Carly, Sam, and Jason rushed through the emergency room doors, shouting for help. When no one immediately came, Carly grabbed the first wheel chair she could find and Jason eased Sam into it. The moment her bottom touched the seat, Sam doubled over in pain.

"This one's a doozy!" Carly said as she knelt down next to Sam, rubbed her back and timed the contraction with her watch.

"Just what in the hell is going on in my emergency room?" A loud voice shouted above Sam's groans.

Jason looked up from where Sam had a death grip on his hand and smiled at head nurse, Epiphany Johnson, "We're having a baby."

Epiphany rushed to the computer and typed furiously, asking questions as she went.

"How far apart are her contractions?"

"Five minutes," Carly answered.

"And how long are they lasting?"

"One to two minutes," Jason took that question.

"Well, Morgans and Corinthos, follow me and get ready to welcome a new life into your family." Epiphany handed a clipboard to Jason for him to fill out the pertinent information as she led them to labor and delivery.

It took very little time for Sam to get settled into her room and changed into a hospital gown.

"Alexis is on her way with the baby bag you left at her house. I got your overnight bag that you left in my car. Do you want me to unpack?" Carly asked as she put her phone down on the tray table by Sam's bed.

It really was quite smart of the woman to have bags packed and left at every location she could think she'd be. There were overnight and baby bags at the penthouse, in both Jason and Sam's SUV's, Carly and Sonny's house, Alexis' house, and the Quartermain mansion.

In the moment of clarity she had, Sam nodded, then grabbed Jason by the front of his shirt, "Fluff that pillow one more time and I will have your balls on a platter. Right now I need you to make the calls. Carly's here. I'll be fine."

Jason looked from Sam to a snickering Carly. He kissed his wife's lips and she let him go.

"I love you!" Sam called sweetly as Jason opened the door.

Jason raised his hand, making the 'I love you' sign with a smile that made his eyes sparkle like light blue diamonds.

Carly couldn't help but to ask as she made herself busy putting Sam's things away, "You seemed friendlier with Elizabeth. Is everything going well on that front?"

Sam nodded, snaking the cup filled with ice chips and munching on a few, "Yeah, actually. Since we had that big talk, things are looking up."

"Her and Lucky?" Carly sat down in one of the chairs beside Sam's bed and turned on the television for some background noise.

Sam shook her head, "I'm not really sure. I thought so a few months ago. Lucky said he's staying for good and wants to be there for her, but I don't think they're back together."

"What makes you think so?"

"I saw Lucky at the Floating Rib flirting with one of the waitresses. Then when I went to see Elizabeth while she was here for her fall, she seemed quite taken with that new doctor."

"Oh, yeah? If it's the one I'm thinking of, I can't blame her. He's pretty cute."

Sam let out a laugh, then grabbed for Carly's hand as another contraction hit her, "Son of a... BIIIIIIIITCH!"

Sam's screams could be heard in the hall where Jason stood right outside the door. He closed his eyes, wishing there was something he could do for her besides be on this damn phone. He had already spoken to his mother, then checked in with Hayden. The kids were still having a blast, but since they had eaten and night had fallen, they were getting pretty tired. Jason made sure she and Nikolas would keep Danny overnight. With his son so close to dropping, it would be best if he just went to bed instead of coming to the hospital. He kept his calls short and sweet, informing Sonny, then Sam's sisters. It took him well over ten minutes to make the calls and by the time he was hanging up with Michael, Alexis was standing in front of him with their spare diaper bag over her shoulder.

"I decided I'm keeping this bag for when the kids are with me. I really like it," Alexis said as she hugged Jason lightly.

"Hey, Grandma." Jason smirked, and led his mother in law into the room.

"My baby!" Alexis said the second she saw Sam in the bed hooked up to machines that monitored her blood pressure and contractions as well as the baby's heart rate. Her first born was gritting her teeth, her chocolate eyes closed tightly. She breathed through the rest of the contraction, squeezing Carly's hand.

