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The elf child, or elfling as he would later learn, wasn't sure what to make of the beautiful woman who ran into the room and wrapped her arms around him. Rolen, for he had forsaken the name of Harry Potter, after learning of his identity and the slim possibility that his sister's real brother might be alive, glanced helplessly at the woman who had raised him. His eyes caught Petunia's, silently begging for help, but Petunia was uncertain of how to take charge of the situation. Should she even bother taking charge as Har…no Rolen…was meeting his real family after they probably thought him dead? Would they even want Petunia, Dudley, and Violet around their son? Petunia Evans knew nothing of elves or what magic they wielded or if they even had friendships and relationships with humans. If she lost the boy who she saw as a second son and her nephew, then what would that do to Dudley and Violet? Remembering her niece and son, she turned to see their reactions to this surprising event, the blond haired woman hoping Rolen didn't notice the tears in her eyes.

While Arawen was attempting to hug her baby to death, Varis remained behind Theren and Keyleth who gazed uncertainly at the child they had got a mere glimpse of before their mother rushed into the room. "Nana, let Rolen breathe," Theren finally said after some awkward silence, the older boy's hands on his sister's shoulders while Keyleth couldn't help looking at the two human children with the human woman in the room arranged for the meeting between the elf and human families today.

"Ada, they seem sad," said Keyleth as she turned to look back at Varis whose eyes flickered to the trio of humans. Indeed, his daughter was right about her observation of the humans. He gently pushed Keyleth and Theren into the room before walking in as well.

"Arawen," he said to his mate, sternness in his voice. He knew how much Arawen had missed their youngest son and Varis would have liked to hug his child as well, yet he could see how uncomfortable this meeting was already. Varis strode past his children and pulled Arawen away, Rolen giving the man an uncertain smile that expressed his gratitude towards the male elf before him before looking again towards his human relatives.

"May we sit?" Varis asked as he gathered his mate in his arms and turned to the adult human. Varis couldn't pretend to know what the woman and children were thinking or how hard this might be for them to find out that the child they had been caring for…he shook his head, sadness appearing on his features.

Petunia couldn't understand what the elves were saying but turned as the male elf spoke to her in English, asking if they could sit on the couches and chairs provided. A warm fire crackled in the fireplace and there were refreshments laid out on a table. Petunia and her children didn't know it, but this was a room where a magical heir and their close allies would wait for will readings if they had been wronged by their magical guardian. She could only assume that the food had been brought here beforehand for Petunia had to admit she hadn't noticed it before, lost in her own troubling thoughts of the meeting to come. "Of…of course. Pl…please sit," said Petunia as she gathered Violet and Dudley, leading them to a couch that was big enough for the three to sit on comfortably. Rolen was left where was while Keyleth sat down beside her younger brother and Varis and Arawen took another couch and Theren sat in the other chair in the room.

"I suppose that introductions are in order before everything else," mused Varis as he wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulders. "As you might have noticed we are elves. My name is Varis Talandren and this is my wife, Arawen Lithron."

"Our children, Theren Talandren, Keyleth Talandren and Rolen Talandren," said Arawen after her husband had introduced her. She couldn't help including Rolen for he was her child and nobody else's. After years of thinking her baby was dead, he was finally back and there would be hell to pay if anyone tried taking her baby from her again. Rolen couldn't help frowning as he was mentioned by the woman who claimed him as her son. Though he was happy about having his parents in his life, he was still confused about everything and still saw Petunia, Dudley and Violet his part of his family as well, no matter that they were different races and weren't related by blood after all.

For her part, Petunia didn't want to lose the relationship she had with Rolen and feared that he would be taken away from her. Rolen and Violet were the reason that Petunia had made the decision to leave Vernon and take all three children with her. How was she to explain to the courts, if they asked, why her nephew was missing? Where was the real Harry? Was he alive or had he perished with his parents? But if he was dead, and Petunia Evans couldn't bear to think of her nephew as being dead, then who was responsible for stealing an innocent child from their parents? Had her sister and brother-in-law known that Rolen wasn't their child? Or…had they been part of the kidnapping of this poor child who might just be ripped out of her arms for good?

