to the beautiful camerawoman with the subtly muscular arms and red scarf. Levi noticed that, and a faint smirk appeared on his face. He glanced towards the closet on the other side of the room where his assistant was peeking out from, and within seconds a scarlet-faced Eren was barreling across the room. Levi had no interest in watching the boy start another fight, so he continued on his way to Erwin's office, grabbing a face-wipe off his make-up girl as he passed so he could "wipe the muck" from his face.

The studio was a rather large one, and as a result, Mr Smith had given himself a spacious office. He had a large, mahogany desk upon which his nameplate rested: Erwin Smith – Executive Producer". Levi had a habit of taking sticky notes and scrawling "shitty prick" on them to stick onto the end of the plate. Also on the desk, aside from rude and inappropriate sticky notes left by his subordinate, Erwin had files, papers, a clock and a basket of pens that were always knocked over. The man always left these items scattered across the polished wood, and Levi always found himself fixing them up. On the walls of the office were various posters and photos from different shows Smith had produced. Though the most recent ones had Levi's face plastered on them, a dazzling smile accompanied by bright eyes, though if you looked closely you could spot the photoshop. Levi hated photo shoots and as a result, a lot of editing went into the pictures to make the fans believe he wasn't the grumpy ass he usually was.

As Levi was busying himself arranging Erwin's files, the man himself entered the office. Almost twice his height with hair like spun gold, the man looked down at Levi and smiled cheerfully, "nice show today. I have another job for you to do tomorrow, some field work."

Levi raised an eyebrow, tapping the files on the desk to make them settle nicely, "where am I going this time?"

Erwin made his way around the desk to sit in the chair, resting back lazily as he brushed a strand of hair from his face, "I'm sending you to the wildlife sanctuary on the borders of Dauper. There's an entomologist there breeding dragonflies and I want you to interview them."

"Gross," Levi wrinkled his nose, wildlife meant wild animals, wild animals meant filth, "can't someone else do it?"

"I've got Petra out collecting stories about the latest series of homicides in Stohess, and Erd is busy with the weather reports, Auruo is on vacation, and Gunther is scouting for new idols," Erwin flashed him a reproachful look, "so I'm sending you, and I expect you to be charming as ever as you interview Dr Zoe."

Knowing there was no way around it with the popular crew spread out everywhere, Levi just nodded and walked out of the office. As he went to fetch his coat and bag, he noticed security dragging Eren off Jean, both yelling curses and spitting blood. Mikasa was busy over the other side of the set now, examining the cameras and making sure they were in working order.