"There you go, just breathe. You're at the end... and it's stopped." Carly coached Sam through, not once complaining about her hand.

As Sam accepted a hug and kiss to the forehead from her mother, Carly shook her hand to get feeling back into it.

"I knew she had a mean right hook, but your wife has quite the grip to match," Carly told Jason. "I'm going to let you guys have a minute, I need to check in on Joss and the hotel."

Jason took Carly's vacated seat and Sam's hand while Alexis busied herself unpacking the diaper bag.

"Are you okay?" Jason asked.

"So far, so good. Sorry about the pillow comment." Sam answered with a pout, suddenly feeling bad about it.

Jason chuckled, waving her comment off, "Don't you worry about that. We've got a little one in there to think about right now."

"Speaking of which, we still have to decide what the baby is going to wear home. I've narrowed the choices down to two each." Alexis said as she draped outfits in pink, purple, blue, and green across Sam's lap.

Sam studied them hard, picking each one up, then setting them back down. "What do you think?" she asked her husband.

Jason actually took the time to look at the outfits, "Not that one," he said, pointing to the pink. He still hated that color.

Alexis chuckled as she put the pink one back in the bag, "That makes one girl outfit and two boys." She took the simple purple knit dress and put it on a baby hanger with it's matching booties and hat and hung it up on the closet door.

Just as Sam lifted up the blue pants and matching onesie, a contraction claimed her, wiping out every thought she had. Jason was right there beside her walking her through. She clutched his hand with everything she had, letting out a very loud stream of curses that would make a sailor blush. Alexis was on her other side whispering words of encouragment as she rubbed Sam's back.

"Mom..." Sam said between the curses and lamaze breathing.

"What baby?"

"A little lower, please." Sam answered on a long breath as the contraction stopped.

Alexis smiled and put a little more pressure into the backrub, "Anything for you, sweetheart."

"I've got a better idea," Jason said as he stood.

Alexis stepped back watching Jason climb into the bed behind Sam, wrapping his legs around hers. Sam adjusted herself to accomodate his size, then leaned forward a little.

She let out a low groan, "Yep, right there. Don't stop until I say so."

She picked up the blue outfit again and shook her head, "Nope. That one brought on a contraction."

Alexis laughed, taking the outfit and putting it in the bag. She hung up the green shit with a cartoon dinosaur face with matching pants, socks, and hat beside the dress and returned to her seat. The door opened and in walked a young man in a labcoat holding a file folder.

"Good evening, Mrs. Morgan. I'm Dr. Munro. I'm your attending tonight. Dr. Lee is on her way and will be here as quick as she can. She was mid-funnel cake when we called her in." The young doctor smiled brightly as he shook first Sam's hand, then Jason's and finally Alexis' .

"You can call me Sam. This is my husband, Jason, and my mom, Alexis."

"Nice to meet you all," Griffin smiled to them as he walked to the end of Sam's bed and looked over her chart. "Everything seems to be going well right now. Dr. Lee made sure to let me know your history, so I want to make sure every possible aspect of this delivery is monitored."

Before Griffin could go over what was going to happen there was a knock at the door and Monica popped her head in, "Are you up for visitors?"

"Always for you, Monica," Sam said, then began another string of curses as yet another contraction hit.

Griffin timed the contraction on his watch, keeping an eye on the blood pressure monitor. Once it was over, he smiled warmly. "Sam, that was excellent. From what I'm seeing right now, I'm expecting you to have a smooth delivery."

Monica came to stand next to Jason, her hand on his shoulder, "Well, I have some news I'm not exactly sure you're going to want."

Monica's words caused everyone in the room to frown.

"What's wrong? Is it the baby? Dr. Munro just said..."

Monica cut Sam off very quickly by taking her hand and gently rubbing her thumb over the back of it, "No, no. Nothing like that. It seems as though Dr. Lee has been in a car accident. She's perfectly fine, but she's not sure when she'll be here. She's trying her hardest, though."