"You'll have to forgive my wife," said Varis. "Since Rolen was kidnapped, she has been rather despondent. As the goblins no doubt said to you, we have been searching for our youngest son since he was kidnapped as a toddler and it is only recently that we were contacted by the goblins concerning our son's whereabouts though we didn't expect for our son to be living within England."

As the discussion went on, Dudley tried to follow it the best he could but was unable to understand much of what was being said thanks to his young age and Violet looked like she was about to cry at the thought of her big brother leaving her. So the young boy put his arm around his cousin's shoulders and looked at the two elven children who had come in with the adults, wondering if all elf children were beautiful as this family appeared. "Are you going to take my cousin away from us?" Dudley asked causing Petunia's cheeks to color pink in embarrassment that her son was asking the question she herself was worried about.

"Ada they should be allowed to see Rolen. They took care of him and it seems they didn't know that he was kidnapped or even that he wasn't human. Yet even after they find out that he is an elf and not related to them, they still care for him and allowed us to meet Rolen," said Theren.

Rolen might only have discovered he was an elf for a few hours, yet the child was able to understand the language…elvish he figured…despite being away from the language and his real family for years. "Ada," he tried causing Varis to stare at his son in shock, "I want them to be a part of my life. Aunt Petunia found out what I was and immediately asked Urrig if there was a way that you could be contacted. She, Dudley and Violet may not be my real family but they are my family regardless of them being humans. Aunt Petunia did her best to explain wizard magic to Violet and I even though we are too young to wield a wand. Please let them remain a part of my life." Rolen's elvish was halting and slow, yet his words were said from his heart as he pleaded with his father to allow him to continue having contact with the woman who had raised him and went through a lot to keep custody of the three children after her ex-husband refused to have any part of Violet and Rolen's lives.

Although the human female posed no real threat to Arawen and Varis, should she try to take their son from them, Arawen was hesitant to allow any relationship with her son and the woman who she was jealous of. Arawen had only gotten to see Rolen until his first birthday while this woman had her son for the past five years and however many months. Rolen needed to learn how to wield his elvish magic and any other abilities he had within him. Elvish magic, meeting his family members who yearned to see him, ensuring he could wield the sword, knives and bow and arrow, helping him with writing and speaking Elvish, healing and herbs. So many things her son needed to learn that he hadn't gotten a chance to learn because of his kidnapping…something that bothered Arawen and she was determined to find out if this human female knew anything about it.

Varis turned his gaze from his son to the woman who had raised Rolen. He could see the tears in the woman's eyes and the fear on her face. Was she afraid of him and Arawen? It seemed that this woman, Miss Evans, cared deeply for his son. Why shouldn't he not allow Rolen to continue having a relationship with these three humans? "I think we should let Rolen continue to see these three humans as his family Arawen."


"Calm yourself my love. Rolen seems to love them very much. You heard his desperate plea, same as I. I can see no harm in allowing him to continue having a relationship with the humans who have cared for him, played with him, and seem to fear him being taken from them. Even though Rolen is not of their blood, nor of their race, they still care for him and wish for him to be a part of their lives. Family is important to elves and if it makes Rolen happy, then I'm willing to allow him to continue viewing these three humans as part of his family. After all, he will need some type of support system in the wizarding world when he is able to attend a magical school for his wizarding education, thanks to my great great great great great great grandmother being a witch."

Arawen glared at her husband, not believing what she was hearing. Oh, she knew that he had a witch in his family, though it was surprising that their son had inherited the ability to wizarding magic, when it was so rare for an elf child to be born knowing both elvish and wizard magic. She then looked at Rolen who was watching his parents nervously and with trepidation on his features, as if expecting them to say no to his heart felt plea. It was the sense of trepidation and then a look at the human woman who appeared to be crying that caused Arawen to change her stance on allowing her son any contact with these humans. Perhaps it was fair to give them a chance and let them be part of Rolen's life after all. It didn't seem that Rolen had been harmed in any way by these humans at least so perhaps it was just her worry as a mother that made her reluctant to allow her son to have contact…a bond…with the three strangers that she didn't know anything about. Though the children seemed nice enough, they were innocent…and they didn't deserve to suffer as a result of her selfishness. Arawen sighed and looked at Varis before nodding, causing a smile to appear on her husband's face as she lay her head on his shoulder.

