Just a Little While

Author's Note: I do NOT own GH or any of it's characters.

My version of how the Jason reveal could have gone. Sam and Patrick are broken up, but remain good friends, and have been since Robin was rescued by Patrick and her parents. Robin and Patrick are now married. Elizabeth knows Jake is Jason, but has yet to tell the truth. Sam is living with her mother, Julian, and Molly. No one is in the penthouse (and the furniture hasn't changed either). Nikolas is still a dick, and Hayden is still in a coma.

This is my first attempt at writing for someone else's characters. I truly I hope I'm getting them correct. Please read and review! Thank you!

Chapter 1: It's All Coming Back to Me

She sat there, her face alight with a smile, her dark eyes sparkling with mischief as she tickled the young boy in her lap. She brushed away soft chocolate-colored hair from her face with one hand while the other held the boy just a little tighter. It felt like an eternity since he had last seen her, but in reality it had only been the day before.

Now, though, he was seeing her with what he could only describe as different eyes. Eyes that had seen every inch of this remarkable beauty, body and saw her with eyes that remembered a whole lifetime of passion, anger, kindness, and guilt. He knew her inside and out, her every hope and dream. Her fears.

He watched her for a few moments longer, his memories of her playing fast through his mind. He wanted to hold on to this moment for a little while longer. A moment of pure innocence. He had been standing in the door of the restaurant for a good fifteen minutes watching the two and they had yet to see him. He almost preferred it that way until she smoothed her son's blonde hair back and gave him another french fry from her plate.

Finally she looked up and to him. The day of their wedding flashed through his brain. How perfect that night was for both of them. Under the stars outside the Noodle Buddha. She flashed him a smile that sent shock waves through his entire body. Once upon a time that smile would melt his heart and he would give in to her every wish. He wanted so badly in that moment to take his wife into his arms and kiss her until her eyes glazed over. For now, though, he was about to rip her world right out from under her.

"Jake, how are you? Would you like to join us for lunch?" Samantha Morgan asked, smiling to the man who was once her enemy now turned friend. There was something about him that Sam recognized inside her. A soul connection that she hadn't had with anyone else in three long years. He reminded her somewhat of her husband, may he rest in peace. Standing, she removed her son from her lap and placed him in the high chair the restaurant provided.

The man cleared his throat, threw a large hand through his short blonde hair and moved towards her. "Hey, Sam," he smiled to her. Turning to their son, his smile grew larger. "Hey, Danny. Whatcha got there, buddy?" He brushed the side of Danny Morgan's chubby cheek full of fry and sat down. He stared at the two of them for another moment. This was going to be excruciating.

"Sam, I need to talk to you. I, uh..." He started, then stopped. Not knowing exactly how to tell her that his memories had come flooding back to him the night before. That he remembered himself, her, and Danny. Sam reached out and gently placed her hand over his in what she hoped was a comforting gesture. "What is it, Jake? You can tell me anything." The concern in her eyes warmed him, and he hoped to hell and back that she was right.

"I... I remember. Everything. Who I am. My life, my family." Unsure if this was the right way to go about it, he knew it would be best to just get it out there. Sam was never one to beat around the bush. He almost let out a chuckle when he remembered her hitting him and shouting his name because he wasn't be straight with her one night. Her eyes grew wide and her lush lips formed an 'O'. "Who... Who are you?" Sam asked, she was elated. He had wanted this for a while now. Had enlisted her help in figuring it out. "How did it happen?" The questions were coming much faster than his answers which wasn't a shock. Sam was well-known for rambling in moments of confusion or nervousness. She squeezed his hand tighter, wondering if her new friend was going to leave them and Port Charles.

Of course he will, Sam. You dope. He's going to leave to be with his family. Sam thought to herself. "When do you leave? What about Elizabeth and the boys?" The questions poured out of her at his news. Realizing she wasn't giving him a single moment to answer, she finally looked into his clear blue eyes, her own conveying sadness. "Sorry. You must be really excited about this," Sam sat back, her hand still over his and waited.

"Elizabeth doesn't know yet. I wanted to find you first and thank you for everything you did for me while I was out of commission," he let out a derisive chuckle. Out of commission was definitely one way to put it, most likely the wrong way. "I'm not going anywhere, except maybe home. With my wife and son, if they'll still have me." He looked pointedly at her, hoping against hope she would make the connection with his words without him having to tell her.

His hopes were dashed when her concern turned to confusion. Okay, her friend had a wife and son. That's good news. Well, for those two at least. She leaned forward, her small hand traveling from his hand to his arm. She gave him another good squeeze to reassure him that she was there no matter what happened. Sam would be by his side come Hell or high water.

He rubbed his face with his free hand, with his other he grasped her arm like a life line. His thumb began to move in gentle circles over her bare skin. Skin that he was now longing to have against his own. Silken flesh that he had tasted every inch of. He remembered what she looked like out of that short sleeved black t-shirt and those too tight black jeans. He shook his head out of the rampant thoughts that were making his own jeans just a little tighter. If he didn't say what he needed to say, he was going to throw Sam across this table in front of everyone inside Kelly's.

"Sam, I'm so sorry I left that night. I should have stayed home with you and Danny." Finally it clicked with her. He could see it the second she realized what he was trying to say to her. "Jason?" His name left her lips in a whisper that only he could her. Her heart constricted tightly, forcing her free hand to cover her mouth.