"But she said..." Sam started, but another contraction stopped any chance of speaking.

They waited it out with Jason still behind Sam rubbing her back, Monica and Alexis each taking one of Sam's hands, and Griffin timing it while encouraging Sam to keep breathing.

When it was over Griffin quickly wrote in Sam's chart then put it back in it's place on the end of Sam's bed. "I know it's not much of a comfort, but I am here for you guys. I may be a Neurosurgeon, but I did spend a few rotations in labor and delivery during my residency. I promise you that you'll be in great hands."

Sam smiled and nodded, her face glistening with a slight sheen of sweat that Alexis began to dab away with a cloth, "Thank you. We really appreciate that."

"No problem. I'll have your nurse come in to check your dialation in a few minutes. If you need anything at all, just give a buzz." Griffin turned to leave, but noticed Monica was still there. "Dr. Quartermaine, I didn't realize you knew Sam."

Monica beamed with pride, still having not let go of Sam's hand yet. "Oh yes, Jason is my son and Sam is my daughter in law."

"Then congratulations is in order for you as well," Griffin smiled to her, then walked out the door.

Carly slipped in immediately following Griffin's exit, "Is that the cute doctor you saw Elizabeth flirting with?" She plopped down on the end of Sam's bed and curled her leg under her.

"Elizabeth was flirting with him? What about Lucky?" Alexis asked.

Jason tuned the conversation out, it was absolutely nothing he wanted to hear. He continued to make slow, reassuring circles up and down Sam's back until his hands tingled. Alexis handed him a bottle of lotion from her bag, completely engrossed in the topic at hand. When he looked up, even his mother was locked in on the gossip. Jason just shook his head with a smile as he applied the lotion to Sam's back, through part in the gown, allowing his hands to glide easier across her skin.

It had been hours since they arrived at the hospital. Ten, in fact, as Sam looked up at the clock. She leaned back against Jason and listened to his soft breathing. Her entire team had fallen asleep on her. Alexis in the chair to her left, Carly in the chair to her right, and Jason behind her. Monica took her leave when the nurse came to check Sam the first time and took Carly and Alexis with her for coffee. During the last check twenty minutes ago, Sam was dilated to 8, getting closer and closer to meeting her baby. If she were to tell the truth, she was scared out of her mind. The placental abruption she had with Lila had her worried for this baby now. So far, so good as she told Jason earlier.

Sam made it through a few contractions on her own without waking anyone up, but the one building up now was by far the worst she had felt so far. Not able to help herself, she screamed as loud as she could. Her hands gripped the bed rails tightly as she sat straight up and tried her hardest to breathe. Jason, Alexis, and Carly sprang up immediately, the two women rushing to take Sam's hands.

"Doctor! Call doctor!" Sam shouted between screams.

"No need, Sam. I'm already here." Dr. Lee said as she and and a nurse walked into the room. "Sorry I couldn't be here sooner, but you were in fantastic hands." She situated herself at the foot of Sam's bed, then lowered the railing before taking a pair of gloves offered by the nurse and snapping them on her hands.

"You're here now. That's what counts. Are you okay?" Jason asked and helped lean his wife back into his chest once the contraction was over.

"Shaken up a bit, but I'm fine now. I waited to make sure I could deliver your baby with steady hands." Dr. Lee smiled at the former mob enforcer. "Okay, Sam. That was a very strong contraction, so I'm going to check your progress. If anyone is uncomfortable, I suggest you wait outside."

Carly took that as her cue, "I'm going to check on Joss again. See if she's okay."

Once she left the room, Dr. Lee turned Sam's bed into an exam table by positioning the stirrups. The nurse stood to the side while Dr. Lee put Sam's feet inside, then checked her out.

"Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. What do you want first?" She said, with a cheeky smile.

Sam tightened her grip on her mother's hand, her voice shaky, "Bad, follow it with the good."

"Bad news is, this is really going to hurt. Good news, you're about to meet your baby."