"Very well Varis. Rolen, you can continue calling these humans as part of your family."

"Thank you," Rolen said haltingly, a smile appearing on his face for the first time since meeting his parents and siblings'. The elven parents smiled at their youngest son and the family turned their attention back to Miss Evans and the children beside her. Rolen could see that Violet was crying and he got up before walking over to his little sister, sitting down beside her and wrapping his arms around her in a hug. "It's okay Violet. I'm still your big brother, even if I'm not who we thought I was."

"What about me?" asked Dudley from Violet's died before being swept into the hug by his cousin.

"Who'd forget you Big D?" Rolen questioned with a laugh and for the first time since meeting his real family and finding out he was an elf, Rolen laughed along with Dudley and Violet as Petunia tore her gaze from the elves sitting across from her with a smile as she looked upon the three children she saw as her own, even if only two of them were by blood.

Theren and Keyleth watched their younger brother comfort the crying child across from them and then Rolen sweep up the boy into a hug. This being the first time they had seen their brother in five years, they were happy to see that he was happy and would eagerly accept their younger brother's human relatives. Family was family and it didn't matter if the family was made up of different races, as long as they treated each other right.

Keyleth had been five when Rolen had been kidnapped while Theren had been eight. Now here was a child who was the same age as Keyleth had been when Rolen had been born who feared losing her brother. The elf girl's heart went out to the little girl and she got up and walked over to her younger brother who was hugging the boy and girl. "Hi," she said, her voice startling Rolen and causing her brother to get up and move protectively in front of the girl. Keyleth looked sadly at her brother. Did he think she would hurt the crying child? The girl held her hands out, palms up, in a universal gesture of peace to show she meant no harm to the crying child.

"Don't worry Rolen. I won't harm these children," Keyleth said as she looked at her little brother and then to the girl who had tried to hide behind her little brother. "Mellon," (17) she said to the girl. "I'm Keyleth and Rolen's older sister. Behind me is Theren, our older brother. What's your name?" she said to the child.

Rolen watched Keyleth suspiciously, his eyes narrowing as he watched Keyleth. Theren rose from where he was sitting and walked over to Keyleth, placing a hand on his younger sister's shoulders. "Cinna," (18) he said to Rolen. "We don't mean any harm to your family Rolen," said Theren. "Keyleth just wants to talk to your Nys, your sister."

Rolen glanced back at Violet before stepping aside, Petunia letting out an exasperated sigh as she saw that her nephew's protective nature hadn't changed with him being an elf. Violet looked towards Rolen uncertainly, the six-year-old, wow it was hard to believe he was the same age as Dudley, nodded and gave her an encouraging smile. "Go ahead Violet. I won't let anything happen to you and neither will Dudley."

"Vi…Vi'et," she said, unable to say her name correctly.

"Her name is Violet," Dudley put in, not wanting to be ignored.

"Nice to meet you Violet," said Keyleth while Theren relaxed and gave Dudley and Violet a warm smile. This seemed to break the barrier for the five children began to talk, or rather everyone but Violet who became shy again and didn't speak after saying her name, instead huddling between Dudley and Rolen who had taken a seat on Violet's other side.

Petunia smiled as she watched the children converse with each other and looked over at Rolen's parents who were also watching the children interact with each other. "Miss Evans, how did you come across Rolen?" Varis asked, turning his attention back to Petunia so they could carry their own conversation.

"I found Har…Rolen…and Violet in a basket outside my front door when I opened the door to put out the milk bottles for the milk man on November 1, 1981. They were wrapped in a couple of blankets and Har…Rolen…had a letter clutched in one of his hands. The letter said that my sister Lily and her husband James had been killed by the Dark Lord and Harry had been orphaned. It also said I had to keep Har…Rolen…with me and it would keep my family safe from the Dark Lord's followers who might be after Harry to kill him for destroying their master. I didn't know it at the time but the goblins told me that there was a compulsion charm on the letter forcing us to keep Harry with us. There wasn't any mention of Violet in the letter, so I think Lily and James didn't tell anyone about her being pregnant while they went into hiding. I lost touch with my sister years ago when she went to Hogwarts." She paused to catch her breath before speaking again. "I decided to keep both children anyway but my ex-husband is afraid of magic and didn't want me to keep Har…Rolen and Violet. He told me to put them into an orphanage or he would divorce me. I chose to get a divorce and took Rolen, Violet and Dudley with me. We left the house that day and I found an apartment in Ashford along with a waitress job with the help of my friend where we have been living ever since."