Sam let out a small laugh and tilted her head to look at Jason, "Let's do this."

Jason kissed Sam's lips in a quick peck, "We've got this."

He shifted himself out from behind Sam, stretched his legs and positioned himself on her right side.

"Okay, Sam, we're going to wait for a contraction, then I'm going to count to three. On three, I want you to push hard. Are you ready?"

Sam nodded, gripping the hands of her mother and husband. They didn't have long to wait before a contraction flowed through Sam's body and she cried out.

"One, two... three. Push, Sam, push!" Dr. Lee called out over Sam's shouts, then quietly counted down. "Okay, now relax. That was wonderful."

Sweat poured from Sam's brow, trickling down her nose and cheeks to land on the flimsy hospital gown. She pushed with everything she had during the contractions. When Dr. Lee told her to relax, Sam fell back against the bed. Her head was spinning, but they were almost there.

"I can see the head, Sam. You're doing great, so let's try again. Ready... Push!" Dr. Lee told her.

Sam sat up with Jason's palm on her back guiding her up. She pushed with everything she had, shouting with the pain of what felt like being ripped in two.

"Perfect, the head is out. Sam, just one more and your baby will be here."

Alexis took a quick moment to kiss the side of Sam's head, "You've got this, baby. You're so brave and strong, my sweet, precious one."

Sam's grip tightened on the hands she held as she gave it her all. All of the sudden there was a maddening flurry around her. Her screams mixed with the tiniest little cry she had ever heard. She flopped back on the bed to catch her breath, the pain forgotten for a moment as she took it all in.

"Daddy, do you want to cut your daughter's cord?" Dr. Lee asked as she held the newborn up for them to see.

"Daughter? It's a girl..." Jason whispered to Sam. He kissed her forehead, then her nose, and finally her lips. "We have a girl!"

Jason let go of his wife long enough to snip the umbilical cord, then followed the nurse as she wiped his daughter down. He was hot on the woman's heels when she moved to a scale set up to weigh the baby and get her height. He didn't leave until she was wrapped in a little pink blanket and handed to him.

Alexis wrapped her arms around her daughter and held her tightly. With tears flowing, she whispered to Sam how much she loved her and how proud she was of her. The two watched Jason come over through happy tears.

"Mrs. Morgan, it is my honor to present to you...your daughter." Jason said as he placed the baby in Sam's arms.

Sam sniffled, unable to stop the flow of tears as she looked over her daughter. "She's perfect."

Dr. Lee had remained where she was, smiling at the couple and their bundle of joy, then went back to work. "Sam, you were ripped pretty well, so I'm going to give you a shot to numb the area, then I'm going to stitch you back up." Dr. Lee stared at Jason for a moment, obviously waiting for the remark she heard often from the fathers about sewing a few extra stitches down there. When he said nothing, she changed her gloved and went back to work.

A little while later Jason poked his head out of Sam's door, not really surprised to see a full waiting room. Carly now sat with Sonny and Josslyn. Hayden, Nikolas, and Monica were directly across from them, holding civilized conversation. Michael sat in the floor surrounded by Avery, Spencer, and Danny who hung on every word of a story he was telling them. Molly, Kristina, and Maxie were entering the waiting room, arms laden with coffees and bags of food. None of the three in the room had eaten since they arrived, and Jason was sure that Sam was starving by now.

He fully opened the door and stepped out to walk the few short steps towards his family and friends. Carly was the first to notice him, then the tiny bundle swallowed by his huge arms. She let out a gasp that had everyone's heads popping up to see what caused it. Carly stood and ran to Jason, stopping short of colliding with him.

"We have a baby?" She whispered, her voice on the verge of breaking.

Jason nodded and opened the blanket to let her see, "We have a baby."

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet my daughter. Emily Natasha Morgan."

They all crowded around him, staring at the baby, listening to her coo and grunt. She was gorgeous with Sam's dark hair peeking out from under a little pink hat. Emily stretched her arms and opened dark brown eyes. Nikolas came forward, holding Danny in his arms.