"Why did you decide today to come to Gringotts?" asked Varis.

"It's Dudley's birthday so we ate breakfast, picked up Adam, Blake and Mrs. Larch who is Blake's mother. The four boys are in the same class together, Adam is Rolen's best friend and Blake is Dudley's best friend. We picked them up and went to the zoo. Everything was fine until Rolen set a boa constrictor loose after another boy pushed him to the ground while I and Mrs. Larch were with the other children looking at a few lizards. I also noticed early this morning that Rolen's hair was becoming longer when it's been short and messy like James Potter's hair the last five years."

"Who was the one who left two innocent children outside all night?" asked Arawen.

"A man named Albus Dumbledore who is the Headmaster at Hogwarts and has a host of other ridiculous titles," said Petunia, as she tried to remember what Lily had told her about the headmaster of Hogwarts. "He's the leader of the light faction while the Dark Lord is the leader of the dark faction of the wizarding world. Lily said some people view Dumbledore as a godly figure, a man who can do no wrong and is never wrong." Once again, she pulled out the letter she had on her and handed it to Arawen, Varis reading it over his wife's shoulder. Petunia was silent as Rolen's parents read the letter, their faces shining with confusion and then anger though the anger was directed at this old wizard.

Varis frowned as he listened to the woman's words. "So you didn't know that Rolen was in fact an elf child when you found him on your doorstep? Do you know if your sister and her husband had anything to do with our son's kidnapping?"

Petunia shook her head. "No. Rolen looked just like James Potter; fair skin and messy jet-black hair that stuck up everywhere with Lily's bright green eyes. There was no indication to me that he was anyone but Harry James Potter, son of James and Lily Potter. As to your second question, I don't know if my sister and her husband had anything to do with Rolen's kidnapping and the passing off of him as my nephew. I can't believe that Lily would participate in something so horrible but I just don't know as, like I said, we lost contact over the years and weren't as close to each other after Lily went off to Hogwarts."

The adult elves listened to Petunia's explanation and then looked at each other but it seemed the woman wasn't lying that they could tell. There had been the confusion on her face at the question, the disbelief that they would ask if her sister had participated in the kidnapping of their son, the raw emotion on her face as she must have imagined something happening to her own son and niece. Those emotions clenched the notion that this woman was speaking the truth and had no idea of anything that had happened five years ago. "Miss Evans," Varis started but was interrupted by the woman.

"Please. Just call me Petunia," she said.

"Petunia," amended Varis. "We would be happy if you, your son and niece continue having a relationship with and viewing Rolen as family. It would mean a lot to him and we just want our son's happiness. As you seem honest with us on the events that led up to you finding our son outside your home and have cared for Rolen these past five years, automatically thinking of Rolen's happiness instead of your own when it was revealed that he was an elf…we would like to view you as part of Rolen's family."

"Naturally we will be taking custody back of our son," said Arawen. "But we will continue to allow visits between him and your family so his world isn't turned totally upside down."

Petunia couldn't believe what she was hearing. They weren't going to take Rolen from her life forever, from Dudley and Violet? They were agreeing to allowing Rolen to continue viewing the three humans as family and have a relationship with them? "I'd…I'd like that very much. Thank you both!" Petunia shouted as she burst into tears of happiness. She couldn't believe that she didn't have to say goodbye to her nephew. "Do…would you like to come celebrate Dudley's birthday? We were going to go home to get cake and ice cream later after our visit to the zoo," she offered.

Again the elven parents looked at each other, then over at the children who were conversing with each other happily before they nodded as one. "We'd be delighted," Arawen said for them both, giving Petunia a real smile.

Notes/Elvish Words:

17. Mellon="friend" in elvish (taken from Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit)

18. Cinna="peace" in elvish

Theren is now 13-years-old and Keyleth is now 10-years-old. Varis is now 56-years-old and Arawen is now 53-years-old.