"That's my baby?" Danny asked, looking down at her.

"Yeah, buddy. This is your baby sister, Emily." Jason answered him.

While everyone took their turn holding the baby, Jason sat with Danny in his lap and told him about all the things he would be able to teach Emily.

It was a little bit later when Carly slipped into Sam's room to hold the baby again. Sam was fast asleep in the bed and Emily was wide awake in her bassinet. Carly picked the baby up and walked her towards the window. She raised the blinds, then stood so Emily could see out.

"Hi Emily. It's your Aunt Carly. I know we've had a lot of conversations while you were in your mommy's belly, but this is an important one. You see that out there," Carly said, nodding to the outside world. "That's yours. All that you can see and beyond is yours for the taking. You're going to grow up big and strong like your Mom and Dad, and you're going to do amazing things. Aunt Carly is never wrong about these things, so you should listen while you can."

She smiled down at her little niece. Emily cooed at Carly, snuggling into the warmth the woman provided and Carly swore the baby could understand her.

"You're going to go to the best schools, have the best education money can buy. Who am I kidding? You're going to have the best of everything the world has to offer. You already have the best family anyone could ever ask for. See, baby. You're not only a Morgan, but you're also a Quartermaine, and a Cassadine, and a Jerome. You have strong blood in your veins."

Carly moved away from the window and warm sunlight to put Emily on her shoulder. She bounced the baby just slightly as they paced the room.

"Let me tell you about your parents. Your Daddy is my best friend in this whole wide world and that will never change. He's strong, kind, generous, and loyal. And when you think your world is crumbling around you, he will be there to protect you."

Carly sniffed a little, not sure if it was her tears or if there was a diaper that needed changed. Another sniffle let her know which it was. She lay Emily back in the bassinet and gathered up everything needed, then went about changing the baby's diaper.

"Your Mom," Carly continued as she unfolded the blanket, unsnapped the onesie, and took off the diaper, "what can I really say about your Mom? She's just like your Daddy. They're perfect for one another. It just took me a really long time to realize it. You know, I didn't like your Mommy at all when I first met her."

Carly tickled the baby's belly after she cleaned her and replaced the diaper. As she fixed the little outfit and wrapped Emily back up in the blanket, she kept talking.

"Your Mommy is very brave, little one. She gives the best advice, so you can always go to her no matter what is going on in your life. Same for me. If you think you can't go to your parents, you come running to Aunt Carly and I'll take care of your problems."

"Hi, Aunt Carly." Sam said as she wiped away tears.

"Hey," Carly smiled, "I didn't know you were awake."

"Just a few minutes ago. Thanks for changing her."

Carly brushed off the thanks and handed the baby to Sam, then sat down on the end up of the bed.

"How do you feel?"

Sam smiled down at her now sleeping daughter, brushing her fingers lightly over Emily cheeks. "Sore, but blessed. So, so blessed. Where is everybody?"

"Jason went to get you guys some food. Alexis took your sisters to lunch and baby shopping. Hayden and Nikolas took Danny with them again, they'll be back tomorrow. Everyone else went home after they met Miss Emily here."

Sam nodded. Her stomach was rumbling with the thought of food and hoped Jason had gone to Kelly's. "Thank you. For what you told her about me and Jason."

"I meant every word."

Jason chose that moment to enter the room with a couple of bags Sam immediately recognized.

"My hero!"

Carly chuckled, then kissed Emily's forehead and hugged Sam. "I'm going to head out myself. Catch a nap in my big, cozy bed. You guys call if you need anything."

She got up from her spot and hugged Jason before leaving them alone.

"What'd you get me?" Sam asked, eager to dig in.

Jason set the bags down on the tray table and took the baby from Sam's arms. "I got you a double bacon cheese and fries."

Sam snatched the bags from the table and sifted through them. Pulling out her box, she set it in her lap and tore into the burger. "Oh, yeah. That's the stuff."